My new girl

My new girlMy Redhead TammyEntirely fictitious. Not my story but had to post.Tammy was just seven when her mother died. It took a long time for both of us to adjust to the void in our lives but it also brought us closer together. We became more than just father and step daughter, we were best friends. Now, at 17, Tammy was becoming a beautiful young woman, slim and redhead like me but with her mother’s quick smile. She was even beginning to show signs of her mother’s voluptuous figure.A few weeks ago I took Tammy to shop for her first formal gown. My business partner, a man she loves and calls Uncle Dan, even though we aren’t related, was getting married and he’d pulled out all the stops. The reception was being held at the country club and everyone who was anyone would be there.Tammy had chosen a surprisingly sophisticated dress, long, black, curve-hugging and low cut. I had protested when I saw just how much cleavage “my baby” would be showing but when the saleswoman told her she was “stunning” and Tammy flashed her best heart-melting smile, the deal was closed.The day of the wedding I was waiting impatiently at the bottom of the stairs and yelling for Tammy to hurry up. I had just checked my watch for the third time when I heard her voice from the top of the stairs, “I’m coming right now, Daddy.”I looked up and my heart almost stopped! Tammy looked like a vision in her new dress. She had pulled her long redhead hair into a loose tumble of curls on top of her head and allowed just a few wispy curls to escape. She was wearing the diamond studs that I had given to her mother for our 10th wedding anniversary and which I had promised to Tammy when she turned 18 in just six short months. She looked at least 25 and I knew she was going to turn heads at the wedding. She smiled knowingly at my astonished look and glided gracefully down the stairs.Just as I suspected, she was the hit of the wedding and even had the bride casting jealous looks in her direction. She danced with every man at the reception, Dan’s 6-year-old son from his first marriage, the 80-year-old grandfather of the bride, and the groom himself. She charmed them all!Somewhere around midnight she talked me into “just one tiny glass of champagne” and an hour later she was tipsy and giggling and I was ready to get home to bed. Tammy chattered happily about the day’s events until we got about halfway home and then, seemingly mid-sentence, she dozed right off with her head on my shoulder. When we pulled into the garage 30 minutes later she looked like she was sleeping so peacefully that I decided to carry her upstairs to bed instead of disturbing her sleep.She mumbled “love you, Daddy” as I slid one arm behind her back and another underneath her knees and lifted her off the warm leather car seat. Then she flung one arm around my shoulders and let the other dangle at her side. Tammy’s 125 pounds seemed light as a feather until I was about halfway up the stairs and suddenly I was breathing a little harder. I shifted Tammy just a little to get a better grip on her upper torso and in doing so tugged the shoulder of her gown down exposing the curve of her left breast and a lot more cleavage. I thought to myself how much she favored her mother and felt an almost physical sense of loss.I kicked open the door of Tammy’s room and gratefully laid her down on the big four poster bed. I took one look at that beautiful but fragile gown and knew I couldn’t let her sleep in it. I planned on just slipping her out of the dress and shoes and letting her sleep in her underwear. First, I went to get out of my uncomfortable jacket and ended up quickly slipping out of my suit and pulling on a robe over my boxers.When I got back to Tammy’s room she had rolled onto her side and was sleeping peacefully. I slipped her black satin pumps off her feet and set them down under the edge of the bed. Next I pulled the gold combs from her hair and let it fall heavily across her pillow. When I began to tug the zipper of her dress down she rolled over a bit and I thought for a second she was helping me but then realized she was just making herself comfortable.I slipped both arms out of the dress and lifted her with one arm to tug the dress past her hips. Up till then I had been so engrossed in the effort to undress her that I hadn’t really noticed what she was wearing underneath the gown. When I laid her back against the pillow I noticed the sexy white satin and lace bra. It was strapless and under-wired and definitely made for a woman. Tammy’s breasts were displayed to perfection in the craftily molded cups of the bra and the sheer lace on the top half of the cups did nothing to hide the dark shadow of her nipples.I felt a quickening in my groin and the unmistakable evidence of arousal as my cock grew semi-hard.”Damn,” I thought