My Little Sister’s New Job Part 8


My Little Sister’s New Job Part 8Six Months Later”Where do you want us to put your computers?” Holly said from the door of our new house. “Just leave them in the living room, I’ll take them upstairs later.” I said as I brought out 3 boxes from the moving truck.Hayley and Marissa were taking boxes of clothing from the other truck. They were laughing and goofing around. “Hey, what are you girls doing? Get back to work, I ain’t paying you to play around.” I said in a playful tone. Marissa turns and sticks her tongue out at me. “You’re not even paying us.” “You better put that tongue away before I put it to good use.” “Oh yeah? I wanna see you try.” The girls run up to me. They tackle me to the floor. They pin me to the ground, well, I let them pin me. “Hayley, what should we do with your husband?””Well, you should make him eat your pussy while I suck his cock, that’ll teach him not to overwork his girls.””Oh no, please anything but that!” I sarcastically complain.Marissa takes off her tiny shorts and sits on my face. Her cunt has a sweet smell of sweat but I don’t care, I devour her pussy. My wife Hayley removed my pants and with no teasing or time wasting, she takes my cock and sucks it. We are in the front of our rural home just eating pussy and sucking cock. I have no neighbors around me and the house is far from the road. I purposely chose this place for its amazing privacy. The perfect place for my new family. I finally was able to buy this place three months ago after battling another two months just to get it. I didn’t want anything else, its seclusion and beauty were just too difficult to pass. This place was perfect for my girls. The place needed work and I didn’t want to move in until it was done. I had the house extended, it originally had five rooms I made five more, added bathrooms, modernized the kitchen and the utilities. I had a garden made so we can be self sufficient, converted half the guest house into a school and had the barn fixed.The girls were happy. Yesterday, when we finally moved in, the girls showed me their appreciation for the new house. I had a fifteen feet mattress made for my room. The girls wanted it, they had decided that they will all be sleeping with me in the same bed but we’ll have our own rooms for our stuff and if they wanted to sleep in their own room for any reason. Anyway, we broke in that bed yesterday and it was glorious.”Come on girls, get off of him. We have a lot of stuff to do.” My mother shooed the girls away from me. “Ahh mom, I was just about to cum.” Marissa said, pulling up her pants. “I could say the same thing. How am I gonna keep working with this boner?” I said as I crossed my arms behind my head. “Well, I’m sorry baby but you know that if we keep playing around we are not going to be finishing any time soon. So, how about you fuck me and get that thing down.” My mother took off her pants and laid down next to me, spreading her legs. I got on top of her and easily penetrated her pussy. “Oh yes, honey. Use my pussy.” I grabbed her by the hips, pumping deep and fast into her. “Oh shit, mom.” I came deep inside her. She brought my face down to kiss me. Then, she whispered into my ear. “I’m not taking my birth control pills.” That made me hard again. “Do you wanna get knocked up? Do you wanna give your son a baby?” She looked up at me, biting her bottom lip very sexily. “It’s the right thing for me to do.”____________________________________________After a week, we finally set in. I sat on the porch with Holly on my lap. I rubbed her belly, she was six months pregnant by now. I made good on my promise and she was the first one pregnant. Her head was on my shoulder, I could smell the sweet scent of honey on her hair. I was fidgeting a lot and Holly noticed.”Are you nervous?” She asked, brushing my cheek. “No, well, a little bit.” “I hope it doesn’t bother you that she might also be pregnant.” “It doesn’t bother me at all, it’s time that my women get pregnant.” Holly kissed me. “That’s what I love about you, you take responsibility.” Her deft hands had my cock out in an instant, then she stroked it gently. “Sarah and Marianne want to come over. I told them once everything was settled we can have some fun. They want to meet your mom and sister.”Sarah and Marianne are Holly’s friends. They are a lesbian couple but that didn’t stop them from having sex with me. Well, I’ve fucked Sarah, Marianne gives me blowjobs and titfucks but hasn’t let me fuck her pussy yet. Ever