My wife and I have fun on Holiday


My wife and I have fun on HolidayHoliday fun with wife and neighbours Part 1We recently returned from a couple of weeks in the sun. This was our first holiday since my wife had discovered her inner slut and exhibitionist. So without further ado:We had Villas either side of us, but you had to be really nosey to see who was there and in any case they seemed empty to start with. We had enjoyed some nude sunbathing and outdoor fucking and life was good. However, on the 4th day we heard a family next door. We had a little roof terrace from where you could see who was next door so I went for a spy. It seems they were a family of four, Mum, dad and a couple of teenage k**s, a boy and a girl. Difficult to tell their ages from my vantage point, but I did notice that mum had a rather nice pair of tits, albeit covered up under a very unsexy swimming costume. Anyway, so as not to offend, we decided we should cover up a bit, bit my wife Jane continued to go topless. We did not think much more about our new neighbours until a few days later. We were relaxing by the pool when all of a sudden we heard a women’s voice shout from next door, something like:“Oh my god! Get down from there, now!!”We both looked around just in time to see a young lad’s head disappear down behind the fence separating our two villas. There followed some muffled conversation that we couldn’t quite make out and then it went quiet. Later in the afternoon we heard our front door buzzer go. That in itself was unusual as you don’t get many visitors to these villas, and even more of a surprise when I opened the door to find the lady from next door and hiding behind her was the young lad, whose head we had recently seen disappearing behind the fence.She introduced herself as Victoria, and my initial impression was that she was very attractive, probably about 40 years old and wearing a baggy T-shirt doing its best to hide the curvy body that I had noticed before.I introduced myself and enquired as to the call.Victoria started to explain: “I’m really sorry for the intrusion, but my son has an apology to make, don’t you Matthew?” as she pulled him out from behind her. Matthew, was clearly not happy and said nothing.It was very awkward so I told them that they’d better come in.We walked through to the living area. My wife was just getting up from the sunbed and seeing us inside the villa grabbed the loose top that she uses and put it on before coming to find out what was going on.Introductions were made and then Victoria explained how Mathew had been left in the Villa on his own in the morning while the others went to see some local attraction and how, when they had returned she had caught him standing on a chair staring over the fence.“Lucky his father was still unloading the car and had not seen him otherwise he would have been in really big trouble.”Jane was quick to say that it really wasn’t a problem and no apology was really necessary. Boys will be boys and all that.But Victoria was adamant: “It’s not just that he was spying on you, it was what he was doing at the same time” Jane and I looked at each other “What do you mean?” she asked.Then Mathew spoke for the first time “Mum, please don’t, I am really sorry and it won’t happen again”Victoria was clearly embarrassed herself “Well he was, you know? Playing with himself” She went almost as red as he now was.“Playing with himself? Enquired Jane. You mean masturbating?”“Yes” replied Victoria.“Oh” said Jane, looking at Mathew “In that case maybe you should apologise young man” I then noticed my wife’s nipples clearly erect under the thin material covering her breasts. She was enjoying this.“Look, I am really sorry. It won’t happen again” stammered Matthew, seemingly close to tears. “Mum, can we please go now?”“Okay” said Jane, apology accepted “no harm done”Unfortunately, his mum was not so happy to let it go at that. She told Matthew to go and wait by the front door and then explained how this was not the first time and she felt she needed to put a stop to this kind of behaviour before it gets him into real trouble. She apologised for the inconvenience, but asked if we would please find some kind of chore for her son to do to make amends.Well, there really was not much to do, but I remembered the BBQ needed cleaning out before I could use it again, so I proposed that.Victoria agreed, said her goodbyes and then left, leaving her son to clean out the BBQ. Jane said she was going to take a shower and I showed Matthew what I wanted him to do. As he was cleaning out the old ash I tried to convince him that what he had done was not so bad and that my wife didn’t really mind. He seemed to relax a bit, probably glad to get away from his mum for a while. I told Matthew to carry on cleaning and I went and had a chat with Jane, who was just drying herself off after the shower. When I got back to Matthew he had just about finished. It had only taken 15 minutes or so.“So Matthew, did you like looking at my wife’s tits?” He was shocked by the question and stunned into silence. “It’s okay” I said, “I understand it. I think they are great. I’d have done the same as you at your age. It’s really quite natural” He seemed to relax a bit.“How would you like to see them closer up and not have to stand on a chair?” I asked.“You’re k**ding. Please stop making fun of me. I said sorry and cleaned your BBQ. Can I please go.”“No, seriously. If you’d like another look and I am sure you would, Jane won’t mind. She actually enjoys having young men looking at her. It makes her feel great. Just don’t tell your mum tuzla escort or dad”He still wasn’t sure.