to myself, “I’ve been too long without a woman!”I decided I’d better hurry up and get back to my own room.I lifted first one slim leg and then the other so I could finish removing Tammy’s dress. I laid it carefully over the back of a chair and only then noticed that she was wearing thigh high stockings instead of pantyhose and that the sheer panel in the front of her satin panties gave a clear view of her thickly ginger curling pubic hair.Suddenly my semi-erection was a raging hard-on and I immediately felt guilty for getting aroused at the sight of my own step daughter. I threw a light quilt over Tammy, kissed her cheek and went down to the den. Suddenly I was wide-awake and decided to have a drink. A few minutes later, I was sipping on a whiskey and water and asking myself, “what the hell’s the matter with you?” I tried to make some sense of what I was feeling. After all, I’m a decent guy, not some pervert who stalks little girls. It took two more whiskeys to get my cock to subside and for me to convince myself it was just my recent celibacy and a natural reaction to a beautiful body that had caused my momentary aberration.Feeling better, even if a little wobblier, I made my way to bed.Thirty minutes later I was dreaming about making love to a beautiful, faceless woman and awoke with a start just moments before consummating what would have been my first wet dream since high school!Just then I heard what sounded like a sob from Tammy’s room and I rushed down the hall to check on her. Although her room was dark the light from the hallway allowed me to see that she was fine. She had kicked the covers off just as she had been doing all her life and I reached down to gather the quilt off the floor. Just as I straightened back up, Tammy rolled toward me and I immediately saw that her tossing and turning had shifted her bra enough so that one delectable bud of a nipple had escaped.My cock, which was still achingly hard from my “near” wet dream gave another eager leap at the sight.Still feeling guilty over my unwelcome arousal I nonetheless decided to remove the very uncomfortable looking bra. “No need to make her suffer just because my stubborn libido’s in overdrive,” I rationalized.Feeling excited and guilty and hornier than I could ever remember feeling I reached across Tammy’s sleeping form and unfastened the two tiny hooks holding her bra on. Her breasts escaped the confines of the bra as though they had minds of their own and I realized almost at once that I was holding my breath as I watched Tammy’s chest rise and fall with each shallow breath.Her breasts were breathtakingly beautiful, milky white globes topped with perfect pink nipples that were hardening into puckered little nuggets right before my eyes. “She’s cold,” I thought to myself, the hardening of her nipples a natural reaction to the cold. I knelt down beside her bed marveling at her beauty and telling myself that there was absolutely nothing wrong with just looking.Tammy’s breasts were just inches from my nose, rising and falling gently with each breath she took. My cock was so hard it hurt and I slipped one hand into the waistband of my boxers to reposition it more comfortably.As soon as my fingertips grazed the bulbous head of my cock Tammy murmured, “Daddy” in her sleep and I almost jumped out of my skin. Rolling slightly forward, she laid her hand on top of mine and nestled her soft cheek against it. I could feel the soft warmth of her exhalations and I grasped my cock tightly in my left hand and began to stroke slowly up and down its length in a motion that was far too familiar to me.The light from the hallway was bright enough that I could see Tammy’s thickly ginger curling pubic hair clearly through the sheer panel in the front of her panties. I don’t know if it was my heightened senses, my semi-drunken state or simply my imagination but I would have sworn I could see the delicate cleft of her cunt underneath her light ginger curls.My cock was pulsing in my closed fist and the sound of my own breath was roaring in my ears. I pressed my thumb into the pulpy head of my cock and felt the thick wetness of pre-seminal fluid. Feeling as if I was teetering on the verge of a precipice, I slid my right hand from underneath Tammy’s and reached out to trace the curve of her perfect breast with my fingertip. God how my hand shook!Her skin was soft; her breast full and supple under my fingertips. As my right hand traced the tantalizing contours of her breast my left pulled furiously at my cock. My balls felt as though they were beginning to boil and then I grasped her beautiful nipple between my thumb and forefinger and I knew I couldn’t hold back any longer. I came in great spurts of hot liquid: my gut churning as my balls convulsed and spewed their contents into and over my tight bahis siteleri