my wife guriya fucked by her sister’s husband

my wife guriya fucked by her sister’s husbandI am Rupesh, Fourty years old working in a government job. I was married in 2004 to 23 year old Guriya who is very beautiful. She is fair,about 5’3″,and has a great figure 34B-28-38. Though the breasts are compact they are very shapely and compact. She has a milky white complexion and long hair. Guriya is the third of four sisters who were all married and settled down in the same town. Our first night was ecstasy and we had sex several times. Guriya was OK and appeared to be enjoying sex.We have now been married for over 10 year and were having regular sex getting bolder everyday and experimenting with newer techniques. Sometimes we went around the house nude fucking everywhere in the house, sometimes we got together for a quick oral. guriya’s parents were staying in the same city a little away from our place and she sometimes went to her parents’ house for a day or two. One morning, when I had three days holidays at a stretch and was planning a wild weekend, Guriya was checking the mail when I woke up in the morning.As soon as I approached her she minimized the mail window and said that she had to proceed to her parents’ place for three days. I was sorely disappointed but had to agree. Soon she was ready and was off to her parents place. I saw her off and came to the computer wanting to watch some porn and relieve myself of the frustration. I noticed that the computer was on and Guriya had forgotten to log off in a hurry. I couldn’t hide my curiosity and opened her mailbox. Who were her friends? What did she talk about?Most mails were normal Hai Hello types. I came across several mails from one Boby. The only Boby I knew about was Guriya’s elder sister’s husband, who stayed very near her parents house with her sister. They were close since she had known him even before our marriage. I was again curious and opened a mail from him which had come in this morning and what I saw shocked me. Sweet” it began. “We have a long weekend and your sis is out for three days on a trip with her friends to Agra. I am all alone as the k**s are also in my parents’ house.Can we get together for an explosive time? I will expect you by noon today. My cock is hard for you and I cannot bring it down by hand. It needs your personal attention. Waiting for you. Your own Boby ….”Now what was all this about? The message was very clear and I wanted to see whether there were similar mails earlier. I strolled down and found many mails from Boby starting even before our marriage. In fact there was one the day we returned from our honeymoon.Sweet! How was your honeymoon? I was dying with jealousy every night thinking of someone else dipping into my own sweet heaven hole and drinking your nectar. Was he good? Did you miss me or did you find him better? I am going mad” And Guriya send sent a reply. “Darling Jiju! It was OK. So-so. Like all honeymooners we had lot of sex. But can anything ever compare with your monster?” then there followed a graphic description of my cock and his. My bastard’s cock cannot compare with yours in any way. It is at least 2 inches smaller and darker than yours. He has a cut cock unlike yours with its long sweet foreskin.He has hair down there and it is thinner too. The first time he shot a lot of juice but then it was just a few drops. Not like the gusher you shoot each time you cum. He likes licking me and every time he licked me I was thinking of your own sweet tongue licking my love bud. I am dying for some of your own injections. Also now you can throw away the condoms you so hate since I have an authentic reason for getting pregnant!! Looking forward to get together with you soon. Your sweet little lover Guriya”Over the ümraniye escort next few months there were several such mails going around. Once she had asked for a pic of his cock and in reply there was a pic. I opened it and saw that he was indeed well endowed. It was an eight incher and totally hairless. There was a long foreskin as she had mentioned and it was very light in color. The head was fat and was like a knob.Reading all these mails told me that over the last 15 year she was having regular sex with him. Many mails had descriptions of what I did to Guriya and what they were doing together in comparison. And the comparisons were not very complimentary about me.They always referred to me as “my bastard” or “your bastard”. Guriya called my cock a nunnu and his “hammer”. And I learnt that they were fucking without a condom. There was also a video clip of their fucking. When Guriya came back on Sunday evening I hugged her and straightaway took her to the bedroom. I peeled off her skin tight jeans and made her nude. Her cunt was puffy and I could imagine them fucking away countless times during the past two days. I dove down between her legs and smelt the flavor of her jija there. Somehow I felt more erotic. I asked her how she liked my cock,Fantastic” she said. I asked her if she