My New ASSistant

Cougar Commando

Harper stood up abruptly, causing the papers that lay in his lap to fall to the ground. He wanted to throttle her. His anger was rising up inside him like a flood and needed to be put somewhere.

Ever since she had arrived, it seemed as if one thing after another went wrong. Not that he could completely blame her. She wasn’t deliberately sabotaging him or his work. It was more like she was a constant distraction.

The company had hired her to be his assistant. As assistants went, she seemed quite capable if not perhaps a bit clumsier than was absolutely necessary. Jenna had appeared in the doorway of his office, her golden hair loose and flowing about her face, and he worried for a moment that she was a mirage. But no, she was real. From her blue eyes to her pale skin to her ripe breasts to her slim hips, she was very real. She was also a very real distraction for him.

He had tried to keep his thoughts upon the job. He found separating work from all the pleasurable things in life sometimes difficult and yet he did his best. He was not some young kid fresh out of school. He had been around the block more than once. And as for Jenna, she too was not some child. She was a woman of enormous talents and the giggle that could peel icing off a cake.

No, there he was again. His mind tended to wander to the abstract when it came to her. He found himself at times thinking about what she was thinking. He lay in bed at night wondering if she was asleep. It wasn’t a wholesome relationship and he knew it. He knew in his head he needed to put an end to this mental obsession with her but somehow he couldn’t find the strength to do so. It was as if every time he cleared his mind of her, she would reappear as instantly as she had gone.

He had a girlfriend. She was a wonderful woman, full of life, fruity and ripe, sweet to be with so he did not understand why his mind felt it necessary to wander into forbidden territory so often and with such alarming intensity. There was nothing inordinately special about Jenna. Yes she was attractive with that honey blonde hair and her full ripe cherry lips that looked so kissable especially first thing in the morning after she had had her coffee. Her eyes certainly were as blue as a summer sky when the clouds are no more than fluffy reminders of childhood. And her breasts were mere soft mounds hidden beneath buttoned down shirts, always appearing as if at any moment they might break free and run rampant up and down the halls of the office.

And her personality was indescribable. She laughed at the slightest provocation and it was such a pleasant sound that he could bursa escort not help but smile himself when he heard it. She was very outgoing and open, sharing with him all types of ideas or thoughts that just appeared in her head out of the blue. And they were often very good ideas as well. She was intelligent with a structured mind that was able to quickly figure out the situation and set it to rights if it needed to be. And she could charm a bee out of stinging her if she tried.

But still there was the girlfriend, always faithful and available on a Friday night. And Harper had no intention whatsoever of embarking upon an office romance. They never turned out well. Alright for some people they did but not for him. He tended to fixate on the obvious and his needs tended to wander towards the absurd. As far as women were concerned, he was not selective in the least and tended to go for the obvious. He enjoyed fine wine and women with breasts that looked as if they were ready to pop out of a tight blouse at any moment. He also enjoyed a medium well done steak and asses that filled out a tight skirt so well the seams seemed to be in danger of splitting with every step. He enjoyed travel and walking on the beach and a girl that could grab her own ankles keeping her legs up in the air while he fucked her hard against a firm mattress.

When Jenna came into his office that morning, she was wearing a new perfume. He didn’t know the name of it but it was something sinful and ripe, decadent and dirty. He caught a whiff of it as she breezed in and he was gone. In his mind, he saw her with her legs up in the air as she held her own ankles and he drilled her deep into a firm mattress at some cheap hotel on the Jersey Shore. Snapping back to reality, he looked up at her as if she was a piece of fruit hanging from a vine that he needed to pluck. And pluck he would.

She was wearing a tight navy sweater that accentuated her breasts and a short grey skirt that gave him the tease of thigh without exposing it too much. Before he could edit himself or his actions, he stood up and out of his office chair and strolled around his desk to the side she was standing on. “I can’t take this anymore,” was all he said in way of foreplay as he slipped his hands underneath that sweater and quickly took possession of those soft sweet breasts of hers.

“Harper,” she breathed and he cut her off with his mouth, covering hers and sucking the air from her lungs before his hands slipped from under her sweater and moved to the hem of her skirt. He tugged it up as his mouth held hers, not paying any mind to where her hands were or what perhaps bursa escort bayan she wanted. Hell no, he was taking what she had been selling. And he was taking it now.

