My Motherly Duties Ch. 04 – Brad


All characters are consenting adults. Enjoy!

I walk into the kitchen, my cock scything through the air with each step. Oddly, Cass isn’t there. I think nothing of it as I set the bag of groceries on the countertop, taking out the fruit and bread. I pick out my sharpest knife and a cutting board and go to the sink to wash up. While cutting open the bread bag and putting two slices into the toaster, I make sure to stand a step back from the counter such that my still-hard knob doesn’t brush the cold granite.

I then take a papaya and set it on my board and cut it in half.

“So how was your day so far?” I hear behind me.

I spin around, slightly startled, only to see my sister’s curvy form saunter into the room. “Fuck, Cass – I didnt’t hear you coming!” I gasp, still catching my breath.

“Oh shush,” she giggles. “You hear me cumming, like, every time you visit – I don’t even try to be quiet. I literally scream every time.”

I raise an eyebrow. “Even when Mom’s home?”

Her smile falters. “Especially when Heather’s home ’cause when Heather’s home, you’re usually breaking into her home,” she said with a little pain in her voice.

Blinking as my heart twinges, I quickly hug her.


…then pull away.

“What was that?” she asked, feigning a smile.

“I hate seeing you sad. I’d rather be with you over Mom any second,” I kiss her. “Any day,” I kiss her again. “Anywhere. You will nev-” I stop as my voice cracks before restarting. “You will never be second to her. Ever.”

For several seconds, my sister just beamed at me in admiration, her feigned smile turned genuine. “Do you really mean that, Brad?” she blinked rapidly.

I nod. “Every single word, Cass,” I said, calling her by her real name for the first time today. I wanted her to know that I was being real with her before I kiss her again, but deeper than before. Our tongues explored each other’s mouths for what felt like an eternity before it suddenly stopped.

“Thanks,” she smiles. “I really needed that.”

Nodding again, I sniffle. “Don’t mention it,” I say before drifting back to the counter to continue my chopping.

“You know I mean that, right,” she said as I feel her hands sneak up under my arms and onto my chest, sensually massaging a pectoral with each hand.

“Yeah, don’t worry, I’m fine now,” I say before flexing my pecs for her entertainment which elicits a purr from her against my ear.

“So,” she gets on her tippy-toes and rests her chin on my shoulder, almost hugging me from behind, squishing her breasts against my back. “How was the exam?” she asks while continuing her massage, slowly working her way to my abdomen.

“It went great,” I say, trying to focus my on my slicing as she lightly scratches my abs with her nimble little fingers. “I’m certain I got at least an A, maybe even an A+. I was super focused the entire time – just about no distractions – all thanks to Mom,” I cut the fruit into quarters and reach for another. “She knows how to relax and motivate me.”

“And how does Heather do that?” she whispers sexily, her lips touching my ear and insisting to call our mother by her first name.

I sigh. “Well,” I gulp. “First… well, first, she knelt in front of where I sat, and stroked me, and-” My voice caught; right when I said ‘stroked,’ I feel both of my baby sister’s tiny hands on my girthy phallus, gently kneading it.

“Like this?” she purrs.

I feel myself blush.

Slowly nodding, I sigh contently. Time slows down as I take in the feeling that Cass’s incestuous fingers were giving me. Eventually, they pick up in speed as did my breath. She kept going faster and faster, massaging harder and harder. I close my eyes, gasping for breath, when suddenly, she stops?

I open my eyes, and look to her to see her big, innocent-yet-not-innocent-at-all eyes boring into mine, twinkling. “You were saying, Daddy?”

I gulp again. This was somewhat of a game we play when either of us are in the kitchen preparing a meal; the other will do their best to try and make the other person moan and distract them from whatever they’re doing. The cook wins if they finish their task while the distractor wins if the cook moans, or stops whatever they’re doing. I had to admit, right now, Cass – the distractor – was much closer to winning than I was. I clear my throat for the second time as I feel her little paws cupping my balls. “As I was saying,” I start again as I reach for a guava. “She stroked me as she asked about my studying. Eventually,” I clear my throat. “She said that she’d ‘release my tension’ if I’d ate my food… so I agreed to that deal and ate as she took my cock all the way into her mouth and-“

I feel her lightly sucking my earlobe.

I scrunch my eyes before opening them again.

I cut the guava in half. “And… and she went up and down my shaft for almost an hour straight coating it in her thick, viscous spit, just the way I love it.”

My sister’s practiced hands return to my cockhead, şişli elit escort squeezing it and rubbing it the way she knows I love from countless hours doing it.