since our first encounter we’ve met several times at their house for foursomes between them, Holly and me. The last couple of times we got together, I brought Hayley to join us. Sarah and Marianne were shocked by this at first, but they put their moral qualms aside just to be with a beautiful young girl like her. Marianne took a special liking for Hayley. Having her almost all night as I had Sarah and Holly all for me. They’ve wanted me to invite my mom and sister but Rachel and Marissa said they are not ready yet.”I’ll speak to Rachel and Marissa if they are down for it. If not, we’ll respect their wishes. Although, I think Marissa will say yes, she’s been more open to it recently. As for mom, I don’t know.” Although we all share a bed and fuck together, my mom won’t have any sexual contact with the other girls. Holly, Hayley and Marissa openly kiss each other and do lesbian acts together while we are in bed, my mom is just not into it.Holly kept gently stroking my cock. “Do you want a blowjob before they get home?” Holly wanted to kneel but I stood up and let her sit while she gave me a blowjob. I was in awe at how halkalı escort Holly’s pregnancy made her more vibrant and beautiful. Her blonde hair shinier, her blue eyes more blue, her face radiant. Holly making eye contact while blowing me made me lust for her even more. When I came, Holly swallowed it all with a smile. “I read swallowing is good for pregnancy.” Holly said as she licked her lips.After that, we sat lovingly together waiting for the car to arrive. Thirty minutes later they arrived. Hayley was the first one to get out of the car, a big smile on her face as she ran to us. My beautiful young wife gave me a kiss on the lips. “Well?” I asked, anxious for the answer.She nodded her head. “Yes, I’m pregnant!” I got up and grabbed her by the waist lifting her up and hugging her. We were all happy and extremely excited. We celebrated that night with dinner, a few glasses of wine and lots of sex. The next day, Holly called Marianne to tell her the news. She invited them over to celebrate with us. Rachel and Marissa were happy to finally meet them. Their car drove up and I went outside to meet them.”Wow, Mike! This house is amazing!” Sarah said as she hugged me. She pressed her luscious dick sucking lips to my cheek. She’s in her early thirties, has a slender body, shoulder length brown hair and she’s extremely beautiful. Marianne came next, she gave me a hug too. She’s in her early forties, brown short hair, she has a full figured body and she’s a little overweight. Although she’s very pretty, what stands out is her naturally massive H cup breasts with big brown areolas.”You’ve really outdone yourself, k**do.””I make sure my girls are happy. Mari, I would make you happy too if you let me pop your cherry.” Marianne jokingly gave me an elbow to the ribs as Sarah giggled sweetly to our regular ball busting. I’ve grown to love these two women. I’m thinking of asking them to join my harem. Sarah is incredible in bed, she gets on top and rides my huge cock like a champ. Marianne has only given me blowjobs and titjobs, and they are fucking amazing. Mari has sucked my cock better than any woman I’ve had before. She’s told me before that she matured very young and had the attention of boys when she grew her tits young. She was confused about her sexuality back then, experimenting a lot with boys to stamp out her lesbian thoughts. She never fucked a guy but gave a lot of blowjobs and let guys fuck her huge titties. It wasn’t until our first meeting when she gave her first blowjob in decades but it came back naturally for her. We went inside. Holly and Hayley jumped out to give our guests a hug and a kiss. Marissa and Rachel walked into the room. I introduced them to our guests. “Sarah and Marianne this is Rachel and Marissa.” “Hello. Oh my God, you are both so beautiful!” Sarah exclaimed. My mother and sister laughed and said thanks. They all greeted each other and then they went to the living room. Marianne stayed behind with me. “I don’t know how you pulled that off, k**do, having your mom and sister as lovers.””Well, it seems that whenever a woman tries my cock they go crazy for me.” I said laughing and teasing Mari a little.”I’ve told you before, don’t get cocky. I only like you a little bit.” “So, when am I going to get to fuck you?” I asked.”You want it bad, huh? To pop my cherry?””It would be an honor, Mari.””How about we have a few drinks first? It could happen tonight, k**do. That is