My Sexual Awakening

My Sexual AwakeningThis is the true story of my first relationship with another woman. Ironically, it all started with me trying to please a man…After almost ten years of marriage, the passion that had existed between my husband and I had started to diminish. We both tried to rekindle the magic in various ways, but it became obvious that something was missing. I maintained an unrelenting sex drive that I increasingly satisfied with fantasies, porn and my vibrator which I took with me everywhere I went. One night, too horny to sleep, I rolled over to his side of the bed, only to find it empty. It was after 2 a.m. as I crept down the hall to his office. The door to his office was slightly ajar and the room was lit only by the flickering light of the computer screen. Not wishing to startle him, I peered into the room through the small open space. I was shocked by what I saw. There he was, engorged cock in hand, in an online video chat with another woman! My initial reaction of shock, soon turned to anger. I was aching to be fucked and yet he was fooling around on line with another woman. I was determined to confront him, but I wanted to hear more of what he was up to, so instead I just watched.The woman he was chatting with was different from me in many ways. She was older, blonde, fair, and skinny. At the time, I was 37. I’m a brunette, with full breasts and a pleasantly curvy ass. I continued to wonder: What did he see in her? What did she have that I didn’t? I had kept in great shape during our marriage and, judging by the looks that I get from men, am an attractive and desirable woman. I continued to watch them. As incensed as I was, secretly spying on them was indulging my voyeuristic side. I couldn’t help slipping my hand into my parties and rubbing my clit. He was more turned on than I had seen him in years as he squeezed his cock while she played with her pussy. He kept telling her how much he loved her shaved little pussy. I watched as he finished with an intense orgasm and fled, unseen, back to my bed. He returned shortly thereafter, completely unaware that I had witnessed his online romp.I spent the next day wondering what to do next. Should I confront him or just let it go? After all, who was I to judge? I watched porn when he was at work. I masturbated every day. I had even had a one night stand while he was away on a business trip. No, I wouldn’t be a hypocrite. But I had to do something. I continued to obsess over what he saw in her and his breathless admiration of her “shaved little pussy” ate away at me. I had always maintained a neatly trimmed, but full bush. I loved the look and the feel of the dense pubic hair. More than that, I absolutely hated shaving to accommodate bikinis. It was an itchy, stubble-inducing pain that I endured only so I could show off on the beach a few times a year. But I refused to shave, wax or tweeze my beautiful bush, despite my husband’s subtle hints that he wanted me to. But if he loved her shaved pussy so much that he would get up in the middle of the night to see it on the computer, then maybe I should look into my options.I decided to look into permanent laser hair removal. I discovered a clinic that was conveniently close to where I work and arranged for a consultation. I decided not to tell my husband in order to surprise him. I waited anxiously in the lobby waiting to be introduced to the technician who would be doing the consultation. casino siteleri I was extremely nervous and unsure of the idea of permanently altering my body. I was also extremely apprehensive about being undressed in front of someone who I did not know. I’m certainly not a prude, but having a stranger doing this was unnerving to say the least.My worries were quickly put to rest when Jen emerged from the back of the office and called my name. She was a tall, slim brunette, dressed in a medium-length white lab coat and a dark skirt. I would have guessed that she was in her twenties, but later discovered that she was a three months older than me. She had very natural girl-next-door good looks and a shy, calming nature (think Tiffany Thompson). I was immediately put at ease as she explained the process and what I could expect. It would take six to eight laser treatments to complete the procedure which she assured me would be relatively pain free and could be done on my lunch break if I wished. She explained that she had done dozens of women’s “bikini area” and had excellent results. I thanked her and booked my first appointment for the following week.As part of the preparation for the procedure, I had to shave my pussy just prior to going for my appointment. I waited for my husband to leave for work and poured a hot bath and a large glass of wine. I slid into the tub and relaxed for a while before lathering up my pussy and removing every last hair from my pussy. I admired my freshly shaved quim in the mirror. It had been years since I had felt the smooth skin of my pussy. As much as I had resisted shaving all these years, the look and feel of my bare pussy turned me on and I played with my clit and finger-fucked myself to a screaming orgasm.The following day, I went to my appointment as scheduled. I was already regretting my decision; my pussy was irritated from the previous night’s shaving and so was I. My mood didn’t improve while I waited in the room Jen, clad only in a robe and my sweater. I sat there for 10 minutes until she arrived, apologetic for making me wait. I laid on the table while she gently prepared the area for treatment. She was very professional, almost clinical in how she did her job, all the time being very aware that I found the whole process to be uncomfortable. When the procedure started I was shocked that it was so painful. It had been described as the feeling of a light pinch. Hardly! By the time she had finished, my pussy was red and throbbing. I was close to tears thinking that I was doing this all to please my husband who was ignoring me and fucking around on line with another woman. Jen sensed that I was in pain and upset. She applied some lovely smelling cooling gel to my pubes and brought me a cup of green tea to calm my nerves. Her voice was so reassuring that she made me feel better in just a few minutes. She told me to call if there were any problems in a way that told me that she meant it. My pussy ached for the rest of the day. The pain had not subsided and it looked like my once-lovely pussy had been baked in the hot sun. I woke up and immediately got out Jen’s business card and called her. She reassured me that it sounded like nothing to be alarmed about but that she would be happy to see me if I wanted. Within an hour I was in her office. I was crying as she whisked me into an examination room and put her arms around me and told me to relax. canlı casino She told me that she could have one of the doctors examine me, but I quickly declined. She