My Wife and the masseuse

My Wife and the masseuseThis is PURELY A FANTASY, even though I would love for it to come true. My wife’s new job meant she was standing up for a large part of the day. She started to get shoulder and middle of the back pain and after a visit to the doctor she had to start some physiotherapy. At the best of times she is very shy so it took a while for her to relax during the weekly physio session. She was on a 6 week course at the end of which she was given exercises and stretches she needed to do each day. Her back and shoulders got better but the pain didn’t completely go away. Therefore, for her birthday I bought her a massage from a qualified masseuse. The ‘office’ was part of a nearby trading estate so it was easy for my wife to get there. However, when I told her about her present she was very self-conscious and was unsure how she would be with a stranger touching her. I had made the booking online and told her I had been in contact with Jordan via email who seemed to be a very nice lady. With her concerns reduced she booked an hour session online. The day of her appointment came and she left home, walking to the venue. She returned home 90 minutes later, and I must confess she looked very relaxed. I asked her how it had gone. She started by correcting me … ‘Jordan is not a girl but a man. You have just paid to have a strange guy rub his hands all over me’. I said I didn’t mind as long as it had relaxed her and she said it took 30 minutes to relax into it, especially the idea that it was a guy, but she agreed it had done the trick and the knot in her shoulders had lessened. I asked her to tell me in more detail (the thought of this stranger touching my wife was proving to be a big turn on for me). She told me that she was shown into the backroom with the massage table. Soft music was playing and Jordan told her to strip off (she could leave her pants on if she wanted) and to lie on her front on the table. She said she felt very self-conscious lying on the table waiting for him to return. She then took a while for him to put her at ease. He asked her if she wanted an all over massage but she said it was probably best just for back and shoulders. When it came for her to turn over he gave her a towel and turned round to give her privacy as she rolled over and put the towel over her breasts. She did confess the towel did get in the way but she didn’t want to be topless. At the end he left the room to allow her to get dressed. She confessed she hadn’t expected to have felt so relaxed afterwards. I suggested that as this clearly worked she should have a regular massage from him. She wasn’t sure. To force her hand I booked and paid for a couple of more sessions for her, with a two weeks interval between each. They would start at 5pm so I would be home when she got home. She attended both and came home very relaxed, and it improved our sex life as each night after a massage we would fuck. I learnt from my wife Jordan was 20 years younger than my wife and had set this business up after he had qualified. My wife was clearly enjoying it, both the physical and social side, so I agreed to book up 6 months of massages, one every two weeks.Things continued as normal until one day my wife came home. She said that she had a confession. At today’s session, when she rolled onto her back for him to massage her shoulders from the front her towel had slipped off and when Jordan went to pick it up off the floor to recover her she said not to bother. She hoped I didn’t mind that another guy had seen her breasts. I said of course not. In bed that night she confessed she had felt a little turned on during the massage knowing he could see her tits. It was clear that as I hadn’t shown any concerns, and she was relaxing into the situation, that she was willing to push her own boundaries. A few sessions later she asked if I would mind if she got an all over body massage and I said off course not. She came home afterwards all buzzing. She confessed this time she had said she wouldn’t cover her tits and when he had started to massage her legs and thighs it had started tingles in her groin she wasn’t expecting. I asked her if Jordan was turning her on and she said he was attractive but what was more titillating was the touch. There was nothing sexual in the touch but it was stirring sexual feelings in her. My wife returned home after the next session confessing she had removed her pants at the start so when she turned over halfway through the massage he saw her full naked body. This sincan escort had been a big turn on for her. She was unsure if it was for this reason or not, but Jordan’s arms did keep catching her nipples as he massaged her shoulders and when he massaged her inner thighs she felt part of his hand touch her pussy lips , but she felt it was all unintentional. That evening in bed we had a great fuck and confessed that her being naked in front of Jordan earlier had contributed to the fuck being so good. A few nights later I told my wife we needed to talk about the massages. She thought I was going to ask her to stop, but instead I told her it was turning me on knowing another guy was seeing her naked and touching her. I told her that I didn’t mind and it was for her to decide how far she took things with Jordan, as long as she told me what was happening. The next session soon came along and I was at home as my wife left. This time though she was out a lot longer. When she got back she told me to follow her to the bedroom. It seemed like only a few seconds before she was riding my cock and then receiving my cum deep inside her. When she recovered she asked me how serious I had been in letting her decide the boundaries during the massage. I said very, and it was all her decision. She said today when Jordan massaged her inner thighs his fingers strayed onto her naked pussy lips. She said she shuddered and he apologised. To her surprise she found herself saying, ‘not a problem, I quite liked it’ and so every time his hands went near her pussy there was some deliberate