My sister’s Boyfriend


My sister’s BoyfriendThis trip down memory lane is for Justin/Yevedj, who asked. Hope he is cumming with me:We humans all play “Doctor” when we are young. Like dogs sniffing each other’s butts, it’s a natural learning journey we take. For as long as I can remember, I have been experimenting with my sexuality. Now that I really think about it, I was never the aggressor, the instigator. Someone else, male or female, usually older, led the way. But I followed.Giggling, touching, sniffing and playing in bathroom stalls in school, locker rooms and in the great outdoors is where bpys play. I well remember being examined by a k** who lived across the street and carried a pocket book. His name was “Artie” and he told me that his brothers “used him” late at night. At the time I had no idea what “used” meant, but Artie was very talented in getting my pants and jockey shorts around my ankles and checking out and probing my budding body. Unfortunately, we did it behind the house where my mother heard and watched us, until she told us: “Come on in the house, boys.” As we walked to the front door, my mother came out of the house and said: “Artie, it is time for you to go home.” As he started to leave, she grabbed his pocket book and flung it across the street. Poor Artie.The more serious “Doctor” time happened on “sleepovers” (my female cousin and several male friends from school). We flung the covers down and played around. I cannot really remember if my little penis got hard, but I do recall the clumsy ineptness of it all. All in fun. No harm intended.It was only later, in the family’s mountain cabin, when the stakes got higher.On weekends in the Summer, my family would go to the cabin and my sister and i were usually encouraged to bring a friend. When it was time to go to bed, all of the k**s would sleep in the garage downstairs, where there were a couple of mattresses and sleeping bags. We usually would get pretty raucous and yell and giggle until my dad would open the trap door in the living room, from which a ladder extended into the garage, and yell: “You k**s go to sleep now.” All innocent fun.One Summer, my sister had a boyfriend and invited him to join us. His name was “Curtis” and they both were sophomores in high school. I was nearly four years young than my sister, so do the math.Curtis was a tall, handsome, self-assured young man with a cleft in his chin and large brown “Puppy Dog” eyes with long brown eyelashes. I remember that he wanted to be an artist and was not as “rough-and-tumble” as other boys. We arrived at the cabin and spent the day swimming in the lake and hiking. pendik escort Of course, Curtis paid proper attention to my sister, but tried to include “the little brother” at all times.After a hearty dinner, it was time for bed, so Curtis and I both took a shower, changed into our pajamas and went down the ladder into the garage. There were two sleeping bags – one for each of us – and climbed into them. There was a long pull chain for the overhead light, so I said “Goodnight” and pulled it. We were now lying in darkness.Both of us wiggled around, turned over and tried to get comfortable when Curtis said: “You have a really nice body. I think your dancing is good for you.” A compliment about my looks – at my age – was rare so I sort of mumbled something.Suddenly, there was light in the room as Curtis had turned on one of the flashlights lying on the beds. “Can I see your body?” he asked, the flashlight shining in his puppy dog eyes.” “Uh, I, uh…” I mumbled. “Let me show you mine, okay?” he suddenly offered, sensing that his “intro” caught me offguard.There was lots of movements, rustling about with the sounds of the sleeping bag being unzipped. And then the flashlight on his face. “Are your ready?” he asked.I turned and watched the flashlight move from his face to his chest, which was nicely defined and had hair on it (I was a pink, hairless boy at the time.)”I am trying to make my body look nice with exercise. Don’t want to be fat or skinny – just look good in a bathing suit like Tab Hunter or Tony Curtis.” “Well,” I started, “I think you look really good.” “Thanks,” he said as the flashlight moved lower to his pajama bottoms.”Want to see my dick?” he asked.Before I could answer, the pajama bottoms were gone and there was a very stiff cock which actually “slapped” his abdomen as it flipped out of the pajamas. “What do you think?”I sat up and lowered my head closer toward his loins in the “spotlight” of that flashlight. Not only did Curtis have a [to me] big penis with a fat shining head, but he had pubic hair – something I was still waiting for. He spread his legs and lifted his balls for me to see. Tingling sensations started going through my loins. “These are okay, right?” as he lifted his balls, his bone-hard cock bobbed about – now very close to my face as I inadvertantly lowered my head. I might have licked my lips. Can’t remember, but am licking them now thinking about it.”Okay, I showed you mine now you have to show me yours.”His flashlight suddenly went off as I struggled with taking off my pajama top and bottom, finally kartal escort opening the sleeping bag on either side of me to get the job done.”Ready?” he asked. “Uh, yeah,” I said. Curtis