My sister-Inlaw fucks me-PART ONE.


My sister-Inlaw fucks me-PART ONE.I met my sister-inlaw about 8-9 months after I got together with her sister Marcia.Corrine (sister-inlaw) was only a year younger than Marcia.Well that first meeting was a very flirtatious event to say the least.At dinner she sat right opposite me and as we all got chatting I felt her foot running up and down the inside of my leg right up to my now swelling cock as she looked at me and smiled.It was unbeleivably ballsy on her part.I then excused myself and tried to make a bee line for the toilet.The house was like a maze so Corrine says I’ll show you the pendik escort way.Yeah thats what I was afraid of!The father-inlaw told her she may as well show me the cottage room out the back past the pool where I was sleeping.He made it pretty clear while I was in their house I have my own quarters!As she led me I just could’nt help looking at that fucking booty in a rather short summer skirt catching a glimpse of her lilly white thong and juicy ass cheeks.As I followed her into the cottage we passed the double bed leading to the ensuite then she pointed to the kartal escort toilet.Expecting her to turn away or leave she stood their watching me.As I was doing my business I felt her stand behind me then reach around and grabbed my cock!Fuck yeah is this bitch on heat or what.She leans up to my ear and whispers how lucky her older sister is to have a guy with such a big black cock and that she wants to fuck me till I fill her cunt full with lots of thick hot cum.Next she’s dropped to her knees and shoved my cock all they way till my balls slap up against maltepe escort her chin.With that I grab a full head of her hair and start pumping the fuck out of her mouth while she looks up at my face.I tell her what a right little whore she is and thrust hard and fast till I explode with gallons of thick hot cum draining from my balls.She gets up wipes up around her mouth and chin then gives me a big kiss on the lips and says thats just the entree and that she plans on fucking me until I leave with her lucky sister.With that she leaves and I cleaqn myself up as well before heading back to the table.As I approached the table Marcia looks at me and asked if the cottage was adequate to which I replied absolutely perfect.I looked over to catch Corrine wink at me.The next episode is even more exciting.Be sure to tune in to Part TWO of my glorious adventureinto the clan.

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