My Sister Knows Just What To Say


The following is an absolutely true story. This started about a month ago, and though the names have been changed for hopefully obvious reasons, this was my experience. NOTE that everything was completely consensual and there was no struggling by either party.

Now for some completely obligatory background info, my name, for the sake of this story, is Jordan. I am approximately 6 feet tall. I take pretty good care of my body, but am not ripped, so if you are looking for stories about big muscular dudes, turn away. I’m a kind of skinny muscular. I am still dating my girlfriend of one year, a gorgeous girl named Sam. My sister is Alexa, a bombshell of a lady. She’s about 5’10 with brown hair that she wears straight but is naturally curly. You will very rarely see her with the curly hair, though. We are both white and Jewish. That about sums everything that matters up pretty nicely.

My story begins like any other; a young man figuring himself alone to pound his meat and do what he pleases. As unrealistic stories go, these take the cake. I remember in the days of my own fetishes I would snarl at those who caressed this carotid story arch. Nevertheless, this was the way things went down, as they tend to do.

So there I was, minding my own business, busy jerking it to some coked-out co-ed with more boobs than brain getting slammed by some neanderthal who’d rather spend his life with women who mean nothing more than a quick cumshot to him. Nothing new, nothing out of the ordinary. That was until I heard the footsteps approaching my room. Now I had a procedure to keep myself from getting caught with my pants down and my rod up: as soon as you hear footsteps, hide everything. This procedure always worked for me, and to this day it is what I use in the case of impending awkwardness.

This one instance, however, I was prone to a different approach. I had it in my mind to keep doing what I was doing. I figured that because nobody entered my room most days, the footsteps couldn’t have been coming toward me. So I kept on pounding like a maniac. I did shut off the porn for some reason. Looking back on it, it was probably a wise, impulse decision. I heard the footsteps continue until they came to a stop and I heard the door’s creak as it was swung wide open.

I was immediately greeted with the sight of my sister, Alexa, caught unexpectedly being jarred by my fully erect manhood. On any other day, I would have been extremely humiliated. But the universe was different on this one, particular afternoon. The stars were aligned in such a way that I was a completely different person. She looked slack-jawed at the meat that lay before her, and I slowly jerked it, only making a confident “you should go” motion to the door. She gasped with her jaw hung low and a slight smile of surprise as she left and closed the door. With my mind being what it was that day, I figured myself enough of a man to finish right then and there.

What happened next I would learn days after the first encounter, in which my sister has a phone conversation with her best friend and confidant Nicole. From what I understand, the conversation went something like this”

“So I walked in on Jared jerking off today.”

“Holy shit, that is so gross. What did he do?”

“Nothing, he just sort of glared at me and kept going about his business.”

“That is so fucking gross. I would probably vomit on the spot if I saw my brother doing that.”

“I thought I would’ve too. But the thing was, his cock was fucking gigantic. Like, holy shit. I never thought it would be that big. I don’t know where he gets it from.”

“Seriously? Jesus, how big do you think?”

“The hell if I know, but big enough. I should totally make a move on him”

“Ew you perv, that’s so disgusting. Oh yeah, I forgot, you’re into all that freaky incest shit. Christ. Well if you’re going to fuck your little brother, leave me out of it. Just don’t let him get you pregnant.”

Alexa ended up taking Nicole’s advice. Over the next few days, things went on as normal between my sister and I, with just a hint of knowing awkwardness looming over us. While I was assuming that it was never to be spoke of again, as my sister and I were never too communicative to begin with, she was spending those days building my tension and formulating a plan of her own.

It was about four days after she had walked in on me when Alexa put her plan into action. None of the incest stories I had ever read could have possibly prepared me for the real life situation. No porno movies or sexual fantasies could have possibly made me feel less insane. But Alexa waited carefully for the day when we bostancı escort were both alone to strike. She knew I would retreat into my bedroom to rub one off, as I’m sure it was made painfully obvious that that was my regular routine. She listened in through my doors for when my pants were down and my cock was out and ready to go, when she walked in wearing a tight t-shirt and the shortest shorts that ever graced a girl’s legs. She walked over to me confidently and sat down on the bed. More than anything I just wanted to hide myself, pull my blanket over my face and disappear to another life. But I stayed rigid and at attention.

Alexa then proceeded to put my body through sexual hell. She rubbed my thigh right below the balls, knowing it was a sensitive area. “You know,” she said, “I have to say, that is one the biggest dicks I have ever seen.” I gulped noticeably. “You must make Sam really happy with that thing”

I tried remaining calm and in control, though that was the complete opposite of how I was feeling. I managed to stutter out “Can you not?” trying to sound like my old sarcastic self. But in that moment I was anything but myself; I was absolutely slave to Alexa’s will. But withing the next hour, I would be in control again.

She moved her hand over my balls and my shaft, grazing it with her palm, never breaking eye contact with me. It was in that moment that I realized she must have thought this through very carefully, studying all the right moves to make me squirm.

“Come with me to my room, I want to show you something.” I took a deep breath and started to pull up my pants when she slapped my hand away and gave me a look that could only mean “what do you think you’re doing?”

