My Wife’s First Date Night with a Friend


My Wife’s First Date Night with a FriendWe were active lifestyle swingers for many years when the subject of my wife going out for a date night with one of her male friends came up as a discussion. Initially, it was more of something to laugh about rather than something we would potentially consider with any seriousness. Rob had been a great friend to both of us for the past six years. We both equally enjoyed his company and the time we were able to spend together. Rob and I could talk about anything, from work to sports and usually agreed. We both had confided in each other things we would never share with anyone other than each other. My wife and Rob had also bonded, he deeply cared for her and did all he could to ensure she was happy and safe. Our relationship had begun sexually as an MFM threesome but it quickly progressed into so much more. We traveled together, vacationed together and even had the other along for the family visits on holidays. Sex between us was fantastic and always hardcore. But, beneath the sex, there was a true caring relationship founded in love. We all three had grown to care about the other. We could now take vacations away for an extended time with the focus not revolving around sex. There were times we would all go away for a week and return where nothing sexual had transpired for whatever reason. Ultimately we all enjoyed spending time together as much as having sex together. Realistically, over the last three years, all istanbul escort of our sex was a part of a full threesome. Even if Rob was working out of town my wife and I did not do anything without him.My job began to include much more out of town, extended travel engagement. I would be gone for two to three weeks with increasing frequency. I knew Rob would always be there for my wife and so when he began staying over at our house when I was gone it was a non-issue. I was happy she had somebody there she could count on if she needed him. One Friday things took a turn. Rob called me at the office around eight that night. I was out of the country and it had been six weeks since I had left that time. Rob was being super great about the situation but I also knew my wife was a little worked up with my extended absence. I finally worked the courage to say to Rob: “Hey Buddy, it has been a long time since I was home and it is going to be at least a few more weeks before I get to come back.” Rob interrupted to assure me my wife was being well taken care of. I continued: “Rob, you are the best friend any man could ask for and I know you worship my wife. But, I also know you are a man and she is a highly sensual woman.” Rob was trying to interrupt but I continued to talk over him: “Buddy, I am asking you, in all seriousness, please, take Deb out tonight and be there for her. Wine her, dine avcılar escort her, work her panties off of her. She needs this, and so do you, buddy. Make me proud, take tonight and go out for date-night!” Rob was trying to console me but he also seemed to have breathed a sigh of relief. He asked repeatedly if I was sure and if I would be ok and I assured him on all counts that I was fine and wanted this. There was some discussion about me being absolutely sure but finally, the conversation ended with my knowing Rob and my wife were getting an Uber to head to a nice dinner together, alone. It was almost three hours later when I got a hangouts message that Rob and my wife were back home. There was some excitement about the dinner and also some kissing in the Uber on the way home. My connection was super spotty and intermittent so I only received parts but they had me on video as they sat at home, my wife with a glass of wine and her pretty white lace thong showing between her slightly parted legs and the raised dress. Unfortunately, the next thirty minutes were garbled with no video but I stayed on the line with them as they talked, flirted and kissed. I only received bits and segments of frozen video and garble but I got a clean 12-15 seconds of my wife being naked on our bed with Rob seeming to rub her with his dick out. The video connection was gone as fast as it appeared and then the audio was almost non-existent. şirinevler escort I got my next clear image and voice roughly forty minutes later when my wife was lying naked on top of Rob and telling me she loved me and asking if I was sure this was ok. I quickly told her it was good and I wanted her to do what she desired and I would be home to make love to her soon. My video was going out fast but for some reason, I continued to receive clean video transmission with some digital tiling but otherwise distinguishable video transmission. I watched as my wife used her hand to place Rob’s erect dick inside her sweet tender, pussy. I could tell she was wet and turned on from her facial expressions. There was no audio but I knew they both came fast together with Rob inside my wife. The rest of that night I watched anytime the video was clean and clean enough to see, both my wife and Rob were full of lust and energy as they finally got the release they needed. I dozed off a few times with pixilated video but was brought back to reality when the audio suddenly kicked in full speed and volume at around 5 AM with both Rob and my Wife orgasming hard together. As the video played in near HD I found myself jerking off and I blew my own load about the same time as they did although the video feed was only one way and they had no way of knowing. Four weeks later I was finally home. Rob and my wife told me how they had continued to fuck each other almost every night since that date night. In bed that night they both attended to me and once I was done they went at each other. Things in our relationship have changed drastically, Rob and I are closer than we have ever been. My wife and Rob have continued to sleep in the same bed and to be closer than ever before. It all worked out for the best.

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