The skirt was tight but he managed to get it up over her hips then clear to her waist before his right hand wandered down between her thighs. The soft hairless skin he felt there was a bit of a surprise, no panties or stockings just her under that skirt. He was ready to let his fingers do the walking until he felt the firm grip of hers wrapping around his wrist and the faint sound of her cry, “No”.

“No?” he echoed her, not even interested in being denied and pretty close to taking what he wanted and truly not caring whether she wanted it or not.

“Not there,” she whimpered and she reached into the pocket of her skirt. She had this obsession with keeping her lips moist, soft and free of being chapped, he saw her often enough putting lube on them. She took the small tube of petroleum jelly out of her pocket and put it in the palm of his hand as she whimpered softly in need, “In my ass, Harper, please.”

“Oh yeah, baby” he managed as she turned, placing herself handily over his desk, ass up, as he undid his pants, freeing his throbbing cock. Just a dab of the lube on the head of his cock and he was ready to go, rubbing it up over the crack of her naked ass. And it was a beauty, those firm globes shining, making him nearly whimper in need himself as the head of his cock found the hole it was aiming for and popped inside.

“Fuck me, Harper,” she begged, looking at him over her shoulder. Who was he to deny her? He wasn’t about to. His fingers dug into the flesh of her ass, using them to hold her, as he drove his cock into her tight hole over and over again. He grunted with each thrust, her ass so tight. It felt so sweet wrapped around his cock he wanted to stay buried inside her forever. He had to hold on to her though as she kept slipping across his desk with each thrust as if she was oiled. And so he held on, his cock stabbing at her repeatedly as she moaned and groaned her own pleasurable response at his assault.

His balls slapped against her as he drilled into her and he began to sweat, feeling the beads trickling down the back of his neck. He couldn’t remember the last time fucking someone felt this good, this wicked, this much like paradise. Here she was with her skirt up around her waist as he fucked her ass on his desk. The thought of it alone was like heaven, making him moan aloud, closing his eyes as he drummed her harder against the desk until it actually began shaking on its legs which weren’t built to escort bursa withstand such an assault.

All the while she continued to beg him to keep going, to keep fucking her. He knew she was enjoying it almost as much as him. He could feel the wetness of her arousal coating the inside of her thighs as they slammed against the desk. Oh this was too good. It felt like the Fourth of July, Thanksgiving and Christmas all rolled up into one. His cock was nearly trembling with its own delicious headiness at such pleasure. Harper knew he couldn’t last much longer. The need inside his balls was rising up, the heat churning them into a volcanic explosion about to erupt inside her ass. “Oh fuck, I’m going to cum, Jenna.”

“Do it! Cum in my ass, please!” she pleaded with him, her voice cracking with the strain of it. She was trembling too, her thighs heaving as if trying to hold up twice their normal weight. He could see her own passion in her face as she gazed at him over her shoulder, licking her lips in a wanton display of need. He could feel her passion as her anus molded itself around him, squeezing the seed right from his balls as if begging for it, wanting it planted deep inside her sweet ass. He wasn’t going to deny her anything, not at this moment, so he threw back his head and came inside her sweet tight butt hole with a howl of triumph, forgetting for a moment where they were and that people might actually hear them. Then when that tidbit finally filtered through his mind, he quieted down his second vocal burst of compassioned fulfillment as he nearly fell, completely spent, over her body sprawled on his desk.

“Oh jeez, Jenna, I can’t believe we did that,” he said in a somewhat understated way as he finally withdrew his very satisfied cock from her not quite so tight and now very slick ass. He managed to grab a tissue from the box on his desk and cleaned himself up with a quick but sufficient enough for now wipe before he tucked himself away until later.

“Me neither, Harper,” she giggled in that charming way she had as he straightened himself out. She managed to pull herself off of his desk in the most graceful of ways after having her ass totally reamed then she pulled down her skirt to its proper length. She bent into him then and kissed him softly on his mouth, her tongue just teasing his before she broke it off and gazed into his eyes as she whispered “You’re the best boss I have ever had.”

She smiled at him then as if nothing more had happened in the past few moments other than he had perhaps given her something to type at her own cubicle. Spinning on her very high heels with one last smile to reassure him everything was fine, she left his office. Before he even had time to say a word to her but assuming control of himself and the situation, he made sure his pants were zipped then sat back down at his desk, going back to work.

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