“Come on, I’ll show you and you can leave anytime you like”. I took Matthew around to the French windows that led from the main bedroom to the patio area beside the pool. That area was undercover and completely private. The French windows were clothes, but the curtains were completely open. The bedroom was small so the near side of the bed was only about 2 feet from the window. I told Matthew to stand by the window and wait.He was not sure, but after a few seconds Jane appeared from the en-suite bathroom and walked over to the bed. She had a towel wrapped around her as she walked around the bed and stopped on our side of it, just a couple of feet from the glass doors we were stood behind. Jane had a huge smile on her face as she waved at Matthew before slowly lowering her towel to expose her breasts. I watched Matthew as he stared. His face was so close to the window that his breath was steaming it up. Jane turned around and with her back to us let the towel drop completely to the floor. She bent over and picked it up, giving us a great view of her round arse. Jane then stood up and turned to face us. Her completely shaven pussy was fully in view for Matthew and me. He was obviously getting hard as his hand went to his shorts to make things more comfortable.Jane came right up to the window and slid one hand down between her legs and caressed a breast with the other. She pulled at her nipple and blew Matthew a kiss. Then she took a step back and made a wanking motion with one hand while pointing at his crotch with the other.“She wants you to wank while you watch her” I said.He looked at me, not sure what to do.“If you get your cock out she’ll show you more” I told him.So, he dropped his shorts to his ankles and a very nice looking cock sprang out. He hadn’t touched it yet, but it was still pointing to the sky!I saw Jane lick her lips. She made the wanking gesture again and Matthew started to stroke his cock as Jane sat back on the bed. She opened her legs wide and exposed the pink inner lips of her cunt. Matthew stared at her pussy as he stroked his cock slowly. Jane then opened her pussy wider with her fingers, played with her clit for a few seconds before plunging two fingers deep inside. She had only finger fucked herself for a few seconds before Matthew’s young cock spurted all over the window. He seemed to keep spurting for ages and I watched as his young spunk ran down the glass.Jane stood up and blew him a kiss.I told Matthew to get dressed and go, but if he got a chance to sneak out sometime to try us. We might be in.When he had gone Jane came out of the bedroom through the French windows, closed them again behind her, bent forward and told me to fuck her. I obliged, my cock already rock hard. I entered her very wet cunt with no resistance at all. As I fucked her from behind she proceeded to lick the young lad’s spunk of the window. I am not sure how clean the window was but that did not seem to bother my slut of a wife. She came hard and I felt her juices running over my balls as I ejaculated deep inside her.A couple of days later, Victoria appeared on our doorstep and asked if she could have a chat. I invited her in and she followed me out to the pool where my wife was sunbathing topless. She looked up when she saw Victoria, but made no attempt to cover herself.She explained that the others had gone off for the day and she was in the villa alone and wanted to take the opportunity to thank us for being so understanding about her son’s behaviour.We invited Victoria to join us and finally persuaded her to stay for a while, so she stripped down to her one-piece swimsuit and sat back and tried to relax.After I had poured us each a glass of wine, we sat and chatted about all sorts of mundane things for a while.“Matthew seems like a decent lad” I said“Yes” Victoria agreed “But he is a nightmare at the moment, like he’s a walking hard on!”We all laughed and Victoria seemed to relax a bit. She looked at Jane and said “You are lucky you can sunbathe topless Jane. If I got my tits out with Matthew around I think he’d explode”We laughed again!“You can’t really blame him” I said, “It looks like you do have a fantastic body hidden away in that swimsuit.”She blushed and thanked me for the compliment.“Surely your husband must tell you that?” I asked.“Oh, Bill wouldn’t notice if I stripped off in front of him and danced around naked. It used to be alright before the k**s, but now he seems only interested in golf and work.”“Well at least your son seems to notice” I offered.“Oh he notices all right. I have caught him spying on me many times, accidentally walking in on me when I am changing. It’s embarrassing.”“Like I said. You can’t really blame him” I responded. “It’s only natural”After a couple more glasses of wine the conversation got more personal. “So, have you actually caught Matthew masturbating before” Jane enquired.“A few times, yes. Apart from the other day, a couple of times back home when no one else has been in the house I wondered past his room and saw him on his bed naked playing with himself!”“What did you do?” Jane asked. “Did you stop and watch?”“I am ashamed to admit I did the second time. He was stroking himself with something which I later found out was a pair of my panties. I don’t think he saw me, but I think he leaves the door open hoping I will see. I told you, he is a nightmare”“Did you see him cum?” My wife asked.“God no! but I saw the after effects in my panties in tuzla escort bayan the laundry!”