My So Called Sex Life – Part II


My So Called Sex Life – Part IIMy So Called Sex Life – Part IIAn authorized biographical trip through one woman’s experiences and fantasiesby DizzyDForward by ‘Lexi’Hi again, it’s the real ‘Lexi’. I am so sorry to all of you, and especially to my love DizzyD for not allowing him to post Part II of my story until now. I know most of you heard about the bastard who thought it was cool to plagiarize Dizzy’s beautifully written story about me and post it to another site. Well after a long fight by my favorite storyteller, it has finally been removed, and all the legal bullshit settled. I have to admit I was a little worried about letting my babe post Part II, but I think everything is solved, so here it is. Once again, thanks to the sweetest man in the world for telling my story in ways I just couldn’t, and as I’ve said before Diz, I’ve enjoyed our video chats, which were a ball, but if we ever meet face to face, I’ll make those video chats seem like a G rated movie!! I love you babe, and I hope you all enjoy my story!! By the way, if it’s been a while since you read Part I, or if you’ve never read it at all, you can link it here… I recommend it, just for content, and pace yourself in Part II boys and girls… there are four amazing sex scenes:,’LexiPart IISo in Part I, I told you how my sexual saga started shortly after I added ‘teen’ to my age, and my best friend Stacy showed me how to masturbate. From then on I was an orgasm junkie, and whether it was by my own fingers or Stacy’s talented tongue, I couldn’t have enough of them. But it was my experiences with my stepbr0ther and our fam1ly pharmacist a few years later that taught me that there was something in my wiring that took sex to a whole new level of pleasure. Just to remind you, I was a young teen and an accomplished gymnast that bore an uncanny resemblance TV star Jennette McCurdy, so I landed a boyfriend pretty quickly, and living in a trailer park, it only seemed natural that we started experimenting with sex early on. I liked sucking his dick, but the thought of his cum in my mouth made me queasy, and regular sex felt good, but I couldn’t orgasm just from having his cock in my pussy, for that I needed a finger or tongue on my clit. Then my experiences with my stepbr0ther and fam1ly pharmacist changed things forever.It started the day I caught my younger stepbr0ther Frankie peeping at me while I was masturbating. I was so mad I threw a shoe at him that cut his forehead, and then I threatening to kick his ass, but even though he was crying and threatening to tell his mother what I had done, the little shit was still trying to sneak peeks at my naked body… and that was when I realized that I might be able to use my sexuality to get out of the jam. As I cleaned him up, I could see his dick as hard as Chinese algebra, so I told him that I would give him his first blowjob in exchange for his silence and doing three months of my chores. He quickly agreed, and I sucked him as I promised, but unlike my boyfriend, when Frankie came I eagerly swallowed his gooey load, and it turned me on so much that I almost came without touching myselfNot long after that, I used my jailbait looks and tight gymnast’s body to seduce our fam1ly pharmacist, Mr. McCann. I had accidentally witnessed my stepmother Janice giving him a blowjob in exchange for Frankie’s prescriptions, so I decided to use the same tactic to get what I wanted. One day I showed up at his pharmacy just before closing time, wearing the shortest, tightest shorts and smallest crop top I owned, and after parading around in front of him, I used a phony vaginal itch as an excuse to show him my cute little pussy. As he ‘examined’ me, I could see the huge bulge in his pants, and before he knew what hit him, I had his gigantic cock stuffed in my tight cunt, and not only did I orgasm from fucking for the first time, I also walked out with free birth control prescriptions and a shopping cart full of goodies.At first I thought it was the all the things I had gotten in exchange for sex with Frankie and Mr. McCann that made me so horny, but I soon realized it wasn’t about the stuff… it was the power and control I held over them that triggered the most powerful orgasms of my young life, and getting all the material things without spending any of the money I was earning by b@bysitting in the bank was a huge bonus. Using sex for power and pleasure was like a narcotic… and I was hooked. Now let’s continue my story. My junior year in high school had just ended, and as usual in the summer, Stacy and I were at her house working on our gymnastics routines when she pulled out another new cell phone. ‘Smartphones’ were constantly improving back then, but thanks to her stepdad being assistant manager at an electronics store, she once again had the latest model. I hated to be jealous, but I still had a cheap flip phone because that was all Janice could afford, and I wasn’t about to use my money!When I was younger I used to think Stacy’s stepdad got her all the new gadgets so she would like him, but as we grew older, and our bodies began to develop, I noticing something else. When Mr. Watson would help us with our routines, his hands would always ‘accidentally’ touch us on our girl parts… especially Stacy’s. But what surprised me even more was that it never seemed to bother her, in fact, she would even giggle playfully or rub against him when he would squeeze her round butt cheeks or cup her budding tits. Back when we were freshman, it was obvious Stacy’s mom had become a full-blown alcoholic who was usually passed out by 9:00 pm, leaving Stacy and her stepdad alone together a lot. For the next two years I watched how close they became, and knowing that Stacy loved sex as much as me, I started to suspect she was doing more than just being a good stepdaughter to earn her new electronic gadgets, and now that I had realized my own talent for sexual manipulation, I decided to find out if I might be able to do the same. After practice that Saturday we were our usual sweaty mess, so I took a shower first. When I was done, I went back to Stacy’s room, and as she watched me, I tossed my towel aside and seductively crawled onto her bed, completely naked. Then as I spread my muscular thighs and slowly stroked my wet pussy I whispered, “Why don’t you go and get your shower and hurry back, I have a big surprise for you.”Stacy was so turned on that she practically sprinted to the bathroom, and I’m sure she was wondering what new sexual adventure I had in store for her. But what she didn’t know was the intense pleasure I was about to give her was merely a part of my plan to get a much bigger reward for myself.When she returned after her shower, I was still lying naked on her bed with her laptop logged onto our favorite porn site, slowly fucking a finger in and out of my creamy cunt. When she saw what I was doing, she quickly dropped her towel and jumped on the bed next to me.We took our customary positions, sitting side by side so we could share the set of headphones, and then I purposely clicked on a role-play video of a young girl giving her ‘stepfather’ a blowjob, and it wasn’t long before my fingers were stuffed inside Stacy’s inflamed pussy and hers were jammed into mine. I loved how soft and wet her young cunny felt as it clutched my fingers, and Stacy’s long tapered digits felt amazing buried in my tight little twat, but as much as I was enjoying myself, it was time to proceed with my plan, so I moved to where I was lying between her legs with my face right above her seeping slit.Stacy’s eyes were still glued to her laptop as I leaned forward and slowly ran my tongue up and down her swollen labia. She moaned softly, but her eyes stayed fixated on the screen as I lapped away at her slippery gash. My own pussy throbbed as I licked my best friend’s delicious cunt, and she was so engrossed in the video that she didn’t even notice me reaching under her pillow to pull something out… but her entire body shuddered when I pressed the tip of my new vibrator against her hard clit and turned it on.“Holy fuck Lexi… where did you get that,” Stacy asked me in a strangled whisper as I rolled the buzzing sex toy over her pleasure pea.“This is the surprise I told you about,” was all I said, and then her back arched and she clamped her hand over her mouth to keep from screaming as I pushed about six inches of the vibrating shaft deep into her slippery canal before moving my tongue up to her hard pleasure button.“Oh shit Lex, I’m already getting close,” Stacy groaned as I began fucking the vibrator in and out of her tight pussy, while my tongue fluttered and flicked against her nerve filled clit even faster.Normally I loved bringing Stacy to the brink of orgasm over and over, teasing her into an agonizing sexual frenzy before letting her climax… but tonight I was on a different mission, and there wasn’t time to torment my best friend, so I moved the vibrator up to her clit, and then I surprised her by swabbing her tiny puckered asshole with my tongue, and the new sensation triggered her first p0werful orgasm.