My Toy Saves the Evening


I am sick to death of men! Heck I am sick to death of people in general. Not one person on this blasted earth can fulfill me like I can. I know it sounds very arrogant or conceited but it is just the conclusion I have come too. So many nights I have come home thinking this might be the guy to do it for me…but…no go.

Why do so many men out there suck in bed? Is it me or am I just getting all the ones that need to take lessons or some sort of course? Now 32, I have yet to find a man that can bring me to orgasm. I know one thing is for sure, it isn’t me! I can take my fingers, a vegetable, dildo or my favorite vibrator and get myself off in mere minutes.

Why when I get a man in the sack do they mess it all up? Even when I give directions they manage to screw it up. I hear my friend’s talk about how this man rocked their world or that man had them soaking the bed and it makes me wonder how I am left with all the duds.

Have you ever been there ladies? Right at the edge of crossing over to that wonderful moment of bliss when you know in the next güvenilir bahis second your orgasm will be ripping through your body only to have your lover move his tongue or rub you different taking you back to the start? Even when I am moaning to my lover “yes that is the spot, right there baby” or “Just like that…oh ya” these dolts I am with seem to screw it up. All I have to say is thank god for rechargeable batteries!

Let me give you an example of what I have put up with. The other night me and my girlfriends are out at a bar and a good looking guy approaches me and buys me a drink. He is tall dark and handsome and we begin to talk. Things are going good, we have a sexual chemistry that is working and I know that I am going to see if this guy can bring me to my Holy Grail.

We get back to my place and we start tearing at each other, I am talk full fledged smorgasbord make out here. He is kissing me in all the right places; I can feel my heart fluttering and the goose bumps breaking out all over my body. Soon our clothes are off and I am pleased with türkçe bahis his body and he seems more than pleased with mine. His hands are moving all over me and my juices start flowing. He starts sliding his fingers deep into my cunt and rubbing me just like I do myself. My heart beats faster and I can feel it…my toes are starting to curl…I get that familiar feeling in the pit of my stomach…I am all most there! I am moaning to him loudly…all of a sudden he pulls his fingers out of my hungry snatch…strike one.

Now maybe he is just a skilled lover that wants to bring me to the brink before he goes for the prize and wants to leave me totally gaga. He bends his head lower and starts to lick at my box. His tongue is hot and wet and my journey starts again. I grind my pussy all over his face and soon I am almost there. My eyes start to roll in the back of my head as his tongue darts over my clit…almost there….almost there…almost there…shit strike two, the guy stops and starts to mount me.

I feel his hard member penetrate my folds and my motor güvenilir bahis siteleri starts for the last time. He feels good inside me. We get into a good rhythm and he soon has me breathing hard. He finds the perfect spot, his cock pounding deep into me and every time he maxes out his plunge his pubic bone smashes against my clit. I can see the light just beyond the horizon when he speeds up his tempo. Faster and faster he fucks me, closer and closer I get. Harder and harder he pounds me, louder and louder I moan as I approach my release.

Just as I am at the point of no return I hear my lover grunt and push forward emptying his seed deep into my womb…damn. After some small talk he gets dressed and leaves. That is when I pull out the lover that never lets me down.

My simple little plastic friend is about 7 inches long and nice and thick. It has three speeds and never fails me. My body is in overdrive because the guy that left had me so close it was hurting. As soon as the door closed and I was alone I pulled out my lover and turned it on full blast, driving it deep into my cunt. My toes curled instantly and my pants were loud and strong as my orgasm rushed through my body. I felt my cunt gush with release as I cried out into the night. My little plastic lover saves the day once again!

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