My Step-Sister – Part 4


My Step-Sister – Part 4The first week after my step-sister Chrissy walked in on my masturbating, we masturbated in front of each other every day. The next week we started licking pussy and sucking dick. Now, almost every morning we were getting giving each other orgasms orally or manually. We were not ready to fuck yet, but we were ratcheting up our repertoire. One day I heard Chrissy in the shower. I went to the kitchen to make sure our parents had left for work. Then I got naked and joined Chrissy in the shower. We were kissing and soaping each other up and laughing. At one point my soapy hand went down her ass crack and soaped her up. “Ohhh.” Chrissy moaned. “That’s a sensitive spot.” Then she did the same to me. Wow. When we were drying off Chrissy asked me a question. “Last week I kissed you with cum in my mouth,” she began, “You didn’t bat an eyelash. You’ve tasted your own cum before haven’t you?” I admitted that I had. Chrissy was asking me questions about it. “Did you cum in your hand then lick it? Did you come on your desk then lick it off? Tell me.” So, I admitted that bahis firmaları I had, on a couple of occasions, been masturbating and before I cum I would throw my legs over my head and actually cum in my own mouth. “Holy shit! I have GOT to see this.” Chrissy exclaimed. “Not gonna happen.” I told her. However, a little while later we were fooling around on my bed. We started kissing and stroking each other. Then she went down and started sucking my dick. She had not let me cum in her mouth so she backed off and said, “Be sure to let me know when you are going to cum.” I did not say anything but as my dick head began to swell, she backed off and said, “Cum in your mouth for me! You HAVE to.” What the hell. My step-sister was blowing me and letting me lick her pussy and play with her tits. I guess I could give her a little show. I threw my legs over my head onto the headboard of my bed. Now my dick was just a couple of inches above my mouth. I could actually lick the head of my dick if I tried hard. But anyway…“That’s amazing.” said Chrissy as she saw the alignment of my dick and kaçak iddaa mouth. She started rubbing my scrotum gently which felt great. Then she licked her fingers and started rubbing my ass hole. Wow, Wow, Wow. That is something I had never done and it felt amazing. I started to cum. The cum mostly shot directly into my mouth. I had my tongue up so it would not go directly down my throat. And with my tongue, I pushed most of it out of my mouth and it dribbled down my cheeks. I came back upright and wiped off my face with a towel. Chrissy kissed me passionately, tasting my cum from my mouth. “That was Fucking Hot!” she said. “Now make me cum.” I knelt on the floor and had her lie back with her pussy at the edge of the bed. I put her feet on my shoulders then kissed my way down her legs to her pussy. I licked her up and down, nibbled on her labia, and flicked her clit. I had her close to cumming. Then I lifted her knees back towards her torso and licked down, down, down until I got to her anus. I licked her rose bud with my nose at the opening of her vagina. She went crazy. “Yes, Yes, kaçak bahis Yes!” she cried. Then I licked my fingers and started to flick her clit while I licked her ass. She went off like a rocket. She spasmed and actually (for the first time she later told me) squirted on my face. Her hands were in fists and were beating on the bed as she came and came. From then on we added these elements to our sex routines. Sometimes I would cum on her tits then suck her spermy nipples while she rubbed herself to a massive orgasm. Or, she would have me cum and take the last of my semen in her mouth then kiss me. Plus, any time we fooled around after showering, there was lots of anal play. She would lick my anus and balls then suck me while stroking my ass. I started inserting a finger in her ass as she climaxed making her cum so hard I thought the neighbors might get concerned with her screams. One time I licked her ass while she was on her belly. Then I fucked her ass cheeks with my dick cumming across her back and down her ass. I licked my cum from her ass while Chrissy masturbated to orgasm. On my birthday, she sucked me and put her lubed finger up my ass then let me cum in her mouth for the first time. I came so hard I passed out. This second marriage for mom was working out pretty damn good for me.

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