responded by offering to examine the area herself. I unzipped my skirt, removed my panties, and laid down on the examination table while Jen looked at my bare raw pussy. She assured me that there was nothing untoward about the redness and that it would subside in the next day or two and would look perfectly normal. She left to get some more of the cooling gel. She was so incredible nice and accommodating. I felt completely at ease with her and safe in her care. She returned, offering to apply the gel for me. Feeling better already, I happily agreed. She ever so lightly massaged the gel into my skin. She looked up and smiled in a slightly mischievous way that made me tingle. “All better?”, she asked. I thanked her for being so caring and apologized for being so upset.”I know exactly what you are going through”, she said. “I had the same treatment last year, but the results are worth it”.I replied, “I don’t know, I still have to go through this six more times”.She leaned into and whispered in my ear, “Would you like to see the final result?”. I nodded, my heart racing, as Jen unbuttoned her lab coat and removed her skirt and panties to expose her pussy. It was perfectly gorgeous. I blushed. “You can touch if you like”, she smiled. Before I could decline her wonderful offer, she took my hand and placed it on her mound. I brushed my fingers across her skin, feeling the softness. “See, nothing to be worried about”, she said as she got dressed. I nodded, not knowing quite what to say. I smiled, kissed her lightly on the cheek and fled, my head racing about what I just experienced.Before that moment, I had passively admired women’s bodies at the gym, on the beach, or even at work, but I had never considered myself to be anything but a heterosexual woman. That all seemed to change after my encounter with Jen that day. She aroused in my something I had never felt before. It was hard to process these feelings, and harder still to not act on them. I waited anxiously for my next appointment with Jen, fantasizing every day about what it would be like to be with her.I was utterly crushed when next I saw her. She certainly did not acknowledge the moment that we seemed to have had. In fact, if anything, she was cold and disengaged. The appointment flew by with little conversation. The next sessions were similar. Polite, distant conversation about the weather, local sports teams and little else. I thought as though I must have imagined that we felt something for one another.I abandoned my lesbian fantasies and concentrated on trying to arouse some passion in my increasingly distant husband. I had eagerly anticipated showing off my hairless pussy to him. He was delighted to say the least and our sex like improved exponentially, before, predictably, waning once again. Holding out hope that I could reignite our love life , I decided to buy some new lingerie. I had my heart set on black panties, stockings, and a bustier and went about searching the store for the perfect outfit when I heard a soft voice come up behind me.”Hi Darcy”. It was Jen, looking adorable in tight jeans and a red sweater.”Hi Jen, how have you been”, I said someone disinterestedly.”Fine, it’s so great to see you!”, she exclaimed. “You will look amazing in that”, she kaçak casino added looking at the admittedly slutty outfit that I had selected.”You think so?”, I said slyly. “Only one way to know, go try it on”, she said nodding towards the change room.”OK, come along then, I think I need a woman’s advice”.Jen waited outside the changing room while I tried on the lingerie. I admired myself in the mirror, debating whether or not to invite her in to see. In the end, confident that I looked every bit the vixen, I called out “Jen, come taken a look”.I took a deep breath and opened the dressing room door for Jen and bashfully covered myself. She entered and stared wordlessly for a moment. “So what do you thi…”, before I could finish my thought she kissed me hard, pushing her tongue deep into my waiting mouth and cupping my ass with her gentle hands.She backed away and looked at me carefully, smiling. Casually, she said “You should get it”, before leaving.I was ready to burst as I quickly dressed and paid for my items while Jen passed the time browsing in the store. I immediately asked her out for a drink. We went to a quiet wine bar in the Exchange District and talked for hours. She explained to me that she panicked after our first encounter at the office and was worried that she could loose her job. She had decided to be nothing but the perfect professional until my treatments were completed. I understood and assured her that I had not felt uncomfortable. I confided my feelings to her and practically begged her to take me home with her.I never did get into my new lingerie that night. We started making out in the elevator on the way up to her apartment and we were half undressed moments after the door closed. She knew exactly how to touch me in a way no one else ever had. For being such an outwardly shy person, she immediately took charge and began ravishing me. No longer gentle, she wildly kissed, nibbled and caressed every inch of my body. Unclasping my bra, she licked, tugged and sucked on my engorged nipples. Through my now soaking wet panties, she fingered my pussy until my clit throbbed and I came. I removed the rest of her clothes and admired the beautiful body that I had spent long nights fantasizing about. Her breasts were perfect and firm, tipped by responsive nipples and puffy areola. I licked and sucked them until she laid back on the couch, spread her legs and ordered me to eat her pussy. I eagerly obliged, instinctively knowing what she wanted. She tasted sweet and wonderful and I lapped up her juices like I was inhaling a ripe and delicious fruit. When I slowly inserted one, then two, (then more!) fingers into her pussy, she purred and bucked until she came.We moved to the bedroom, talked and then made out for what seemed like hours. Horny as hell and needed to have my pussy eaten by this goddess, I sat kneeled over her face while she liked my clit and fingered my. Holding onto the headboard of the bed to maintain my balance, I screamed, having the best orgasm of my entire life. I took control and swung around offering myself to Jen in 69, licking her pussy until she came again and again.Life was never the same for me after that. My husband and I stayed together for a few months longer, but it was clear that things had changed. I had changed. Jen had awakened in me feelings that I did not think existed. She brought me pleasure like no one else had. I still long for sex with men. I will never stop loving the feeling of a warm cock in my mouth or pounding into my wet pussy, but now I realize that there is a whole other world of sexual experience open to me. I can’t wait to experience every bit of it.

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