My Wicked Ways Ch. 09-13


I recovered at last after eating my pastrami on sourdough, with plenty of raw spinach, mustard, and onions. My body had been put through the ringer, despite a couple of hours of sleep, so it would take an hour or so before I was quite ready for sex. In the meantime, we all watched Breaking Bad, a TV show that was really intense and could keep my mind occupied on the bedroom TV. Nydia was already a Bryan Cranston fan from when she saw Malcolm in the Middle, so she had encouraged me to view Breaking Bad as well, though admittedly it was a distinct departure from his character in that series.

Right around 6 pm or so, Sandra mounted me and began riding me for several strokes. My dick was back to its old tricks again, now that I had eaten and rest a little. Before I knew it, Sandra was wildly engaged in bouncing on my cock so hard that I feared at times it might break. She might have worried the same thing, had her conscious self been in control of her actions. Instead, my petite Assyrian princess was as obsessed with riding me as was the buxom one.

Speaking of Ninve, her pussy was now squarely above my face and I didn’t hesitate to begin licking her twat. She tasted absolutely delicious, as always, and I zeroed in on the fun of eating her out, making her sweetest juices flow from her tasty cunt. I lapped them up greedily and came back for more, making my succulent pregnant tense up a couple of times and splatter my face with her fluids. I didn’t let up, however, resolved as I was to drive her crazy. After what Sandra and she did for me earlier, Ninve really had it coming … or perhaps cumming?

Meanwhile, my fingers gave Sandra a taste of her own medicine, probing her asshole while she rode my cock in the cowgirl position and made out with Ninve at the same time. Sandra reacted to this anal attention by damn near falling off me and having her fall broken by Max and Anton. She was a little embarrassed, but she simply rolled with the punches and this time knelt to finish me off with her lips and tongue. In fact, she even got my balls into her mouth, which I didn’t expect.

I struggled not to cum just from having both cock and balls orally serviced by Sandra, while I began hungrily rimming Ninve’s ass. She squirmed, shook, and sighed as my tongue bathed her butt-crack in my spit. She even had trouble staying in place, so I grabbed her hips to hold her right where my mouth needed to go. Exhausted, she finally collapsed with her sweet gash back in my face and her luscious bottom not far away, either.

At that point, Sandra opened her mouth just in time for my spunk to hit her directly in the face. Ninve then began licking my cum off Sandra’s chin, cheeks, forehead, nose, and upper lip. They kissed very passionately afterward, sharing my cream through the steamy lip lock before they took a breather at last. Then they both giggled uncontrollably, for some reason that wasn’t evident to me. I gave them a quizzical look and Ninve winked at me.

“We both had the same thought … that we’re actually kissing cousins now,” my raven former boss explained.

“You’re related?” I grinned at that revelation.

“Well, in the Assyrian community, at least out here, there are few enough people that it’s a decent chance that we’re all kith and kin to some extent, but yes, Sandra is a closer relative than I told you before. We are cousins,” Ninve confessed, licking her chops at the incestuous aspect that they hadn’t revealed before.

“Exactly how close is this affinity?” I asked, revealing my knowledge of genealogy.

“Um … second cousins … nothing removed?” Sandra hesitated to admit just how close.

“Holy smokes! You really are kissing cousins! I suppose that’s easier to hide than siblings, however, and people have married or slept with first cousins, even sisters at times. Hell, I know of some folks who have fucked their mothers. Besides, I fuck my own niece a lot, or did you miss that part?” I smiled, making it clear that I wasn’t a bit bothered by the unexpected consanguinity here.

“Speaking of which, Uncle Mark, mind if I suck your dick now? I want to get you hard again so you can fuck my ass once more,” Shelby enticed me.

“See what I mean?” I said, kissing Ninve and Sandra while sitting up and pushing Shelby’s face to my crotch.

Shelby wasn’t alone in servicing my dick for long, as Tamara now knelt and started licking the other side of my cock. The Serbian brunette apparently wanted to keep me happy, even though we couldn’t stand each other in the past. I would still need a little more entertainment to get worked up, and frankly I didn’t want this to just about my needs. The other men and women in the family had desires as well. I wanted them happy as well, so I got an idea from that.