canlı fingers.Was it my imagination or did Tammy murmur a soft “mmmmm” of pleasure as I tugged gently on her nipple? I couldn’t believe how quickly I had fallen head over heels into this madness!Hot, slick gobbets of cum melded my fingers together and already my attention was drawn inexorably to the soft cleft between Tammy’s slim thighs. I wiped my sticky fingers on the hem of my robe and guiltily reached for the lacy waistband of Tammy’s panties. She shifted easily in her sleep as I tugged the thin material downward, the damp crotch seeming to cling to the curves of her girl cunt.Once I slipped the wispy material off her legs I brought it immediately to my nose and inhaled deeply. The fragrant scent of Tammy’s cunt filled my head.I was seriously drunk now, not as much from the whiskey as from the heady aroma of my Tammy. I had somehow crossed a line that there was no backing away from. Already the guilt was threatening to overwhelm me. Standing shakily I slunk back to my room and spent a sleepless night dreaming of c***d m*****ers and other perverts.The next morning I awoke to the smell of coffee and the sounds of meal preparation from downstairs. Even though I was reasonably certain that Tammy knew nothing of my indiscretion I cringed inwardly at the thought of facing her. The knowledge of what I had done was tearing at me in a way few things had ever affected me before.A few minutes later when Tammy called to me for the third time to come down and eat breakfast with her, I steeled myself against my own guilty conscience and headed down stairs. Tammy had made us a wonderful meal of toast, bacon, eggs, fresh fruit and coffee and was perched happily on one of the two tall stools that sat side-by-side at the end of the kitchen counter, her long coltish legs wrapped around the legs of the stool. I poured myself a cup of coffee and avoided her eyes as I pulled the other stool out for myself.”Daddy, I had the best time last night! Thank you so much for the dress and for letting me stay up so late and for letting me have champagne!” Tammy blurted out with the enthusiasm that only someone so young could muster so early in the morning.”What are your plans for the day, baby girl?” I asked, still avoiding her eyes.”Thought I’d lay out for a while and work on my tan,” she said brightly. “Dani might come over a little later and lay out with me.”Dani was Tammy’s best friend “in the whole world” and had been a frequent guest in our home from the time the girls were 8 years old and in third grade together. “All right, sweetie. I think I’ll just watch some TV, maybe read a little and get some rest after last night.”I stood up to clear my plate and Tammy threw her arms around my neck and kissed me fiercely on the cheek. “Thanks again, Daddy, for last night. It was wonderful!”My guilty mind immediately conjured up pictures of me, kneeling by Tammy’s bed and cupping her soft breast while she slept. My stomach was churning from a combination of guilt and too many drinks the night before. I pulled away from Tammy and headed upstairs to my bedroom to get dressed while making a mental note to get my robe into the wash. Although I couldn’t see anything when I inspected the hem I still remembered wiping my cum-soaked fingers on it the night before.On my way back downstairs I had to pass Tammy’s room. I heard her softly humming to herself as I walked past and glanced casually in the direction of her door. Although the door was partially shut it was open far enough that I could clearly see Tammy standing in front of her mirror removing her shorts. I almost gasped out loud at the sight of her bending down to slip the shorts off her legs. She had already removed her tee shirt and bra and was left wearing only the tiniest imaginable pair of white lace panties. As I stood there immobilized by fear but unable or unwilling to pull myself away from the sight, she began to slip the tiny panties down as well. I watched breathlessly, heart pounding so loud it must have been audible, while she hooked her thumbs in the narrow elastic and slid the filmy material down her thighs. When she bent down to remove the panties as she had the shorts, I got the most delectable view of her beautiful ass as well as a glimpse of pink covered by soft ginger pubic curls.When she started to turn toward the door I was sure she had heard me and almost fell over my feet as I tried to move away from her line of sight. Before I could do anything except stumble back against the far wall, Tammy turned, looked me square in the eyes and said, “Oh, Daddy, you’re still up here. I thought you’d be downstairs by now.” Her voice didn’t give the slightest hint of embarrassment at being seen stark naked by her father and she never once moved to cover herself. She did, however, reach for the electric blue bikini lying on her bed