My Legendary Girlfriend


This tale is intended to be a series, a mixture of true events and some fantasies shared, fantasies that we never got the chance to enact….. This first one is a true account.

Everyone has had a legendary girlfriend/boyfriend, right? THE ONE, by whom all others will be measured, the one who was perfect. Hopefully, The One will turn out to be your life partner, the absolute love of your life, the person with whom you grow old and who is always there. Sadly, the love of my life didn’t really work out how I’d hoped…….

I met Frankie in September 2012, it was an instant attraction, she had the most wonderful smile, pretty blue eyes peeked out from beneath her blonde hair. As she stood up, I could see the outline of her slim body and I wanted her immediately. We got talking, the sound of her voice, the way her eyes turned up when she smiled, the slightly nervous way she held herself, there was something special about her straight away. I spent no more than a couple of hours with her that first meeting, it was work related but whenever we took a break, she was so easy to talk to, her nerves seemed to evaporate, revealing a confident, intelligent, funny woman within. Anyhow, moving the story on a step or two, we began seeing more of each other, the more we spoke, the more we had in common. The same taste in music, food, a similar outlook on life and, it has to be said, very similar sex drives and desires. There was nothing that couldn’t be talked about, no taboos, I confessed things to her that I had never told a soul before. I agreed to do things for her, without question, that I had never considered previously and with each day, with each meeting, with each conversation, I fell in love with her, harder and deeper than I had ever fallen for anyone.

I remember the first time we made love. It was a chilly afternoon in November (good things are worth waiting for) and Frankie came to see me. We talked for a short while, but the urge was too strong and we made our way upstairs. We held each other, kissed deeply and passionately, slowly removing each other’s clothes. She pushed me back on the bed and I watched as she undressed for me, stripping to her tiny transparent black thong and black bra. She stood before me, bahis firmaları the first time I had seen her body, I was so turned on.

“This is me,” she uttered, slightly nervously, “disappointed?”

“Absolutely not!” I answered quickly, taking her by the hand and pulling her onto the bed beside me.

I kissed her sweet lips again, my hands caressing her soft skin. She unbuttoned my shirt as I unfastened her bra, removing the black garment and cupping her perfect B cup breasts in my hands. I remember the first time I took her nipples in my mouth, revelling in hearing her soft moans as I licked, sucked and nibbled the firm flesh. My hands roaming her body as her nipples stiffened in my mouth. She arched her back as I hooked my fingers into the waistband of her thong, easing the scrap of material over her hips and down her silken thighs. She kicked them off and lay naked before me, her smooth pussy glistening between her legs. I sat up and removed my jeans and shorts before kneeling on the bed by her side. She had never looked so beautiful, so enticing and the moment I had been dreaming of since that first meeting had finally arrived. I remember kissing her face, she bit my lower lip, I kissed her neck and, with the tip of my tongue, traced a line down her body. I could smell her arousal as I flicked the tip of my tongue into her belly button and she silently parted her legs as I continued kissing and licking my way down her abdomen.

I love giving head, love it, it’s the best thing in the world and, as my tongue met her pussy for the first time, I savoured the heat, the sweet taste and the slick honey that seemed to flow from her sex. I spent what seemed like ages pleasuring her with my mouth, running my tongue along the full length of her slit, flicking her stiff clit with my tongue before delving deep between her lips, my tongue burrowing hungrily inside her. If I close my eyes and concentrate hard, I can still smell and taste her today. I made her cum in my mouth, her hand clamped over her mouth to stifle her moans as I rolled and pinched her nipples with my fingers, my tongue eagerly pushing her over the edge. I loved the fact that she was practically dripping and I remember her apologising for being so wet!

She kaçak iddaa pushed me away, onto my back before sliding down my body, kissing me as she went. I felt her breath on the head of my achingly hard cock, her cool fingers circling my shaft moments before I was engulfed in her hot, wet mouth. I could do nothing but close my eyes and allow the pleasure that she brought me to take over. Her tongue swirled around the head as her lips bobbed up and down, coating my cock in her saliva. I felt her fingers softly caressing my scrotum as she sucked me, taking me deeper with each stroke, my cock felt as though it would explode and I needed to be inside her. I took her by the shoulders and pulled her to me, kissing her mouth as I did so. She reached between us, gripping the base of my pulsating cock and guiding me inside her. She was as horny as I was and wasted no time impaling herself fully on me. The feeling of her gently muscular pussy gripping me as she ground her clit against my stomach is a memory that will last a lifetime. Slowly Frankie rode me, taking me fully inside her, commenting that she’d never been so full. She quickened her pace, fucking me hard, her wet pussy slapping against my stomach as she used me for her pleasure.

I was marvelling in the sight of her wonderfully slim body above me, teasing and pulling her nipples. Suddenly, she slapped me hard across the face, pushing my head back into the pillow. Before I had time to think, she raised her hand and slapped me again. This was a first for me and wow, did it ever add to the experience. I loved her being rough, I loved feeling her hand smack into my cheek, I don’t know why, but it really turned me on. She smiled lasciviously as she continued to ride me, squeezing my cock deep inside her as she started to cum. I would find out that she did that rather a lot, much to my delight. As her orgasm subsided, she turned around, her perfect, sweet rump facing me as she continued to move up and down my shaft, god this is one sexy lady. I couldn’t resist for long, as she rode me, I caressed and squeezed her fleshy (but not flabby) cheeks, the skin so smooth and gloriously pale. I raised my hand and spanked her hard, guessing that if she liked slapping me, then she must equally enjoy reciprocation. kaçak bahis My slap made her jump, her pussy twitching and flexing around my cock. I had left a perfect hand print on her right buttock. I was reliably informed that it stayed there for a day or two!

She continued to ride me until she reached another orgasm, her soaking pussy wetting my balls as she squelched on top of me, her breath coming in short gasps, low moans filling the room. I was able to manoeuvre her onto her back, kissing her deeply as my cock found her hungry opening once more. Now it was my turn to be in control and I continued to kiss her tenderly as I gently made love to her, thrusting my cock into her with long, deep, slow strokes. I can still smell her perfume and feel the warmth and softness of her body if I close my eyes. I loved being so deep inside her, feeling her grind against me as I bottomed out. I knew she needed more and I pinned her wrists above her head, her legs wrapped around my waist as I started to fuck her hard, ramming the length of my cock into her, my balls slamming against her soft buttocks as I fucked her. Needing to be even deeper inside her, I hooked my elbows behind her knees and raised her off the bed. The perfect angle for a hard, deep fucking. Her hand covered her mouth to stifle her screams as I pounded her mercilessly, I knew I wouldn’t be able to hold on much longer, but I needed to make her cum once more before I took my own release. As the rhythm built, her head swinging wildly from side to side, her muffled screams becoming more pronounced, her sex becoming hotter and wetter, I knew she was there. Forcing myself even deeper inside her, I let myself cum, flooding her with my semen, giving her everything I could.

Hot and sweating, we collapsed in each other’s arms, softly kissing each other, gently coming down from the sexual high.

“I’ve never been fucked so hard or so deep” she panted

I could only smile in response.

“Now go and make me a coffee, bitch” she grinned.

I could only chuckle in response, I’d never been slapped during sex before and I’d never been called that before.

That was the first of many incredible experiences I shared with this wonderful woman. I have changed her name for the sake of privacy, but I hope she gets to read this and I hope it makes her smile and elicits a fond memory or two. Over the coming weeks, I’ll be adding more chapters to this tale, so check back soon!

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