“Oh fuck… I’m CUMMIIINNNGGG!!!” Stacy cried out, just barely managing to pull a silencing pillow over her face before she screamed. I could feel the tight ring of muscle surrounding her anus twitching on my tongue as her entire groin erupted in a series of involuntary spasms, with each hard contraction causing a surge of thick pussy juice to flow from her pulsing slit and bathe my lips and chin. Stacy’s body convulsed as her cunt melted down, and the deep grunts forming in her throat told me that she was having one of the most intense orgasms of her young life, and that had my own pussy aching. But this wasn’t about my pleasure, at least not yet, so instead of making her cum and switching places with her, I just continued my oral and mechanical assault on her twitching womanhood.It felt like Stacy was trying to pull away from me as the sensations became almost too much to take, but I kept the vibrator pressed to her clit, and as I moved my tongue from her asshole and buried it deep in her pussy she cried out, “Holy shit Lex… I’m cumming AGAIN!”As another massive climax ripped through her pelvis, Stacy’s tummy clenched, causing her incredible abs to flex as my new toy and talented tongue worked together to keep her cumming. I was pretty sure she had never had ‘multiple orgasms’, but this was her second straight, and I still wasn’t done.Her second climax was just starting to wane when I lubricated one of my fingers with her syrupy pussy secretions, then as my tongue moved back to her clit and the vibrator stretched the walls of her cunt, I plunged the slippery digit deep into her tight asshole, stuffing both of her holes, and she came again.“Oh God Lex… what are you doing to MEEEEE,” Stacy screamed into the pillow as a third straight orgasm tore through her groin, and then radiated throughout her body. I could feel her rectal muscles clenching on my finger, and a new rush of thick juice poured over my tongue as she came. Stacy’s muffled howls sounded like a wild d0g as her body writhed, and then she finally used her powerful thighs to push my tongue away from her over-stimulated clit as she whimpered, “No more Lexi… please, no fucking more.”I finally lifted my drenched face from my best friend’s twitching cunt, and as she struggled to recapture her breath I asked, “So, did you like my toy?” “Oh my God yes,” she gasped, and then she said, “But Lex, it wasn’t just the toy, it was your mouth, and your tongue, and that finger in my ass thing… where did that come from? I mean I’m still not sure if I’ll ever let a guy put his dick up there, but your finger felt amazing… I came three times!” “I know, I was down there,” I said with a laugh as I moved up to lie next to her.I leaned over my best friend and we kissed deeply, and as we broke apart she smacked her lips and said, “Wow, I really did cum a lot, your face is covered with my juice,” and then she used her lips and tongue to clean up her own sweet secretions.After we kissed again, Stacy rolled me over until she was on top of me and then she said, “That was the most incredible thing I’ve ever felt in my life Lex, and now it’s your turn.”As she lowered her face and began licking and sucking my hard nipples, I reluctantly stopped her and said, “You know what, why don’t you just come up here and lay next to me?”A look of shock and confusion came across her face as she asked, “What… is everything okay Lex?”“It’s perfect Stace, but I just wanted to take care of you tonight because you’re my best friend and I love you,” I said smiling, and then I kissed her gently as she lay back down next to me.“Aww, I love you too,” she said softly as she brushed my hair back from my face. The truth was I was aching to have her make me cum, but I knew that one climax could take away my edge, and I might chicken out on my plan, so I suppressed my own arousal. I really did love my best friend, but that night Stacy was merely collateral sexual damage, and the three powerful orgasms I had given her were meant to exhaust her into a sex c0ma… and as I hoped, she was soon fast asleep.She really did look amazing as she slept, with her silky black hair framing her exotic features, and once more I thought of scrapping my plan and waking her up to satisfy my own barely controllable lust, but I ignored my own aching cunt for a bit, and moved on to the next part of my plan. First I nudged Stacy’s shoulder a couple of times, and then I whispered in her ear, and when she didn’t budge I knew I had fucked her into a deep sleep. Then I eased myself out of bed and pulled a thin white tee shirt over my naked body.I quietly slipped out of her room and gently closed the door behind me, and then I carefully made my way down the hallway past her parents’ bedroom. The door was closed, and I knew that Stacy’s mom was inside, passed out after consuming the better part of a bottle of vodka. Then I looked down the stairway and saw a gentle blue light bathing the wall… it was Mr. Watson watching TV alone in the fam1ly room, and that was exactly what I was hoping for, so I began tiptoeing down the stairs.When I reached the third step, I could see the back of the couch, and part of the TV screen, and a big smile came to my face. Mr. Watson was watching a soft-core porn movie on cable, and while only the back of his head and the tops of his shoulders were visible above the back of the couch, I was pretty sure by his movements that he was jerking off!This was working out even better than I hoped, and at first I thought of sneaking up behind him and catching him with his dick in his hand, but then I worried that might be too embarrassing for him and it could ruin my plan, so instead I quietly backed up to the top step, and then pretended to clear my throat to announce my presence. As I started descending the stairs again, I could see Mr. Watson quickly grab a blanket from the back of the couch and pull it over his lap before frantically searching for the remote control.I was half way down the stairs when he finally found the remote and started randomly pressing buttons. He managed to get the soft-core porn off the screen, but ironically it was replaced by an episode of ‘iCarly’, and as I reached the bottom of the stairs I wondered if he’d have been more embarrassed if I’d caught him jerking off to a Cinemax movie, or a Nickelodeon program where the two stars looked like me and his stepd@ughter!“Hi Mr. Watson, I’m just getting a drink of water,” I announced, acting like I hadn’t seen anything.“Oh hi Lexi, I didn’t hear you come down, help yourself,” he said, lying through his teeth.I walked through the living room into the kitchen and turned on the light, making sure he could see me, and then I asked, “Excuse me Mr. Watson, where are the glasses.” “Right there above your head,” he replied, so I was sure he was looking at me. Then I rose up on my tippy toes and stretched my arms high so my barely five feet of height could reach the top shelf. This caused the hem of my tee shirt to pull all the way up to my waist, and as the cool air rushed over my exposed butt cheeks, I knew he was getting a clear view of my naked ass. I took my time reaching the glasses so he could get a good look at my firm round derriere, and as I peeked over my shoulder, I could see his eyes were riveted on me. Then I applied the coup de gras when I purposely knocked some plastic cups from the shelf, and as they clattered to the floor I said, “Oh crap,” just to make sure I still had his full attention, and then I slowly bent over to pick them up.I had watched enough porn videos with Stacy to know that the way I was bent over was causing my perfect butt cheeks to spread open, giving Mr. Watson a clear view of my swollen pink pussy lips and tight puckered asshole under the bright fluorescent kitchen light, and then as I spread my feet wider to expose myself even more I heard him murmur “Oh dear God.” After holding that pose for as long as I could without it becoming too obvious, I finally picked up the cups and stood up, and as I turned to find him staring at me, I said, “Sorry about the noise Mr. Watson.”My voice snapped him out of his trance and I could see his face was flushed deep red, so I was sure he had gotten an eyeful as he nervously said, “Oh, it’s okay Lexi, it didn’t bother me at all.” ‘I’m sure it didn’t’ I thought to myself as I filled my glass, and after making sure my hard nipples were poking my shirt out, I went back to the fam1ly room. He had the blanket over his lap, but I could see that in his haste to cover himself, he hadn’t completely hidden his balled up khakis and underwear resting next to him on the sofa, so I knew he was naked from the waist down… and even though the blanket was heavy, I could still see the telltale evidence of an erection thanks to my little exhibition. As I stood next to the couch I asked, “Mr. Watson, do you always watch ‘iCarly’?”“No, I was just surfing through the channels,” he said, trying to dismiss my question.“Oh, okay,” I said, and then I added, “I thought you had something else on when I came downstairs.”He didn’t say anything, but I could tell by the panicked look on his face that he was wondering if I had seen him watching a soft core porn movie on Cinemax, but before he could reply I said, “Mr. Watson, I’m not really tired, and Stacy is out cold, so would you mind if I watched some TV with you?”