had seen any other cock. She behaved as if she was angry and said, “how can you even ask that?” remembering her graphic descriptions of her Jija’s cock I did not know whether to be angry or aroused. I asked her if she will suck my cock. She said ”Dear you know I don’t like that, but I love you licking me. Can you do that?” Remembering again how much she described the taste of her Jija’s cock and semen, I went down and started licking her. I know she will continue to fuck her Jija and I have to live with it, but then what is a cunt for if not for fucking?Then one day I invited her jiju to stay in our house and he rigidly agreed. In my mind just one thing was going ”when I’ll see my wife have sex with her jiju in our own house. So after the dinner I pretended to eat sleeping medicine and told my wife to give him time before sleeping. By saying this I went to our bedroom and my wife Guriya also came & slept beside me. After sometime my wife left me on bed by ensuring that I was in deep sleep. Then she silently went to the other room where her jiju Boby was eagerly waiting for her.I was too excited to see my wife Guriya have sex with her Sister’s husband and wanted to catch up with her for the time we spent apart. So I slowly went to see what was happening between my wife and her jiju.But as I was getting towards guest bedroom I heard some noises. I became quiet and reached towards the bedroom and just stopped before the door to find out what was going on. The room had its curtain at the door. I walked up before the curtain and stood their and heard Guriya’s jiju say to Guriya ” aaj tum saree mein bahut sundar lag rahi thi” to which she replied “just shut up..!! followed by giggling from both sides. I grew curious and waited for further proceedings.I sided the curtain a little and saw that jiju was trying to kiss Guriya on the neck to which she replied “Nooo!!! Not now Rupesh will see, also I am tired and I will not letting you do this at my house..!! Jiju said “yahi to mazaa hai.. Today I am going to fuck you at your house even on your bed where you had your sessions with your husband..!!! I felt shivering in my knees witnessing to what was happening but controlled myself and continued looking. Guriya has changed the saree, she was wearing during marriage and now she was wearing a tight chudidaar and was looking very pretty.Jiju held my wife with hands at the back kadıköy escort and stared to rub between her legs from the outside. Guriya fought her hands free and held his hand which was beginning to message her crotch. With his other hand jiju started to rub her boobs which were now started point with all the attention her body was getting. Now her fight was becoming weak and she was beginning to heat up. Suddenly jiju gave a jerk and his hand went inside her chudidaar and he began to moving his hand with full vigor. She let out a soft moan and her head slightly tilted towards his shoulder to get support. Seeing her getting weak he removed the knot of her chudidaar and it fell down to her ankles. I saw Guriya’s dark blue panty with some flowers design on it her crotch was looking sexy. Jiju looked down in admiration to what was he seeing with his left hand giving constant attention to her boobs.Guriya moaned a little and said “noo” in her husky voice her legs were trembling may be because of thinking what was about to happen with her in house. And obviously my wife was aware that I am in the house sleeping in another room. But jiju was getting horny and he just put his fingers inside her panty and began to furiously finger fuck her… Aaahhh aahhh ahhhh ahh oohh oohh….. was all Guriya could muster in response to the a****l inside jiju which was definitely unleashed now. He finger fucked her so hard that she was weak in her knees and began falling on his body. He supported her well and continued to finger her, even more passionately and fast. He had two fingers inside of my wife Guriya and it was making a sound of puch puch inside her wet pussy. she left out a gust ohh ahh ahh ahhhhhhh… and had her first orgasm of the night. her pussy flowed like a river as jiju withdrew his fingers from her wet pussy. I was trembling and excited to see my wife getting manhandled by jiju and I felt my dick rock hard in my pants. I started stroking my dick watching the action between my wife Guriyaa and her sister’s husband.Jiju then removed her panties and her suit. She was now naked except for her cupped bra which took no time in coming off. Guriya looked embarrassed in the state which she found herself in and covered her pussy with her hands and smiled a little. Jiju gave her a wild groan and brought her closer to her. I knew what was going to happen now and became a little frightened. In one go jiju became naked. Jiju’s dick was around 8 inches and was thick. He held it in his hand and stroked it a little. Jiju brought her closer and gave her a kiss on her lips to which she replied by swinging her tongue in his mouth.They both were kissing passionately