my love story begone


my love story begoneMy name is Mimior that the name of my secret lifeI am a167cm tall, 55 kg, and 28y old …. Really I don’t what is my gender any moreI have a male body But I have a feminine soul, and desire…Desire of being pretty, sexy and wanted from menI love to be treated as girl Maybe Coues I been raised with 4 sistersAnd I was the youngest They always treated me as I was a girl like themDress me up like a girl and do my hair and call me Barbie girl When I become 6years old I was listening for them talking about their boys friend’s and how they love them and cure for them…I envy them for that When I went for school I like playing with girls not boysCoues that what I used to, and it makes me comfortable On my first year in prep school I meet this boy nor He was my neighbor, he is so sweet, handsome, and he always good to me, not like other boys they always call me names and harm me and make me cry We become closes to each otherSo he become my bffor me at least, for him I was his friend Then I was big enough to have my own room in the house And I star to have privacy, I am used to girls clothesBut I can’t walk around warring them any more So in my room I have a big collection of my sister’s closes and cosmetic and some of my own When I am alone I always a girlI like to but some make up and do my hair….One day me and nor, when we was playing at my home, he suggest canlı bahis we play hasped and wife and I will be the wife And he asked me to get a dress from my sister wardrobe, so I get one from mien and put it on I enjoyed benign a bride, this day I started to love him reallyAnd when we in hi school he didn’t have any girls friendsCoues I consider him my boyfriend,And I scrod every tray for him to get any girl .till that day we were in a party in some clubI see him with some girl and I could not stand that for a moment, I went there for him and asked him to live because I feel thick , and in the way I told him that I don’t like the way he look to her, talk to her, or touches herHe tell me that he does not understand me or my concern and he just want to have sex only nothing else We had a harsh talking, and I lift to home I went to my room, I felt like I will lose him, and start crying, and I called one of my best girl friend she know about me and we are so closes to each other, I told her about what happen, and she know that I love him but he don’t know about me or my feelings, and I am afraid if told him he would live meshe told me that I must let him know everything!! And if he cares about me he will understand And she will help me doing thatSo we went to the mall and we bay a hot red dress lingerie, and all what girl want in her 1st date.At last the dress bahis siteleri make me a completely sexy girl a very hot oneWe call his phone and told him that he must get a room in some motel and I will meet him there, but we didn’t told him what it was about So he call back and we went there,I could not forget the way other boys look to me when we was in the way to him That night I was a girl, in public, and everybody just love the way I lookSuzy nook at the room door, and he open He chocked, he know that was me but he didn’t expect that Ohhh The way he looks to me He could not speak or do anything, so we went into the room me and Suzy my girl, letting him at the door,He keep looking at me, as he can’t believe it I stand up and walk to him, and hold his hands, and sayNor. I love you… very long time ago… I know you must be confuse know but really no one will love you like me and I take his hands as we set on the sofaSuzy get us a couple of pink shampain glasses, to cool upHe said, every one told me that there is something about you and how you concern about me, but I didn’t think of thatAnd he cheek me up and said, wow you’re so beautiful, sexy tooSo he come close to me and kissed meHe hold me with his arms and hold me to him very tied Then he put me on his lap keep kissing me I was very nerves, I will lose my virginity that night.. I have had sex before with Suzy güvenilir bahis and other girls, and I did have anal sex with Suzy by finger or dildo but never been with a male before I stand up and took off my dressHe g****s me from my waist and kiss me all over my body and hold my back very hard Suzy come by and lay down my pantyAnd tern me around and she touches my ass and open it and started to lack it ,Then he take my little penis and suck it very gently, it was an awesome feeling Suzy pouched him at the sofa and take off his pants, his dick was medium size but was very erected She g**** my head to it and lit me suck itI taste good , and I feel all my body very hot and my ass hall was stretched and waiting for his dickSo he put me on the back and open my lieges wide and he stared to stick his dick in me , It felt like a nice smooth hot , not like finger or dildo and with a spit of oil in my ass and on his dick he chunk it all inAnd start to fuk me , as Suzy was set on the sofa washes us and playing in her pussy He was laying over me face to face, fucking me very slow very gentle so romance and he says to me I love you Mimi, you’re so pretty and sexy , you are my girl……And then he hug me hard as he come in me then he take his dick off and lit me suck it tell it erected a gene then he start a gene This time he boot me in dog still and fuck me harder making me scream like a biatch but it felted very niceSuzy set up front of me and make me lack her pussy So I did tell she come Wow it was a dream night And me and nor keep going out every weekend as boy and girlToo be follow………..

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