“He’s a lucky guy” I said“Why” Asked Victoria“Well, to have something so lovely to wank over” I explained“Oh shut up” she said “You don’t mean that”“I most certainly do” I said “I know I would if I had the chance”Victoria looked at Jane and Jane said “Go on then big mouth, let’s see you wank over her tits”.“I will if she gets them out for me”Now the ball was back in her court and she wasn’t sure what to do. “I don’t know, it wouldn’t be right would it?” “Come on, I’ll help you. I’ve had mine out all the time you’ve been sat there, and besides my husband, I’d like to see them too.” Said my wife.Then, before Victoria had a chance to sop her, Jane had yanked her costume down to reveal magnificent breasts. They bounced as they were released and her nipples were wonderfully big and long.“Wow!”, my wife and I said in unison.Victoria just sat there and blushed. “You like them?”“God yes”, we both replied.I reached forward and had a good feel of one breast while my wife did the same with the other. Victoria didn’t move. Then first myself and then my wife bent over and took a nipple each into our mouths. They were lovely. Victoria moaned and enjoyed the attention she was getting. While we did this I started to stroke her thigh, but when I slipped my hand up over her swimsuit covered pussy, she clamped her legs shut and called a halt to the proceedings. “I think I should be going” she said, but my wife told her that I still had to finish what I had promised to do if Victoria got her tits out. With this, my wife yanked my shorts down to reveal my already stiff cock.“Okay then”. I said and I straddled Victoria’s sunbed and started to wank off over her beautiful tits. She didn’t take her eyes off my cock as I stroked it with one hand and played with her nipples with the other.Out of the corner of my eye I saw Jane with her hand inside her bikini bottoms obviously enjoying herself.“Okay, are you ready?” I asked as I felt myself almost there.“Yes, please cum on my tits?” asked Victoria.And I did, a nice load all over them. Some hit her in the face, which surprised her bit.Almost as if woken from a trance, Victoria jumped up of the sunbed, muttered something about having to go, grabbed her bikini top off the floor and almost ran into our Villa. Jane and I watched her go. I assume she cleaned up in the bathroom and then a couple of minutes later we heard the front door open and close.We didn’t see Victoria again until the last night of their holiday.We did however see Mathew a couple of times before their last night. He had managed to sneak out late at night and Jane was thrilled by this young lad and his infatuation with her mature body.The first time she allowed him into our bedroom and pretty much repeated her show for him. Getting naked and exposing every nook and cranny of her body for him. She allowed him to get right up close to her pussy and as she pulled her lips apart he must have got a great view inside. She teased him mercilessly, but did not let him touch her. She did let him cum over her though, splashing loads of young spunk onto her clean shaven pussy. After he left she rubbed herself off using his cum as lubricant. I watched her display with a very hard erection until she invited me to fuck her. I came quickly inside her.The second time Mathew appeared, Jane told me to get naked and lay on the bed. As Mathew watched she climbed onto my hard cock in a reverse cowboy position. Her back to me, but facing Mathew as he stood at the end of the bed. As Jane raised and lowered herself on my cock I could feel her hand start to play with her pussy. She told Mathew to watch closely:“Look at how my cunt is spread over his cock Mathew” she told him “I bet you’d like to have your cock in there, wouldn’t you? Feeling my wet pussy gripping your young virgin cock. “It wasn’t long before I felt his hot spunk splash down over Jane’s pussy and my cock and balls. This had an almost instant effect and I started to cum inside my wife, shortly followed by her own shuddering orgasm.On our neighbours last day, Mathew came round earlier, saying the others had all gone out for dinner and he had pretended to not feel that great so preferred to stay at the villa.In any case, we had a bit more time than usual and so we had a few drinks and a chat with Mathew that soon became very sexual in nature. Mathew was quite impatient and wanted to see Jane exposed as usual, but she told him he needed to learn to hold on to his orgasm for longer. She teased him, asking questions about his wanking habits. What he thought about, where he did it etc.“So, Mathew, what about your mum? Ever wanked thinking of her”“No, of course not!” he replied but went bright red.“Really?” Jane continued. “She’s got a great figure. I bet you must have beaten off over her sometime. Maybe even stolen her skimpy panties to wrap around your cock?” Mathew didn’t answer, just went a deeper shade of red.“Get naked for me Mathew” Jane demanded.She made him sit on a chair facing her while she was sat on the couch. “Open your legs, Mathew. I want to see your cock”He did as he was told and his young member was hanging between his legs, not completely flaccid, but nowhere near erect.“So what type of panties does Mummy wear Mathew?” My wife asked.“Are they like mine?” She continued opening her thigs slightly to expose her white panties beneath her flimsy summer dress.“Do Mummy’s panties feel nice on your cock Mathew? Do you imagine them touching her pussy?” Jane kept escort tuzla teasing. Mathew said nothing but his cock was now at least semi erect, twitching as it grew. He went to touch it but Jane told him to leave it alone.Then she slid forward on the couch, her skirt rising up her thighs. She slid her hand inside her panties and started to stroke herself.