My neighbors an me (part 2)


My neighbors an me (part 2)From that day when I saw young Deb with a hairbrush handle stuffed up her sweet little cunnie, I couldn’t stop dreaming of what it would have been like if her step mom, Sarah, hadn’t come home at that moment. Would I have gone into her room and helped her with her orgasm, or would have just stood there jerking my 63 year old cock until I shot a load of spunk all over her bedroom door. I wasn’t sure but it kept me beating my meat thinking about the choices.It wasn’t but a week later that I got a frantic phone call from Sarah. She said her basement was getting flooded and she could hear water rushing in and didn’t know what to do. I told her I’d be right over. I grabbed my rubber boots and headed next door. She met me at the door nearly in tears.“The basement…it’s its filling up with fethiye escort water,” she stammered. “Please can you do something?”, she pleaded. She was now sobbing. Despite the gravity in her voice, I couldn’t help but notice how her tits heaved in her low cut blouse as she cried.“Sarah,” I said calmly, “Let me have a look at it and I’ll see what I can do, OK?” She hugged me close and I could feel those 44DD’s pressing against my chest. “Thank you, Tom, thank you so much.”I walked over to the top of the basement stairs which were right off the kitchen. Indeed, you could hear water running into the basement. I put on my boots and went downstairs. It didn’t take long to realize that her water heater had sprung a leak and had dumped about 8” of water onto the floor. I waded through the rising tide to find escort fethiye the shut off which was on the inlet pipe to the water heater. I cranked the valve closed and the water stopped rushing in. I went back to the base of the stairs and called up to Sarah who had been standing on the landing at the top. “It’s your water heater”, I said. “It’s blown a hole in the bottom, it’s shot.” I walked back over to the stairs and looked back up at Sarah, who was now squatting down to see as much of the problem as she could. Again my jaw must have dropped because in her squatting position I could clearly see up her skirt and realized she was wearing real nylons under her tight skirt, not pantyhose. That old familiar tingling in my jeans started again and I was hard. You have to realize that nothing, absolutely fethiye escort bayan nothing turns me on more than a female dressed in heels and real stockings. Add a pair of spike heeled pumps like she was wearing and I pretty much turn to putty.I told her I had a couple of submersible pumps and would have the basement pumped out in a couple of hours. I went back upstairs and was ready to head home for the pumps when she grabbed me a planted a kiss right on my mouth. “Oh my god Tom, you’re a life saver. I just don’t know what I’d have done without you.” I said “It’s no big deal, you’ll be back in business by tomorrow.” She hugged me again and I had to turn sideways to conceal the raging hard on I had.The pumping and cleanup went well. I had arranged for a friend to install a new water heater and by mid-morning things were almost back to normal. “Tom,” she said. “This is going to take more than a pie to show my appreciation. I want you to come over for a home-cooked dinner next Friday. Just you, me and Deb. I promise it’ll be very special.”

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