“Josie, suck Max’s cock. Get him nice and hard, will ya? Eric, suck Anton to full hardness, too. I want both men nice hard, thank you very much. Ana, use the strap-on to fuck Lucy. I want these three pairs beşiktaş escort for now, just to see you in action,” I commanded each of them.

Anton was the most reluctant of the people assigned sex chores, even though he was going to get more direct pleasure from the act than Eric. I was rather annoyed and impatient with him, but I let it slide for the moment, deciding that he would feel my wrath soon enough if he didn’t shape up. I put it down to the man’s homophobia, of course, which would have to be shake up a little.

Meanwhile, I lay Shelby on the bed, now quite wet as a result of this opportunity to satisfy. I was surprisingly hard again faster than I thought, even if still a little sore. Then again, having my cock sucked by my sexy niece was more than a minor treat. It was certainly worthy of a boner, especially when she got help servicing me from a fine Serbian chick like Tamara. I used my fingers to prepare Shelby’s butt, while Tamara applied a little lube, and then I slid my stiff dick inches at a time into her booty. Clearly, Anton could take lessons in attitude adjustment from his sister, who had gotten with the program a lot faster.

For Josie’s part, she sucked Max off beautifully, putting his large black dick as far inside her mouth as she could take it. She seriously deep-throated him until she began to gag for a second.

The man was understandably hard and he began moving his hips rather rapidly, allowing her lips to slather more and more over his stiff rod. At the same time, Eric was following Josie’s example, proving even a known cocksucker could improve his technique with observation. In spite of his hesitation, Anton started to react much as Max did, relaxing and letting it happen. Max basically fucked Josie’s face as if it were a pussy, something that Anton simply imitated as best he could (just not as well).

“Tamara, spread your thighs. Let Shelby eat you out,” I sank my cock completely into Shelby’s tush, while the Serbian babe pushed her twat at Shelby’s mouth in compliance with my will.

In spite of his best intentions, I could tell that Anton by now loved having his dick sucked by a consummate fellator like Eric. I saw his conflict and confusion on his face, of course. This was just not something done by one guy to another, at least not in his presence, let alone to him. He obviously would still rather have been fucking one of the girls, but that would come in time. First, he needed to learn to do what he was told. Tamara was cooperative, so why not her brother? Still, he was getting into it in spite of himself.

Max, however, came first, shooting his load down Josie’s hungry throat, as she gulped it down like a milkshake and licked her lips to catch anything that she missed. She then kissed the head of his dick and rose to give him a lip lock that would make me doubt her if I was the jealous type. Seeing that and feeling Eric’s hands now wander dangerously close to his asshole, Anton lost his self-control and spurted in the twink’s mouth. Eric also swallowed the whole thing and kissed his erstwhile partner on the lips, much to Anton’s apparent discomfort.

“Any time that you want to do that again, stud, I can suck you dry just like that,” Eric invited him with an easy grin.

“Lucy, Ashley, team up and suck the last drop from your brother’s balls,” I ordered the sisters, right as Tamara came from Shelby’s oral efforts, squirting directly into her face.

Shelby came almost immediately afterward, milking my balls for my spunk in the process. My cock twitched for a few seconds, and then I shot my load into her bottom, which I spanked playfully for a second or two. It was electricity again, this time from the feeling of my cream as it leaked from her colon. Shelby went crazy again, changing color and becoming so rigid that I wondered if she was about to have a stroke.

“God, Uncle Mark, half the time all you have to do is touch my ass and I fucking cream my panties!” Shelby announced as she kissed me.

“Mind if I clean your dick? I want to taste Shelby’s ass on it!” Tamara didn’t really wait for an answer before she got busy licking and sucking my cock.

Of course, I wasn’t really good for another hard-on that night. I was lucky to be up to two in my condition right then. One thing that I did know was that all of these partners were delightful, if you didn’t count Anton’s obstinate ways. Something told me that he would be changing his tune very soon indeed.

That happened even sooner than I thought … as it turned out. I was one helluva lucky man.

The next morning, I awoke to the sound of a grunting noise, much earlier than I expected, and with my lovely princesses on either side of me. I looked up and saw Max balls deep inside Anton, who was in turn busy sodomizing Eric. It seemed that the guys were now on the same page, at least for now. Jannat stood there in wide-eyed fascination, having gone to bed early beylikdüzü escort last night and missed much of the same-sex action. Her fingers were deep in her pussy, and I could now smell the full extent of her arousal.