“Have you ever watched Mummy masturbate Mathew? No? Would you like to? I bet you imagine it. Imagine her fingers inside herself, making herself cum. “Is she hairy Mathew, or shaved like me?”“Mathew, you have to tell me or we will stop right now and you don’t get to see my cunt again.”“It’s hairy” Mathew stuttered.“That’s better” Said jane “When did you last see Mummy’s pussy?”“About a month ago”“What happened?” Jane enquired as she pulled the gusset of her panties to one side revealing herself to Mathew. His cock now fully erect.“I came home early and caught her taking a shower”“Did you wank off?”“Yes, but she saw me and covered herself, but her watching me took me over the edge and I came over the hallway carpet. She was furious. Since then she always locks the doors to the bathroom and her bedroom.”“Okay Mathew, thank you for being so honest. Follow me to the bedroom.”She left the lounge and he followed, with me not far behind.“Mathew, I have a special treat for you as it’s our last night.”“What?”“You’ll see. Now stand at the end of the bed, hands behind your back. Have you ever ejaculated without touching your cock Mathew?”“I think maybe, when I was younger” He answered.“Just you and me tonight Mathew” She told him and I was told to wait outside the bedroom.Of course I had the door open so I could watch. So as Mathew stood there watching, Jane slowly stripped out of her few clothes. The last item to come off was her panties, which she pushed into his face.“Take a good smell Mathew. I bet Mummy’s pussy smell similar” She said.He took a good lung full of her scent and I watched as his cock twitched. She then d****d her wet panties over his hard cock and lay down on the bed. She spread her legs as wide as she could and started to masturbate, talking to Mathew all the time:“Look how wet I am my young lover. Look how excited you make me. I bet you’d like to taste my pussy? Get your cock in there? Fill me with your young cum.”I didn’t think Mathew would last for long being teased like that, but he was not allowed to touch himself, so maybe he could.They were both so engrossed in Jane’s little game that neither heard the light knock on the front door. Reluctantly I left them to it and went to see who it was after first pulling the bedroom door shut just in case. I opened the front door to see Victoria stood there looking stunning. She was wearing a stylish summer dress, very low cut at the front revealing plenty of gorgeous cleavage and short enough to show off her lovely legs. She noticed me staring and blushed. I apologised, told her she looked stunning and then asked if Mathew was here. They had come home and were worried that he wasn’t in their Villa. I was a bit lost for words, but had no choice to admit he was there or otherwise they would have worried. “Can I come in. He needs to come home. We have an early start tomorrow!” Victoria explained.“Well” I answered “He’s with Jane. She’s just helping him with something.”“Helping him? With what?”“Why don’t you come and see” I said, realising I was taking a huge gamble, but following the experience with Victoria by our pool she was not about to cause any real problems. I told her she had to stay silent though and led her to the bedroom door. I made her stay way back and slowly opened the door. When Victoria saw the sight inside the room she let out a gasp. I put my hand over her mouth to keep her quiet. She was shocked, but rather than create a fuss, she just froze and stared. Jane was no on her knees on the bed in front of Mathew, who was still standing with his hands behind his back. Jane was playing with her breasts in front of him with one hand, the other busy between her legs. “Come on Mathew, show me what you’ve got. Cum for me.”Victoria slowly pulled my hand from her mouth. She had to steady herself on the door frame, but kept watching. I took a chance and reached behind her and slowly raised the rear of her dress. My hand found her arse and the tiny thong strap that was nestled between her cheeks. I traced it down to between her legs. She opened her legs slightly inviting me in. Soon she was standing feet wide apart as my hand eased past her thong and slid easily into a very wet pussy. She leant further forward and started to push back onto my hand as she watched my wife’s display in front of her son.We could hear my wife talking to Mathew “Okay, my young stud, maybe you need some help” and with that she leant forward her big breasts now hanging invitingly below her as she got on to all fours. She moved forward, stuck out her tongue and touched it to the tip of Mathew’s cock. I saw it twitch and felt Victoria shudder on my fingers. I released my hard cock and moved behind Victoria. As I slid my member into her very wet pussy we watched as Jane started licking up and down the length of Mathew’s young penis. I knew he wouldn’t take much more of that and I was right. Very soon there was jet after jet of young virgin come exploding over my wife’s face. As this happened I felt Victoria shudder to orgasm which in turn tipped me over the edge and I empties my balls deep into her. I pulled out, closed the bedroom door and ushered Victoria back out the front door. I noticed a mixture of my cum and her own juices running down her legs as I told her Mathew would be home very soon.That was the last we saw of Victoria or Mathew, that is until they paid us a visit back in England. But that’s for Part 2.

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