“Oh sure Lexi,” he replied as he casually tried to tuck his khakis and underwear underneath the blanket without me seeing him.I bahis firmaları sat on the opposite end of the small sofa, and as we watched ‘iCarly’, I said, “Don’t you think Stacy looks like Miranda Cosgrove… she’s the dark haired girl who plays Carly,” and as I asked the question, I tucked my feet under me. Since it wasn’t a very big sofa, my knees were only a foot from him, and the position also made the hem of my tee shirt ride up so it was barely covering my left hip and ass cheek.“Yeah, she does look a little like her, but Lexi, you look exactly like the blonde, I mean you could be her twin… what’s her name,” Mr. Watson asked as he glanced at my nearly exposed buttock. “That’s Jennette McCurdy… and all the girls at that snooty gymnastics club we used to go to thought me and Stacy looked so much like the two of them that they called us ‘Sam and Carly,’” I said, and then I asked, “Mr. Watson, would you mind if I put my feet under your blanket, they’re kind of cold.”“Ummm, sure Lexi, go right ahead,” he answered, quickly tucking part of the blanket under himself to form a barrier between my toes and his naked hip, and then he lifted the edge and watched as my cute little feet disappeared beneath the warm material. As we sat watching ‘iCarly’, I could see him stealing glances at the hem of my tee shirt, which had now ridden up to expose the bottom half moon of my left butt cheek. I could tell the horny bastard was having a hard time controlling his lust for teenage flesh, so I decided to plant the seed for the next part of my plan and said, “Stacy’s really lucky to have a stepdad like you Mr. Watson… the new phone you got her is so cool.”He smiled and said, “Why don’t you call me Bill, Lexi… you make me feel old when you call me Mr. Watson,” and then he added, “And I’m glad you like the new phone, I got it for her because she’s a good girl and works hard school, plus I can get them through work… but you have a cell phone, don’t you?”“I couldn’t call you by your first name Mr. Watson, I was taught to respect my elders,” I replied, pouring on the innocent act, and then I frowned and added, “I do have an old flip phone because that’s all my stepmom can afford, but I’d do just about ANYTHNG to get a new phone like Stacy’s… I mean I can’t even text on mine.”I could have sworn I saw an almost lecherous grin come over his face when I stressed that I’d do ‘ANYTHING’ to get a new phone, and then his eyes almost bugged out of his head as I pulled my knees up higher, exposing my entire milky white ass cheek.“Well who knows Lexi, maybe you’ll be able to get one soon,” he said, and then he pulled his own knees up to raise the blanket and hide the tent being formed by the erection my butt flashing had caused.We were still watching ‘iCarly’ when I decided it was time to make the next move, and I said, “Mr. Watson, were you watching something else when I came downstairs?”“I was switching so many channels I can’t even remember what I had on,” he said, obviously lying again.I wasn’t letting him off the hook as I said, “Oh, I just thought I saw a naked girl on the screen, so I figured it wasn’t ‘iCarly’,” and then I added, “And if you want to put your movie back on, I could go upstairs.”I could see his face turn red as he realized I had seen him watching soft-core porn as he said, “You don’t have to go upstairs Lexi,” and then his lecherous side began to peek through again as he added, “And besides, I’m sure you’ve seen an R Rated movie.”I knew he was dying to put the movie back on with me there, but I didn’t want to seem too eager, so I said, “We don’t have any movie channels at home, and the ones we watch at my boyfriend’s house are rated R for v******e… I mean the girls at school always talk about ‘Skinemax’ movies, and I’ve always wanted to see one, but I don’t think I could watch one with my best friend’s dad.”“Well I’m not Stacy’s actual father, and besides, you’re a mature young lady now,” he said, trying to think of any bullshit logic to make me feel at ease, and then he added, “So why don’t I put it on and at least you’ll know what your friends are talking about, and if you do feel uncomfortable at any time, I’ll turn it off.”I could actually feel my pussy start to quiver again as I pretended to ponder Bill’s suggestion, and then making sure to remind him it was his idea, I said, “Well I guess if you think it’s okay, we can watch it.”Once I agreed, Bill couldn’t change the channel fast enough. Judging by the way he touched Stacy and me when we practiced, I knew he had a thing for teenage girls, and now it was time for me to use that weakness to my advantage. My heart was pounding as he switched back to Cinemax, and the first scene was a beautiful blonde with amazing tits riding a hunk of a guy. Since it was only rated R, it didn’t show penetration, but you could see she was bouncing her ass right on top of where the guy’s cock would be.“Wow, is this like… porn,” I asked, playing up the innocent act again.“No, they aren’t allowed to show porn on TV, and besides, it wouldn’t be proper to watch porn with you, this is just rated R,” Bill said, trying to sound like a responsible parent.We both watched in silence as the beautiful woman ground her crotch down on her lover’s lap, and then as they switched to doggie style, I began idly sliding my fingertips up and down my bare thigh, acting like I was doing it u*********sly. From the corner of my eye I could see Bill watching my fingers slide down to my knee, and then up to where my left ass cheek was exposed beneath my tee shirt, and I knew I was driving him crazy. The next scene was the hot blonde kneeling in front of the dark haired hunk. Her head was strategically blocking his cock to keep it R-rated, but from the back and forth motion it was clear she was supposed to be giving him a blowjob. Then suddenly his head dropped back and he cried out, “That’s it, don’t stop baby… YESSSS!”Even though the camera didn’t show it, you could tell he was supposed to be having an orgasm, but I decided to play naïve again and said, “Wow, is he like… shooting his stuff in her mouth?”I could tell Bill was shocked by my question, but I could also tell he was getting more turned on as he said, “That’s what it looks like… it’s perfectly normal, and men really like when a woman does that.”Now the door was wide open, so I decided to hit him with both barrels and said, “Yeah, my boyfriend has been asking me to do it for him… I keep saying no, but maybe I’ll try it.”Bill almost swallowed his tongue as I casually admitted to being sexually active with my boyfriend, and just as I suspected, he took my comment as an opening to go into full perv mode when he said, “So you haven’t done that for your boyfriend yet… have you done anything else with him?”“Gee, I don’t know if I should be talking with you about stuff like that Mr. Watson,” I said innocently.“You can trust me Stacy, I mean we’re both adults,” Bill said, thinking he was manipulating me by calling me an ‘adult’, when I was actually the one doing the manipulating.“Well I guess I can tell you,” I said in a trusting tone, then as I made a hand job motion I said, “Well I’ve done this for him, and a couple of times I sucked his penis, but when he got ready to squirt, I, you know… finished him with my hand.” “Holy shit” Mr. Watson groaned under his breath as he closed his eyes and imagined me with a hard cock stuffed in my angelic face. Of course I had lied about never letting a guy cum in my mouth, but I still needed Bill to think I was an inexperienced teenage girl for my plan to work perfectly. Now he was starting to squirm, and when I looked out of the corner of my eye I saw that he had raised his knees so the blanket lifted up even further from his lap, and I realized he was trying to hide the fact that he was secretly stroking his cock! Then as his voice cracked, he quietly asked, “So, has your boyfriend ever done anything for you?”Again I wanted to sound innocent, but not prudish, so I said, “Well, I let him touch my boobs and suck on them, and he’s, you know… fingered me. Oh, and one time he licked me down there. I really liked that, but we heard a noise and he had to stop before I could, you know, ‘get there’.”I pretended to concentrate on the movie, but out of the corner of my eye I could see a thin film of sweat forming on Bill’s forehead, and occasionally his hand would bump underneath the stretched blanket as he tried to secretly jerk off, and then he asked, “So have you ever had an orgasm?”“Oh yeah, I’ve had lots of them… just not with him,” I answered casually.Bill swallowed hard and then he asked, “So you’ve had them with another boyfriend?”“No, when I play with myself,” I said, pretending to be a bit embarrassed.I thought Bill’s head was going to explode as I openly admitted to masturbating, and I could tell his arousal was at a boiling point as he asked, “So are you still a virgin?”“I’m not sure,” I said, suddenly thinking of something else to get him even more excited.He nervously licked his lips and asked, “Lexi, how can you not know if you’re still a virgin?”“Well… can I ask you a personal question Mr. Watson,” I asked.“Of course,” he said, not wanting to say anything to stop me from talking about my sex life.I flashed a trusting smile at him and said, “Well the thing is, my boyfriend has never actually, you know, put his penis in me, but one time I was using the handle of a hairbrush to do it to myself, and I guess I got carried away and pushed it in too deep because I felt some pain and there was a little blood, and now I can push the handle all the way in… so since I did it to myself, am I still a virgin?”