She hopped off to her room without me, waiting with me just long enough to make sure I was actually getting up. She grazed me with her round ass as she hopped out of my room, and on her way to hers. I slowly made my way over there, my cock never moving from its outright position.

I must have taken a long time to get to her room because when I walked in, I was greeted with the beautiful sight of her in a dark black bra and lacy panties on. No thong, no g-string, just nice, lacy panties. Just the way I like it. She walked to me and violently grabbed my dick. “Now listen, kid. I know you are a teenage boy, and you like to fuck women. I am a woman who likes to get fucked by big dicks. You, sir, have a very big dick. And you are also very lucky that I have an incest fetish.”

My head was spinning, and I felt faint. She continued, “I am not going to pretend I’m not nervous about this too, because believe me, I am freaking out a little bit.”

“Me too.” I squeaked out.

“But I definitely want this. And I know for a fact that you want this, so here’s what we are going to do.” I nodded, not knowing what else to do.

“Obviously, I can’t get pregnant with your kid. That would cause a lot of problems. So you’re in luck. I absolutely love anal sex. Can’t get enough of it. I have lube, and I’m all cleaned out. I am willing to give you a quick blow job before we get started if that’s what you want. Anything else you want to do to me, you go ahead. But you need to stay away from my pussy. That is not happening. I am on birth control, I have plenty of condoms, but there is no way we are risking something that could become that disastrous. So, what do you say?”

I must have been as red as a tomato. She knew exactly what she was doing. Her tits were too big for the tight bra she was wearing, and they were spilling out from the top. Her big, round ass was engulfed by her lacy black panties. These were the sights I had always dreamed about seeing. The faint bits of cellulite on her perfect ass, her massive, full tits. I could smell her pussy dripping with anticipation as I decided my next move. I knew I was going to go for it, but this was an all access pass to do whatever I want with my sister. I snapped out of it and put on the persona that got me into this mess. I grabbed her and pulled her close to me, making out with her. She was surprised at first, but fell into it. It was something out of a porn movie, truly. Everything felt more real than I ever could have expected.

We stayed like that for a while, truly making out. Her tongue invading my mouth, my hands moving up and down her back, squeezing the ass I had dreamed about for so long. I used some techniques I had read about, seen, and used with Sam in the past. I felt like that was all my studying, and this was the real test.

I moved my head down in between her tits. Her bra was still on, but unhooked, so I just had çeliktepe escort to slide it off. I noticed she liked the tickling sensation of my tongue lightly tapping the tops of her breasts, not quite hitting the nipples. I teased her for what felt like an eternity before I slid off her bra, revealing her full, gorgeous, vivacious breasts. In all my years of watching porn movies, I had never seen a pair more beautiful. These deserved an award. Alexa snickered, noticing my excitement. They hung on her chest like a mantle piece. They didn’t sag like most other girls. They were full, luscious mounds of fleshy goodness that I buried my head into in seconds. I wish I could tell you I did it with honor, with grace, but honestly we were brutally mauling each other like animals. I sucked and bit her dainty nipples while she clawed my back. I had a feeling this ecstatic display was her letting out her anticipation.

She told me to stay away from her pussy at all costs, so I had to fight off my instinct to start fingering her and putting her under my usual trance, like I normally would with Sam. But this was not the case. So we had a bit of an awkward transition into what happened next.

Alexa tried to resume her poised sexiness and pushed me into a chair seductively. She bent over the bed and slid her panties off, giving me the perfect view of her perfect ass, tight asshole, and juicy pink pussy. She took my shirt off, so that we were both completely naked. It felt surprisingly right, almost primal. She got on her knees and grabbed my cock, admiring it for a few seconds before starting to give me an unprecedented handjob. It was slow, but my god was it amazing. Alexa was far more experienced that I.

She slid the skin up and down, gauging my reactions for her own erotic enjoyment. She stopped and looked up at me. She stuck her tongue out and raised her eyebrow, in a way that I understood meant “Blowjob?” I nodded in exhaustion and ecstasy while she gently placed the tip of her tongue where the shaft met my balls, and ran her way up, flicking the tip with her tongue. She traced the head of my cock in circles before her mouth took as much of my dick as it could.

Now, where everything else was perfect and amazing, in the interest of complete honesty, this was not my sister’s strong point. Don’t get me wrong, a blowjob from your sister, especially in a sexually charged rampage like this is enough to blow your mind. But out of the whole experience, the oral sex was not the most incredible moment. She started working her tits into the normal sucking equation, which was a great improvement. While she lathered my dick in her mouth, her tits would work expertly around my shaft, a sensation I never got from Sam, whose tits were not half the size of Alexa’s.

It was only a few minutes before it was obvious that the oral sex was done, and it was time for the main event. One thing that always stood out to me about this moment was the fact that she asked me if I knew generally what I was doing. I answered of course, but I realized then that the brevity of this whole situation was insane. For her, she had been planning this for days. She had sex with far more people than I, who had only had “traditional” sex with one. She was used to dick, knew her way around it. But only about 20 minutes earlier, I was minding my own business, jerking off as usual. Now I was out of breath, about to stick my dick into my sister’s asshole.

