My new cuckold wife 1st fuck backstory to video


My new cuckold wife 1st fuck backstory to videoThis story takes place Vegas Wed Oct 5th 2016 at Aria hotel Casino. This is the back story to the Video “My New Cuckold Couple 1st fuck video”. Its best if you read this then watch the video. I just finish work and go to my room wash up and go to the tables and play blackjack. I have a hour and 45min until my poker game starts. So I start playing and I’m sitting in the 5th spot out of 6. To my left in the last spot is this bad bitch who looks Colombian with a huge rack and beautiful face and great thighs that I can see as she is sitting down. I want her which is why I sat at this spot at a 10$ table. To my right is a 60 yo white guy w his MILF wife blonde 40-50 nice little ass and breasts cute smile who is watching us play and a couple young white guys in the 1st 3 spots. We play and I’m trying to figure out the what the deal is from the chick to my left. This bitch is bad. So we make the type conversation that is usually made at a Blackjack game and she starts to chat a little. Then the dealer says something about “when is your husband coming back” when she and I start to chat. She had just told me that she was a stay at home mom and started blushing when I looked her up and down intentionally and slowly (so she could see me checking her out) and said ” I bet you earned it”. I gotta says from her response it was evidently a smooth line but the thing is I was just being honest. She actually started to blush and smile really big and her whole demeanor changed. The dealer again said something like “is your husband coming back” and I begin to think her husband is probably a ball player or model or somebody I mean this chick is BAD. She is 39 but still a solid 9.5-10. The dealer then proudly announces “here comes your husband” so I turn and look to see who is the lucky guy. A 5-10 Asian guy regular looking is walking up w a young Hispanic guy and his young wife cant be them I think, a big black guy settles in at the table next to us and I think it could be him. A crippled old white guy is meddling trying to figure where he is going to play and I’m like ohhhhh She’s got a Sugar Daddy. Those are the only options. To my surprise she is with the Asian guy. I mean a total shock. I don’t have nothing against Asian guys and have a couple that are good friends but this FULL BODIED DIME OF A MILF with this little guy was a real surprise. So we chat a little innocently and they also are from TX and she is Mexican. The consensus from the table is that we thought she was Colombian or Dominican or something and I playfully say something like “the Mexicans where I’m from don’t have perfect asses like that, no disrespect sir”. To my surprise he says something stupid like “you cant see it while she is sitting down honey stand up” she starts gaziosmanpaşa escort smiling and looks irritated and is like deal the cards please to the dealer. We laugh and the couple to my left comment that she should be proud of her body and I chime in “hell yeah you just don’t know baby”. At that moment the pit brings her a comp slip for food. I hear her husband saying “for four”. The other couple behind her has been talking about eating for a while she says she’s going to eat and leans in and says “nice meeting you Derek I hope I see you again” I reply please see me again I really want to see more of you” she grins then looks at her group and back to me bites her bottom lip and says ok. It wasn’t what she said it was the smirk and the intensity she was looking at me and that ass as she got up and brushed pass me to go eat with her husband which made my dick grow a inch in my pants. I KNEW RIGHT THERE I WAS GOING TO FUCK THE SHIT OUT OF SOMEBODIES SEXY WIFE THAT NIGHT. It just turns out it wouldn’t be her.As I watch her walk away it turns out that Ben and Ashley the other 3 guys and the dealer all watched that ass just as I did. Ashley says something like ” and I thought I had a nice ass” and one of the white guys says “ohhhh you do mammmmm”. I ask if he’s from Alabama and he says “how did you know” to which I reply “I’m great with accents” So we start talking about travel and stuff really Ben, Ashley and I and it turns out we like some of the same places. We start talking about asses and she says the best asses on white girls are in Kansas. I tell her I ironically have never been to Kansas so I wouldn’t know and she comes from the right side of Ben and stands between us and poses for me. “Kinda nice for a 50yo” isn’t it. I’m like hell yeah that’s a great ass for anybody. As her ass is well proportioned and still firm. BLACKJACK !!!! The dealer says and I turn from studying her ass to my cards and see I won. Whoaa she says and I quickly snipe “that lucky ass I guess” we all laugh and as she goes to walk back to where she was standing I say wait don’t move lets see what happens. The dealer deals Ben and I both 20’s and he has a 8 showing then flips over his 18. We win this goes on for like 5 hands as we have now hit a streak. And Ashley is having a great time shaking every time we win a hand. The waitress comes bye with her GYNOURMOUS breast hanging out her top and I order “Patron and Sprite but not so much Sprite and you can do a double Patron” Ashley is like “what did you order” and gives me this crazy look. I then say make that two but the second more Sprite then Patron and I tell Ashley shes going to love it. She says ok I will try it but why didn’t you get it like yours. “Baby im a big black man and zeytinburnu escort I ordered a strong drink for me, your a petite Kansan girl so yours is a little sweeter. I usually just drink Patron shots straight but