and started to put it on as though nothing out of the ordinary had happened.Now, Tammy and I have lived alone for a long time and on many occasions we’ve seen each other in various stages of undress. I’m not an overly modest man and although I wouldn’t walk around the house nude, if Tammy walked in on me in the shower, for instance, I wouldn’t rush to throw a towel around myself. In fact, when I thought about it later, I concluded that my embarrassment at seeing her naked in her room was probably due more to my “impure” thoughts the night before than to her accidental nakedness. At least, that’s what I thought then. Now, I’m not so sure.Over the next few days I seemed to accidentally see Tammy in some stage of undress on an almost daily basis. Once as she walked past my open bedroom door the corner of her towel fell revealing her lovely nakedness underneath.I glanced away immediately but not before having the sight of her full, soft breasts and tender pink nipples seared into my memory.Two days later it was Tammy who walked in on me in the bathroom just as I was finishing up my shower. “Hey, Dad,” she said nonchalantly, “just came in to get my brush.” She was gone almost as quickly as she came and I was left standing there with a towel around my neck, a dumb look on my face and a semi-erect dick.I was beginning to think that all these “accidents” might not be such an accident when something else happened. Thunderstorms have always scared Tammy and on Thursday night we had a doozie. I awoke at 3AM to the sound of crashing thunder and rain pelting the roof. I sleepily rolled over to try and get back to sleep when I heard the creak of my bedroom door opening and Tammy’s soft voice.”Daddy? Daddy? Can I get in with you?” she whispered with just a hint of panic in her voice. My first instinct was to tell her no but old habits die hard and I groggily lifted the blanket for her to climb in. Ten minutes later I was fast asleep again. Sometime in the middle of the night I awoke to find Tammy cuddled up next to me in the same “spoon” fashion that her mother loved so much and my raging hard-on was pushed not so delicately into the crack of her ass. A surge of adrenaline shot through me like a rocket and I was instantly wide awake and aware of everything around me. Tammy’s short nightie had ridden up in her sleep and the only thing between her luscious ass and my dick was a tiny piece of silken panty fabric and my boxers. One of her arms was tucked underneath her pillow cradling her head and the other was tucked under my right arm which was curled around her protectively. My cock was so hard it ached but I was afraid to move for fear of waking Tammy while I was in such a state. I glanced quickly at the clock and wondered how in the world I could possibly deal with this situation for another 4 minutes, let alone an interminable 4 hours till time to get up.I was almost unaware that I was moving my hips until the sweetest thrill of excitement I’ve ever felt ran through me. My cock, a****l that it is, felt only the soft, full curve of a woman and paid absolutely no attention to the fact that it was my step daughter’s ass. I could feel the delicious friction created when I moved my hips an almost imperceptible amount and felt powerless to stop it. Tammy’s gentle breathing seemed shallow and even and after a few minutes gave me the confidence to take the next step. I slipped my hand underneath Tammy’s arm and gently, ever so gently, cupped her soft breast. My own breathing was ragged and loud but Tammy slept on like a baby. I slid my fingertips across the thin fabric of her nightie until I felt the slightly softer skin of her nipple. Trembling fingertips brushed thrillingly across that delicate flesh until I felt it begin to pucker and harden. My cock was so full it felt lethal and Tammy’s chest just kept on rising and falling in the rhythm of deep sleep.Emboldened by lust and the feel of this exquisite girl-woman’s body against mine, I caressed her breast more feverishly and pressed my cock even tighter into the sweet crevice of her ass. My fingertips closed around the fully puckered bud of her nipple and I felt as though I would kill to be able to take it, just once, into my mouth. I was moments away from losing it totally when Tammy stirred in my arms and moaned, “Daddy.” I jerked away from her as though I’d been scalded and my panicked reaction awoke her even further. “My daddy,” she murmured softly, turning on her side and throwing her soft arm across my chest.I lay on my back and tried to regain control of myself for what seemed like an hour. My mind was churning with ideas. Thoughts of how it felt to be a c***d m*****er, thoughts about jail time and registering bet siteleri with the police as a sex offender. And through all that, thoughts of Tammy’s delicious, nubile body