My neigbour and me in Sg


My neigbour and me in SgHi, i am actually writing here to keep my dairy about my encounter with my neighbour. Saving it in my phone memo is not very safe. Maybe i intro abit before i put in my dairy below and you will start to understand abit more how it start and went. So far our nsa relationship is still ongoing. I will update more when i am free.I am a middle age married man working as freelance and i have my wife as a housewife. We shifted to a new flat few month ago. As you know nowaday home kitchen are facing each other and are very close to each other. So far all our neighbour had talked to each other and intro ourselves.I have this young divorce woman staying just beside my flat who is my encounter and current with a nsa relationship with her. She is Olivia 27 years old and she have a very young daughter 3 years old with her. She is half a head shorter then me, belive istanbul escort her height is about 160cm, having a average body size and she is a cute looking type of girls. Our kitchen are facing each other. I can see her very clearly and same to her. The kitchen is near and we can even heard the opposite talking. We seldom chat to each other, normally just smile at each other when met at the corridor or even at met downstair.About myself, i am alway wearing a boxer at home. My dining table is facing to her kitchen and i alway sit at the dining table drinking beer and watch movie. There is a few times where i can see Olivia braless when i am drinking. Can see her nipple is sharp pointed up in her clothes and the firm of her breast. This is where i often look opposite the kitchen to see her when she start to do avcılar escort her household job. I alway will take a look when she start to walk into the kitchen or when the light is on.5 Jan 2020 evening, when i was going to throw some rubbish at the chute outside my house, Olivia happen to open her gate and walk infront of me. Her flat is nearer to the chute then mine. I walked over to the chute and let her finish first. While i am waiting for her, of course i will start looking at her from the back. That what normally a man will do when they see pretty girls.From her head to toes. She is wearing a white top and a grey knit boxer with slipper in front of me. Looking at the brown long hair tie in a ponytail and the smell from her was very nice. After that i noticed her white top from the back was braless. I started to think of her nipple colours şirinevler escort and how it look like in my thought. Looking at her grey tight knit boxer can see how firm and nice was her ass. Slowly looking to her white smooth thigh and her leg. Lastly to her cute small feets and nails colour with pink. The body that she have don seem like she had given birth before. All was perfect and maintain by her. I was behind her in my boxer only and i can feel my brother is a liitle high up and hard now, but it was not obvious to her sighting.She turn around and saw me waiting for her. Her face turn a bit blushy. I smile at her and she smile.Our conversation was in chinese and i convert it into english.Me : Hi, How are you? (Of course the next things my eyes go for was to her her braless top.)Olivia : I am good. How about you?Me : I am good too.Olivia :Had your dinner?Me : No leh waiting for you to treats and she smile.Olivia : Ok next time i treats you ar. And she walked home.The nipple i saw was black and it about sg 20 coins big. Her breast was really firm and belive my hand was able to grab it nicely. I walked home and start thinking of her and looking at her from my kitchen when she come in.

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