My Lovely Niece M


My Lovely Niece MMy niece has grown up and reach the age of 22 when I had a chance to be with her side to side on the bed. My wife was in the shower when she gazed at me and gave me that same look when she was young and was still peaking on her curiosity attitude.Uncle: how are you with Aron? Aron was her first and current BFM: We are ok. We don’t see each other much. His busy.U: And you how are you?M gave a mild pretty smile back at me and then,…M: I am happy to see you again for so long and got to be with you. Good thing Tita invite me to come along for this trip.U: I was glad that we are also in the same room. Did you missed me?M smile back again and said.M: of course Tito. U: Hey you want to see some video clips? Like the same old days.She knows what I mean since she accidentally open my sex video before and that started our closed relationship.M look at me with interest and nod. With my Ipad I move over in her bed and sit beside her. She was still wearing a cute printed pajama and was waiting to take turn to shower.U: You are not a virgin anymore right?M: OMG! I don’t do that with my BF. I don’t think he is interested. I think his conservative. We had light kiss and mild petting that is all.M sounded bored with her love life. M: Let me see your video now. Let’s just talk about this.U: Do you still remember how I let you see and touch me?M: of course Tito. Your the first,…. I touch,… I will always remember that.M look away as she smile with shynessM: But it was a long time that I did it. I guess i forgot how it feels.At that moment I can feel my cock under my boxer jump and was awaken.I lightly touch and held her left hand and said.U: I missed you and your touchM just smile with her pretty eyes staring straight to my video. She just let me held her hand and just kept silence.M: is this you? It is so long,….M giggles. While i lightly pulled her left hand and guided it between my groin where halkalı escort my standing cock waiting for her.M was still looking at my Ipad now holding it with only her right hand. M still watching the video when her eyes when wide open just right when her finger landed on the head of my cock.Without turning her head towards me she start caressing and squeezing my penis and started wrapping her hand all over.U: M i wish we can do this everyday.M now turn her head and look between my crotch. She switch off my ipad now and slowly look up to me and smile. Her hands was still on my front and her hand as if trying to feel how it throbs and move under her hand.M: Am i doing it correctly Tito?U: Remember what I said before?M: yes Tito, your already hard and long but I want to do it better.M stare at me for a while as if observing how I respond with her hand massaging my penisM: do you like thatShe whisper carefully in case my wife overhear us as she slip her finger under me and found my balls.U: Yes M, you really going to make me cum soonM: its growing and its so hard! I want to see you cum and I want to feel your semen spurt out.M giggles sofly with extreme excitement and surprised as she pace up her stroke wildly.U; you still remember what i taught you dear. M smile and said.M: of course Tito, i missed you teaching me. Can I take it out?U: go ahead M, you are very much welcome.M switch off the Ipad and turn to me. She pulled my short down just to grab my cock out with her right hand.M stared at my cock with her wide open eyes and started squeezing and stroking my cock hard.U: hey M slow down! I don’t want to cum yet.M: but Tita will be done soon and I want to see you cum with my hands.M was just squeezing my hard and long cock as we talk.M: Please? She beg beg me with her sweet voice.U: ok do it, make sure you do it well cause taksim escort we don’t have time,…I sounded worried and whispered my anxieties but it feels great with her warm hand wrapped around my cock. Its been years that she held my cock once more.M just nodded with a smile and hurriedly move and guide me and saidM: Stand up in front of me.I move quickly to stand in front of her with my throbbing cock sticky out up from my boxer shorts. I was standing between the two double bed as she grab the front of my short with her left hand and held my balls. Her right hand start stroking my cock pointing a couple of inches to her face. M pulled down further shorts which exposes my butt. She then put one hand on the cheek of my butt and squeeze it with her finger. i feel that she want to empty me with all the squeezing of her hand.U: tissue, we need tissue or it will be all over. M don’t stop i am near. Do you have,…Just before the word “tissue” came out from mmy mouth again I felt soft, warm and wet sensation just wrapped tight around my cocks head.As I gaze down i saw her red glistening lips covering the head of my cock. I forgot about the tissue paper and felt my body getting stiff. i extend my back up and slowly throw my head back and stared at the ceiling. I felt heaven while I feel the brushing and sliding of her mouth on the head of my cock. I cant stop but hump my hip to her face but she actually did her best to ride with good timing together.U: M oh my, i am coming and this is all for you,…M quickly remove her mouth from my cock that made a light vacuum like sound made by her wet mouth and lips. I saw small drop of saliva drip down the side of her mouth from the reflection of the lamp beside me. It excite me that i felt a radiating sensation to my head as she continue with her wet stroking hand.M: Tito give it to me, i wil eat it,…M direct my cock back to her şişli escort mouth with her hand and suck it harder.U: Mmm,…Ugggggg this is all for you,….I cum as i whispered with tension in my throat to keep it down. I can help but held the back of her soft hair just to keep her there while I finish every drop and spurt of my semen to her mouth. I felt her strong breathe of air as she shove harder to extract out my semen from my cock.i hear her struggle and gag a bit but she never stop sucking me until my last fluid spurted out. M: Mmmm,…M sounded slight gaging but i can feel the grip of her lips locked in on my cock and slowly swallowing every drops that she can take.Half of my cock was still in her mouth when semen stop moving and start squeezing my balls with her hand. She then move and slide her finger to the shaft of my cock squeezing and drawing out drops of my semen to her mouth. M wants it clean as she slid out from cock. I saw my abuse head in red still throbbing softly as another drop came out from the tip. M quickly stick her tongue to catch that drop and stick out her lips for the last time and suck the tip of my cock.W: U can you pass the towel?M was still making sure that she didn’t missed any drop of fluids from my cock when my wife called me.I pulled up my shorts quickly and was startled. U : yes hon, here you go,..I walked fast toward the bathroom while i stumble softly from the edge of the bed. Well the room was not that spacious.I saw M reposition herself on the bed and pulled her blanket on her long legs to cover up and act as if nothing happens. I handed the towel and turn on the TV. M grab her Cell phone. As my wife step out the bathroom.W: your next M. Go ahead we need to go out soon.M: Okay TitaM got out of bed, grab her changing cloths and walk straight to the bathroom.Wife was smiling as if she thought of something. U: what are you smiling about.W: i think M is drooling when she sleeps.U: Why?Reacted like surprised.W: Seems her chin is wet with few drops from her mouth.I smile to agree with her. Then I grab her cologne and immediately sprayed around my neck. I worried that she might smell my semen.U: Do I smell good?W: Yes you are but that smell is for female.U: I don’t care.I sprayed more.

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