My Nephew pressed against my nude body

My Nephew pressed against my nude bodyMy brother had been divorced for about six years, when he called me to ask if I could babysit his 10 year old son, my nephew Brian, he was invited to a conference in the States, which was for a week, and he was stuck, as there were no one else he could turn to.He lived way down south close to the coast, where he had a nice beach property, ‘OK’, I said to him, ‘but I’m staying at yours, I could do with a short holiday, and I am due time off from work’.I took the overnight express and arrived there 10 hours later, time enough to spend a day and night with him, to familiarize myself about the place, and get to know my nephew.The morning he left he hailed for a taxi for 5am in the morning, so I was up with him before he set off. After he had gone I began to enjoy the surroundings, he had a beautiful home, full of all the latests gadgets and a huge TV, which was just fine by me.I made myself another Cappuccino and my eye caught the clock as it played a little chime, telling me it had gone 7am.I carried my coffee back into the bedroom and opened my small carry case, reached in, and pulled a few things out, including my Lelo vibrator, a sex toy to die for, I was 27 and used it almost daily, since there were no men currently in my life.I could hear a buzzing and ringing sound, and wondered what it could be, maybe something in the kitchen, warning me to switch it off.I was nude when I reached for the dressing gown I had borrowed from my brother, threw it on and made my way back into the kitchen via the living room.As I passed the dining table I heard the noise coming from his computer, which was lying on the table, with the lid closed. I sat down and opened the lid, it was an Apple type computer with a very high def screen, and when I opened it, it was an email, that was causing all the fuss.I clicked on it, and was surprised to kaçak iddaa see that it opened, he must have forgotten to power-down, but in a way, I was glad, now I could surf the internet and relieve the boredom.I was sipping my cappuccino when I was a little startled to see a chat box suddenly open and spring to life, it was almost life like, and a woman came on, she was dressed in sexy undies, very titillating, and I felt a little embarrassed. I immediately thought she was a personal friend of my brothers, someone he was keeping quiet about. ‘Oh’, she said, crystal clear, as if she was sitting opposite me, ‘Hi’, I replied, quickly adding, ‘Brian has just left for the States, he will be gone for the week’.I was glad to explain that one, and took a sip of my cappuccino.She was a very attractive woman and I was curious if she really was a friend, or something a little more personal, after all men do resort to computers and online content for sexual relief.’Are you a friend of my brothers’, I asked her, then suddenly realizing I had not introduced myself, ‘I’m Emma, Brian’s sister’?Suddenly, as I was speaking to her, a men entered the room behind her, he was completely nude, and he had an erection, she must have seen the look on my face, as she looked behind her and laughed.’That is my husband Jack, he always walks around the house in the buff’, and as she was speaking, he addled up alongside her, his cock filling the screen, it certainly was large, ‘It’s Brian’s sister, I heard her say, as I focused on his beautiful looking cock, bobbing away in front of me.His wife was studying my face as I looked back, it was obvious to her as a woman, what it was I was looking at, ‘Don’t worry Emma, he is the favourite down at the club’. Then without warning she took hold of it and put it into her mouth, not just in, but all the way in, down her throat, and as I sat kaçak bahis dumbfounded, she continued giving him a deep-throat blow-job, I was mesmerized, and feeling very horny, I never saw a cock that big being handled in such an erotic way.She stopped and looked at me staring, ‘Emma, you like to have a suck on it babe’?This was so personal and I was so smitten at the casualness of the sex, I could only smile, as she went back to sucking him, my hand found my wet cunny under the table, and I began rubbing myself.She stopped again and spoke to me, ‘Emma honey, tell us what you like to see, give us some orders, you do want to see him cum’?I certainly did want to see him cum. ‘Do you guys go all the way’, I asked her, with tightness in my throat, ‘Sure Emma’, she replied smiling, ‘we do requests, oral anal, vaginal, whatever makes you horny’.I heard myself say it, then I could not believe I just said it, ‘Anal, I like to watch anal’, and at that she got up and bent over, showing her bum at an angle, pulling her cheeks apart, as Jack homed in on her crinkly butt hole, and started pushing.I felt faint, this was awesome, it was live, and she about to have her ass filled with this huge cock, just because I asked him to do it that way.’Emma baby, this is Jack, I want to see your goodies honey, lose the housecoat and wank yourself’This was the trade off, a show for the show, and as I slowly got out of my chair to do as he asked, I watched as her asshole swallowed his monster, and he started to thrust deep into her.I thought my legs would not support me as my coat fell off my slim shoulders, ‘My God Emma, you really are a honey’, Jack was complimenting my nudity, and it made me even more horny. He was humping her with a lot of force, and as I watched him, he was talking to me, ‘Rub it Emma baby, rub that sweet pussy, before I fuck it’, that’s when I came to güvenilir bahis my senses, I was masturbating standing there watching them.I stopped just as he came, and he certainly did shoot a load to behold. ‘Wow Jack’, I complimented, that really was awesome. They thanked me and left the room to clean up, that was my cue to get out, I needed some quality time with my Lelo, so I put the coat back on and made for the bedroom, the clock sounded eight, ‘Fuck I thought, an hour online playing’.I dropped the housecoat and climbed into bed, I really was wet and made no time in pushing my Lelo in deep and full power mode, laying back with the covers half covering my nudity and my masturbation, how much Brian Jnr saw I don’t know, but he was watching me as my Lelo was being worked in and out of my horny pussy.’Can I come in with you’, he asked, as he closed down the small distance from the door to the bed, I was still exposing half my nudity, even my pubes were on view, ‘Brian’, I said, as I turned away from him, exposing my bum to him, as I used the opportunity to pull my Lelo out of my pussy and drop it onto the floor from under the covers.I really did not know what to do, and to make matters even more problematic, he took off his pyjamas, and I could see momentarily, he had an erection, seconds later he was pushing it into my open crotch, and settling in behind me.I just lay very still, feeling him moving down there. I realized that in my highly aroused state, he could very easily slide inside me, and my mind was all over the place, then I felt myself opening up as he began to slide inside me. ‘You feel nice auntie’, he said, as he slid his hands under my arms and clasped my breasts, he was not forcing himself against me, it felt natural, as I opened up to receive him, a perfect fit.I lay as still as I could, too scared to move in case it triggered a response, but no, we were locked into each other, and his even breathing signalled he was asleep again, as the warmth of his breath brushed my back. I tried to relax, but I could not as my vagina began to squeeze his cock, I could not help myself.

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