My Sister, My Lover Ch. 02


I woke the next morning to the smell of coffee and frying bacon. I struggled out of the bed. The slight headache attested to the fact that I had drunk too much last night. I lay in bed nude, thinking about what had happened. I had licked my sister to orgasm. She had cum so hard she totally drenched my face and clothes.

Incest! The word brought up the ultimate sexual taboo. Society would damn us both if it became known. Well, I thought, we hadn’t actually fucked. She had sucked my dick and I had licked her. Ruefully I thought maybe society would just be a little pissed with us!

I rolled out of the bed and padded to the shower. I shaved while taking a shower. The hot shower did a lot to clear my hangover. I stepped out and began toweling off. Again my sister breezed into the room while I was naked.

“Pervert! “This is getting to be a habit!”

She sauntered over and tried to grab my dick. I skittered back, covering myself with the towel.

“I know you aren’t getting bashful now! Not after what we did last night!”

“You sinner! You will burn in hell for letting your brother get you off!” I laughed.

“Hell, if I came there like I did here last night, I would douse the fires of hell!

We both laughed uproariously.

I dropped the towel. Helen watched. I grabbed some shorts and a shirt. She watched quietly as I got dressed.

“Remember your promise.” She said.

I must have looked a little confused.

“You said I could do you!”

“Look! Too much alcohol caused us to step over a societal line. We can’t have any repeats of that!” I sputtered.

“So you are breaking your promise?” she said with a wicked smile.

“Breakfast! Breakfast and we need to talk!”

I walked behind her as we went to the porch for breakfast. I watched her large hips roll as she sauntered seductively. Under her apron she wore white hot pants and a matching white halter top. She was barefoot. I had noticed that her toes and fingernails were painted the same pearlescent pink. Her shoulder length hair was done up in a ponytail. She was a very sexy woman. She knew it and was putting on a show for her older brother. Over breakfast she explained that she had bought the land where we were raised. It was about a mile through the adjacent woods. She suggested kurtuluş escort we pack a lunch and have a picnic there. I agreed readily. We had led a hard scrabble life on that farm. But time had dulled the edges. The memory of the bad times faded and the memories of the good times surfaced.

I broached the subject of our sexual escapade last night. She waved me off.

“Look!” She said curtly. “I see you are having second thoughts. Let’s just forget about it.”

“I am not having second thoughts.”

“Oh so you enjoyed it!” she interrupted, smiling.

“Look, you hussy! You know what I am saying!”

“Ok, ok!” she said, holding her hands up with the palms facing me.

She cleared the table while I went to the living room. Al had 60″ plasma in his media room. The room was wired for surround sound. I caught up on some sport scores while my sister cleaned the house and prepared our picnic lunch.

About 11:00 she announced it was time for us to walk over to the farm. The family reunion was in two days and she had a lot to do. We chattered about the reunion as we walked through the woods. We shared stories about various relatives. Suddenly we stepped out of the woods into a small meadow. A shallow creek chattered as it bisected the meadow. Both sides of the creek were shaded by large trees. The chirping of crickets filled the air. It was our old swimming hole!

“Wow this place definitely brings back fond memories!” I said.

Helen grinned wickedly.

“Yes it does!”

We spread a blanket on the ground. We chatted aimlessly as we ate our picnic lunch. A breeze sighed softly through the trees. The heat had let up a little making for an idyllic setting. We killed a six pack as we ate. After lunch we lay on the blanket. Helen’s head was in my lap. Suddenly she bolted to her feet.

“Let’s go for a swim!” She said excitedly.

“Swim?” I exclaimed.

“We don’t have any suits!”

Her answer was to strip off her short and halter top. Before I could protest she sprinted into the water, butt ass naked!

“Come on in, chicken shit! The water is fine!”

“But….but!” I stuttered.

“Are you scared?” she taunted.

Reluctantly I stripped to the buff. Tentatively, I stepped into the water. levent escort It was tepid, not cold like I expected. The bottom was covered in small rocks, not broken glass like the city slicker in me feared. I walked slowly toward my sister. The water level stopped just below her breasts. They floated invitingly just at the waterline. I felt my dick hardening. Suddenly she disappeared under the water.