“Oh dear God,” Bill murmured under his breath, and he momentarily closed his eyes again, I was sure he was imagining what I looked like as I lay on my back with my legs spread wide, plunging a hairbrush handle in and out of my tight little twat, and then his voice cracked as he said, “Well Lexi, since you’ve never actually had intercourse with a boy, I’d say you’re still a virgin.”“Thanks Mr. Watson,” I replied before saying, “I think I need another drink of water,” and then I swung my legs off the couch, ‘accidentally’ yanking the blanket from Bill’s lap and exposing seven inches of hard cock, with his hand wrapped firmly around it.Bill quickly reached for the blanket, but he knew it was too late when I said, “Mr. Watson, what are you doing?”As I pretended to look shocked, he stammered, “Nothing Lexi, I mean I wasn’t… I’m sorry I…”Before he could finish his sentence I stood up, allowing my shirt to ride up and flash my ass cheeks at him one more time before pulling it down and saying, “Mr. Watson, I think I should go back to bed.”Bill managed to pull the blanket back over his lap, and as his face blushed a bright red he said, “Wait, Lexi please let me talk to you, I wasn’t doing what you thought I was doing.”“Mr. Watson, I know what you were doing… I mean you were doing this,” I said as I once again made the universal sign for jerking off.The look on his face was one of shear panic, and for a second I felt sorry for him, but as I just started walking towards the stairs he did exactly what I hoped when he said, “Lexi wait, please let me explain.”I turned and looked at him, and then I said, “Just tell me the truth Mr. Watson, were you masturbating?”A sheepish look came over his face as he softly said, “Yes Lexi, I was… I’m sorry, but it’s not what you think. “But Mr. Watson, you were doing it while I was sitting right next to you,” I said, still staring at the tent in the blanket and acting appalled.I could tell Bill was being overcome with fear of what I might do as he said, “Lexi, I swear I wasn’t doing it because you were here, I had started before you came downstairs while I was watching the movie, and when I put it back on, I got excited again.”“Oh Mr. Watson, I am so sorry… it wasn’t right for me to come down and invade your space,” I said apologetically as my pussy starting to flow again.”It’s okay Lexi, since I was under the covers I just started doing it again… I shouldn’t have,” he said, sensing the situation was being defused. “No really, it was my fault, I shouldn’t have invited myself to sit down,” I said, hoping to ease his mind again, and then I poured the naive on again as I said, “Mr. Watson, my boyfriend says if a guy is, you know, doing what you were doing, or if someone is doing it for him, and they just stop in the middle, the guy gets something called ‘blue balls’, and it’s very painful… is that true?”Bill nodded and said, “Yes, that’s very true Lexi.”“Wow, I thought he was just making that up so I would finish doing it for him,” I said innocently, and then I added, “But if it’s true, and I just stopped you, yours must be hurting pretty bad… I should probably just go back to bed so you can finish, thanks for letting me sit with you Mr. Watson.” As I got up from the couch, I knew my plan had reached a critical point. I had maneuvered him to this point, but from here on everything had to be his idea or my plan might backfire, and just as I reached the stairs and feared he might not stop me, he blurted out, “Wait Lexi, you don’t have to go.”I silently breathed a sigh of relief… now I was sure he had lost his self-control, but I maintained my sexually clueless persona and said, “But Mr. Watson, don’t you need to finish doing it so it stops hurting?” I could see the gears in his pervy mind spinning as he stared at my hard nipples poking out my shirt, and then he said, “I do, but I’m enjoying your company, and you said you wanted to watch the movie, so I’ll tell you what, why don’t you stay here and I’ll just do it under the blanket so you won’t see me.” I knew the horny bastard would try to find a way to keep me there, but this was almost too easy… still I acted naive and said, “I guess it’s okay if you keep yourself covered.” A huge smile came to his face as he said, “I promise,” and as I sat back down, he focused on the movie and I could see his hand begin moving up and down under the blanket as he stroked his erect cock.I could hear the pace of his breathing increase, and I was having a hard time watching the movie, which was now showing two beautiful, albeit very plastic looking women in a sixty-nine position. As my eyes bounced between Mr. Watson and the screen, I would occasionally catch him sneaking glances at me.I was doing my best to focus on the TV when Bill asked, “So Lexi, do you think this movie is sexy?”“Uh huh,” I said, and I wasn’t lying. My pussy was melting into a pool of its own juices, but it wasn’t just because of the movie, it was because he was jerking off right next to me, meaning my plan was going perfectly. Then he said, “You know, you said you do it to yourself sometimes, so why don’t you join me?“Oh Mr. Watson, I’d be too embarrassed to do that with you here,” I said, smiling inside as he fell deeper into my trap.“I’m doing it and I’m not embarrassed,” Bill said, trying to rationalize his suggestion, and then he said, “I’ll tell you what, this blanket is pretty big, why don’t you pull it over your lap like me and then we can both have our privacy.”It was unbelievable, he really thought he was manipulating a naïve teenage girl, when it was me who was playing him like a cheap fiddle, but I wanted him to think he was in control so I said, “Well if we both stay covered, I guess it would be okay.”Bill couldn’t get half the blanket over my lap fast enough. Now as I pretended to watch the movie, my hand slipped between my covered legs and found my aching little cunt. I let out a soft sigh as my fingers stroked up and down my sodden pussy lips. Then I glanced to the left and saw that he was no longer pretending to watch the movie, and his eyes were riveted on the motion of my hand under the blanket.“Does it feel good,” he asked as his voice cracked, and I nodded… but this time I wasn’t lying. I was so turned on that I had to keep my fingertips away from my throbbing clit for fear I’d set off my own massive orgasm, and there was still more left to do. For the next few minutes, the only sounds in the room was the fake sex sounds from the Cinemax flick, and the rapid breathing from both Bill and me as we silently played with ourselves, and then he asked, “Lexi, have you and your boyfriend ever watched each other masturbate?”“No, I’ve asked a bunch of times if he’ll show me how he does it, but he always says it feels better when I do it for him, so he’s never showed me, and I’ve always wondered what it looks like when a guy does it,” I said as I glanced over at him. I could see Bill had slowed his stroking so he wouldn’t cum too fast, and then he said, “Well don’t be too mad at your boyfriend for not showing you, I mean he’s obviously not as mature as you, but if you’d really like to see how a guy does it, I’d be glad to show you… just for curiosity’s sake.”‘Boom’… now I knew his overwhelming lust was surpassing his common sense, and the fact that I had maneuvered him so perfectly had my drenched cunt pulsing under my fingertips. But I didn’t want to sound too eager and agree too quickly, so I said, “Gee, that’s really nice of you to offer Mr. Watson, but I don’t think that would be right… I mean you are my best friend’s dad.” “Her ‘stepdad’,” he quickly countered for the second time that night, and then he added, “And it’s something you’ve always wanted to see, so if we keep it our secret, I wouldn’t mind showing you.”The truth was I actually did want to watch Bill stroke his cock regardless of what I might get, but I managed to control my own urges and cautiously say, “Well if you promise it will be our secret, I guess it would be okay… just so I can see how a guy does it.”Bill didn’t say anything, but I could see his face flush with excitement as I gave him the ‘okay’. Then he slowly pulled the blanket aside and his hard cock came into view. It was sticking straight up from a nest of reddish brown pubic hair, and I could see it bouncing as blood pumped into it, keeping it stiff. I only got a brief glimpse of it when I pulled the blanket off earlier, but now I could clearly see all seven inches of his bl00d gorged organ, with light blue veins lining the pale skin-covered shaft, and a deep red mushroom shaped cap resting on top.