My Step-mom Angela Pt. 03


Please read parts 1 & 2 and then come on back! Author’s note: all characters in this story are 18 years or older.


It turns out my father had an unexpected meeting in town and had come back for a few days. It was nice to have him around for a little while, but all I could think about was the feeling of my hand in between Angela’s legs, the way her mound felt through her panties, and that brief moment when I sucked on her nipple. These blissful and intense thoughts clouded my mind and nothing else mattered for those few days.

Angela took it all in her stride, reverting to her usual manner of being a warm, supportive parental figure without showing any sign to my father that she and I had shared some transgressive intimate moments. I wasn’t sure if any of it had meant anything to her, or if her free and easy ways made it natural for her to just do those sorts of things with her step-son, or perhaps anyone.

The afternoon of my dad’s unexpected arrival, I found Angela snoozing on the couch, wearing a long dress; not particularly revealing, but still pretty. My father was in the shower. I sat down next to her but she didn’t stir. I ran my fingers through her hair, as she always did to me, but she still didn’t respond. I put my hand on her shoulder, then, unable to forget our encounter from a few hours before, started to gently stroke her breast. She wriggled around.

“I’m not in the mood, honey,” she said and moved a little to cover herself up, then opened her eyes and saw me. “Oh,” she said, “it’s you.” I guess she thought it had been my dad, which made sense. Her response certainly had been revealing. “And what exactly are you up to, young man?” she said in her usually mock-parental way. “Do you really want your father to see you sitting like this with his wife?”

“He’s in the shower, I can still hear it running,” I replied.

“That’s hardly the point.”

As was usually the case these days, Angela didn’t tell me “No,” exactly, but merely expressed that it was wrong. I put my hand on her shoulder again and she didn’t say anything, but actually moved her arm so she was no longer covering herself. My hand slipped to her breast. Angela didn’t say anything, so I softly began to caress her again, as I had done quite a few times by now. It still felt amazing to me, the most beautiful and exciting sensation in the world. She looked me in the eye and I could sense her desire.

“What do you think your father would do if he saw you doing that?” she said. I didn’t stop touching her, because as usual she didn’t tell me to stop. After a few moments, she said, “Are you still thinking about that girl?” I understood that Angela had allowed me to touch her like this because Hannah had broken up with me, or used that as an excuse to allow me. It was obvious now that she liked this attention from me, but still wanted the excuse. I didn’t answer and gently squeezed her nipple through her dress. She wasn’t wearing a bra.

Angela wriggled around and let out a sigh. I went on touching her tit and she just lay there, watching me. “You know, Michael, I only let you touch me like this because you were sad about hannah breaking it off with you,” she said.

“And what about that massage?” I asked, continuing to feel her up.

“Didn’t you have a sore back?”

I didn’t answer. Angela seemed to relax, and let her hand fall onto my leg. She gave my thigh a little squeeze, which felt wonderful. We looked at each other for a moment and then became aware that the water in the shower upstairs had stop running. “OK, then,” Angela said abruptly and got up. “I need to get ready. We’ve got company coming over then we’re all going out,” she said and trotted off perkily. I watched her as she left and I felt warm when she turned and smiled and waved.


Later that night, a married couple, Ted and Jane, came to the house and everyone was drinking and laughing in the kitchen. They had a teenage daughter named Lucy, but I felt a little awkward and shy and so decided to stay in my room. After a little while, there was a knock on my door and a call for me to come out because we were all going out to eat.

“C’mon,” said my father. “I have this awesome rental car, let’s all squeeze in,” he suggested and there was some discussion as to how we’d all fit. There would be six people in one car, but my dad insisted because he wanted to show off the “awesome” sound system to Ted. Jane suggested that Lucy sit on Ted’s knee but there was much eye-rolling so we were back to square one. Finally, my father came up with a plan that everyone was happy with, although if he’d known what had been happening in his absence, I’m certain he wouldn’t have suggested it.

“Ted, you’re up front with me. Ang, babe, you sit on Mike’s lap in the back with Jane and Lucy.” Yes. It was perfect. Angela looked at me with a half-smile and shrugged. I pretended to be annoyed but sat down in the back seat excitedly. Everyone piled into the car and Angela made a point of apologizing şişli elit escort before sitting across my legs. Instinctively, I put my arms around her waist and in her soft summer dress she smelled and felt fantastic.