Then Jannat saw me, but instead of turning and running as I feared that she might out of habit, she walked around the trio and climbed into bed on top of me, between my sweet Assyrians. She then positioned herself carefully and landed on me in the cowgirl position. My cock went remarkably far inside her cunt and she leaned over to all but shove her tits in my face. Before I knew it, my morning wood was busy impaling this Arab beauty as she used me like a dildo.

This motion inevitably jarred both of my princesses awake and they both began kissing my body in their desire. They even started kissing Jannat’s body with a degree of passion that surprised all of us. I suppose that like me, they saw this young woman as what she was, a refugee from a loveless family, a hateful betrothal, and all that jazz. She loved me, so they loved her. I loved them all. I really did. It was just like that TJ Sheppard song … I had, in a short space of time, fallen in love with all of my girls…

… This included an Arab girl named Jannat, who now rode me for the sheer passion of it. She was wild for me … for me, a Jew, man despised by her family on account of race and religion. Her kisses warmed my skin as did those of my princesses, which they continued to plant on both of us. It was an incredible foursome, I had to admit. Like many of our encounters of late, there was both love and lust involved in it, as we found ourselves bound completely to each other. This bond went both ways, holding me just as it did them.

Jannat feverishly stepped up her movements as she came … making wild, guttural sounds with her throat as she had her release … it was fantastic, and when I later learned that her betrothed had wanted to make her incapable of such delights … I was enraged. This woman deserved this kind of absolute ecstasy, this feeling of complete exhilaration, just like any other. She did not deserve the horror of a painful mutilation and a life without any satisfaction.

Hearing this fantastic orgasm and feeling its power on my cock, I had no choice but to shoot out a magnificent load of cum very deep inside Jannat. She collapsed on top of me from fatigue and I stroked her hair while caressing her skin. I felt my two princesses kiss both of us and I kissed them back with equal fervor, pleased that they had embraced yet another lovely, tormented young soul into their midst. This was love, the way that we had all welcomed each other and begun to care for each other, though we also certainly enjoyed each other’s bodies, of course.

By now, Max had cum deep inside Anton, who had filled Eric with his spunk as well. Only Anton was a little embarrassed, but he had also clearly reveled in the experience and there was no going back now. I seemed to have a hidden talent at recruiting bi guys, of course, even closet cases like Anton. Max unabashedly kissed Eric on the mouth and stroked his dick to get him hard again.

Then I found myself leading Jannat over to Eric and pressing their bodies together to make him even harder and her quite wetter. I kissed her from the nape of the neck to her very ankles, licking her as I went back up. My fingers and hands rubbed her body, while my two princesses began stroking me the same way for good measure. Eric naturally responded by kissing Jannat hungrily on the mouth, touching her breasts, and running his fingers between her thighs to lovingly explore her sloppy, slick, slippery slit.

At the same time, Max didn’t let up on pleasuring Eric, using his own hands and digits to probe the guy’s asshole as well as rub his bottom. He soon started dry humping Eric’s butt-crack, stiffening again as he pressed against the young man’s sphincter and clearly felt the urge to bugger him. For my part, Sandra’s hands now slipped into my ass, her fingers doing their usual magic to me. Ninve inevitably focused on my balls, fondling and handling them with some such love and attention to my delight.

Max wasn’t left alone for long, as Anton started worshiping his ass through a rimjob that absolutely floored me. He munched on Max like it was going to be banned soon, so frantic and eager he was to lick that man’s tush. Max naturally groaned and hardened completely, unable to stop his momentum now as his cock eased into a very willing and grateful Eric from behind. Max then reached down and pulled Anton up to start grinding his ass against that man’s dick.

“Fuck my ass, you dirty closet case! No more down-low for you! Lube me up and stick that cock up my manhole!” Max demanded of Anton, whom he rightly pegged as a repressed bisexual jerk.

“Oh, God, yes! I want to fuck that smooth black ass! I can’t believe it’s so slick!” Anton grabbed the lube beyoğlu escort and slipped it urgently to Max’s butt to ease his path to the man’s prostate.

“Just shut up and stick it in me already!” Max demanded as he kept ramming Eric’s ass.