“Wow… it’s bigger than my boyfriend’s,” I said, totally boosting his ego since it was actually about the same size, and nowhere near as big as Mr. McCann’s monster, but I had to admit the sight of it was still making my pussy quiver and my mouth water. “Well they come in different sizes,” he said as he gripped it between his fingers and thumb started stroking.A soft groan kaçak iddaa escaped his lips as he began slowly gliding his hand up and down his swollen member. All the guys I had seen in the videos used their whole hand to wrap around their shaft, but Mr. Watson held his shaft between his thumb and fingertips, almost like he was holding a musical instrument as he stroked the shaft.Underneath the blanket my own fingers stroked my pussy lips, which were now coated with my leaking juices. I was still being careful to avoid my clit for fear of launching myself into a powerful orgasm, and just then Bill said, “You know Lexi, I’d love to see how you do it too.”“Oh Mr. Watson, I couldn’t do that, you’d have to see me naked,” I said sheepishly.Bill smiled at me and said, “Well if that’s the only thing stopping you, I should probably be honest and tell you that I’ve already seen you naked… from the waist down anyway.”“What… WHEN?” I asked in mock horror, already knowing the answer since I had purposely flashed him.“When you were in the kitchen reaching for the cups, your shirt raised up and I could see your behind, and then when you bent over to pick up the cups you dropped, well let’s just say I could see a lot more, so it’s not like I’d be seeing anything new,” he said, trying to justify his suggestion.“Oh my God, I can’t believe you saw me like that,” I said as I put my head in my hand, acting mortified.“Don’t be embarrassed, it was an accident, and besides, it was a beautiful sight… you’re a very sexy young lady Lexi,” trying to use flattery to get me to do what he wanted, and I decided to play along.“Do you really think I’m sexy Mr. Watson,” I asked innocently as my eyes stayed glued to his cock.“Yes Lexi, you are very sexy,” he answered in rhyme as he continued stroking his hard prick, and then he said, “And since you’re so mature, I don’t mind telling you that seeing a young woman as sexy as you touching yourself would be very helpful to me.” Now I knew he was looking for any bullshit excuse to get me to play with myself in front of him, but I could tell he wasn’t desperate enough to offer me anything yet, and that I needed to do something to keep up his interest, so I said, “Well you are showing me how you do it, and you kind of already saw me naked, so I guess it would be okay,” and then I slowly pushed the blanket off, spread my legs, and showed him my swollen young cunt.“Oh God Lexi, you’re so beautiful,” Bill said as he got a more up-close look at my drooling pussy. Then my hand moved back between my muscular thighs, and as he watched intently I pushed a finger deep into my aching snatch. “Thanks Mr. Watson,” I said, acknowledging his compliment, and then I softly said, “Mr. Watson, would you mind if I took my tee shirt off… I kind of like to play with my nipples when I do this.””Please do Lexi,” he said, trying to sound nonchalant, but failing miserably.I reluctantly pulled my fingers from my pussy, which was probably good because I was getting to close to cumming myself, and I had more to do, and then I reached for the hem of my white tee shirt, pulled it over my head and tossed it aside, exposing my firm young tits and hard pink nipples.”Oh my God, they’re perfect Lexi,” Bill said as he stroked his cock even faster.This time I just smiled at him as I leaned back, and then as my right hand slid back between my legs, my right started pinching and flicking at my erect nipples. My insides were churning as I fingering my pussy right in front of him, and I could see his hand moving faster on his swollen cock as he watching me, and I knew if I didn’t do something we would both cum, so I said, “My boyfriend says it feels way better when I do it for him, but I think he just says that to get me to do it all the time, because when I finger myself, it feels better than when he does it because I know just where to touch.”“No, he’s telling you the truth… it always feels better for a guy when the girl does it for him,” Bill said as his breathing became more labored.“Well I do like doing it for him, but sometimes I’m just not sure if I’m doing it right,” I said, throwing the door wide open.I could see his eyes light up at the opening I had given him, and just as I hoped, Bill said, “You know Lexi, giving a hand job is like gymnastics, the more you practice the better you get, so if you want, you can show me what you do to your boyfriend… and I can tell you if you’re doing it right.”He was like putty in my hands, but I still feigned reluctance and said, “Gee Mr. Watson, I think we’ve already gone too far… and besides, I’m sure I could never do it as good as your wife.”“Lexi, Stacy mom drinks so much now that she and I have no sex life at all any more, that’s part of the reason I was down here doing it myself,” he said sadly, trying to prey on my emotions.“Oh Mr. Watson, you poor man,” I said acting sympathetic to his plight, but it still had to be his idea so I said, “But are you sure it’s alright if I practice on you?”“Absolutely Lexi, that way I can make sure you’re doing it right for your boyfriend, and it would help me at the same time,” he said, trying to create any logic that would convince me to jerk him off.”Well, I guess it’s okay,” I said, trying to hide the fact that I was dying to hold his hard dick. My mouth watered and my pussy felt like it was having a series of tiny earthquakes as I reached towards his groin, and then I gently wrapped my slender fingers around his stiff shaft and squeezed his throbbing member.“Oh God Lexi…” Bill groaned as I gripped him, and then I began stroking his swollen manhood. It was hard as steel, but the skin encasing the shaft was silky and pliable, and the swollen head provided the perfect stopper for my upstroke, while his hair covered pubic mound did the same for my down stroke.”Am I doing it alright,” I asked innocently, almost like I was inquiring about a gymnastics move.”A little slower Lex,” he said, worrying that if he told me I was doing it right, I might just stop.Bill’s eyes were glued to my creamy breasts as I jerked him off a little slower. I could see the spongy head puffing up and turning from pink to purple, and his shaft got even harder as his orgasm built, but I still had more to do, so I slowed my stroking even more. Then just as I was trying to think of how to take my plan to the next level, the perfect excuse presented itself when a tiny pearl-like drop of opaque fluid appeared at the tip of his swollen dick.I continued stroking his bloated cock as I said, “Mr. Watson, is that your sperm leaking from the tip?”Bill was having a hard time talking now as his climax built, but in a strained voice he managed to say, “Well that’s actually called pre-cum Lexi, it’s a little more watery, but it’s made of the same stuff.”I looked at his face, which was starting to distort, and then I said, “My boyfriend always wants me to let him shoot his sperm in my mouth, but I’m afraid if I get a whole mouthful of it and not like it, I might throw up.”I could see another excited look come over his face as he said, “Well Lexi, why don’t you taste that little drop, and then you’ll know if you like it or not.”“I don’t know Mr. Watson,” I said, trying to keep myself from laughing out loud at how he was trying to manipulate me when I was the one who had his horny ass dangling like a puppet on a string. “It’s only a small drop Lexi, so give it a taste, and if you don’t like it you can spit it out,” he said, and I could feel his shaft pulsing in my hand as the thought of me tasting his pre-cum pushed him closer to orgasm.“Well I guess it wouldn’t hurt anything,” I said, bringing a lecherous grin to his face, but his grin quickly turned to a look of shock when instead of scooping the pre-cum onto my finger and licking it from the tip, I leaned forward and sucked the head of his cock into my mouth.“Oh GAAAWWD,” Bill cried out as I swirled my tongue around the head of his prick, collecting his leaking pre-cum into my mouth before letting him slip from between my lips.After I swallowed, I quickly stood up and said, “Mr. Watson, I think I should go back upstairs.”“WHAT… no wait, what’s wrong Lexi… why are you leaving, if you didn’t like the taste you can still use your hand,” he said in desperation, wondering why I was suddenly leaving him in the lurch with swollen balls.“It’s not that, it actually tasted okay, but when you hollered, I’m afraid you woke someone up,” I said, knowing full well he didn’t scream that loud, but I wanted to let his pending orgasm subside.“Wait, Lexi… please don’t go, I’ll run upstairs real quick and make sure they’re sleeping, just please don’t leave me like this,” he said, still gripping his painfully hard erection.“I’m sorry Mr. Watson, but I’d die if Stacy saw us, even if I was just practicing on you,” I said.Bill was in a panic, and I swear he was almost in tears as I slipped on my tee shirt and started up the stairs, and then he did exactly what I was hoping for all along when he said, “Lexi wait, I promise nobody heard me, just please stay and, ummm… if you finish practicing on me, I’ll get you a phone just like Stacy’s, how does that sound?”‘BINGO’ I thought to myself, but I didn’t want to seem too eager, so all I said was, “Gee Mr. Watson, that’s really nice, but I couldn’t do that, and besides… isn’t that like a bribe?”