The car started and Angela relaxed onto me, her ass planted directly on top of my cock which was growing in size rapidly. We hit a few bumps as we moved down the driveway, her body rubbed against me and I became further aroused. Within a minute or two I was rock solid, and Angela giggled at little. She had already had a couple of glasses of wine and was clearly feeling loose.

“You OK back there, Michael?” my dad called out.

“Oh, he’s having a bit of a hard time but he’ll be alright,” Angela said with a faint laugh and looked at me. She smiled a little then shook her head as if reproaching me for some naughty schoolboy behavior. “I can tell you’re happy,” she then whispered in my ear. My hands explored her belly and waist a little and made a few discreet brushes against her tits, which were large and hard to avoid. I was in bliss and thankfully, our destination appeared to be a while away.

“Keep your hands to yourself, bad boy,” Angela whispered in my ear when my hands brushed against her tit for the third or fourth time.

“Keep your ass to yourself,” I whispered back. Angela looked at me again and it was clear she was stifling a laugh. Her eyes still locked on mine, and she wriggled around a little, getting an obvious feel of my hard dick against her ass.

“Bad boy,” she whispered again and my hand “accidentally” grabbed onto her tit as the car went over a speed bump. After another bump, my hand landed once again on her tit and I decided to leave it there. She was wearing a cardigan, so no one else could see. I squeezed her a little and I felt an unmistakable rubbing motion from her backside against me. After a minute or so, Angela whispered in my ear, “it’s alright now, baby, you can let go,” and we both laughed.

“OK, we’re here!” My dad said as we pulled up to the restaurant at last.

“You gonna be OK to walk, mister?” Angela whispered to me, apparently referring to my massive erection. “It might be a little hard for you,” she said and laughed out loud, then added “or not that little.” Everyone was getting out of the car so didn’t pay too much attention. I blushed and Angela gave me a little peck on the cheek. “Don’t worry, it’s OK,” she said sweetly. Then, after one last wriggle, she sat up and stepped onto the sidewalk. I did my best to conceal the bulge in my pants, but it wasn’t going to be easy.

It was a 2 minute walk to the place, and Angela walked beside me, everyone else paired off. She looked down and checked out my pants and then looked up at me with an eyebrow raised. “Why did you bring a pickle with you? You know they have food at this restaurant,” she said and laughed again. She was borderline drunk, but still adorable. She was clearly enjoying my discomfort, but I loved her attention, especially as she seemed to admire my size. Unfortunately, our time together was cut short when Ted tried to start up a conversation between his daughter and I.

Lucy was nice enough, and actually pretty attractive, but I couldn’t get my mind off Angela. My attention drifted and I was lousy company during the meal. My father had a drink or two as well and I thought was behaving badly. He made several dismissive comments to Angela and I could tell she was irritated with him.

I began to look forward to the drive home, and when the time came, I wasn’t disappointed. “Here we go again, babe,” Angela said to me as she sat down on my knee. This time, she put her arms around my neck and pushed her tits against my chest. My hands found her waist and it didn’t take long for my cock to get hard again and press up against her ass. She looked at me and shifted her body a little. I couldn’t tell exactly, but it felt as if she had positioned her most tender female part directly on the pole pressing out of my pants. She looked at me and I saw a fire in her eye.

“You could have taken that pickle out of your pocket, boy. It’s really sticking into me,” she said and wriggled around. She pulled a face, in order to prevent herself laughing out loud and I went bright red. We went over a speed bump and I took the moment to put a hand on her breast, under her cardigan. “Oops!” She said and giggled. She cuddled up closer to me and I felt her breathing in my ear. She started grinding on me slowly, but her full weight was down on me. I could hear and feel her breathing increase, she was intoxicated and aroused. She let out a little moan and I gave her tit a squeeze. “Yeah,” she whispered and I felt her tremble slightly.

The car was dark, conversation was lively and no one seemed to notice what Angela was doing. She put her mouth on my ear and her breathing was intense. She continued shifting her body on me, slow but with purpose, and I heard her make a little squeak, which would have been şişli escort inaudible to everyone else in the car. I continued massaging her tit and the feeling of her rubbing on my cock was wild. In the middle of all that, my father called back.

“Say, Ang, what was the name of that place we went to last month, that Italian place?”

