My older coworker

My older coworkerAbout 20 years ago a recently divorced coworker of mine said she had an electrical problem at her house and asked me if I could stop over and take a look at it. She was about 18 years older than me and had small tits and a great body. When I got there I could see that she did not have a bra on and her nipples were pointing right through her shirt. She followed me down to the basement to check the breakers and it was just a tripped breaker. I reset it and she said thank you and gave me a big hug that went on for over a minute. Next thing I know we were kissing and swapping tongues I grabbed her small tits while we were kissing they felt so good. She then started rubbing my already hard cock through my pants. I lifted her shirt and saw niğde escort those beautiful tits and took one in my mouth and started sucking it i could feel her body start to shake I think she came just from me sucking her tits. But for some strange reason I started to think about facing her everyday at work if we fucked like I wanted to so I backed off and said that I think that it was not a good idea and had to go.Next day at work she came into my office and said to me you know that you could have done anything to me that you wanted last night. I said I felt funny working together knowing we had sex. She asked does it feel strange me sitting here knowing I was rubbing your cock and you playing with my tits. I said no it’s actually making me escort niğde horny. She said why don’t you come over again tonight and we can finish what we started. I had a hard time keeping my mind on work that afternoon thinking about her. Then 5:00 came and she left and said I will see you in a few. I got to her house she met me at the door wearing just a robe when I came in she dropped the robe and asked if I liked what I saw and I said oh yes. We started kissing and feeling each other’s bodies while she was undressing me. She dropped to her knees and started to suck my cock and it felt great the way she used her tongue while she sucked on it. She saw I was enjoying it way too much and said don’t cum yet I want you in me. I started playing with niğde escort bayan her pussy it was so warm and wet that I had to put my face there. It tasted so good unlike any other pussy I ever ate. This went on for about 20 minutes and my face was covered in her juices. She then led me to a chair and had me slowly lowered herself on me. She was so tight and wet it felt great. She was ridding my cock and moving her hips like she was in a rodeo. She was the best fuck I ever had. The next day at work she came into my office and said she had a great time and any time I wanted to do it again that we could. Over the next two years we would meet for sex sometimes in the morning before work and even at lunch we would go to her place that was close to work. We don’t have sex any more and no longer work together but have remained friends and see each other a couple of times a year but at a public place so we do t start up again. There is nothing better than sex with an older woman.

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