My sister and me 2


My sister and me 2The next morning I felt the bed move and the waight of my sister’s head on my chest lighten up, I opened my eyes to see Cindy turn and look at my face and then she smiled at me when she saw my eyes open, then I felt her hand on my all ready hard dick, “My, I think someone is awake all ready this morning wanting more of what it had last night.””Yes I do, if we have time before check out which is at two o’clock.””It’s just eleven right now.” with that s*s bent down and sucked the tip of my cock head into her mouth and licked around the head with her tongue.I reached over and pulled on her thigh, “Get astradle of my head here so that I can have some breakfast too.” Cindy got her leg over me without taking my cock out of her mouth and lowered her pelvace down low enough for me to lick her pussy. At first taste I could still taste the remains of our mixed cum juices from before we went to sleep early this morning before daylight, but it was soon replaced by her fresh juices after just a few licks and sucks on her pussy and clit.While s*s gave me another mind blowing blow job, she started working her hips up and down and around on my face to help increase the pleasures that she was feeling.When Cindy started moving her hips around, I stuck a finger in her love hole and rubbed on her g-spot. After a few minutes of this she had an orgasm that flooded my face with her cum and like before, I tryed to catch all of her juices, but it was so much that some ran down on each side of my face, on my chin, and on my hair.Cindy’s orgasm set my own off with s*s clamping her mouth tight around my cock with a muffald mone, but she stopped moning a split second before the first shot of cum shot out the tip of my cock. I shot so much cum that I could feel my balls getting wet where s*s couldn’t swallow it all the same as I couldn’t get all of her cum either.With a final lick and suck of Cindy’s cunt, she colapesed on top of me with a finale ‘pop’ of my dick coming out of her mouth, with both of us spent for the moment and trying to catch our breath again.After a moment, s*s rolled off the top of me, got turned around, put her face up to my face then we kissed with the passion of two people being in love with each other, which I knew I was and as of now, I knew Cindy was in love with me.”Ron, babe, that was the best breakfast that I have ever had in my intire life.””Yes babe, it was the best I’ve ever had as well.””I love you babe.” laying her head down on my shoulder facing my face and kissing my neck.”I love you too babe.” turning my head toward her and then kissing her on her cheek. “We need to be getting around to head out toward home, as much as I would love to lay here in each others arms and make more love to you babe.””Yea, I know. I better take a shower before we leave thou.””Same here. Want to take one together?””Oh, Ron, I would love to take a shower together.” setting up watching me.As I sat up in bed, Cindy stood up and went into the bathroom and started the bursa escort water in the tube to get the temp right for us. I went to the toilet to relieve myself, and while I peed, s*s stepped into the shower, and as soon as I finished peeing, I stepped into the shower behind s*s.Cindy washed me from head to toe first then I returned the favor by washing her from her hair to her toes the way she wased me. When we had all the soap rinsed off of our bodys, s*s turned off the water as I got a towle and dryed her off first then she dryed me off.As I got clothes out of my suit case to put on, I saw Cindy pull two articles of clothing out of the bag she brought with her. I put on a shirt, socks, and pants, then my boots, while watching Cindy dress which she was dressed before I finished. s*s just put on a t-shirt and a skirt that stopped just short of half way between her knees and her butt cheeks, then she picked up the dirty clothes that she ware yesterday, when I picked her up down in Florida, and put them in the empty bag that she just emptyed.When I finished shaving my face, saw that Cindy was finishing with the brushing of her hair and putting my hair brush back in my suit case where I had it. “Are you read babe?””When ever you are my love.” picking up her bag of dirty clothes and my dirty clothes bag.I picked up my suit case then we stepped to the door and stepped out. I put our bags in the pickup then unlocked the truck door and helped Cindy in and when she slid over enough, I got in and started up the truck and backed out.After stopping for gas and something to eat at a restaurant, s*s and I were on our way back to Oklahoma again with Cindy sitting next to me as I drove and keeping me with a hard on most of the way with her hand resting on my dick, her legs parted with her skirt pulled up enough that I could see her pussy when I would take a quick glance down at her legs.At about six in the evening I stopped at a restaurant for supper, but parked away from every one else, fished out my dick from the fly on my pants then I reached down and started rubbing and fingering Cindy’s pussy, which she then took a hold of my cock and started strocking it.s*s’s pussy was so wet with her juices, it did not take long for her to have an orgasm, and when she finally came down out of the clouds she gave me a few mor strockes and just before my dick let loose with the first squrte of cum, Cindy bent down and took my cum in her mouth by placing her head over my cock and putting it in her mouth in just the nick of time.Cindy give my cock one final suck then let it come out of her mouth with a final pop from her sucktion on it, then came up and kissed me with tongue as before, “Mmm umm, that was a very good appetizer.””I’m glad you liked it.” getting myself back together before opening the truck door.Cindy slid out with her skirt up around her waist giving me a good view of her pretty little pussy that was still wet from her orgasm that I had just gave her a minute ago. When s*s stood bursa escort bayan on the ground she let her skirt drop down to cover her sexy little ass and pussy then she stepped around for me to close the pickup door behind her.