“No, no… God no Lexi,” Bill said, desperately trying to find logic to get me to finish my hand job, and then he said, “It would have been a bribe if I promised you a phone before you started, but you were already practicing… and the phone is just my way of rewarding you for doing such a good job.”It was obvious that Bill was going to create any fucked up logic he could to get me to finish him, and his desperation was just what I wanted, but I still needed something else, so I said, “That’s really nice Mr. Watson, but even if you got me a phone, I’d still have to pay for the service and I can’t afford that, so I think I’ll just go to bed,” and then acting dejected, I walked back towards the steps.“Lexi please wait… I have a group plan through work, and I can add one more line to it, so the phone and the service will be free, and you said earlier that you’d do anything for a phone like Stacy’s” he said, and I knew that the desperation I was hoping for had finally consumed him.“Really… you’d do that for me, geez thanks Mr. Watson, that’s so nice of you,” I said, and then to close the deal I added, “So when would I get the phone?” The horny bastard’s face lit up when he thought he had me, so he said, “I’ll have it here on Monday.”“Really, on Monday… Wow?” I said with teenage glee, and then I added, “Well I guess if it really is just a reward,” and then I pulled my shirt over my head, exposing my athletic young body to his leering eyes yet again.“It is, I swear,” Bill said as he ogled me, and then I moved back towards the couch, but this time instead of sitting next to him on the sofa, I knelt at his feet, with my soft blonde hair and angelic face at his knees as I took his throbbing cock in my hand again.“Oh yesss,” Bill groaned, and almost immediately the head of his prick swelled and darkened again, and another dollop of pre-cum collected at the tip. I could see a strained look building on his face as I stroked him, but I still couldn’t let him cum yet because I wasn’t done, so I stopped stroking his shaft, leaned forward and quickly licked another drop of watered down pre-cum from the tip.Once again Bill’s body went stiff, and then he groaned, “Oh Lexi, it feels so good when you do that honey… please put it in your mouth.”“I don’t think I should do that Mr. Watson, you just scared me a little when you cried out earlier. so I wanted to give it one more taste to see if I liked it before I do it for my boyfriend,” I replied, and then I went back to slowly jerking him off, being careful not to make him cum.As my hand pumped up and down his swollen stalk, I purposely leaned my face closer to his hard dick until I was sure he could feel my warm breath on the sensitive crown. His eyes were glazing over as I purposely moved to where my lips were almost touching the tip, and he finally said, “Oh God Lexi, please put it in your mouth!”Once again I released Bill’s near bursting cock, pretending I was upset, and then I said, “Mr. Watson, I’m starting to think this isn’t about me practicing giving my boyfriend a hand job at all, and you’re just trying to get me to do stuff to you, so maybe we should forget the whole thing.”I stood up and gave Bill another good look at my body as I reached for my tee shirt, but this time I didn’t even reach the stairs when he said, “Please wait Lexi, I am so sorry… I really do think this is good practice for you, and you since you said you were thinking about using your mouth on your boyfriend, this would be good practice for that too… and I’ll tell you what, if you use your mouth, I’ll give you another reward, how would you like a laptop just like Stacy’s?”“I don’t know Mr. Watson, are you sure you’re not tying to bribe me with a laptop just so I’ll suck your penis,” I said, standing completely naked in front of him with my hands on my hips as he ogled me.“No, Lexi, I swear these aren’t bribes, like I said, they are just rewards for doing a good job,” he said quickly, sounding more desperate than anyone I’d ever known.“And you promise they’re not bribes,” I said as I knelt in front of him again.“I promise,” he answered with a shaky voice as I wrapped my hand around his cock again.“And you’ll give me both the phone and the laptop Monday,” I asked as I leaned forward until my lips were barely an inch from the swollen head of his prick.“I promise Lexi… I swear I promise,” he said, sounding almost as if he was begging.At that moment I knew I had him, and I smiled and said, “Well since you promised it’s not a bribe…” and then I leaned forward and sucked almost his entire swollen prick deep into my mouth.“Oh GAAWWD… YESSSSS,” Bill gr0wled in a low voice as the rubbery head of his cock bumped the back of my throat. Then I started slowly gliding my soft, wet lips up and down his shaft. I could already feel his shaft getting harder as I used my tongue to lave the underside. I hadn’t sucked many cocks, but when I felt the tube running from his balls to the tip starting to expand, I knew it wouldn’t be much longer, and I thought a phone and a laptop deserved more than a two minute blowjob, so I slowed my pace, after all, I wasn’t greedy, just a shrewd businesswoman… plus I really enjoyed sucking dick, especially when there was gold at the end of the rainbow.“Oh Lexi, that feels amazing honey,” Bill groaned as my hot, wet mouth carefully nursed his bloated cock. While my lips provided the perfect amount of pressure and suction, my hand cradled his swollen balls, gently rolling them as if they were delicate robin’s eggs. Just like with Frankie, I actually wanted Bill to cum in my mouth. It was funny how I still wouldn’t swallow my boyfriend’s load, even though I loved him, because the only payoff for me was a mouthful of sticky, salty sperm… but when I was sucking the cock of someone I had manipulated into giving me what I wanted, his cum became a thick, rich, creamy validation of my accomplishment… it was a true money shot, and I wanted to swallow every delicious, profitable drop.As I began swirling my tongue over his spongy cock head, Bill’s legs suddenly started shaking, and he was groaning almost incoherently. My lips were sealed tightly around his shaft, and there was so much saliva in my mouth that I was making slurping noises as I sucked his prick. Then just as I let the swollen knob slip into the opening of my throat, he gr0wled, “Oh Lexi… here it comes… AAAARRRGGGGHHHH!!!I quickly backed off his cock a bit, and it felt like someone had shoved a super soaker in my mouth and pulled the trigger as Mr. Watson’s shaft pulsed hard between my lips, and jets of gooey sperm flooded every part of my oral cavity. Ugh… Ugh… Ugh, Bill grunted as the muscles at the base of his cock flexed over and over, pumping more of his warm discharge into my sucking mouth. I couldn’t swallow fast enough as the tube that ran along the underside of his shaft pulsed eight… nine… ten times and more, feeding me what seemed like a quart of gooey sperm from his balls. So much cum was spurting in my mouth that milky rivulets were leaking from the corners and running down my chin.Mr. Watson body twitched and jerked, and he groaned incoherently as the spams in his cock started to ease. I’ll admit that his cum didn’t taste as good as Frankie’s, but knowing why it was in my mouth had my tight young pussy boiling over, and I knew one thing… I needed an orgasm, and I needed it soon.Finally Bill’s cock stopped twitching, and it started to become more pliable between my lips as it softened. I swallowed the last of his load, and as he opened his eyes and watched me, I scooped up the cum that had leaked from the corners of my mouth onto my finger, and then licked it clean. Once again I was amazed at how love wasn’t enough to make me swallow my boyfriend’s load, but giving a blowjob to manipulate someone into doing whatever I wanted turned me into a sex crazed, cum guzzling slut.Bill had watched me suck his cock as clean as a whistle and then clean up the residue, and then he looked at me and said, “My God Lexi, for someone who never gave a guy a blowjob, you sure were amazing.”I finished cleaning what was left on my face, and then I looked up at him, I smiled and said, “So I guess I did alright?”“Oh Lexi, it was incredible,” he said, still breathing heavily.Now that I was sure Bill was happy with my service, I decided it was time to gamble on my instincts, and play the trump card that would guarantee that he would deliver what he promised, and I said, “So did I do it as good as Stacy?”Bill’s face turned bright red as he said, “WHAT, you mean… son of a bitch… I knew she’d tell you, she promised me she would never tell anyone, is that why you did this, to blackmail me into giving you what I gave her?”“Well actually Stacy never told me anything, I was only guessing because I’ve watched you two of you, but you just confirmed it,” I said as I still knelt naked in front of him, and then I said, “And how can I be blackmailing you when I never asked you for anything… you were the one that offered me a phone and a laptop, you said they were rewards, and had nothing to do with me sucking your penis… was that a lie?”“No it wasn’t a lie,” he said nervously, and then he asked, “So now what?”“Well I would never want to hurt you or my best friend by telling anyone about you and her, but what you kaçak bahis and I just did is a different story… still, you don’t need to worry about anything, as long as you keep your promise,” I answered.