bending to my will. I was anguished, truly anguished over what was happening to me. I didn’t understand it, couldn’t think clearly and certainly couldn’t tell anyone else about it.The next morning I was up before Tammy and had already eaten and dressed for work by the time she came downstairs.”Mmmmmm, I slept like a baby,” she said as she slipped into the chair beside me and lifted her orange juice glass to her lips. The armhole of her nightie was just loose enough that I caught a glimpse of the soft curved side of her breast and my cock almost jumped out of my pants. I threw back my last swallow of coffee and hurried out of the house without even saying goodbye. That night, instead of going straight home as usual, I stopped by Flannery’s Bar for one drink and ended up having several. It was midnight before I made it home and I never even called to let Tammy know where I was.There was a light rain falling as I pulled into the driveway and I had barely shut the car down when Tammy ran out to meet me. She was crying hysterically and threw herself into my arms knocking my briefcase to the ground.”Daddy, Daddy,” she sobbed, “I thought you were dead! I thought you had left me too, just like Mommy.” Her light ginger curls were soaked from the rain and she was shivering from the cold. She was dressed in the same thin nightie she always wore and in seconds it was soaked through and quite transparent. I tried to pull her towards the house and began apologizing for my lack of consideration but Tammy wasn’t budging. She fell into me, pressing her body into mine, her arms locked around my neck in a death grip.I peeled her off of me long enough to pick up my briefcase and toss it back onto the front seat and then I scooped Tammy up in my arms and carried her into the house.I set her down in the foyer and tried to calm her enough to talk. She was shivering uncontrollably and I knew I needed to get her dried off. I stepped into the bathroom off the foyer to grab a towel and when I got back she was slumped against the wall still sobbing. I began to lift the hem of her nightie over her head. Although she didn’t resist she didn’t help either. Once I pulled the nightie free of her arms and removed her soaked panties I began gently rubbing her dry with the soft, thick towel. Her skin was clammy and covered with chill bumps and she trembled as I dried her. I tried not to notice how hard and pink her nipples were, or how her hips flared out from her waist, or the soft, silken curls that covered her pussy but…I’m just a man.I pulled her into my arms and kissed her forehead while wrapping the towel around her. Her sobs had lessened to sniffles and she nuzzled against me as I pulled the towel snug in front and tucked one end down between her breasts to hold it. I asked if she wanted a cup of hot cocoa but she shook her head vehemently and I didn’t press the issue.”Come on upstairs, honey, let me get you to bed,” I said firmly and she allowed me to lead her in the direction of her room. When we got there however, she refused to go in and instead walked past it to the door of my room. I started to protest but then felt guilty for the trauma I had put her through and decided to get her to sleep in my bed and I would sleep in hers.I pulled back the covers for her and turned to get a tee shirt from my dresser to take the place of her discarded nightie. When I turned back she was already curled up in bed, the covers pulled up to her chin and the damp towel on the floor. I started to leave but she whimpered softly and I went to her. I was about to sit down on the bed when I realized that I was also soaked through and shivering. I slipped out of my wet clothes, pulled on a pair of boxers and a tee shirt and lay down on the bed beside her.”Daddy,” she whispered, “I’m so cold. Please hold me,” she said softly.I moved to put my arms around her but she indicated that she wanted me under the covers with her. I slipped in beside her and took her in my arms. Her still damp head slipped into the curve of my neck and her slim arm slid across my chest. She squeezed me to her and sighed as she snuggled up close. I felt an overwhelming sensation of love for her at that moment and leaned down to kiss her cheek. At the same time she lifted her head to say something and my lips brushed across hers. It was as though a bolt of electricity coursed through my body. Her soft full lips pressed tightly against mine in a kiss no father would give his step daughter. Her body tensed and then her arm slipped around my neck and she held me there. I tried to say no but when my lips moved against hers she slid the tip of that small wet tongue across my lower lip and I was lost.I could feel her hard nipples pressing into my chest and I wanted her as I’ve never wanted a woman before or since. My cock was so hard that it