my wife guriya fucked by two BBC on my honeymoon

my wife guriya fucked by two BBC on my honeymoonMy wife has a 36-32-36 figure and fair skin. Her big booty was to die for any man. After marriage, we planned to go to the Singapore.On our way inside the flight and while making out under the quilt, I asked her if there was anything she would love to do special during the vacation. My wife replied she wanted to have the gift she got on our 4th anniversary (while dating). I started to think about it and I was shocked when I remembered what happened that day.It was on that day we were doing a role play in our bed. My wife played the role of the hooker and I was her pimp and I sold her to big black cocks. That day, I fucked her both with by my dick and with a dildo in both her holes and she was a little happy whore.First I was shocked and angry but then I realized that no one knows us in Maldives and so, why not give it a try?Then I asked my wife whether she was really ready for the BBC (big black cock)? She touched my dick which already had a boner and said, “Yes, if you would watch me”. God, I had a blast in my pants.I said, “Okay. But only if you listen to me on the first night in Maldives. Then you can do anything for the next two nights. She agreed. I pinched her boobs and we slept.Then we reached our resort in the singapore and checked in to our suite on the beach side of the resort.Then after taking some rest, I said to my wife, “If you want to enjoy two big black cocks, then you have to be my slave tonight and make your master happy”. My wife said nothing and instead, she came near me and knelt down. I understood it was her yes. I told her to address me as ‘Master’.Our little chat –Me: What would you love your master to do?Wife: Anything my master wish!Me: Will you let your master face fuck you? (Saying this, I lowered my boxers).My wife came near me and took my cock in her mouth and I grabbed her hair. She started to take it deeper as usual like the slut she was. She took the entire 7¨ inside her mouth. I was in heaven and gagging her to the best.Me: Will you lick your master’s ass?Wife: YesI took my dick out of her mouth. She went straight to my ass and started licking my ass. Holding my dick, I pushed my wife’s tongue deep inside my ass to tongue fuck me.She did it for 20 minutes and as I was about to cum, I pulled her and asked her to drink her master’s cum. My slutty wife did that as a champ and swallowed all of it and then went back to licking my ass for another 5 minutes.Me: Okay. Now it’s my time to please my wife, my little whore.Wife: Yes master, just lick my pussy and fuck it.I slapped her, grabbed her hair and said, “You are my whore and I will fuck you whenever I please”. She said, “yes”.I had different plans. I asked my wife to stand and the moment she did, I tore her white top and threw her on the bed! Then I took out her dupatta which had ropes and which I bought on the way to our honeymoon. I tied her legs and hand. I also blindfolded my wife and took some pictures (later reasons).Then I went down pulling her lower pants and started licking them. Though I have done it million times, the thought of my wife getting ready to be fucked by two black men made me feel I was sivas escort doing it for the first time. My wife exploded in 10 minutes and it was her first orgasm after marriage.Wife: Fuck me, Janu.Me: Janu?I slapped her on her boobs.Wife: Sorry master. Fuck me, please.My wife was horny as hell to be fucked but I said to her, “You will have to punished for this. I will fuck your big ass tonight” (as I wanted her pussy to be wet for the big black cocks).She was sad but couldn’t say anything. I opened her legs and hand, made her turn and tried to go anal. It was not so painful despite we had done it so many times before.After fucking my wife’s big booty for almost 30 minutes, we collapsed on the bed. My kinky wife drank my cum straight from her own ass. Such a little whore my wife was on that night. Then we had dinner and we slept.Next morning after waking up to my wife’s blowjob, I again fucked her ass and not her pussy. She was begging but I was all out on her ass as I wanted two dicks easily go inside her. Then we had breakfast and went for sightseeing and most importantly, to pick up two black guys.The whole day we spent shopping, drinking and trying to pick black guys but we failed. In the evening, we lost all hopes and my wife was sad like she was still a virgin. Suddenly, we saw two black men around 40s having drinks at the beach bar in our hotel.We both had a smile in our face. We two looked into each other’s eye and I got my answer. She went to our suite and I went to the bar to hook up those two black men. After talking for some time, I came to know they were from Africa and they were here for an official trip.Slowly, the topic shifted to sex and they said they love Indian women. I said that I am on my honeymoon and showed them my wife’s pic. They said, lucky you.I was straight to the point and told them they can be lucky too. They were taken back. Then I showed them the pics of my naked wife naked tied and blindfolded which I took last night. They had a boner and agreed but I too had plans in my mind.“On one condition”, I said.“What?”, they asked.I said, “You have to fuck her like there is no tomorrow and it should be her best fuck of my wife’s life.”They agreed but asked me to give her a tablet “XYZ” so that she can enjoy the fun and pain. The time was fixed eat at 8 pm and in my room.When I reached my room and opened the door, my wife was standing naked in front of me. I went straight to her and kissed her for 10 minutes.I asked her, “Do you want this?”She just spread her legs and I got my answer. I got those tablets from the waiter in the hotel and gave it to my wife after mixing it in her drink. (It works a couple of hours after having it).Around 8 pm, my wife was inside the bedroom of our suite and me in the DR when the bell rang. The two black guys named wolli and mave entered the room and we started having drinks. They asked about my wife and I told them that she was getting ready for them.I had no idea what my wife was wearing and when she came out, all of us were dumbstruck. My little whore was wearing a bra which hid only her nipples and a pant which was transparent enough to see her pussy. The best part was a small escort sivas sticker on her neck written, “Little pussy for 2 black”.I was horny and