contact. I asked her if she had said anymore, but she said no but this time she had said he could stay in the room as she dressed and he watched. She said she took longer coming home as she wasn’t sure whether to tell me or not. I told her that as long as she told me what had happened, what happens in the massage room stays in the massage room. She said that she had probably gone as far as she was comfortable with. Over the next few meetings she had the same experiences and we had a great fuck each night afterwards. As my wife became comfortable with Jordan and the situation she was able to talk with Jordan more freely. She was also able to be around him naked so each session she would strip in front of him, dress in front of him and lie on the table naked for the whole session. She found him looking at her nakedness a big turn on. She came home from one session and she told me she had been brave enough to ask Jordan to be naked as well and he was only too pleased to strip as well. She described to me his body, and his cock in some detail, that he was completely shaved, he had a foreskin and large balls. She said it was great lying there, her face the same height as his cock and watching his cock and balls swing as he massaged her. A few weeks later she came home and told me that today Jordan had concentrated on her thighs more than normal and then he oiled around her pussy and massaged there as well. She said that as she didn’t show any resistance he started to finger her pussy lips, and then sank a couple of fingers into her pussy. He then massaged her clit and made her cum. She felt very guilty afterwards and dressed quickly and left, with Jordan sporting a hard on. I told her I didn’t mind and in fact it was a shame Jordan was left without any release. The following session as I drove home I wondered how far she was going to go. She got home and told me today there was no pretence from Jordan and he spend a long time massage her pussy lips and clit and he given her several minor orgasms and a large one. She then said that after she had recovered, she sat on the table, told Jordan to come closer. She then pushed his erection between her tits and gave him a tit fuck. She watched as his cum oozed from his knob and dribbled over her tits. She had cleaned herself up before coming home. I said that was a shame as I would love to see his dried cum on her tits. After the next session she arrived home and told me to go to the bedroom. She told me to strip and then she stripped in front of me. She said she had been careful on the way home and when she pulled her large tits apart there was a smell of cum and some dried patches. She told me that he had finger fucked her again and played with her tits. This time she had stroked his cock and then finished him off between her tits. I fucked her and as she rode my cock she bent forward pushing her tits into my face, making me smell his cum. This mutual hand escort sincan playing continued for a few more sessions and then my wife came home. She looked quite flustered. She told me this time, to her surprise, Jordan had parted her legs, taken a long look at her open pussy and then had pushed his face onto her pussy and licked her to orgasm. She said it was an uncontrollable orgasm and she screamed out very loudly. When she had recovered she didn’t know what came over but she grabbed his cock and started to suck on it, and then swallowed all his cum as it pumped into his mouth. We went to the bedroom and fucked, everytime we kissed me imagining that a few hours before another guy’s cock was in her mouth that I was kissing and his cum had flowed down her throat. After we had fucked she told me she had enjoyed sucking his cock and had loved the taste of cum, something she had never said about my cock or cum. The oral sex became their regular end to the massage session and sometimes I was lucky to see some of his cum dried on her body. One time she deliberately walked home with some of his cum on her forehead and in her hair. Then one of her massage sessions fell on my Birthday. She suggested she should cancel it and then we could do something special in the evening. I told her that I would prefer that she had her massage, mainly because it would guarantee I got a fuck on my birthday. On my birthday I got a call at work from my wife. She told me she had changed her massage time to be an hour earlier so that I could pick her up on the way home. She told me to wait outside and she would come and find me. She told me to be there for 5.30 so I pulled in on the dot of 5.30. I was getting a little worried that I had got the time wrong when it went past 6pm but then she appeared. She seemed to be walking cagily to the car. When she sat in the car there was an odd aroma. I asked her how it had gone and she told me to drive home and she would then tell me everything, with a big smile on her face. When we walked through the front door she told me to give her a few minutes and then come and join her in the bedroom. I entered to find her naked, lying on the bed with her legs wide open. She told me to take a closer look. As I looked at her pussy the aroma of cum filled the area, and then I realised Jordan must have cum in her pussy. She held her lips wider and told me that for my birthday she had given me something I had been wanting. She said that as I had sat in the car, she was a few 100metres away, her pussy wrapped around Jordan’s cock as she rode him. The thought of me outside not knowing what was happening had turned her and she orgasmed as Jordan pumped his seed into her, her pussy muscles trying to extract the last drop of cum. She asked me if this was a good birthday present. I was jealous, angry, turned on and told her it was a great present. I then undressed and fucked her with his cum still inside and added my cum. We fucked several more times that night as my wife gave me every detail of her and Jordan’s meeting.From then Jordan fucked my wife every two weeks and I got the pleasure of either licking any remaining cum from my wife’s pussy or fucking