My next day with Ko in Thailand


My next day with Ko in ThailandMY NEXT DAYS WITH KO IN THAILANDThe day after that I had a 3-some with Mac, straight guy and Ko, a gay guy Iknew from before, I woke up in the morning because of Ko, he slept the nightwith me. He woke me up because he was playing with my dick, jerking it off and licking it also. MMM you horny early morning I asked him, yes yes he replied, can’t live without dick and he swallowed my half floppy dick up completely, sucking and licking to make me hard, and with one finger on my ass. Can I do what I want to do he asked me, ok you do, I do nothing I replied, and thinking why not, he is horny, me a little bit and I will see what he wants.MMMMMM he replied, and started to suck my balls, one by one in his mouth.Softly with one finger he massaged my ass, my dick became hard, he licked from my balls slowly up my dick to my dickhead, I moaned and took some rush, he saw it and also sniffed some poppers. He continued licking me, down dick to balls, licked scrotum, ( what I love ) and slowly down to my ass. Slowly he started to rim my ass, he pulled me more over and spread my legs. Slowly he pushed his tongue in my ass, mmmm I moaned hard, he pushed his tongue deeper, wow love it. After a istanbul escort while he stopped rimming my ass, licked my scrotum and balls while sniffing some Rush. My ass, scrotum, balls and dick areshaven, pubes above trimmed, I love that it is easier for sex. He went up lickingmy dick up to my dickhead and then sucking it up, meantime with 1 finger hetook care of my ass. He said nothing but I felt some gel running over my ass, hepushed a finger in my ass very deep, up and down, I moaned hard. He heard itand pushed a 2 finger inside and massaging my ass, wow was hot. He pulled out his fingers, he gone fuck me now or what? No, no fucking yet, he had taken a dildo out of the side table, gelled it and pushed it slowly in my ass. Wow I moaned while he pushed the dildo in and out, I took some rush and passed to him. He took the dildo out of my ass and pushed 1 fingers quickly deep inside, wow I moaned hard. He pushed another finger in my ass, whispering love to play with your ass, me with yours I replied. He massaged my ass very deep, butsuddenly pulled out his 2 fingers, whispering gone fuck you now. Quickly he puta condom on gelled avcılar escort it and pushed his dick deep in my ass, I moaned hard. Very fast he fucked me hard and deep, I felt he climaxed, he pulled out his dick, thecondom was full with his male juice. He fell down next to me exhausted and whispering mmm was great. After a while he left to the bathroom to clean his dick. But now will be my time, sure he not expect hahahah.He came back from the bathroom and lay down next to me on the bed. Wow this was great, I loved it he said, never many chance to do what I like. I laughed,I could feel that you like to play more dominant, he smiled to me. Now it is my turn I said to him, and turned him over on his belly. Quickly I spread his legs, and grabbed his floppy dick from under his belly. I spread his ass cheeks and spit on his rosebud. With 1 finger I massaged his ass slowly, meantime bussywith his dick and balls, wana make him hard again. I saw he started to sniff a lotof rush, just let him do. I licked his balls towards his dick and such up his dickhead, still with a finger on his ass. His dick woke up slowly again, no timeto take care of his ass, I started to rim his şirinevler escort ass while pushing a finger in it only with a lot of mouth gel, I spit on his ass a lot, finger and rim it at the same time.Now time for dildos, I had taken 1 more dildo out of the side table, a little bit bigger than the other one. I put a lot of gel on his ass, massaged it in with 2 fingers, he moaned hard, put gel on the smallest dildo and pushed it slowly in his ass, fucking him with this dildo in and out and very deep. I saw he liked it, so now time for the other one. I pulled out the smaller dildo and pushed the bigger one slowly in his ass, this one is black and has vibrations also. He moaned hard, when this dildo was in his ass I put on the vibration. Wow he screamed hard, not expecting this. I sat on his back he could not move and I turned the vibrations from low to high speed very fast. My dick was very hard, so time to fuck him, I put a condom on and some gel. Went down on him with my feet towards his head and pushed my dick deep in his ass. With my hands I grabbed his feet, my feet next to his head and fucked him very hard and deep.Slowly still with my dick in his ass I turned around towards his head, with my 2 arms around his chest I fucked him very deep and shot inside him. I pulled out my dick of his ass and lay down next to him. He looked at me and said youworse than me and gave me a kiss. He pulled of the condom of my dick, smiledmmmmm nice you male juice, I laughed, Let’s go shower now is said, and we went both to the shower. This was a very horny morning.

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