My Sissy Fantasy


My Sissy FantasyMy Sissy Fantasy My name is Christopher and I am 21 years old living with my parents. I wear panties every second day :$ One of these days I got caught and this is how…It was Wednesday morning. I just woke up and was about to find out which panties I should have on. I finally found the panties I would have on. Black soft Panties there is a little transparrent. Felt so good to have them on. I got dressed in my normal clothes after that, I just felt so horny that I wanted to take some embarrassing pictures of myself.So I went outside and walked into a forrest of some sort. Found a quiet spot and pulled down my pants. I took a few pictures of the panties I was wearing both of the front and back. I went down on my knees and pulled my panties down to my knees. I sat my phone on a timer and I sat there for 8 seconds before it took the picture. I turned around and that was when I saw her for the first time Jessica. She just stood there with an evil smile on her face.I started to crawl slowly away. Then I realized my phone was right beside her and she picked it up.Jessica “Oh what do we have here”Me “Please give it to me”Jessica “And why would I do that”Looking her in the eyes and trying to look as innocent as possibleMe “Because you are so kind please”Jessica “ahaha I am far from kind I am more evil and you about to find that out very soon” I started to put my pants onJessica “no you are not allowed to get dressed yet. In fact get naked slave”I was kneeling there did’t know what to do but I started to do as she saidMe “so I should call you Mistress? Jessica “Yes you should slave now go to that three and spread your legs” Me “Yes Mistress”I walked over to the three and spread my legs and stood there facing the threeMistress “Turn around slave”I turned kayseri escort around looking shamefully down on the groundMistress “Look me in the eyes slave” I looked up at her and she had that evil smile on and I found out why because right there she took a picture It made my dick hard and she took on more but this time it was on my phoneMistress “you better do as I say or this picture ends up on your Facebook”I nodded to show her that I understood. Mistress “get dressed now slave”I quickly got dressedMistress “follow me slave”She took me to her car and she sat in the driver’s seat and I was right beside herMistress “Take your pants down to your knees slave”I quickly took my pants down to my knees in fear of what she could do with my phone.She grabbed her hand around my legs and running it down and up and she could tell that this was turning me on.She then took my panties a little down and started to play with my dick and then a few moments later she quickly stopped.I looked confused at her and she just smiled to me.Mistress “look where we are slave”I turned around and saw we were in the drive way to a hotel and soon there will be one to take her keys to park her car for her.I quickly pulled my panties up and tried to get my pants up before he could see my panties but it was too late.He just smiled and said may I have the keys mam and then she handed him her keys.Mistress “come on slave I want to show you my room” She had that evil smile on again and I felt so humiliated and horny.Her room was on the 11 th floor and had a beautiful view which scared me. It could be anyone saw us.Mistress “take a shower slave and when you come back I will have some clothes for you to put on”I looked at her to see if she was serious and I could kıbrıs escort tell she was defiantly serious about this.So I quickly got naked and got in the shower and I loved that I was fully shaved.When I finally came out she stood there and stared at me with her evil smile.Then I saw the pink panties, white skirt, white stockings, pink bra and a white top.Me “you want me to be dressed in these things Mistress?”Mistress “Yes Slave and do it now unless you want to come over my knee”I looked surprised at her and a little shocked but I got dressed pretty quickly all things considered.She then put some things in my bra so it look like I had tits.Mistress “now for your makeup”Me “my makeup”Looked even more surprised but then I looked at her and saw how angry she was begning to be.I immediately got in the bathroom and tried to find some makeup.She looked more happy now at least. She joined me in the bathroom and she started to give me some makeup on.She had some many things she will do to me and it felt like it took forever. She did my nails and my toenails and lipstick and many things more. Finally she said she was done and I got a chance to look at myself in the mirror and I was actually surprised over how hot I was.I stood there for a few moments looking at my ass and my face and I saw a blond long wig and I just had to wear it.I did’t pay any attention to was she was doing and apparently she got all of her sex toys ready.I first realized it when she came beck to me and kissed me softly on my neck which made me hard.But before I could do anything she had me handcuffed and she just giggled.My hands behind my back cuffed away. She pushed me onto the bed and she tied me up to the bed. My legs was spread and she took my panties down escort bayan to my knees. She then gave me a blindfold on and a ball gag was also put in my mouth. Then she put a collar around my neck and a leash to the collar.I could feel something very cold running down to my ass and I found out it was lube.I got pretty excited because I love something up in my butt.Mistress “are you ready to be fucked slave?”I tried to nod as best as I could. She was actually a little surprised over I wanted this.Mistress “oh you naughty little girl you want this you little slut” She could see that I just got more turned on by that. Mistress “hold on slave I want to record all of this now”She could see I got a little nervous then because I started shaking a little.Mistress “Mhm that is better slave I want you to be just a little nervous”She began to laugh pretty loud and she spanked my ass. She started to get the tip of the strapon in me and teasing me with it. I tried to fuck her back but she just moved away until I could’t go further back. She then started to fuck me slowly.I started to moan through the ball gag. She started the vibrator in the strapon and pushed it furter in me. She began slowly to fuck me faster and harder but she did’t touch my dick at all. My dick was hard and dripping precum. She grabbed the leash and hold it tight so I would have to lean back and that was when she pushed it all the way in.I moaned as loud as I could and she laughed of me. She fucked me faster and harder so you could hear a slam every time her body hits mine. She took a glas and hold it in front of my dick and she began to stroke it as well. before I knew what was going on I came into the glas. She stepped out of the strapon leaving it in my ass still vibrating. She took my ball gag out and hold for my nose so I had to open my mouth to breath and that was when she forced to eat my own cum. She put the ball gag back in my mouth.Mistress “I hope you will enjoy when the cleaning lady finds you like that” and she leaved laughing all the way out of the room…

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