At this point, I was very stiff once again and my own cock was dangerously close to entering Jannat’s delightful bottom. I hinted strongly at my intentions by rubbing my dick between her buns and sliding it up and down. Jannat reacted in a way that left no doubt that she was aroused. She spread her cheeks just enough to let me slip a lubed-up finger into her asshole and guide my cock home deep within her tight booty. I gave her a moment to catch her breath as I pushed my decent length as far inside Jannat as possible.

Eric, from his end, was being pressed against Jannat’s front even more now, and he clearly wanted inside her sloppy cunt, full as it already was of my cum.

I leaned against Jannat and whispered, “Part your thighs further and let him take you. You’re wet. You’re ready, aren’t you? Let Eric fuck your pussy now.”

Jannat adjusted to make sure that I didn’t slip out of her ass while she spread her thighs a bit and her hands to direct his initial thrust inside her. We were now both inside her, giving this lovely Arab girl from such an intensely devout and traditional family her first ever taste of a DP … a double-penetration. I would venture to say that she had never known anything like this before or even thought about until recently, and probably even then from idle curiosity stimulated by secret porn available to her.

This train continued to get wilder, as I kept fucking Jannat’s ass and Eric pounded her pussy. Ninve now had my balls on her tongue, while Sandra continued to finger my asshole and stroke my prostate so damn well. That was when Tamara walked in and rushed join Ninve on her knees to lick and suck my balls. I coughed to get her attention, now having a clever idea that I believed would tend to reinforce Anton’s submission and surrender to me. I didn’t want him backsliding back into his negative or defiant ways.

“Tamara, grab the strap-on dildo and thigh harness, plus the lube. You’re going to fuck Anton in the ass. Anton, don’t even think about trying to stop this. It will happen. You might as well relax, enjoy it, and focus on buggering Max while your sister takes your asshole,” I said as I continued to ram Jannat’s tight, sweaty bottom.

I nearly arranged for Tamara to butt-fuck Jannat, but I decided to wait a little longer on that. I wanted Jannat to first be ready for it and to associate anal sex with pleasure, not pain. I wanted her to feel my spunk shoot out to cream her virgin ass before anything else happened to that fantastic part of her anatomy. I also wanted her to feel Eric’s cum in her pussy as well. Besides, Tamara hadn’t earned the right to fuck a booty that nice yet. Given how rough Anton could be with others, I was sure that he had been less than gentle with his sister’s anal cherry, so this would be fitting payback, too.

I was right, of course, as was demonstrated when Tamara returned with the strap-on attached to her waist already and the stingy amount of lube that she had chosen for this act of sodomy already applied. She had a wicked, vindictive look on her face, one almost of triumph, as she forced Anton’s cheeks apart and shoved her dildo up his barely prepared ass (though admittedly, him clenching his buttocks was a bad idea here). I could tell by the way that he grimaced for a moment that she was very rough and I could see from her widening grin that it was very much deliberate on her part. This was tit for tat, to say the least and Anton knew it as well.

“So, do you like how it feels in your butt, bro? Enjoying a dick up the ass? A nice, fine cock, though I still gave it more lube than you did. Spit was good enough for me, wasn’t it? I had to get my asshole surgically repaired, you bastard! That was why I didn’t give it up to you for weeks, you slimeball! Then you took the huff and married that sick, stupid bitch Kyra in response, and that cost us how many wasted months of your life, before you realized what a skank she was and came back to me?

“Not that I hate you, bro. I love you, but sometimes you can really be dense! I don’t mind this arrangement, because we’re still together while sharing each other, but you don’t fuck your sister so roughly up the butt and then kick her out of your life when she needs time to recover! You broke my heart until you came to your senses and returned to me!” Tamara said a mouthful as she rammed her brother mercilessly.

Anton tried to ignore Tamara’s rant and the pain, focusing on the pleasure of Max’s tight ass, but it wasn’t as easy as he thought, given how in spite of his agony, he also enjoyed the effect of the dildo on his prostate. Max, of course, was able to really hammer Eric hard, because Eric was better-lubed and truly enjoyed having his butt fucked so well. He also relished the intense tightness of the lovely Jannat, as he made his thrusts in and out of her pussy and often had only a little wall between his cock and mine. I really loved pounding her rump, naturally, and she seemed to response with increasing delight to my dick as it kept screwing her ass.

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