wanted to fuck my wife immediately but then stopped.Now whatever I am going to narrate is things I saw that night. My wife came and sat next to me. She kissed me and asked my permission to go ahead.I said, “yes” but was thinking my wife had no idea what was going to happen to her. The tablet was starting to work as I saw changes in her behaviour. She went and sat in between the two black men.Guys, imagine two huge black guys and my Indian wife on honeymoon sitting between them. My wife started rubbing both their tools cocks above the pants and said, “Master, these are huge, will I be able to take both together??”I said that she will love to have both BBCs together.My wife was touching both the big black cocks over the pants and enjoying it. I was looking straight into my eyes. My love for my wife was on maximum on that day but the lust to watch her getting fucked by two BBCs took over my love.Moving ahead, both wolli and mave started to press the boobs of my wife. She moaned and started to unhook the pants. Both the pants went down at once and both of us were in shock. Their cocks were around 9.5¨ long and 3¨ thick both.My wife was happy and tensed at the same time and I was already thinking of those two rods inside my wife’s pussy and ass. The two black men were nude now. They had a well-built body at 40’s. They were huge.My wife went down and took wolli’s cock in her mouth and with her other hand, started stroking the other. wolli was rolling his hands over her head and suddenly, he pushed his big cock all inside her mouth.She gagged initially but then took it completely inside. She took rounds taking both the black cocks one by one. The sounds of mouthfucking were making me horny. I wanted to jump into the action but I controlled and sat back, enjoying the show.Then mave picked up my wife in his big arms and went to the bedroom and asked to bring the drinks into the room. I followed them and felt like a cuckold but then my wife’s happy face came in front of me.I took me some time to reach the bedroom and when I reached there, I saw my wife taking wolli’s big cock in her mouth and mave was licking my wife’s pussy.The room was full of her moans. She was on her back in the bed, one cock was going deep and coming out while other person’s tongue was fucking her pussy. This continued for 10 minutes and finally, wolli cummed on my wife’s face and she drank every drop of it.They then changed their positions. mave’s cock was a little bigger than of wolli and he started fucking her face. My wife was on fire and she pulled wolli and said, “Fuck this little pussy of your whore!”They both looked at me and I gave them a green signal to fuck the hell out of my wife. I wanted to see my wife banged hard by two strangers like a whore.Wolli took the position in one corner of the bed and pushed his cock deep in one go. There was no condom as my wife liked it raw and wild.He started slow but then increased his speed. Meanwhile, mave’s cock was still in her mouth and saliva was flowing from her mouth. Then sivas escort bayan he kept on pumping her and she kept on moaning.After 10 minutes, it was now mave’s turn to test my wife’s pussy. With his one push, I thought my wife will faint but she moaned in pleasure.wolli changed her position and asked her to sit on top. What a view it was! My wife riding a black man and another black man fucking her in her mouth. It continued for 30 minutes and after changing a few positions, they finally cummed together in her face and she loved the cocktail of their sperm.She looked tired. She came to me to kiss me and asked, “Are you happy, master? Are we done?”Me: Master is happy but you are not done.She was taken back. Time for some double penetration. She said, “No, I will not able to take both at once”. It was tough for any women to take those two monster cocks at once but by now, I knew that the tablet had started working and my wife will be able to take it.Me: You will be able to, my dear.I kissed her and pulled her towards me. Then I blindfolded her. She was nervous but was happy to be tied. Then I signalled to both wolli and mave. I always blindfold her so that I can record her without her knowledge.wolli came and picked her up by licking her wet pussy. One round of sucking went for 30 minutes. This time, they also face fucked her like a whore. The room was full of moans, sweat, and sperm.wolli lied on the bed and my wife started riding her. The tablet was working and my wife was shouting, “Fuck me… Fuck me. Fuck this little whore in front of her hubby on her honeymoon. Make me your slave”.This made wolli turn on further and he went behind her. Finally, I was watching my wife taking two cocks inside her. The camera was already rolling. The moment mave put his cock on her asscrack, she tried to jump. But wolli grabbed her by her waist.Wife: Baby, it’s paining. I can’t take both at once.But within two minutes both the cocks were inside her and she was moaning, “Ooh aah… ooh… fuck me fuck me.. I am loving it”My wife was moaning in pain and pleasure. Both of them then started to fuck my wife rough.Me: You like it, love?Wife: Yes, master.Me: What you liked the most?Wife: Enjoying two cocks at once, tearing me apart from the bottom.This gave me happiness.Me: What do you think of yourself now?Wife: I was born to be a whore, to be fucked by men and my husband watching it holding his dick. Feel like if I had 10 men, I would have fucked them all.Me: So, you will like 10?Listening to this, she started to get fucked with more speed.Wife: If my master says so.I kissed her and said, “Enjoy these two cocks first.”They both fucked her for 45 minutes in her pussy and ass. I couldn’t control anymore and opened my boxers and put my dick inside my wife’s mouth. She started to suck like crazy. I realized that one cock each in her pussy and ass made her wild.That night she was fucked for more than 12 times by three of us in all her 3 holes. We forgot to count her orgasm, she had it more than 20 times. She was dead tired by 3 in the morning and covered with cum.Both Joe and Roby left. We both were in the bed, huffing and kissing when I asked, “A gangbang tomorrow?”She smiled and kissed me. She said no but I knew it was a yes.The whore inside her was not satisfied.We slept after some time. Next morning when I woke up, I saw my wife taking my cock in her mouth. “Master, I am ready for 10 cocks”.

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