“The moment I saw her, she got my balls churning – wearing nothing but that adorable little apron that she took off right away… her mouth and lips made sure every drop of cum was going to be released – you know how backed up I get.” I chop it into quarters.

“Mmm… how could I forget?” she breathes before she snakes her tongue onto my ear, slowly tongue-fucking it.

I gasp as my cock jumps in her hands and a dollop of precum beads out the slit and starts to hang off my cock.

Cass peaks over my shoulder looking down at the little mess I’ve made, poking my back with her erect, rubbery nipples. She giggles. “Looks like we’ve sprung a leak, haven’t we, Daddy?” she quips before catching the little bead and rubbing it into my shaft as lube.

At this point, I’ve stopped chopping, meaning Cass wins our game. But as I look down to see her petite palms sliding up and down my shaft and I feel her boobs pressing up against my back with her intimately nibbling on my ear, I could hardly consider myself a loser.

I flex my cock, squeezing out another thick bead. “Why don’t you take that one?” I offer, caressing her face.

Her eyes light up as she eagerly scoops of the drop from my slit and brings it to her mouth, licking her lips, wanting it, but looking to me first for confirmation, holding her breath.

God; I love her submissiveness.

“Go on, kitty, have your milk.”

She let out a sigh of relief. She eyes the dollop on her fingertip before closing her eyes, parting her lips and resting her finger on her tongue. She then tightens her lips in an o-ring around her finger causing her cheeks to cave as she sucked. I watch in admiration as my sister shivers before slowly sinking her digit in and out of her mouth. After a few passes, she pulls it out making a soft pop sound. Opening her eyes, she gives me a look of pure happiness that just told me she loves me – the same exact look Mom me this morning after her first lick of the day.

I smile. “You and Mom… you ladies really are two peas in a pod,” I say as I take a light hold of her hand and bring it back to my shaft where she resumes her stroking.

Her eyebrows furrow. “Then why do you spend so much more time in her pod?” she demands as she tightens her grip on me in a way that wasn’t pleasant.

“Cass, don’t be like that…”

But she wouldn’t listen. She thwaps my cock against my abs insistently as the toaster pinged.

I sigh. “You know Mom doesn’t want us to be together, so until Mom gives us the okay, we’ve gotta sneak around.”

She sighs, loosening her grip on my cock. “I know…it’s just that, I’m lucky enough to live with a man with a penis-“

“Cock, baby,” I correct.

She pauses. “With a cock – sorry, Daddy – with a cock as astounding as yours. I live with a man that I love who loves me back and yet… I can’t have him.”

For a few moments, Cass and I are at a loss for words with the kitchen silent apart from the vulgar sounds of my sister’s rhythmic, instinctual strokes on my cock.

“Why is she so controlling?” she thinks aloud with a sigh and reached down to hold my gonads.

“I wish I knew… but, hey,” I call, spinning around. “That woman’s not here right now, is she?” I ask her, looking into her eyes with my hands reaching behind her to cup, massage, and spread her athletic, much-firmer-than-Mom’s ass.

“No, she’s not,” Cass answers, giving me the cutest little smile as she blushes.

“Do you know what that means?” I rest my forehead against hers before giving her ass a sharp slap making her squeal excitedly.

She’s giggling like a baby at this point as her hands find and do a pepper grinder motion on my cock. “Hmm…” she pauses. “Quiet reading time?” she laughs and starts rapidly flexing her glutes in my hands.

I smile – I love her so much.

“Wrong answer!” I swiftly pick her up so that we’re face-to-face and I can feel her boobs rest on my muscular chest. But most importantly, my cockhead is nestled up against her tight cunny. She reflexively wraps her long legs around me and locks them at the ankles as her arms hold on to me. I let go of her and start collecting the fruit I’d managed to slice onto a serving tray as her warm and wet lips smother my neck in a way so affectionate that only a sister can.

“So,” she says between her kisses. “Fuck time,” she concluded as she ground her airtight little pussy against my crown with all the might she could muster, slowly easing herself onto me.

“Oh, FUCK yes!” the two of us groan in unison before laughing at how in sync we were.

I set the toast onto the platter and carry Cass’s breakfast in my hands with Cass on my dick, draped over me to the dining room where we were greeted by my cum jar and sat down.