couldn’t be contained by my shorts and I felt it slip through the opening in front and press against her cool thigh. Without hesitating she took it in her hand and squeezed gently murmuring, “Yes!” against my lips. Her other hand pulled furiously at the waistband of my shorts and she let go of my cock only long enough to pull them down and toss them on the floor. She helped me slip out of my tee shirt and then fell back into my arms as though we were old lovers.No force on earth could have kept me from having her at that point. I was lost, head over heels in love with this Tammy, my Tammy. I slipped my tongue into her mouth for the first time and felt her own tongue tentatively pressing against my lips. I pushed her back into the pillow and vowed to take my time with her, to show her all the miracles of lovemaking as only one who truly loved her could. I cupped those sweet young breasts and felt her diamond-hard nipples cutting into my palm. I had to have one, to finally taste the sweetness of that treasure I had longed for. I lowered my head and closed my lips around her nipple, sucking it deep into my mouth. Tammy gasped at the feel of my lips pulling at her nipple but her hand went to the back of my head holding me there where I continued to feast. It seemed like hours that I suckled at her breasts, first one and then the other until her nipples were swollen and tender from my ministrations.Then and only then did I continue my journey downward. I slipped one hand between Tammy’s tender young thighs and pressed them apart. She fell back into the pillows with a deep sigh as I repositioned myself between her open legs. Her mound was covered with soft, downy curls, her tender sex just visible through the furry covering. I blew softly into the curls and they parted just a bit so that the delicate shell-pink of her inner lips showed through. I slid one finger gently down the length of that dainty cleft and felt her tremble at my touch.”Don’t worry, love, I’ll be very gentle,” I whispered looking up into her trusting eyes and smiling. Tammy smiled back at me and spread her legs a little wider. I lifted both her legs at the knee until her feet were flat on the bed and her hips raised just enough so that her pussy was slightly open and the dainty pucker of her asshole was visible. Using the index finger of both hands I gently pulled Tammy’s puffy cunt lips further apart. The wonderful aroma of her arousal was almost over-powering. I wanted to devour her, to bury my face in her sweet pussy, but I held back. I was determined that she was going to enjoy her first time.Tammy watched with fascination as I slipped one finger inside her, separating her dewy pussy lips and sliding in as deep as my one finger could go. When I drew it out of her it was covered with her sweet cream up to the third knuckle. I looked into Tammy’s eyes as I brought it to my mouth and sucked her sweet cream onto my tongue. Her eyes glazed over at the sight of me enjoying her pussy juice so intimately. I slipped my finger back deep inside her and when I withdrew it the second time I offered it to her. Tentatively she poked out her tiny tongue and lapped delicately at the tip of my finger. Drawing her tongue back into her mouth I watched her move it around in her mouth, savoring the taste as I might have the taste of a fine wine.After only a second or two she decided she liked the flavor and pulled my entire finger into her mouth suckling it as I had her nipples only minutes earlier. Her lashes lowered and she appeared transfixed in ecstasy at the taste of herself. I slowly drew my finger out of her mouth, her lips making a soft “puhhh” sound as they slipped from my wet digit.Tammy’s eyes opened again and I met her gaze steadily as I lowered my mouth to her open pussy lips. My tongue slipped between the ruffled folds of her inner lips and pressed slowly in until my lips met her lips and my nose was buried in her fragrant softness. I slid my tongue slowly upward until her tiny bud of a clit pressed against my upper lip and then moved swiftly to suck it into my mouth. Tammy jumped as though she had been slapped at the first touch of my lips on her inexperienced clit but as I continued to gently suck it and let my tongue slip feather-light over it she began to relax and move her hips in rhythm with my sucking. I lowered my still wet fingertip to the tightly puckered opening just below her pussy and rubbed gently as I sucked at her clit.Only moments later I felt her thighs begin to tremble and her breathing become more irregular and harsher and I knew she was in the throes of her first real orgasm. en güvenilir bahis sitesi She reached down with one hand and tangled her fingers in my hair, alternately pulling me away and then pushing me back into her. I wrapped my arms around her thighs and lapped at