“And what if I don’t bring the phone and laptop on Monday,” he asked me, suddenly taking a smug tone.“So are you saying you promised me those ‘rewards’ just to get me to give you a blow job, even though you knew you weren’t going to keep your promise,” I asked looking him squarely in the eye.“No, I’m just asking what would happen if I didn’t,” he asked, sounding decidedly less smug. “Well to me, that would mean you made a lot of false promises to get a high school girl, who happens to be stepdaughter’s best friend, to give you a blowjob, and even though I ‘probably’ wouldn’t say anything to anyone, the fact is if you don’t keep your promises to me, then I’m no longer obligated to keep this a secret… that sounds pretty fair to me,” I replied.“Well you don’t have to worry Lexi, because you’ll have your new phone and laptop on Monday,” Bill said as he looked down at me still kneeling naked at his feet.“I know, I never doubted it because I know you’re honest, that’s why I was a little hurt when accused me of blackmailing you when this was all your idea,” I answered, still manipulating him.“I’m sorry Lexi, you’re right… you never asked me for anything, I’m the one who promised you those things, I should have known you weren’t trying to blackmail me,” Bill said in a remorseful way.“That’s okay Mr. Watson,” I said, and even though I was pretty sure I had accomplished my goal, I was still horny as hell, and with a mischievous grin I said, “And besides, if I only cared about the phone and laptop, would I do this,” and then I leaned forward and sucked his now soft cock back into my mouth.“Lexi, what are you… ohhhhhhh,” Bill moaned as I held him between my lips and began swirling my tongue around the shriveled organ until I felt it swelling and stiffening again.As I sucked Bill’s hardening prick, my pussy began twitching. My mouth and tongue worked their magic on his organ until it had grown back to a full erection, and then as he watched in silence, I stood up and straddled his hips with my knees. Then with my firm young tits in his face, I held his shaft at the perfect angle and then I pressed my tight young pussy down over his spongy cock head until it was lodged inside me, and then inch by inch I slowly impaled myself on the rock hard column of flesh. “Holy Fuuuuuck.” Bill groaned as my wet cunt enveloped his erect cock, stretching to accept his entire length until I was sitting on his lap, and the head of his prick was up in my belly. Neither of us said a word as his hands slipped around my hips to grip my smooth round ass cheeks, and then as he leaned forward to take one of my nipples between his lips, I began slowly raising and lowering myself, using my tight pussy to sheath and unsheathe his rampant prick again and again.I knew I had taken him by surprise, but Bill could only moan around my nipple as I began bouncing up and down on his swollen member. His cock wasn’t as big as McCann’s, but at that moment I didn’t care, because after orally satisfying Stacy and her stepfather, my cunny was just glad to finally be getting some attention.“Tight virgin pussy,” Bill groaned as he grabbed my hips and began controlling the rhythm of my fucking, and then suddenly he said, “Oh God Lexi… I’m not wearing a condom.”“Don’t worry Mr. Watson, I’m on birth control,” I whispered in his ear, and then I put my hands on his shoulder and began pile driving myself up and down on his invading prick.As I looked down at Bill, with my blonde hair falling around my cherubic face, he groaned, “Oh my God, I feel like I’m fucking that girl from that ‘iCarly’ TV show.”“Does that excite you, Mr. Watson? Are you going to think of fucking me every time you see her,” I asked, making the situation even more taboo, and more arousing.“Fucking you is exciting enough for me Lexi,” he groaned.“Then fuck me Mr. Watson… fuck me HARD,” I groaned, finally throwing away the innocent act as I used muscles deep in my pelvis, built by years of gymnastics training, to grip his cock as I rode him. Even though the walls of my cunt were sealed tight around his shaft, you could still hear a squishing sound as I bounced up and down on him.The pressure deep in my cunt was building, but I wasn’t sure if I could cum before Bill did, so I decided to bear down and give him the best fuck he ever had. I put my hands back on his shoulders and then started to use my strong abs to roll my hips and pelvis, and suddenly Bill groaned, “Oh Lexi, oh God you’re so tight.”His words just spurred me on, and I started ‘twerking’ on his cock… bouncing my ass up and down as fast as I could while gripping it with my kegel muscles. My vaginal walls started to contract as my own orgasm started to build, and just as I arched my back, and spasms of pleasure tore through my groin, Bill pushed his face between my tits to muffle the sound and he groaned, “Oh Lexi… oh fuck I’m cummiiiinnngggg!”I quickly slammed my hips downward and buried his prick deep in my pussy as it started bl@sting his load inside me. The involuntary muscle spasms in the walls of my vagina clamped around his spitting cock, and as my cunt tightened the hard shaft, I could actually feel it pulsating as his thick spunk flooded my insides.We both held each other tight as I rode him like my life depended on it. I was finally having the orgasm I had been holding back since I had licked Stacy’s pussy earlier, and Bill’s second climax was splashing his slimy seed against my cervix, but my desire didn’t seem to be reducing after my orgasm like it usually did. I wanted more, but I could feel Bill starting to relax, so I decided to finish what I had started with him, and deal with my own desire later.Bill grunted and groaned as my final pussy contractions milked his spurting cock until only dry spasms remained, and once I was sure I had drained him, and my own climax faded, I lifted myself from his spent prick and stood up. My pussy was still aching for attention, but I knew I could take care of that myself when I got upstairs, and all that mattered was that I had just sucked and fucked Bill senseless, and that I was getting a new phone and laptop on Monday.I could feel Bill’s cum leaking down my thighs so I went into the kitchen and got some wet paper towels. After cleaning myself, I took a handful back to him, and as I watched his wipe the mixture of drying sperm and young pussy juice from his spent cock and matted pubic hair he said, “Lexi, that was incredible, but I have to ask you… are you really a virgin?”Part of me wanted to tell the truth, but then I thought that I could at least let him have the fantasy that he took my virginity, plus I didn’t want him to realize I had manipulated him, just in case I needed something from him in the future, so I lied and said, “You were my first, other than that hairbrush, and it was amazing.” Then I kissed him on the cheek and picked up my tee shirt, but instead of putting it on, I threw it over my shoulder and started up the steps, swaying my amazing ass back and forth.When I looked back I saw Bill’s eyes glued to my plump derriere, and he said, “I’m glad you liked it Lexi, I thought it was amazing too, and you certainly deserve your rewards.”I just smiled and as I cupped my ass cheeks I said, “Thanks Mr. Watson, goodnight.”When I got back to Stacy’s room, my young cunt was still a five-alarm blaze. Between licking my best friend’s pussy, sucking and fucking her stepfather, and knowing I was getting a brand new phone and lap top on Monday, I was so turned on that I needed another orgasm… bad!I threw my tee shirt aside and then dropped myself on Stacy’s bed, spreading my legs wide as my fingers found my soaking wet gash. As I began feverishly rubbing my clit, I felt Stacy stir.As she slowly opened her eyes she looked at me rubbing my cunt like a cavew0man, and then she looked at her clock radio and croaked, “Lex, what are you doing, it’s almost four in the morning… and why are you so sweaty?”“I’m so sorry… I guess I was having a sex dream because I just woke up and I’m so fucking horny,” I lied as found my vibrator, turned it on and pressed it against my throbbing clit.My insides felt like jello I buzzed myself, and as Stacy started to come around she said, “Wait… slow down.”“It’s okay Stace, go back to sleep… I can take care of this,” I said, in desperate need of another orgasm.“Okay first of all there’s no way I can go back to sleep with your vibrator buzzing and your body shaking the bed like there’s an earthquake, and second, after doing what you did to me earlier, the least I can do is return the favor,” and then she leaned over me and we kissed deeply.Our lips and tongues meshed in a lover’s kiss as Stacy’s hands found my sensitive breasts. Then she began kissing her way down over my chest as I groaned, “Oh God baby yes… suck my nipples.”I felt her kissing my soft tit flesh as I pressed the vibrator against my clit, and then Stacy’s mouth find my hard left nipple. Electric charges went straight to my groin as she flicked and nipped at the hard nubbin with her tongue and teeth, and then I groaned out loud as she sucked it between her plump, luscious lips.My pussy literally felt like it was melting away from my body as Stacy moved to my right nipple, giving it equal treatment, and then she began kissing and licking her way down my body. As she kissed her way over my smooth shaved pussy mound, she took the vibrator away from my throbbing clit and replaced it with her soft, wet tongue.