Immediately, she starts rocking back and forth, slowly but şişli escort surely easing my thick shaft into her tightness. I close my eyes and focus on how much pleasure I was experiencing right now. I had to admit it, nothing was as tight as my baby sister’s vagina. There wasn’t a single cell on my penis that wasn’t being pressured by her inner walls. After a few minutes of her anatomy accommodating to my size, I was unable to ream her any further as I had reached the bottom of her pussy – the two of us moaning and groaning the entire process.

Just when I think that I had gotten used to her tightness, she starts bouncing up and down, riding my dick as fast as her vaginal grip allowed; putting me in a whole other realm of pleasure. All I can do is hold back my orgasm as long as I can, but at this point, it seems inevitable.

I open my eyes to see her face contorted in concentration and pure orgasmic bliss, eyes shut and jaw clenched, her hands all over those titanic titties, her fingers and palms pinching and pummeling her nipples and boobflesh and her rising and falling pussy split in half over my phallus, glistening with her nectar and in the midst of it all: a lonely clitoris, hiding under its hood.

I knew I couldn’t allow that itty-bitty clitty to feel left out. So, I pull back its covering, lick my thumb and forefinger and barrage her little nub: I squeeze, pinch, poke and prod it with as much aggression I can muster and I can tell Cass loves it.

Her legs shake as her riding slows dramatically as her eyes and mouth fly open. She brings her hands to my shoulders for support as I can tell that she’s just on the edge of a glorious climax. If we kept this up, she’d reach it in less than a minute – but I couldn’t let her wait that long. My baby girl deserved it now.

I lean in real close to her so that our lips are almost touching. Right before our lips make contact, I whisper one word that I know will leave her gasping; “Cum.”

After that, I simply sit back, diddle away and enjoy the show: Cass was screaming immediately, her eyes boring into mine as her tongue hung outside of her mouth, smiling in bliss. From all the stimulation, her entire torso from the top of her head to the flesh between my fingers was flushed a cute pink, especially breasts. Her impermeable pussy started spasming on and around my cock as I felt my balls and thighs get doused in a hot, silky liquid that I knew was her orgasm juice. If she kept this up, I would, without a doubt, inflate her with my semen but, for better or worse, her episode subsided.

I look up at her, huffing and puffing, yet, resuming her grinding like she hadn’t just had an earth-shattering orgasm and I couldn’t help but wonder how such a doll of a woman could be so… so…

“What are you smiling at?” she chuckles as she swayed back and forth. “You’re glowing! You haven’t even cum!”

I shrug, unintentionally getting her hands off of my shoulders. “I guess that seeing you cum feels kinda makes me feel as good as me cumming myself,” I say in earnest.

Her riding stops momentarily as she seemed to genuinely smile. “Oh, Daddy, you really know how to make a girl smile, don’t you?”

“Hey, you’re not just any girl, Kitten,” I lean in close, whispering, “You’re my girl,” before I press my lips against hers initiating a long, gropy, tongue-filled kiss.

My hands explore her youthful, tight body, gliding along her curves, cupping her breasts, slapping her ass, pinching her nipples – and I wasn’t the only one pawing around; I felt my baby sister’s little hands roaming across my strong muscles doing anything you could think of. I was feeling super raunchy, so I hatched up a plan so sexy, my cock bucked inside her just thinking about it.

“So, Cass,” I said, breaking the kiss with my hands resting on her bare ass. “Still hungry?”

Her pussy clenched as a smile took over her face. “Dude, I already sucked you earlier, remember?”

I shake my head chuckling as I lift her ass a bit higher on my shaft, gripping it tightly. “You naughty, naughty girl,” I said, thrusting up into her each time I said ‘naughty,’ which made her softly moan. I loved making her softly moan. “I was talking about breakfast, Cass.”

“Oh,” she said, giggling. “Well, in that case, I’m so hungry that I want something really big to fill me up,” she said suggestively.

“Something big, huh?”

“Mm, something huge, even,” she said as she started slowly rocking back and forth on my dick. “Sweet and savory, perhaps?”

“Hm.” I pick a slice of guava from the table and bring it to her lips, which she accepted.

“MM… sweet… and savory. Wow, Brad, you pick out great fruit,” she said thoughtfully.

“Well, I do have a great pair hanging from my branch,” I quip.

She laughed, before blushing, turning away and clenching her pussy; slightly nervous. “Did- did I remember to suck them during today’s blowjob?” she asked timidly as she reached behind her to fondle my balls.

“No, baby. şişli eve gelen escort But hey, look into my eyes,” I asked, caressing her face. “You’ll have plenty of time to suck Daddy’s balls, okay?”

She smiled, unclenching her pussy. “Okay, Daddy!”

“Good girl. So you just wanna eat the fruit?”