Snapping out of her dream-like state and sitting still again, Angela picked her head up and after fumbling her words for a moment, replied, “Um…Bravo. It was called Bravo.”

“That’s right,” my father said and then went on with his conversation with Ted and Jane.

Angela whispered in my ear, “OK, hands off, boy,” and I moved my hand down to her waist. I was still hard, but the moment was over. I was flustered, hot and sweating, but Angela appeared to have regained her composure, which was typical for her. None of this was a big deal for her and she always seemed to take any kind of encounter in her stride. For me however, this little car ride would haunt my dreams for months.

We pulled up at the house and Angela turned to me with a knowing look and smiled. As everyone was getting out of car, she whispered to me, “How dare you touch me like that. I ought to slap your face.” Then, she walked away, into the house. I had no idea if she was serious but I tried to not let it worry me. Angela had clearly been turned on by me, so I felt good.


A few days later, my father left again. The first thing I noticed about Angela after he had gone was that seem to be more relaxed and dressed more casually again. By casually, I mean, her clothing was more revealing. I wasn’t certain if she did this for my benefit, because she liked my attention or simply because my father didn’t like her to dress that way. Whatever the case, I certainly noticed and was continually getting caught staring at her.

The morning after my father left, I went into the kitchen. Wearing adorable little short shorts, Angela was standing, leaning over the counter, her ass perched in the air like a succulent piece of ripe fruit ready to be plucked. She was reading the paper, whistling a little tune and I just stood there for a moment, admiring. “Hi there,” she said calmly, but didn’t turn around. I was overwhelmed by the urge to slap her ass and was lost in the idea of doing just that when she turned around and smiled at me. Her camel toe was almost enough to make me come and my eyes wandered all over her.

“You look cute,” I said, grabbing a slice of toast.

“I know I do,” she said coyly and went about her business. “Are you out tonight?”

“Yes, I’m meeting up with Will and those girls. Is that OK?”

“Of course it’s OK, babe. You have a nice time. Just be home by 11 and I will too.”

“Oh, you’re going out?”

“Yup,” she said and didn’t anything more. The thought crossed my mind that Angela might be seeing someone, but I tried not to worry about that. I left for school, and tried to enjoy my day, one of the last until graduation. That evening, as planned, I met up with Will as well as our dates, Gina and Natalie. As planned, we had food at a local diner before heading to an arcade to play video games.

Natalie sat down next to me and looked very sweet. She was a pretty girl and was easy to socialize with. Gina and Will engaged in a little kissing which made it a little awkward for me. Natalie looked at me and I moved in and kissed her on the lips. She didn’t object. The kiss felt good and lingered nicely. As I pulled away, she looked at me cutely and I felt chemistry between us, though the food arrived at that moment so that was that. There was another little kiss at the end of the evening, but as usual, I went home frustrated.

Later that night, I lay in bed, feeling horny from the sweet kisses from Natalie and started jerking off. I was alone, so didn’t worry about locking my door or turning off my light. Normally, I would watch something on the internet, but I was stimulated enough with the memories of my evening and my recent car journey with Angela. I pulled the covers down and stroked my cock, eyes closed, losing myself in the moment. It wouldn’t take me long to reach orgasm. A few minutes later, I felt something stir and opening my eyes, saw Angela standing in my doorway, apparently watching me.

I stopped masturbating and with my hard dick pointing at the ceiling, stared at shock at her. I felt frozen and it was a few moments before I was able to react and pull the covers up. Of course, by then, Angela had had a long, good look at my cock and had probably seen everything I had been doing. I looked up again and she was gone. “I’m home!” she called out, and I could hear amusement in her voice. I grabbed the book I had been reading and lay there, trying to appear nonchalant. I could hear Angela pottering around in the kitchen, and then her footsteps approaching my room. I tried to compose myself.

“Can I come in, honey?” she said in a sweet voice and I replied in the affirmative. şişli eve gelen escort She walked over and sat down on my bed next to me. She was wearing a black low cut dress, high-heeled boots and looked sensational. I immediately noticed her sweet smell and felt drawn to her, though was embarrassed at what had just happened. “So I take it you didn’t have much success on your date, sweetie?” she said. I felt crappy then.

“The date was fine.”