if you play your cards right.”We went to join the others in the living room. We all spent a few hours just having fun, we ate, we drank, we laughed and it was an all around great time. I gave Mari and Sarah a tour of the house. I showed them the barn and the guest house too. They were all around impressed, Sarah loved the house and Mari couldn’t keep her eyes off of my mother. Rachel took me aside when we had a chance to be alone.”That woman keeps looking at me, Mike.””Who? Mari?” “Yes, she thinks I don’t notice but she keeps staring me up and down.””Is it making you feel uncomfortable?””Uhh, no… well, I kinda like it, I guess.””You like it?” “Yeah, I feel strange thinking that I can turn a woman on like that.””Do you want her to do something with you?””Well, I’ve never tried any lesbian acts before but I feel that tonight could be the night to try.””Oh, mom. Don’t tell anyone about what you just said. You just gave me the perfect plan and I would love for you to help me.”I approached Mari while she was alone. “So, Mari. I can’t help but notice that you’ve been staring at my mom all night.””You noticed. God, that woman is beautiful, just my type. That ass alone is driving me insane. Holly told me about her. How she’s not into girls, which is disappointing.””Well, how about we make a deal. I’ll convince her to be with you if you give me your pussy tonight.””Could you? Holly told me how she’s tried to get Rachel to join in on the lesbian fun but she says no. I wouldn’t want to have sex with her if she doesn’t want to.””I won’t make her do it, if you don’t want that. But, I think I could pleasure her to the point that she would want to do it.””If you could pull that off I will spread my legs for you, k**do.””I will. Get ready to feel a real cock in your pussy tonight, Mari.”Night rolled in as we were finally getting ready to have our fun in the sack. Holly was tired and her back hurt a little bit, she felt bad that she couldn’t join the fun tonight. I told her that she needed rest, I didn’t want her straining herself unnecessarily. I carried her upstairs and took her taksim escort to her room. She laid down on the bed, and when I turned she grabbed my hand.”Just because I’m tired, doesn’t mean I don’t wanna get fucked.” She told me, giving me that sexy smirk I like.I got on top of her. She spread her legs and I fucked her fast and deep. She had an orgasm and immediately fell asleep. I didn’t cum, but I’ll have multiple pops tonight. I joined the others. Some of the girls were already in my bedroom, starting the fun without me. Hayley was on the bed, getting her magnificent titties sucked and her cunt fingered by Sarah. Marissa was on the bed naked, her legs spread as she rubbed her tiny pussy. Mari was stripping down. I walked over and unhooked Mari’s bra, her huge tits spilling out. I grabbed them from behind and started to rub them. Marissa looked at Mari’s breasts with her mouth agape.”They are huge!” Marissa exclaimed. “You should see what they can do.” I said.I turned Mari around. I kissed her and her eyes went wide. We’ve never kissed before and she pulled back. Then, I made her kneel. “Show Marissa what those huge titties can do.”Mari wrapped her H cup breasts around my cock. They started stroking me with their softness. I grabbed them and started pumping her tits. “These tits are made for fucking.” I burst my cum all over her neck down to her tits. I shove my cock in Mari’s mouth, making her clean it. I face fuck her for a little bit and then I pop out.”Godammit, boy. I’m letting you get away with that one for now.” “Shut up, you know you love it.”At that moment Rachel walked in. “You all started without me?””It’s okay mom, come join in.” Marissa said as she kept playing with her pussy. I heard a moan, Hayley had her legs wrapped around Sarah’s head as she ate her pussy out. Mari got up from the floor and laid down on the bed between Marissa’s legs. “Mind if I try that tasty looking little pussy?” She asked Marissa. “Go ahead.” My two girls being pleasured by the lesbian couple. “Care to join the fun, mom?”Rachel started undressing. Mari stopped eating out Marissa and looked at my mom. When Rachel was finally naked, I heard Marianne suck in her breath as she admired her nakedness. Rachel laid down on the bottom of the bed and I too joined in the pussy eating.There we were, my girls getting their pussy pleasured as we started our night. Hayley was the one to orgasm first, then Sarah switched places and now Hayley was between her legs. Marissa’s