“No,” she answered as she started rhythmically rocking back and forth. “I want something to keep my belly full for months.”

I cock my eyebrow. “How many months?”

“Nine,” my sister whispered, handing me a glass mason jar.

Seeing my cum in the jar, I smiled. “Then we’d better get busy.” I grab another slice and dip it deep into the jar, scooping up a big scoop of cum. I hover the slice above her and strands drip off. I paint lines across her tits before bringing it to her lips.

She watches intently while sticking out her tongue in anticipation, her eyes glued to the morsel.

The moment the slice reached her tongue, I felt her pussy completely convulse around my dick, making it jump yet again.

She pounces on the cum-covered slice, accidentally engulfing my fingertips into her mouth to be licked and sucked dry.

I dip another guava slice in my seed and again hover it over my sister, dripping all over her front. “Catch those drips,” I instruct her. “Don’t let any go to waste.”

But instead of using her hands to catch them as I anticipated, she cupped her breasts upwards, coating them in my spunk.

“Good girl…” I coo before she started grinding her clit into me as she swallowed. I don’t even think she chewed.

“Fuck,” she whispered.

“How’d it taste?”

Slowly, she brought her glazed over eyes to mine and uttered one lone, yet powerful, word: “More.”

And as I fumbled to pick out a papaya slice and cum-coat it, she took matters into her own hands quite literally. She looked down at her tits, seeing my cum on them and her nipples. Straining her neck, she leaned down and brought as much of her breasts as she could to her hungry lips and licked as much of the white stuff as she could.

A small spurt of precum escaped my cock watching how dirty my baby sister could be – and I would soon learn that she could get much dirtier.

After my sister-induced stupor ended, I realized that I’d dropped the topical fruit into the cum jar where it had disappeared under the sea of semen.

As I went to reach for another slice, Cass grabbed my wrist and shook her head.

“What is it, Kitten?” I ask.

“No more fruit. It just takes away from the taste of you… and I like tasting you,” she said calmly, giving me a look that made my heart melt. I then had my heart set on giving her the best orgasm I possibly could – it was the least I could do.

I coat my first three fingers with the jar’s contents and bring them to her mouth, eliciting a contagious smile from her. I run my fingers along her lips, painting them. “Open up, baby.”

“Yes, Da-” she started saying as my fingers invaded her mouth mid-sentence. And by the way she sucked and licked me and how I felt her pussy dripping onto my thighs and probably the chair, I know she welcomed the intrusion.

“Your lips look so good pursed around my fingers like that,” I say ejecting them with a pop.

She swallowed. “Thank you, Daddy. May I lick my lips?” she asked as she bounced up and down on my cock with vigor.

“Not yet, baby girl,” I say, before scooping out the slice that fell in the jar.

I take a deep breath, realizing the room smelled of my sister’s arousal and my seed. “Here cums the airplane,” I say as I slowly guide the piece of fruit to her giggling mouth, the piece waiting and dripping of my seed. I could tell that her mouth was watering already.

Cass opened her mouth wide and stuck out her tongue, already dripping of saliva which I then used as a landing pad for the ‘airplane.’ Like clockwork, her pussy spasmed a little the second my cum tickled her taste buds.

She swallowed the slice whole, but then made a face. “I don’t want the fruit.”

“Cass, Mom said you have to eat your fruits and vegetables,” I tell her.

“But hey,” she said, smirking at me. “Heather’s not here right now, is she?”

I grin. “No, she’s not,” I had to admit, but Cass had to get her nutrients to grow and be energized and unfortunately, my cum wouldn’t be able to give that to her. “Mom might not be here, but guess who is here?”

She looked quizzical. “Who?”

“Daddy,” I growl, referring to myself. “And Daddy says if you don’t eat your fruit,” I say as I move the cum jar out of her reach. “You don’t taste any cum.”

She pouted. “But Daddy-“

“No buts,” I said before hesitating. “Alright, maybe one butt,” I concede as I playfully slap her ass, making her smile.

“Ok, ok, I get it, I’ll eat.”

“Good girl. I’ll join you,” I say as I bury my head in her perky breasts to lick, suck, squeeze and nibble her nipples while one of my hands rub her clit as the other massaged the ‘one’ butt.

Her breathing sped up immediately as she pulled my face deeper into her chest and with my head pressed into her so much, I could feel her heart rate speeding up. Her vitals sped up even more when I started thrusting in and out of her. “F-fuck,” she gasped as she pulled me from her boobies. “Enough,” she said to my dismay.

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