I have a high stakes poker game starting in 30mins. She blurts out “how do you know I don’t like big black men” the comment catches all of guard and we are all shocked and kinda look at each other and I quickly say “well since Im the only big black guy here I hope you love us lol” and playfully grab and half hug her from the side. We all laugh. The thing is she hasn’t offered the slightest resistance to me at all. Now I start to rethink all of the kind smiling and eye contact we have made the entire time that we played cards. We win another hand and she shakes her hips again to my side. I now swing my seat to the right so she is partially between my legs on my right side. She and I are now in conversation but I keep Ben in as not to be disrespectful. She rubs her ass on my right knee as she laughs at a joke and I wonder if it was on purpose then she does it again and I gently put my right hand around her for a second. Again no resistance from either of them. Our drinks come and we start to drink them and she loves hers and drinks it fast. She says get me another. I tell her its Patron and you might want to pace yourself as shes 5-6 135lbs Ben is like “Derek she can drink, most men cant keep up with her” I look her in the eye and say ohhhh really. Shes look does that surprise you Mr Big Black Man. I smile and per her closer again and say something like “i like this girl” and sqeeze her harder and pull her closer and hold her for about 5 seconds then let go, but AGAIN NO RESISTANCE at all from either. So I begin to wonder if this pussy has my name on it. So we chat a little more and I order another round plus three shots of Patron. As the waitress leaves Ashley mentions the ladies breast and comments about her B cup to Ben and I. I lean in between the two of them and joke “I’m more of ass man so Ashley your perfect” we laugh and again no resistance plus she rubs ass on my dick a little. Remember she is between Ben and I and I had swiveled my chair to the right so she is lined up right in front of me as I am angled to the right. I had to lean in around her to whisper to Ben and her so we had contact. And as I said that I distinctively felt her grind me just for a second. Our drinks come we take a shot and Ben goes to the Bathroom between shuffles when he’s gone I say “i hope he didn’t take my joke the wrong way and she’s like no he thinks your cool”, I interrupt her “and I think your sexy” and she smiles and leans in and says “your fucking hot, I didn’t want to give it away the way I was looking at sultangazi escort you”. I’m like really, as my dick is starting to get hard. “What would you do if your husband wasn’t here”? And she smiles and says back something like “I make the rules”. I’m thinking she is saying that between she and I here is conversation as I best remember from that point me-ok make the ruleAsh-no between Ben and I. me- oh reallyAsh-I always get what I wantme- I bet you do sexy, but do you know what I wantAsh- I think but I’m not sureme-you need convincing Ash-lol probablyAt that moment Ben comes back and I lean in and say dude you are really lucky she’s fucking hot I hope you didn’t take offense to what I said.Ben- what are you talking about, your goodme- good if you catch me looking at her its just because she’s sexy and not meant as disrespectBen no problemAsh- what are you two talking aboutme and Ben at the same time YOU lolAsh you two like me in the middle don’t youBen-hell yeahme- its looking and feeling better every moment too bad I have to goAsh- ohhhhh no whyBen- whyme- card game starting in 20minAsh-damn we like you we will have to hang out later or tomorrow for sureme- ok cool Ash- well I guess we are going to go eatSo we all get up and go to cash in our chips they are walking my way to go to the restaurant and eat. I rememeber I have a slip for free meal that will cover them so I tell them I will go to my room and get it while they wait in line. At the same time we all realize it faster if one of them comes up to the room with me so I don’t have to double all the way back. So Ash is like I will go and Ben says I will get the table and start take your time or something to that effect. I give Ben a man hug and tell him I will see you later and he replies give your number to Ash. So Ash and I walk to the elevator and as soon as it closes I hit my floor and pull her over to me and kiss her. Then twirl her back around and smack her ass real hard and she lustfully moans loudly. I do it again and she tells me how wet I make her and that I’m hot and I tell her she made my dick hard rubbing against me at the table. She says something like I want you hard so we exit the elevator go in the room and I straight push her on the bed. This catches her by surprise and she says something about me being a bad boy. We start kissing and she says “i’m so hot and making her soooo wet” and I reach down and feel her wet pussy through her jeans. I pull out my dick and she is like” holy shit that’s almost as big as my biggest dildo” good thing I just fucked myself with it earlier or you would stretch me to death. She starts talking about wanting my dick more then for a quicky and if we can fuck long tomorrow and everytime I am in Vegas. I push her down to suck my dick and 3 min into it I pull out my phone and video We fucked for like 30min I was late and the video captures her coming 3x but she actually came a total of 5 times before we left. I am fucking her again tonight and she said Ben is going to join in. More to comeEnjoy the video I know I put my phone down midway through fucking her but my friends who saw it said to post it anyways enjoyDblacknhou

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