turned his flashlight on to my hairless chest and started downward. “You sleep in your Jockeys? I stopped doing that a long time ago because it feels really good to be naked in bed so your dick can flop around. Comon, take off the Jockeys and show me your dick, okay?”I was very excited now and struggled out of my Jockey shorts which was fairly complicated now as my dick was hard. As I finally got the briefs off, he said: “Hand those to me, okay?” Not sure what he wanted to do with my undies, I held them up and he grabbed them and asked: “Do you ever do this?” He then put my Jockey shorts to his face, inhaling and rubbing them on his nose and mouth.My first reaction was “Ugh. Putting underpants on my face?” But watching the enjoyment he was getting sniffing – and then – licking them – changed my mind. He also was slowly caressing his cock. He pulled the underpants from his face, smiled and then put them over his own cock. “This is really hot and fun. Boy’s underpants have a smell all their own.” Without asking, he suddenly pushed me back on the bed and stuffed the funky undies on my face.” “Smell them. Lick them. See how good you smell?” If it was possible for my teeny dick to get harder it DID at that moment.”Curtis suddenly laughed and laid back, putting my Jockeys on his dick like a tent.”You know there is lots of stuff that boys can do with each other.””Yeah, like what?””Oh like, touching each other’s dicks. Tongue kissing. Licking nipples. Putting a dick in your mouth. Putting a dick up your butt.””Huh?” I asked. “A dick up your butt? How does that happen? There is a guy at school we all call “Billy Stiff-finger” because he puts his finger up his own ass in the boy’s bathroom. And then makes other guys smell it.”Curtis only laughed. “No, no…more than that. Do you know about Peg Boys?” he asked, suddenly sitting up and putting his head in his hand and the flashlight under his chin.”Uh…Peg BOYS?””Yes. I have a friend who knows lots about sex and he told me that in Morocco, there are boys who work in bars and coffee shops and let men play with them.”I was having a hard time understanding all of this: “Play with men?”Curtis leaned closer. “Okay, from what I understand, it is really lots of fun to stick your cock up another guy’s butt…or let a guy stick his cock up yours. That’s what they do, let men fuck them on the butt. Turn over, let maltepe escort me show you.”I was suddenly uncertain about all of this until he put the flashlight down, grabbed my hips with both hands in the darkness and said in my ear: “Turn over. I will show you.” The combination of what he said, how he said it, the hot breath in my ear and the sensation of being turned on to my stomach was an erotic rush. So, I did what I was told and laid on my stomach. Holding my breath for what was to happen next.I could feel his hands slide over my butt cheeks and down the inside on my legs. “Spread your legs,” he whispered. And I did. A little too gladly. His hands now caressed my butt and began slipping into the crevice between my cheeks. I opened my legs even wider. One of his fingers eventually found its way to the hole and stopped there.”This hole has lots of nerves in it so it can feel really good when something goes in there. In Morocco, it is okay for boys to fuck each other in the butt. When the Peg boys are not being fucked, they go to a table of their own that has chairs with wooden pegs on them. They then sit down on the pegs (at this point his finger popped into my boy butt – Oh, ow!) so that their fuck holes stay open and will be ready to be fucked again.”Curtis pulled the tip of his finger out of my boy butt and said.” Let me see your hole.” Before I could answer, he turned on the flashlight and bent over my ass, his face close enough to my hole for me to feel his breath. He began slowly circling my quivering hole, putting more and more pressure each time. “That’s a really pretty hole,” he said before his stuck his index finger into his mouth and then quickly put it back at the entrance. It was wet and started to penetrate me.”The muscles of our behinds can stretch and open and take large objects, so just relax. That’s what the Peg boys learn to do…relax, open, let things in there…now tighten and grab onto the things that are going deeper and deeper…”Curtis stopped and suddenly flipped me over onto my back. With one movement, he slid both arms under my legs and ass and lifted my now-tingling boy pussy to his face. The beams of the flashlight atreaked across our bodies so that I could see his face in my ass. Thinking I was going to pee, my little hard dick shot a huge load of cum all over his chest and I heard him groan and say: “I’m coming.”Not wanting my parents and (God forbid) my sister to hear us, I put my hand over his mouth as I felt hot spurts of liquid hit my back and begin to trickle down it.It took some time for us both to cool down, get the sleeping bags figured out, catch our breaths and eventually lie there in the darkness. “I hope you liked that,” Curtis said. “Oh, I did,” I answered. “I really did.”There was silence and then the flashlight illuminated Curtis’ face near mine. “I hope I get to fuck you,” he said, kissing me on the mouth.Blackout.

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