My Son, Jason


Hey, just wanted to say that this is my first story so any comments or suggestions you guys have, please let me know. It was pretty fun to write this, so I might try another one in the future. Any suggestions of what to write about would be greatly appreciated. Have fun with the story 🙂

Oh my god, I thought. My son is sniffing my panties and masturbating on my bed!

Oh, sorry, I should probably give a little context here. I’m Kelly, a pretty average mom with a pretty average family. Well, it was until my husband left me 7 years ago. It’s been rough, but my son, Jason, and I were able to get through it. Things have felt normal for a while now, and this whole experience brought Jason and I a lot closer than we were before his dad left. That being said, over the years, Jason has become more of a loner. It makes sense, he is 19, but I’ve missed talking to him like I used to. We still talk and laugh with each other, but just far less often.

Well, anyway, I had taken a personal day from work because I had a doctor’s appointment. I scheduled it had to leave about the same time that I left for work most days. That way, I could come home and surprise Jason with a movie (we always like to do that together). It was a Saturday and he doesn’t like to go out, so I figured that it would be perfect. I came in the house, but when I did, I heard something odd. It was a moaning or something. As I got closer to the sound, it was much easier to hear. The moaning was Jason, and it was coming from my room! The door was open, so I looked in and saw him masturbating on my bed!

Jason? I thought. This was very out of character. I’ve looked all over his room and on his computer before to make sure that he wasn’t doing anything “inappropriate” when I was gone, and I never found a damn thing. Is this what he was doing instead? Then, when my confusion subsided a bit, I saw his penis and I became transfixed. He had a solid 8 inch member that was amazingly thick. I continued to watch him stroke while he sniffed my panties, all while lightly rubbing myself as well.

We both kept going for a few minutes until he started to tense up. I knew what was coming next. I watched eagerly as he pumped his dick a few more times before he came. Wow, there was A LOT! I counted at least 5 spurts and it looked delicious. Oh God, I just watched my son cum on my bed! I didn’t actually realize what I had done until it was over, but I felt ashamed of myself. What the fuck is wrong with me? I wondered.

My feeling of shame was so overwhelming that I left the house and drove around the block a few times. I eventually pulled back into the driveway, but I couldn’t make myself get out of the car. The entire scene kept replaying in my mind like a movie (oh yeah, we’re canceling that plan today). My mind was racing with all of the possibilities sarıyer escort of what I could say when I go back inside. Do I pretend I didn’t see anything? Do I tell him I saw and punish him? Do I tell him I saw and I want to see more? That last one disgusted me.

I eventually up the courage to go inside and act like nothing happened. When I opened the door, I yelled, “Jason, I’m home!”

“Hey mom!” he said from the living room. “Don’t you have to work today?”

“No because…” Fuck, what was it again? Doctor, right! “I had a check-up with the doctor, so I took the day off.”

“Ah, ok,” he yelled back. I went to the living room to see what he was doing. He was playing video games, no shock. On the screen, he was hitting a giant frog with a skeleton face with a big sword. On any other day, I would have been disgusted, but today has been so odd that even this doesn’t phase me. I sat on the couch and picked up a book. Every word I read I forgot by the end of the page, so I spent about 8 minutes on page 42 before I realized that this was worthless. Why am I doing this, I thought. Maybe it’s because I haven’t seen a penis in person since Jason’s father left. Maybe it’s because my son and I are so close now. Either way, I wanted him.

“Ugh, it’s a little hot in here,” I said. “I’ll be right back. I’m going to change into some lighter clothes.” “Ok mom,” he said. I went back to my room, hoping he would take the bait. I left the door open a crack and changed where he could see me if he decided to follow. Then, I looked around for my hottest casual clothes I could find. I decided on some yoga pants and a low cut top so Jason could see the top of my rack. If this doesn’t turn him on, nothing will. As I started to change clothes, I looked at the mirror on the wall that, at this angle, lets me see the door perfectly. At first, I thought it hadn’t worked, but as I focused, I could see an eye that I knew must have been his. Perfect.

While changing clothes, I tried to go somewhat slowly so he could get a better view. I also decided that I didn’t need to wear a bra with my new look, so I took that off. When I finished dressing, I turned around and went back for the door. He was back in the living room before I even left my room, but I know that he saw enough. When I got back to the living room, he was back to his game, but I could see that he was still pitching a tent. Hmm, I thought. No, not now. It’s too sudden. Tease a bit more, then go for it.

After I had sat on the couch for a few minutes, I said, “Jason, sweetie, can we talk for a bit?”

“Sure mom, what’s up?”

Your cock, I thought. I still felt bad for thinking this way and doing all of this, but my lust was overpowering everything else I was feeling. “Have you met any girls recently?”

I could tell that silivri escort he was shocked at the question by the way his head jerked, but he tried to answer calmly. “No, mom.”

He’s always been more on the nerdy side, so I wasn’t surprised, but I continued. “Jason, you’re such a sweet boy. You can find a nice girl if you try.”