“Oh fuuuuuck,” I groaned as Stacy strumming my pleasure pea. I felt my cunt contract, and a rush of pussy juice leaking down my ass crack as she started swirling her tongue around the tiny sex organ. I could feel the climax I was aching for starting to build as my best friend lowered her face and plunged her tongue deep into my gaping slit… and then she suddenly rose up and stared at me with a quizzical look on her face.I looked down at my best friend licking her lips, and now it donned on me, when she pushed her tongue into my gaping slit, she must have tasted the familiar flavor of male spunk mixed with my pussy juice. I was preparing myself for the inevitable question of why there was man cum in my pussy, but for some reason she just lowered her face back down to my crotch and started lapping my juices like it was the last meal she’d ever have.I didn’t even have time to breathe a sigh of relief as Stacy used the vibrator and her tongue to tease my cunt to the point of meltdown. I knew I was going to cum soon so I pulled a pillow over my face to muffle my screams, as had become our custom… and just then Stacy pushed her finger into my pussy, and once it was covered with the mixture of my pussy dew and Bill’s slimy cum, she pulled it from my pussy and then rudely and unceremoniously rammed the finger deep into my ass, triggering an incredibly intense orgasm.“Ohhhhhhh FUUUCK,” I screamed into the pillow as I came. Stacy had been anything but gentle when she jammed her finger deep into my rectum, and I wondered if it was because she knew I had fucked Bill and she was pissed off, but it didn’t matter because the combination of pleasure and pain actually ignited one of the most powerful orgasms of my life.I was writhing and screaming as my orgasm ripped my insides apart. The spastic flexing of my muscles hammered in my groin in the most pleasurable way, but even in the middle of a 9.9 climax, I still couldn’t help but wonder if the anger in Stacy’s digital assault on my puckered asshole was revenge for the taste of fresh spunk flowing from my cunt… spunk that could only be her stepfather’s.She kept the buzzing toy pressed hard against my clit, her tongue deep in my gash, and her finger fucking in and out of my asshole as I writhed and convulsed. I still wasn’t sure if she was pleasuring me or punishing me as she kept up her oral, digital and mechanical assault, but it didn’t matter… I was in heaven.My orgasm was finally starting to ease when I groaned, “That’s enough Stacy… no more.” But instead of stopping, she pushed the vibrator into my pussy to coat it with whatever was seeping from my gaping gash, and then as she looked at me she said, “I’ll tell you when you’ve had enough bitch,” and then she lowered her mouth back to my clit and thrust the well-lubricated vibrator deep into my throbbing asshole.“Holy fucking SHIIITTTTT,” I screamed into the pillow as the smooth tapered vibrator stretched my rectum. The pain was instantaneous and intense, but brief, and in a matter of seconds the feeling of Stacy’s tongue on my clit and the sex toy deep in my rectum vaulted me to my third orgasm of the night. I was almost sobbing as the contractions deep in my belly were causing my muscles in my anus to clamp around the vibrator, and as I whimpered like a baby, my final climax of the night ended.I struggled to catch my breath, and as Stacy slowly extracted the vibrator from my still twitching asshole, my body relaxed, and I realized I had to open my eyes and face her. I was sure she realized I had fucked Bill, and by her aggressive assault on me, I figured she wasn’t too happy about it, but as I slowly opened my eyes, I saw she had a smile on her face as she asked, “Well how was that?”“Jesus Stace, that was incredible,” I answered her honestly.“Well I figured I owed you multiple orgasms,” she said, and then she kissed me and said, “Sorry if I was a little rough on you, I love you Lex.”“I love you too Stace,” I said, still nervously waiting for her to say something about the cum she had to have tasted in my pussy, but to my amazement, she never did, and instead she cuddled up next to me, and we fell asleep in each other’s arms.Sunday morning came, and Stacy didn’t say anything about her stepdad and me, and on Monday we worked on our routines at her place as usual, and the subject still didn’t come up. Then Bill got home about six o’clock and I knew I had to get home to start dinner. I still didn’t know if he had the phone and laptop, and he didn’t say anything, so I was wondering if he backed out, but as I was trying to decide how to confront him, he suddenly said, “Hey Lexi, I’m going out to pick up Chinese food for dinner, so I’ll drop you off at home.”“Okay Mr. Watson,” I said as I gathered up my stuff, and then as I walked to his car I turned to wave at my Stacy, and I could see a sly grin on her face. Bill and I didn’t really say much on the short drive, just small talk until we pulled up in front of my trailer, and then he said, “Now Lexi, you didn’t say anything to Stacy about Saturday night, did you?”“No Mr. Watson, I promised you I wouldn’t,” I said.“And I made a promise too,” he said as he opened his trunk and pulled out a bag from the electronics store, and I was sure it contained my brand new cell phone and laptop.A huge smile came to my face, and a rush of warmth filled my groin as I said, “Thanks Mr. Watson, that was very nice of you.”“Just remember that you can’t tell anyone where you got them,” he said.”Don’t worry… I wont’t,” I replied.Then he said, “So maybe sometime down the road we can, you know… have some fun again.”I looked at him and said, “Well that depends.””On what,” he asked.”On when the next new phone comes out,” I replied with a wink and a grin, and then I picked up my packages and went into the house.Frankie was in his room and Janice wasn’t home yet so I hustled the bags into my room and pulled out my new electronic gadgets. Bill had included all the information about the phone inside the box, and I quickly loaded Janice’s modem password into my laptop. That night after dinner I was in heaven. I was surfing the internet on my brand new laptop, and loading my contacts into my brand new phone, and it was all thanks to the power and control sex had given me over Mr. Watson. As I thought about it my pussy quivered, so I pulled up some porn on my new laptop and pulled out my vibrator, and before long I was having my first orgasm thanks to my own computer.The next day after school, Stacy and I were walking home when my new phone rang. At first I ignored it, but when it rang again, Stacy said, “Aren’t you going to answer it?”I knew my new phone was going to draw questions from Stacy, and I wasn’t sure I was ready for them, so I said, “It’s probably just Janice reminding me that I have to make dinner for Frankie today,”“It could be an emergency,” Stacy said with a wry smile on her face as my phone rang again.There was no way I could keep it hidden from Stacy forever, and besides, I really wanted to start texting her, and she knew I couldn’t text on my old flip phone, so I finally reached into my pocket and pulled out my new phone.I was right, it was Janice reminding me about dinner, and after I hung up with her Stacy said, “Nice new phone, looks a lot like the one Bill got for me… did you just get it?”Stacy knew I had enough money in the bank, so I said, “Ummm, yeah… I really liked yours, so I used my babysitting money to get it.”“Uh huh,” Stacy said as she looked at me with a smirk and a raise eyebrow, and I knew she didn’t buy it one bit, but to my best friend’s credit, she never said a word or asked another question, even though I could tell she had figured it out. Then again, she probably worried that if she started asking me questions about Bill, I might do the same with her, so we never brought it up… ever.Janice, on the other hand, gave me the third degree when she saw my new electronics, asking how I got them, but I just told her I used the money I made babysitting and tutoring. I actually think she was a little jealous that my gadgets were better than hers, but I told her that since I was going to be a high school senior, I needed them to stay in touch with college gymnastics recruiters, and the only way I could go to college was with scholarships, so she didn’t bother me anymore.It was ironic that I would use a college scholarship as my reason for needing a new phone and a laptop, because my recruitment period would be the next time I would use the power and control my looks and sexuality gave me to get what I wanted.FIN Part II Disclaimer: This copyrighted story, and is the physical and intellectual property of the author. It is protected by law, and meets all federal and state statutes involving written erotica. It also conforms to all legal restrictions on written erotica and the Byrne Convention, and is intended for the enjoyment of adults only. Any attempt to reproduce this story in its original, or altered form will be met with legal action. This is both a courtesy and a warning to those who would post any material to another website without the author’s permission, or claim it to be there own property.

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