her used pussy. It was a great life knowing I would get sex at least every two weeks and play with my wife’s used pussy. My wife then decided to give me a birthday treat each year. She invited Jordan to our home and he brought his mobile table. The first year was a shock as I wasn’t expecting it and arrived home. I walked into the lounge to find my wife and Jordan naked, my wife on the table being massaged by Jordan. My wife told me to sit and watch. I watched the massage, then him fingering her pussy while she stroked his cock to hardness. She then licked his knob. Then she put a towel on the floor, told Jordan to lie on it. She mounted his cock and rode him, then told me to strip off and get ready. I heard Jordan grunt and shudder as he filled my wife’s pussy. My wife told me to put a towel next to them and lie down. With that she rose off Jordan, came over to me and lowered her pussy onto my face and started to suck my cock as I licked Jordan’s warm, fresh cum from wife. I swallowed his cum and then my wife swallowed my cum. Jordan had recovered and was hard again so my wife got him to fuck her doggy style. I got a great view of his cock pounding my wife and then after he had cum I got a great view of his cum in my wife. She stayed in the same position and told me to fuck her. It was a different sensation sincan escort bayan of fucking her pussy with newly deposited cum, rather than cum that was 30-60 minutes old. I soon added my cum to her pussy. With that Jordan left and my wife and I went to the bedroom to celebrate my Birthday with more fucking. This turned into an annual Birthday present for me. After a few years I suggested she could fuck other guys if she wanted but she was happy with the arrangement. That was until 5 years into this agreement. My wife loved the attention she got from Jordan and I bet Jordan loved the easy pussy on tap every few weeks. Then one day I got home and my wife said that Jordan had phoned. He was taking on an apprentice and he wondered if she would like a free massage once a week for the next three months (not one of her regular timeslots). He felt that the new apprentice could learn a lot from massaging her, but he pointed out that it was purely a massage and nothing else was expected as he was teaching this guy. I told my wife that I would have no problems with this. She went to the first session and that evening she told me the apprentice was a shyish 20 year old guy and she had shocked him by being naked for the massage. She said it had thrilled her that she had shocked this young guy. My wife found these sessions really fun as she could tease him. She also found it hilarious that through the training Jordan was telling this apprentice that he had to respect the person they were massaging, make no comments that could offend, make sure their hands never went near any where the customer didn’t want and above all massages were to relieve stress and to relax and were not sexual – if only the apprentice could see Jordan with her at their regular session. She enjoyed these free sessions, and I think as there was no pressure for sex she relaxed fully. They went on for three months until his apprenticeship came to an end. He was going to set up on his own but use Jordan’s place on a Sunday when he didn’t use it. However, my wife was surprised that at the first afternoon session with Jordan after the apprentice had finished that the former apprentice was in the office when she arrived. Jordan asked if it was OK if the guy joined them for a two person massage. My wife said it was OK, but in her head she was thinking ‘shit I wont get a fuck’. Jordan told her to go into the room and get ready. When they entered my wife was lying on her back. Jordan then told the apprentice that some clients were special and had special treatments to help them relax. He asked the former apprentice if he had found it odd how this woman was so at ease with being naked in the room. He said yes and with that Jordan stripped off and said it was because they had full naturist massages. Jordan invited the guy to strip as well which he did. My wife was wondering where this was going to lead. Whilst the younger guy massaged her shoulders Jordan massaged her buttocks and inner thighs. She liked the attention she was getting. She also became a bit mischievous. As the younger guy moved in front of her, she moved her hand and started to stroke his cock. He jumped back and my wife apologised but said it was so tempting. He moved back and this time when my wife touched his cock he didn’t move away. She was soon holding his hard cock in her hand. Jordan then told my wife to roll onto her back. He told the younger guy to massage her shoulders and Jordan opened my wife’s legs so that he had better access to her inner thighs. Jordan then started to finger her pussy. The other guy noticed and Jordan suggested he massage her big breasts. My wife laid there having these two guys play with her. Jordan then bent over and started to lick her pussy and she orgasmed. She then said she needed a good fuck and Jordan asked if his former apprentice could fuck her. She said yes so he moved around the table, rubbed his knob over her pussy lips and pushed deep into her. He didn’t last long before emptying his balls into her. As soon as he pulled out Jordan’s cock replaced it and he fucked her adding his cum. My wife arrived home an hour later than I was expecting. She took me to the bedroom and when she removed her clothes there was cum everywhere. She told me what had happened and after the first fuck she had rode both their cocks again and as a finale also wanked them over her its. I smelt the cum from the two guys and immediately buried my head in her pussy to lick her clean. She would meet the two masseuse together every few months, the younger one on his own once every 6 months or so and Jordan still every 2 weeks. I got a happy wife and a great sex life, these two guys got my wife a sex mad mature woman and together we all met her sexual needs.

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