her pussy like a kitten lapping milk until she cried out my name…Daddy.Moments later I took her into my arms and held her while she came down from the heights of her first orgasm. At least the first one caused by someone other than herself. As she relaxed and then dozed in my arms I studied her beautiful face and toyed with her tiny nipples. I had already begun to think of them as mine. The guilt I had felt for days was gone as suddenly as it had come. Everything about what had just happened felt right. I still wanted to fuck Tammy. Wanted it so badly I could taste it, but I knew it was going to happen eventually and that from now on things would be different. Tammy was no longer just my little girl. She had crossed some invisible barrier. We had crossed it together and now there was no going back. I knew as surely as I knew my name that I would have Tammy in every way that a man can have a woman. It was what we both wanted.I held Tammy in my arms while she slept and must have dozed off myself for at least a little while. When I woke Tammy’s soft hand was sliding up and down my not-so-soft cock and I realized I had been moaning in my sleep. I knew I had to fuck her and that I had to do it soon. My cock felt as though it would explode if relief wasn’t soon in coming.”Come here,” I said, my voice hoarse from the strain. I pulled her to me, pressing my lips to hers and forcing my tongue deep into her mouth. I slipped one hand between her legs, cupping her mound momentarily before pressing one finger into her moist slit. Tammy moaned out loud and thrust her hips against my hand. Rolling over on my back I pulled her on top of me, her soft cunt pressing my cock down against my belly. Instinctively she raised herself onto her knees and allowed my cock to rise till the head was wedged firmly against her slippery opening. Tammy put her hands flat on my chest and slowly began to lower herself onto my throbbing cock. It took every ounce of restraint I could muster to keep from slamming my cock deep into her but I held back and let her go at her own speed. I almost cried out when I felt her soft, wet cunt lips close tightly around the head of my dick. I held my breath and looked deep into her eyes as she sucked on her bottom lip and lowered herself until she was completely impaled. Except for the incredible tightness I felt no resistance to entering her fully and she seemed to feel only a little discomfort that was soon replaced by intense pleasure.At first she just sat there, my cock buried to the balls in her tight cunt, her mouth open, breathing as if she had just run a race. The tightness of her little girl cunt kept my cock fully erect and the contractions of her tightly stretched walls threatened to put me over the edge without the first thrust. Then, slowly, she began to rock back and forth. The friction of her slippery cunt against my achingly hard cock was excruciating. I began, almost involuntarily, to thrust my hips up to meet her and Tammy, always the quick student, began to slide up and down my throbbing erection.I closed my hands around her tiny waist and helped move her up and down as I pumped in and out of her tight, slick pussy. Her eyes had glazed over and even though she was looking into my eyes I don’t think she was seeing anything at all. Her whole body had begun to tremble slightly and I reached down between us and stroked my fingertips lightly over the tip of her swollen little clit. That’s all it took to push her over the edge into a screaming, shuddering climax and the violent contractions of her tight little pussy brought me to my own grunting, sweating orgasm.Tammy collapsed on top of me, her long redhead hair falling over my chest and shoulders. We held each other and drifted slowly down from a sexual peak that was new and exciting for both of us. We talked a little that night, about what we had done, about what kind of changes our new relationship would bring into our lives, about the importance of keeping our secret to ourselves. Tammy confessed that she had been dreaming of seducing me for months, maybe even years subconsciously, and that she was thrilled that we were finally lovers.I have to admit I didn’t sleep much that night. I held Tammy in my arms and lost myself in thoughts of what lay ahead for us. There was so much that I wanted to show her; so many ways I wanted to make love to her. My cock was in an almost constant state of semi to full erection and I almost woke her several times just to fuck her again. Sometime around 3 or 4AM I drifted off to sleep.A few hours later I woke to the sound of running water. Tammy was showering in my bathroom and through the open door I could see her silhouette behind the smoky shower door as she lathered and rinsed her body. Two minutes of that was about all I could handle. Slipping out of bed without