My only gay experience (true story) Part 2


My only gay experience (true story) Part 2We went up to my room, and being a first timer, I knew I wasn’t about to get with a man who I knew hadn’t had a shower.We stripped in the bathroom while he told me he had only been with one man before and he had led. I knew we might fumble, but at least I wasn’t going to be measured against a gay Adonis.I would love to say that things just fell into place, but as we soaped each other up, neither of us really knew what role we wanted to play. We kissed each other’s chests, spent a lot of time rubbing each other and teasing each other’s cocks. As he bent over, I rubbed my cock up the crack of his ass, as big as it was, it was close to tit-fucking as you could get. I was so much skinnier than him, and when I let him do it, he almost entered my ass before he realized that we’d agreed no condom was not an option.The whole time I was jittery with excitement, fear and nerves. As we exited the shower and toweled off, kadıköy escort we walked to the bed and laid down next to each other. I had never kissed before, and I could tell that either one of us really didn’t like it as we kept avoiding it to kiss each other’s bodies, seemingly avoiding each other’s cocks on purpose. Between the nerves and the cool temp of the room, I was a shakey, jittery mess. That’s when he finally took control and said, “I think you need a lip check.” I was so tipsy and nervous that I had to ask him to say it again, but he couldn’t reply because he had my cock in his mouth.I’ve never been a marathon man, but I’ve never been a minute man, either. After licking my shaft up and down and sucking my balls, he went back to work running his mouth up and down my cock while grabbing my balls in his hand and massaging them. The suction he put on me üsküdar escort was glorious. The combination, despite the liquor and everything working against him, I began to get close within 2 minutes. The only other blowjobs I’d ever gotten was from a woman who told me that she’d bite my dick off if I came in her mouth. So, when I started to get close, I told him, “Oh yeah, baby…I’m going to cum” and even tried to pull his head off my dick by his hair. He just shoved my cock further down his throat as I exploded. I was worried about the mess until I realized that there was none. I had just been sucked dry and left clean.Now, it was my turn…first blowjob (and still only one) I’d ever given. I didn’t get much practice, either. This guy obviously had a quick trigger. He laid back on the bed as I kissed down his happy trail of hair towards his now engorged member. Following his lead, I spread his legs and started tuzla escort from down below, tickling his clean but still fragrant taint with my tongue. I then sucked one ball, the both balls into my mouth while I ran by thumb up and down the shaft. Then, I broke my lips cherry by stuffing his cock into my mouth. It wasn’t that big, like I said, but still I could feel the head of his dick pressing the back of my throat. My plan was to get him going and then ride his cock. It never made it that far. After about 30-40 seconds of bobbing on his dick, I felt it blow up as he grabbed the back of my head and shoved me down to his pubes. I loved that he was using me like this even though the first shot of cum hit squarely on the back of my throat and gagged me only slightly. As he let me up, I let the cum slide back down his cock into his pubes. I swallowed some of it, though, and would want it all if ever given the chance again.In hindsight, wish I’d kept him around, ran out for more condoms and done even more but nerves, fear and an exhausted need to sleep after the best BJ I’d had (until then 😉 ) caused me to kick him to the curb, with a smile on his face of course.Maybe the rest of what I wanted to do will be a later story I can tell. Here’s to hoping for the next road trip to be an adventure!

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