and as the kiss ended after 5 minuted jiju began to finger her pussy again but within seconds he held his cock and began to invade her already wet pussy. She moaned ahhh ohhh maaa as jiju tried to put the head of the cock in her. He began making movements in her pussy as Guriya cried ahhh maa maahhh ohhhhhh. She asked is it all in to which jiju replied just wait baby ..!!! Her eyes grew wide thinking it was still not in. I could see her pussy stretch to take his monster in.After few small strokes jiju wrapped his legs around Guriya and made one push to take his cock all in. It went in and that was when I also cummed in my hands. Within few minutes my dick was hard once again. It was the best feeling I had till now. Jiju started vigorously fucking my wife’s pussy and kissing her. Between the kisses all my wife Guriya could muster was little oooohhhss and aaahhhss.After fucking her for 10 mins in this position he lifted her up wrapped her legs around his waist and began fucking her furiously. Now the room bostancı escort was full of their passionate lovemaking. Push push push were the sound each thrust was making with his cock going deep into her vagina which was making squishy sounds. I once again started to stroke my dick. ooooo ahhhh aaaaaa aaaooooo ahhhhh nooooo this is tooooooo mucchhhhhh stop now stop now were all I could hear of Guriya.After fucking her for 15 mins in this position jiju became tired and shot his entire load in her pussy. It was a sight to see, his cock had formed a ring at the bottom which was a mix of both their juices. He came with a bang and apparently shot all his load inside her. He brought her down, and laid her on the bed. He was still not done with her and went to the fridge to have some water. All this while my wife lay on the bed, her eyes closed, body glistening with sweat and seeing her pussy I could see the cum dripping out. Jiju came and gave her a nice kiss to which she replied by kissing back. He then made her sit on all fours and went behind.Guriya was facing me and I could see that she was exhausted with all the fucking she had, But jiju was in no mood to stop and from behind he put his cock in her pussy and began giving small thrust back and forth. Shortly he started giving long hard thrusts which made her lost all control and fall ahead. To solve this he held her by her hair and wrapped his hands around her waist so she could not fall ahead. He began thrusting her pussy very fast.Guriya began to literally scream this time. Ahhhhhhh nahiiiii marrrr gayi ohhhh ohhh haan nnnn haann haaahhhhhh ahhhh ahhh were the sounds she kept on making. She tried to not make noise as she was aware that I might come to the room where they are having sex. I do not know what had gone into jiju to give him so much stamina that he literally tore my wife apart. After 25 mins of non stop fucking he again came in her pussy.This time it was much harder than the previous one. My wife had innumerable orgasms by then of which I had lost count of. She was exhausted and was sweating profusely. Her body ached with all the fucking she had with that monster and was able to take no more. He made her turn around and looked her in the eye and said “I love You”. She did’nt reply but only said “bas aur nhi, mai ur nhi le sakti” These comments coming from my wife’s mouth made me all the more horny. Jiju said “abhi to thoda aur chudna padega tumhe. abhi nhi hua hai poora” she said “nhi bas aur nhi chud sakti please bas karo. mai mar jaungi”. They rested for an hour.Jiju got up gave her a kiss on her lips and made her rotate on the bed and made her lie on her stomach once again. This time her pussy was facing me. I could see my wife’s pussy which was tarnished by the monster cock. It was oozing cum. He kept a pillow under her stomach which lifted her ass a little. He inserted his cock again in her pussy and began giving small thrusts. Ohhh what a sight it was.I could see the monster going completely inside my wife stretching her walls as far as they could go. After giving some small thrusts jiju again went to his violent best and began fucking her furiously. This time she had no energy to scream, she just lay on the bed with jiju giving her a fucking of lifetime in front of me.After some time she started moaning a little and again making and began shouting ahhhh ahhhhh ahhhh ohhhhhhaaaamaa maaaa maaaa aaaaaaa nooooo basssss. He fucked her again for around 30 mins like this and ultimately came in her pussy after giving violent thrusts and collapsed on top of her. I have witnessing a great fucking session involving my wife and her jiju. Guriya was not able to get up so jiju carried her to the bathrrom attched. After sometime they came out. Guriya was not able to walk. Jiju lied her on bed and kissed her once again.. Soon they went for sleep as both were exhausted.I came to my room and slept as I have also cummed few times watching my wife and her jija’s hot fucking session.

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