face was red with pleasure as Mari ate her out, she slid a finger inside Marissa’s asshole. I ate Rachel out until I got hard again, then I moved my cock to her pussy, when I penetrated Rachel’s pussy she let out a huge moan. Rachel could orgasm really quick from penetration, so I went slow, building her up to get her ready for something else.”Oh baby, just like that.” Rachel’s face was red with pleasure. I kept fucking her slowly, bottoming out my cock inside her, then slowly moving it out. After a few minutes I motioned Marianne over. “Time to give her an orgasm.” Mari got up and slid between my mom’s legs. Marianne looked at Rachel. She was biting her lips in pleasure when she said, “Go ahead.” Marianne started licking her slit, tasting my mom’s juices. Then, she went for the prize as my mom clamped her head with her legs. I looked around for my next hole with my cock erect. Marissa looked at me and smiled, her two fingers in a V spreading her sweet pussy, inviting me in. I jumped on the bed and in a quick move buried my cock deep in my sister. Marissa and I kissed as I fucked her fast. I grabbed her small tits and pinched a nipple which got a moan from her. We stopped kissing and she whispered into my ear. “Give me a baby, please.” After she said that, my lust went into overdrive. I grabbed her by the waist and pounded her hard. Marissa looked me in the eyes, “Get me pregnant, get me pregnant!” was all she repeated. My huge cock went deep inside her tiny pussy and I released my cum. Both breathing hard, my cock still inside her, we kissed for a little while. Once I was soft, I removed my cock from inside her, my cum and her juices flowing from her pussy.I laid back on the bed to recover. The sight was stupendously erotic. Marianne had put on a strap on and was now fucking Rachel. Sarah and Hayley were scissoring, and Marissa had her legs up, keeping my cum inside her. The moans and wet sounds in the room were like music to my ears. I closed my eyes to appreciate it. Minutes later I felt a tongue licking my shaft from the bottom to the head, then taking me into their mouth. I instantly knew it was Sarah. Then another mouth went to my balls, sucking them gently. Hayley was always gentle when she sucked on them. Then, the mouths switched, my cock was fully erect again. I still had my head on the pillow, eyes closed, just enjoying the sensation of the blowjob. Then, I felt a hot pussy impale itself on my cock. I opened my eyes to find Sarah riding me. She placed her hands on my chest and rode me until she orgasmed. After she was done, Hayley jumped on my cock too. “Hi, hunny.” She said leaning in for a kiss. “Hi, gorgeous.””Is my husband having fun?” “I am. Is my adorable wife having fun, too?” “Extremely, I can’t believe your mom finally gave in to some girl on girl fun.””Hot, isn’t it?””I want to try your mom too, I’ve kinda wanted to for a while now.””How about you keep riding me first, then get off and suck my cock until I blow my load down your throat.””Yes, sir.” She giggled. Hayley rode me until I was ready to cum. She got off me and took my cock şişli escort in her mouth. I spurt shot after shot down her little throat, a look of gratitude in her face as she did so. Sarah joined her as they both licked me clean. Then, they both laid next to me as we watched Mari fuck Rachel. Rachel had orgasm after orgasm thanks to Mari. Mari had Rachel get on all fours and suck Mari’s strap on. She took Rachel’s head and made her gag on it. Marianne completely dominated Rachel. Then, Mari got behind Rachel and mounted her. She fucked Rachel hard until she passed out on another orgasm. She were all tired from sex, so we took a break. Rachel was out of commission, so I carried her to her room. Marissa, Marianne and Hayley left for the bathroom, so when I returned to my room only Sarah was on the bed. I laid down and Sarah came to cuddle. Her arm and head on my chest as I gently brushed her hair with my fingers. “You know, I’ve been thinking about joining your harem.” Sarah said all of a sudden.”You do? What about Marianne?” “I love Mari and I’ve told her about joining you guys up here for good, but she seems a little hesitant. I think that if you fucked her really good, you can make her your woman. Don’t get me wrong, she’s a lesbian but I think that she could be a one man’s woman too, like I am. She really likes you.””It would be good to have that pretty mouth of yours around often.” I said. Sarah smiled, made her way down my cock and took me into her