“It’s OK, Michael. Everyone does it, it’s nothing to be ashamed of.” I didn’t reply, but felt mortified that she would bring it up. I made a pained face, and she ran her fingers through my hair to try and comfort me. “Don’t worry, honey, it won’t be long before you get a real girlfriend,” she said, then paused. “But that doesn’t mean you will stop touching yourself. Everyone does that, because it feels good.”

“Even you, Angela?”

“Michael!” she said in admonishment of my suggestion that she too pleasured herself.

“Well…I…you, er…”

“Want me to leave you to it?”

“So you can leave and take care of yourself too?” I said, feeling bold now. I was half annoyed and half turned on, wanting to have fun with her.

“Michael, I swear to god. You’re a naughty, cheeky boy.”

“I’ll take that as a yes, then,” I said with a smile.

“Fine. Yes, of course, I’m like everyone else and…”

“Touch yourself for pleasure?”

She sighed. “Yes, I suppose so,” she replied after a pause.

“You suppose so, what?”

“Michael Joplin. Don’t push it,” she said sternly, but I could tell she was amused. “Anyway, did you like your date?”

“Yes, Natalie was very nice.”

“Oh good. Do you think you’ll see her again?”

“Yes, I should think so, but…”


“She didn’t seem too…er…keen, y’know…”

“Well, treat her with respect, try to have a nice time, become friends and maybe things will develop…”

“Will and his date seemed to be, well, you know…” Angela looked at me sympathetically. “Angela, am I…not attractive?” I was feeling genuinely insecure. “Do I not have what girls want?”

“Babe, trust me, you have what girls want,” she said quickly then broke off. “Um…you’re a very lovely boy and any girl would be lucky to have you, OK?” I nodded, but didn’t want to let her comment go.

“What did you mean, “trust me”…?”

Angela gave me another funny look, then sighed and put her hand on my chest. “I meant…I’ve seen you, I…”

“Just now, you mean?”

Another pause and sigh. “Yes…you have what girls want, Michael, OK? Don’t be insecure.”

I needed more. “Is it…big enough?” Angela pulled a face, half awkwardness and half amusement.

“Yes, it’s big. It’s…very, um…” she stopped and I waited for her to go on, eyebrows raised. “Any girl would love to…” it was her turn to be embarrassed now.

“To what?”

“Michael, you perfectly well what!” she said and we both laughed. She leaned down, pressing her bosoms against my chest and gave me a loving kiss on the cheek. She stayed in that position and smiled. “You want me to leave so you can…”

“Continue masturbating?” I said with a naughty smile. Angela let out another sigh, but there was a glint in her eye. Purposefully, I looked down her shirt and caught sight of her magnificent chest. I wanted her to do it for me, to ease my frustration, to stroke my cock ’til I came. “No, I’d rather you stay,” I said at last. Angela sat up and smiled at me.

“OK, I can hang out for a few minutes but let me change, OK? This dress isn’t particularly comfy and I need to relax.” She walked away and I lay there, nervous, excited but not very hopeful that she would fulfill my dreams. She returned a few minutes later in her pink silky robe, done up tight, and a little trace of a white lace number underneath. She walked around to the other side of the bed, lifted up the covers a little, lay down and covered herself up. I realized then that I was completely nude, but decided not to say anything about it. She put her head down on a pillow and looked at me. She seemed a little sad.

“How was your evening, Angela?” I asked, laying down facing her. Our faces were about a foot apart and most of our upper bodies were revealed, mine bare, hers under her night clothes.

She sighed again. “It was…OK. Thank you for asking. You’re a very sweet boy.” I stretched out and pulled a face. “You alright, babe? Still sore?” I nodded. “Where’s it hurt, honey?” I was tempted to reply that my dick was hurting and needed stroking, but I resisted, indicating instead that my legs and back hurt. She moved a little closer to me and put her hand on my upper belly. My dick was still hard and she was inches away. “Want me to give you some quick relief?”

“Would that be appropriate, Angela?” I said jokingly.

‘Michael!” she said, laughing. You are such a bad boy!” Her hand made little figure eights on my belly and chest.

“I’m the bad one? After our little car journey together…?” I couldn’t help but bring it up. It had been on my mind constantly and we’d never mentioned it since it happened, three or four nights before.

“You’re right. I’m sorry about that, Michael. I was…”

“Turned on?”

“That’s not what I was going to say.”

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