“Uh, thanks mom, but I’m too shy…”

“Oh nonsense,” I laughed, “any girl would want to be with you. You’re very sweet and cute”

After I said this, he turned as red as a stop sign and said, “Th-thanks mom.”

I walked over to him and gave him a quick kiss. “No problem, sweetie,” I said. Then I added, “You know, if I was your age, I probably would sleep with you pretty quickly, too.”

His controller fell from his hands at this comment and he got extremely hard through his pants. “MOM!?!?!” he cried. I sat down by him and looked in his eyes lovingly. “Sweetie, I said that I would love to have sex with you at your age, especially with how big you are” We both looked down at his crotch, then back at each other. “Uh, mom,” he said, “I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to-” I interrupted him saying, “Jason, it’s ok. We all have feelings sometimes and it’s nothing to be ashamed of.” As I move my head closer to his I speak quieter and quieter until I am at a whisper. When my face is about two inches from his, I whisper, “If it helps, mommy’s really wet right now.” Finally, we both moved our heads closer and met in a passionate, loving kiss.

I have dated a lot of men since I got divorced. It never got far enough to have sex, but I had some pretty hot kisses, and this kiss from my son felt better than all of them combined. After about 30 seconds, the kiss broke and we looked at each other. “Did you like that, sweetie?” I asked.

He nodded and said, “very much.”

“Was that your first kiss?”

“Y-yes mom,” he replied.

“Would you like to have some other firsts with mommy?” I said as I reached down and felt his dick through his jeans.

Jason looked shocked. He nodded his head, most likely because he couldn’t speak.

“Lay down, baby,” I said. He did as I asked and I unzipped his pants. He helped me take them and his underwear off, as well. Before I could pleasure him, I had to look at it up close. It was so big, much bigger than his dad’s. After a few seconds, I was finally able to bring myself back into reality. At this point, I decided to tease him a little with kisses along the shaft until I got to the head. When I got there, I saw a bit of precum, so I licked it up with my tongue and said, “yummy.” It was sweet and I really wanted more, so I finally took the head into my mouth. Every move I made caused Jason to moan loudly which only turned me on more. I took as much of him in my mouth as I could, but I began to gag when şirinevler escort he was about halfway down my throat. He loved it, but I wasn’t going to be satisfied until I took it all. It took a few minutes, but I finally was able to deepthroat him and take all 8 inches down my throat.

At this point, I could feel him throb and knew his load was coming. I backed off but still kept him in my mouth as I stroked his member till he blew his load. I was able to mostly swallow as fast as the streams were coming, but some slipped out of my mouth, which I then licked up off the floor. His man juice tasted so perfect, I wanted to have some every day. I looked at him when I finished and he was breathing very heavily.

“Did you like giving mommy that treat?” I said.

He nodded slowly.

“Mmm, so did I. Ready for more?”

He looked puzzled, as if he wasn’t expecting anything other than a blowjob. I was far too horny to just leave it like that, so I crawled over next to him and took off my shirt, exposing my tits for him. This got him wide eyed and semi hard instantly. I let him suck and play with my boobs, which made me feel so good. He was a natural at handling a pair of tits. Then, I got up, turned around, and bent over, pulling down my pants and panties in one motion. I stepped out of them and bent over the coffee table. Jason got the message and came up behind me, fully erect again.

He placed his cock at my entrance and slowly entered me. Every inch of his cock just felt better than the last and my pussy was on fire. “Oh mom, you’re so tight,” Jason said, “and really wet, too.” Hearing that from my son turned me on so much that I almost came. “Oh, Jason,” I moaned, “Your cock feels great, too, sweetie. Fuck me like you always wanted. Make mommy your cock slut.” He then increased his speed and intensity, giving me more pleasure than I ever thought possible. All 8 inches sliding in and out of me, his cock spreading my pussy wide. The pleasure was unbelievable.

“Mom, I-I’m gonna-“

“Pull out, baby,” I said.

He pulled out. “Where do you want it?” he said.

“Oh, we aren’t done yet,” I said deviously. “Spit on my asshole, then slide it in.” Jason spat on my asshole and got it very sloppy and wet. Then, he slid it in slowly again and I came the instant it was all in. He gave me a moment to breathe, but then began to pound my asshole extremely hard. I didn’t think that he had this in him, but he fucked me so good and I loved every second of it. “Oh fuck, mom, I’m close again,” he said after pounding me for a few more minutes. “Oh fuck,” I said. “Mommy is, too. Cum in mommy, sweetie. Cum with mommy.” He then exploded in my asshole while I had the most powerful orgasm of my life. A few more spurts came out of his cock before he pulled out. Semen was pouring out of my ass and it felt so good.

“Oh fuck,” said Jason. “Thanks mom.” He then kissed me.

“Oh, thank you sweetie,” I said. “I loved every second.”

He was about to put his clothes back on, but then instead began to stroke his cock. When I looked at him, he said, “Ready for round 3?”

I love my son.

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