Alexa rubbed lube on her hands rubbed it all over her entrance. I was captivated in this sight, that it was for me. She bent over on the bed in perfect doggy-style position. For good measure, I grabbed the bottle of lube and rubbed a bit on my own dick. This made Alexa giggle, probably out of excitement.

One thing I will always remember when I was entering Alexa was how warm everything was. She had prepared her ass, making sure it was wide enough to easily take my dick. How she did this I do not know, and will probably never know. But it was far less resistance than I thought sliding my dick into her tight asshole. I had accomplished getting the head in, easily, and that was when I heard the first moan. That moan could have made me cum right then and there. It was the perfect moan; the moan of two incestuous teenagers having unprotected anal sex while they were home alone. The moan that a sister had always wanted to unwittingly let out, and the moan that the brother always wanted to cause his sister.

Something came over me when I heard that moan, and I didn’t wait before I shoved the rest of my length into her, causing her to cry out in pleasure. I thrust and thrust cihangir escort with force that I didn’t know I had in me. It was beautiful, hearing her cries of pleasure. I was fucking my sister. I was fucking my sister’s ass. I was fucking my sister’s tight little asshole. The thought alone is enough to make you shiver.

I pounded her in a trance for a few minutes before my natural sexual instincts came in. I stopped thrusting and held my dick inside her long enough for her to mutter out “Oh don’t stop, keep fucking me.” I grabbed her tits violently and squeezed them hard enough to leave an impression. This caused another moan. That was my cue to pull her up so that she was almost standing, and I grabbed her neck, slightly choking her. Again, right move, as this caused her pleasure, and enough mental activity to hear some of the things I always wanted to hear.

“Oh god, yes, fuck me harder!”

“Stick that big dick into me, yes!”

There were those brief pauses where she would say things that she knew I wanted to hear, that would drive me absolutely insane.

“Oh fuck, you like fucking your sister? Like fucking your sister’s asshole with that big cock?”

“Oh god yes I love having my brother’s dick in my ass!!”

“God fill me up with that huge cock, I love it!”

I never would have guessed she was such a dirty girl.

Things only got better, as when we shifted positions, she began rubbing and fingering her own pussy. I was doing my thing, admiring my dick stretching out her ass, when all of the sudden she began shuddering and she stopped moaning. I got sort of scared for a second, before I realized what was happening. She was squirting. I noticed the long stream of cum coming out of her, and how her eyes were rolled up into the back of her head. This would happen several more times before we were finished.

That afternoon we tried every position. Though for some we definitely needed more lube, or we needed to shove things out of the way, we didn’t care. We were animals. She was covered in bruises, her long brown hair a complete mess. We were both shimmering with sweat before we were done. The whole process lasted about 45 minutes, the longest Alexa would tell me she’d ever been with a guy. Thank you, medicine.

I finally came when we moved back into doggy style position, and I told her I was going to cum.

“Oh fuck, cum in my ass!”

“I want to feel your hot cum filling me up.”

That was what I expected to hear.

That didn’t happen.

At first, she got freaked out, and yelled at me to pull out. I actually became disappointed, as I thought for some reason I would have to cum somewhere, well, not on her. But silly me, she got right down on her hands and knees and stuck her tongue out. I positioned my dick near her mouth, and as much as I would like to tell you that I came right down her throat and she swallowed it all and said thank you, I am trying to recall to you everything that actually happened. The true events. And truthfully, when I came, I pretty much blacked out. I know my dick was above her mouth when I came, but from what I remember, there was no trace of cum anywhere on her face.

Right after it was over, and I had supposedly cum on her face, I collapsed in the “blowjob chair” and she flopped on her bed, moaning with each breath. Her asshole was red, and she was covered in bruises I caused. Looking at myself, I noticed claw and scratch marks everywhere. Trying to retain my sexual deviancy, I go up to her bed and kneel down beside where her face is mushed into a pillow.

“You like that?” I say.

She moans for a minute before saying “Jordan, tomorrow, you can have my pussy. It’s all yours.”


“Because I am going to need that dick every single day, and there’s no way my ass can take it. We will be extra careful, I will keep a stash of morning after pills around, I’ll have my fucking womb removed if I have to, we’ll be fine.” I nodded with consent. “Also, I have never had an orgasm like that in my life. I had never squirted before, and I think I soaked my room from all the time you made me cum. You have a fucking talent, kid.”

We both sigh.

“So” I say with a smirk, “Same time tomorrow?

She playfully hits me and we wrestle a bit before we each individually take a shower.

Since the first time Alexa and I have had sex, we have done it three more times of the course of a month and a half. Each time was anally, as she wants to make the needed preparations for when we finally do it vaginally. When that happens, I will update you with another story. Until then, we are both smart enough that our parents aren’t going to catch on, so don’t expect one of those “Our parents found out so we started having sex with them too!” stories, because God forbid if they did find out, we would be fucked. And not in the obvious good way.

So until next time, hope you enjoyed hearing about what I’ve been up to!

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