sweet mouth. She sucked me gently, licked my head with expertise. Her deepthroat game is perfect. I was rock hard when the rest of the girls came in. “Mari, I think you owe me something.” I said, pointing to the bed. Mari rolled her eyes, “Okay, but don’t get cocky.” She got on the bed on her back, ready to receive my cock. The rest of the girls stood around the bed looking like a ritual. I placed myself between her legs, my cock pointing at her pussy. “Damn, Mari your pussy is already wet.””I’ve been dripping all night, it’s not because of you.” Mari said with a smirk on her face.”Yeah, right! You’ve been thinking about this moment the whole night.” My tip was at her entrance. “Well, are you ready to feel a real cock in you?””Go ahead, do your worst.”I pushed my cock slowly into her pussy. She was very tight. I pushed a little harder and my tip popped in and with another push, my cock went inside. I heard a moan escape her lips. Mari was fucking tight, I couldn’t believe it. I thrusted slowly, having her feel my cock inside. Mari had her eyes closed, her breathing was getting heavy. All around me, the women were quiet, witnessing Mari losing her virginity. I started moving faster, Mari’s huge tits were bouncing. Her face was flushed in red. Her pussy was tightening her grip on my cock. It wanted to milk me.”How is it?” I heard Sarah ask Marianne on the side.”It’s…ah… feels good.” Mari was holding back her moans.”It’s okay baby, just let it go.” I said as I placed my fingers on her clit, gently jerking it. Her legs buckled and a massive moan came from deep within her. I increased the fucking while playing with her clit. At this point, Marianne just gave in to me and was pushing back as I fucked her tight snatch. “Oh fuck, oh fuck!” She repeated as her tight pussy was getting fucked. At once, her legs wrapped around me as her body started to spasm, an orgasm rocked her hard. I leaned in to kiss her, and for the first time she responded to my kiss. We kept kissing as she was riding the wave of her orgasm and I was building up to mine. “I’m gonna cum, Mari.” I came inside her and she gladly accepted it. We kissed as we were coming down from our orgasm high.”Wow.” I said as I dropped next to her in bed. Marianne just stared at the ceiling and all the girls started applauding. “How was your first real cock?” Asked Sarah as she leaned in and kissed her lover. “It was amazing.” Marianne couldn’t hide the smile from her face. She quickly turned and gave me a light punch on the arm. “Ouch, why did you do that for? Didn’t I fuck you good?””It’s not that, asshole! you came inside me! I can still get pregnant, you know?””Don’t worry Mari, if you do, I’ll take responsibility.””You will?” Marianne asked, surprised.”Of course he will!” said Hayley, “he takes good care of all of us.” Hayley leaned in and gave me a quick peck on the lips.”I can take care of you and Sarah. I got the money and the house to do so, I would love to have both of you live with us. We are a family.”Marianne looked at Sarah. Sarah was nodding and giving her a pleading look. Marianne let out air and spoke. “Well, I have to admit that tonight was something truly amazing. I’ve never let a man fuck me, and frankly, I could have gone through life without it. I don’t know what it is about you, but you are the only man I care about. What you did tonight, I think I can’t go on after this without you fucking me again. Sarah loves to be with you and I do too. If you have a room for me and Sarah, we could live here.”The girls exploded with joy. They hugged and kissed each other. I was over the moon in my excitement. Two more women into my harem. Hayley, Marissa, Rachel, Holly, Marianne and Sarah are all mine. My wonderful women, two of them already pregnant with my c***dren. Six women that I will take care of and breed them too, and the great thing is, is that they fucking love it.But what I didn’t know is that at another place, someone was growing resentful of me. This person’s anger was building. How can I have all these women and not share with him like I used to. He missed Marissa especially, he would do anything to have her again. He’s asked if he could see her, I said no. He keeps begging and I just simply ignore him. He would try to blackmail me and it won’t work. I didn’t know that in a few more months, he would contemplate hurting me just to get one of my girls. He would get a gun and try to find me. My best friend John becomes my enemy.

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