making a sound I tiptoed into the bathroom and carefully opened the sliding door. Tammy must have felt the change in temperature as the cooler air of the bathroom met with the warmer air in the shower. Her eyes were closed and she was shampooing her long redhead hair. “Daddy?” she said, questioningly.I replied, “Just thought I’d give you a hand, baby.”She smiled and went back to shampooing her hair and I just stood there for a moment and admired her beautiful body. Each movement of her raised arms caused her breasts to sway slightly and the way she arched her back accented her small waist and curvy hips. My cock was already swaying back and forth like a hungry cobra and I wanted to take her again, right there in the shower.Soapy rivulets ran down her body and water dripped off her erect nipples. I soaped my hands and pulled her to me so that I could run my slick hands over her fabulously smooth skin. Tammy sighed at the feel of my hands on her waist and turned her body so that she was leaning back into me. I slid my hands up to cup both of her perfect, pert breasts. They fitted perfectly into my hands, the nipples pushing into my palms. Tammy leaned her head back onto my shoulder as I began to pull on her tender nipples. My cock was riding the crease of her full buttocks and I feared I might come before ever getting the chance to fuck her. I had never had a woman, any woman, who caused such a reaction in me. I had been with lots of women, had lots of great sex, but nothing that compared to the sheer overpowering lust I felt for my own step daughter.Tammy began to rotate her hips in a rocking motion that brought the head of my cock into direct contact with her tightly puckered asshole. The crinkled, velvety smooth skin there made me gasp and pull back just a little. I wanted to make this last, to savor every moment and for the first time in my life I felt as though I was about to suffer from premature ejaculation! Tammy must have sensed what I was feeling because she whispered, “No, Daddy, don’t stop. We’ve got all the time we need; time to do everything we want.” Then she pressed her luscious ass back into me, her soapy skin grinding deliciously onto my cock.I kissed the side of her neck before bending her over at the waist till she could hold onto the side of the tub. Then I soaped the fingers of my right hand and caressed the delicate skin around her asshole. Tammy tensed just a little and then began to make a soft moaning sound low in her throat as she relaxed. Pressing one finger tightly against that snug opening, I pushed in slowly as I supported her body with my other arm around her waist. She made a little yelp as the tip of my finger breached the previously untouched sanctum of her asshole. I held still for a moment and let her get accustomed to the fullness that she was feeling for the very first time. As I felt her begin to relax I pressed that single digit in further, to the first knuckle, then the second. I could feel her pulsing around my finger and my cock reacted by producing a steady stream of pre-cum.Slowly I began to move my finger in and out. The movement was almost imperceptible at first but became more and more vigorous as Tammy was able to relax her sphincter. Soon my finger was slipping as easily in and out of her ass as it would have her pussy. Then I introduced another finger and another until Tammy was moaning out loud and I was pounding into her ass so hard that it was making a wet, slapping sound.”Please, Daddy, do it, please,” she moaned and, of course, I had to. Pulling my fingers from her tight ass I held onto her waist and let the head of my cock press gently against her rosy asshole. Before I could thrust into her Tammy had pushed back against me almost violently and my cock plunged into her almost to the balls. Even after my efforts to loosen her with my fingers she fitted my cock like a too small glove. There is no way I could ever describe the feeling of sliding my cock into that sweet, young, perfect ass. As my balls contracted and spewed my cum deep into Tammy’s bowels I felt as though my very soul was exiting my body through my cock.In the beginning I had cared about protecting Tammy, cared about making certain that she enjoyed everything I did to her. But now, in the shower, with my cock buried deep in her ass and my cum running down her slim thighs, I could think of nothing except my next orgasm, the next chance to have my way with this sweet young girl, with my step daughter. The sheer depravity of what I was doing was driving me on to more perverse pleasures. It seemed that every waking moment, hell even my dreams, were filled with nothing but new and different ways to use Tammy.Where would it lead and who would pay the dearest price? Tammy? Or would it be me?

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