****It was about one hour after turning daylight Sunday morning when I turned into the drive at the house and stopped the pickup, “Well babe, we’re home now.”Lifting her head off my shoulder, “Sorry that I fell asleep on you my love, but it is the first time in a long time that I felt safe enough to sleep just like at the hotel.””Do not be sorry for falling asleep. It is what your body needed.” I opened the door then and got out, “Let’s get the bags in the house then we can go up to return granddad’s pickup to him and the rest of the money he loned us to get you home on.””Okay, I need to pee too.” sliding out with her skirt raised up giving me a birds eye view again.As Cindy stepped aside for me to close the door, “Just pee right here, that way you do not have hold it till we’re inside the house.”With a quick look around, Cindy then pulled her skirt tail up around her waist, squated next to the pickup and started peeing, “Does my husband/brother like seeing me pee?””I don’t just like seeing but I love seeing it. Everything about my wife/sister I love.”Cindy finished peeing, stood up letting her skirt tail drop, put her arms around me and kissed me on the lips real quick, “I think that kiss will last me till we’re inside where no one will be able to see us kiss propper, as husband and wife.””As soon as I get our bags out the back of the truck, we will be able to get inside.” as we turned to the back of the pickup.I opened the campershell door up, reached in got our bags, closed the door, turned and we walked side by side to the front door of the house.I opened the door and let Cindy step into the house ahead of me. Just as I got the door closed behind us and got turned back around, s*s threw her arms around my neck and started kissing me with as much passtion as we did back at the hotel.When we finished kissing, “In case someone comes around, your room is there on the right where my old room used to be, and mine is your’s and mom’s old room.””Okay, but right now, all I have is dirty clothes to put in there.””You’ll find the clothes hamper in the bathroom, and I’ll see about taking you shopping tomorrow for new clothes and for anything else you may need.””You don’t have that kind of money Ron.””Whether I do or don’t have that kind of money, you will have new clothes bought and paid for.”Pulling me tight to her, she hugged me and went to crying, and in between her sobs said, “Since I’ve been with that jerk of a husband, he hasn’t bought me even a pare of pants to wear. The few clothes I did have were either to big or to small for me, like the clothes that I had on the day you picked me up.””What you had on that day didn’t look like they were to small or big on you, they looked to fit you perfectly.””The waist on the shorts are one size escort bursa to small, I had to unbutton the waist in the truck untill we stopped to get out for what ever reasons. I had a very hard time acouple of times to just sit next to you with out unbuttoning that top button.””You could have unbuttoned it and no one would have been the wiser.” With a final hug before pulling away from her, “We better get up to the house with the pickup and let them see that you’re okay, then we can come back here and get some much needed reast and relaxation.”I put my suit case in my room then met Cindy at the front door, we kissed, then we stepped out and I helped s*s into the pickup by opening the door for her and held her arm to steady her, as she climbed up into the pickup.As Cindy climbed up into the truck, she seamed to make sure I had a good look at her sexy little ass and those pussy lips of her’s, “That is your’s for later my love.””Mmm umm, I hope I can wait that long.”Cindy giggled a little, “You will have to.”I closed the door and walked around the pickup to the driver’s side and climbed in.****Back at the house, Cindy helped me empty out my suit case and put away my clean clothes and put our dirty clothes in the clothes hamper then we stripped down to wearing nothing but a smill and laid down in my bed and made out and had wild passtionit sex till dinner time.We walked around in the house in the nude while fixing dinner and then sat in the living room in the nude after dinner and made love to each other in every room of the house. When we finished having sex in what ever room we were in at the time we would reast for a bit, then get something to drink then when we were ready to go at it again we would start in again in a different room.We fixed supper together in the nude which made it fun to rub up against the other as we worked on making supper and washed the dishes after we finished eating, then hade some more wild passtionit sex again.We took a shower together and had sex while taking a shower before going to bed for a final round before falling asleep.Granddad said I could take Cindy out shoping on monday, after the morning milking was over with and return to work the next day, and that Cindy could help grandma with her jobs and help cook dinner for everyone that worked for them.With my sister and I working on the farm together worked out better than we could’ve asked for. When granddad died some years later, the farm became half mine and half Cindy’s. Since grandma out lived granddad by ten years, we let her stay in the house till she died.After grandma died I went in and updated the house to make it more modern and added a laundery room to the house too. When the house was finished I moved Cindy and myself into the house and when I did, I picked Cindy up and carried her over the threshhold into our new home, where her and I live still yet today as husband and wife on the inside but as brother and sister on the outside. The only time we are brother and sister on the inside is when family and friends that knows we are brother and sister stay with us during their vacations, which isn’t very often thank goodness. Cindy and I still have some of the wildest sex sessions still yet today.

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