My still virgin ass :-) Excuse the grammar i was s

My still virgin ass ­čÖé Excuse the grammar i was sWell I would walk up to you grab your hand pull you to my bed, push you down. Get on top of you, and start kissing your sexy lips your soft neck and id be touching you all over. Id pull my shirt off, slowly lower my big boobs to your face and let you kiss them or wat ever you want. Grinding my hips into you slowly making you hot and horny. Grabbing your hands and putting them on my hips so you can show me what you like. Then id stand up sliding my shorts down to expose my tight little boy shorts. Then laying down next to you with my legs spread enough to fit my fingers in my panties to rub on my clit, waiting for you to bury your face between my legs….slowly spreading my legs further apart so you can see how wet me pussy is. hopefully you pull my panties off and slide a finger in my pussy while i work on my clit. you can slowly work a finger in my ass licking my pussy and making everything slippery. Making sure your fingers are nice and juiceee you slide a finger in my ass and ill jump making you grab me hatay escort and pull me in closer. you leaning into my lips kissing me and slowly sliding a second finger in my tight tight ass. as you continue to slide your fingers in and out of me i start playing with my clit again, and you feel my whole body clinch as i begin to scream and have an intense orgasm you slowly pull you fingers out of my ass. take your pants off and lay down next to me for me to suck and gag on your thick cock. you start slowly letting me gag myself just laying there, then you grab my hair slowly holding my head where i stop at each stroke. as you get closer you stand and put me on my knees in front of you. you have a hand full of hair and a hand wrapped around the back of my head. now youve started to slowly rock back and forth making my face your pretend pussy and fucking it like your job. i start to gag and you hold your cock in the back of my throat. You can feel my throat clinch down on you cock you love the spit running down the front of my body. You take your cock escort hatay out of my mouth bend me over and shove your cock in my tight wet little pussy. you slam me good and hard four or five times pull your cock out and see how juicy it is you come back to my face and slowly push your cock in my mouth so i can taste my tight pink pussy. then you pull me up to your lips and kiss me deeply as you can taste my pussy all over my lips your cock is throbbing so you lay me on my back, you put your arms under my knees and push my legs back then you slowly push your big throbbing cock in my tight pink pussy. once your as far as you can get it in my pretty pussy you hear me start to gasp. you pull your cock out fuck me slow and deep then i start to cum and you start to go faster and harder. you stop right befor i orgasm and you put me on my knees bent over ass in the air. You grab the lube to the right of my bed and slowly pour it on my ass and pussy. you run your fingers back and forth over my ass and pussy slowly pushing your fingers in my pussy and ass. hatay escort bayan Then you push your cock in side my pussy and slowly start to push your fingers deep in my ass you feel me reach to play with my clit. You slowly pull my ass apart and you see my tight little ass hole and you pull you thick cock out of my pussy and start to push on my tight ass.You feel me try and relax and you run a hand down my ass and back you move your cock in circular motions pushing around your precum and lube. You start to feel my ass relax and you move your hips in position to shove your cock in my ass you start to push and it hurts so you slowly massage my ass with your hand and as i relax you shove your entire cock in my ass as hard and fast as you can i gasp and my eyes start to water as you fuck my virgin ass for the first time. You feel my playing with my clit you realise i like it now so you start to fuck harder and harder slapping my ass and pulling my hair feeling my breasts and fucking me hard. you feel me start to cum you hear me breath heavy and harder. you start to feel your self orgasm your body goes numb and you fill my tight virgin ass with creamy hot cum. you lay down with me cuddle up and fall asleep when you wake up its to me sucking on your cock and licking your boys for round two ­čÖé

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