I felt a tug on my dick. Her body moved past my legs. I reached into the water to grab her. My legs were pulled from under me. The water closed over my head. Sputtering, I tried to stand up. Again I felt the tug on my dick. I grabbed a leg and pulled. Her large ass popped to the surface. Still holding her leg, I slapped her hard on her ass.

I let go of her leg and she bobbed to the top, sputtering and coughing from swallowed water. I took the opportunity to tweak a large nipple. She howled in protest. Realizing that discretion was the better part of valor, I first waded then sprinted out of the creek.

She followed me but I got out of the water and to the blanket before she could retaliate. She tackled me from behind. She sat straddle my back and pretended to pound the back of my head. I was bigger and stronger. I rolled her to her back. I pinned her arms above her head. I then twined my legs around hers and pinned her legs with mine. She was helpless. Inadvertently, this put the head of my semi hard dick right at the entrance to her pussy. She struggled briefly. Then she looked me in the eye.

“Well?” she said.

I inched forward and let the head of my hardening dick brush against her labia. She thrust upward and the head pierced her labia, barely separating them. I released her. Disappointment spread across her face. I slid down, kissing and gently sucking each nipple in turn. I trailed my tongue down her belly.

“Fuck me, big brother, fuck me!” She pleaded.

I pinned her arms to her side. I trailed my tongue over her navel, probing deep into it.

“Oh my fucking god! Please let me feel you in me!” She moaned, as she thrashed under my hands restraining her arms.

I grabbed her wrists in both my hands. I held them tightly while my tongue found its way to her dripping wet pussy. I released her legs as my tongue lingered maçka escort at the entrance to her pussy, probing that mysterious love tunnel. She tried to thrust up, to force my tongue into her hairy pussy. “Uuuugghhh you bastard! Stop teasing me! Please big brother!”

Quickly I moved up to straddle her chest. I forced my dick between her tits. As I stroked through her tits, the tip of my dick touching her mouth. The friction of her large tits on my steel hard dick was incredible! She gagged when I stroked deep. But when I would stop, she’d urge me on.

I turned to the 69 position, each of us on our sides. Hungrily she inhaled my dick. I buried my face into her wet hairy pussy. It was matted with her juices, sticky, sweet, musty and intoxicating! I slipped in a finger in her ass. At first she bucked under me. She reached down to make me stop. I slapped it away and sucked lightly on her clit. Her juices were flowing freely. Her pussy kept up an almost constant flow as she bucked and squealed under me.

I felt her finger invade my ass. I clenched trying to stop her. She forced it in, finding my prostrate. Under the hot mid-day sun, with crickets chirping and the trees rustling with the early afternoon breeze, she massaged my prostrate while I sucked greedily on her engorged clit. My finger worked deep and hard into her ass. I felt the itch deep in my ass! I was cumming. I felt her pussy pulse as she started to cum. I opened my mouth and placed it directly over her urethra. I wanted to drink all of her.

We came together. I deep in her throat gagging her. She squirted into my mouth, a steady stream that I could not hold and swallow quickly enough. I held what I could while I bucked and forced my dick down her throat. Her ass lifted off the blanket as what was left of her cum covered my face.

Quickly I turned around. She looked confused. My cheeks were puffed out like a chipmunk, my mouth full of her cum. Her eyes widened as she realize what I was going to do. She rose up to meet me. I kissed her and we shared her cum. wantonly, she accepted it. Then she force her tongue into my, as though being sure she got it all.

We collapsed on the blanket. We were both breathing heavily. She set up on one elbow, her large chest heaving.

“That was fucking amazing!” she said.

“Yes it was!” I breathed raggedly as I rose up and kissed her lightly.

“But we have to go! Al will be home soon and I need to prepare for the family reunion!”

We rinsed off in the warm water of the creek. We walked back to the house hand in hand. Not much was said.

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