My wifes surprise pt2


My wifes surprise pt2……………..our little slut looked up at me and said please fuck me, please fuck me with ur big fat cock!I slipped my cum covered cock from my wifes beautiful pussy and slid it in 2 our sluts mouth!Do u like the taste of my wifes cum? I askedOh yes she said as her saliva slow started 2 cover my cock and replace all my wifes cum.Oh yes what? I asked our slut! The poor young thing looked so puzzled as her eyes darted between me and my wife!Oh yes WHAT! I said again as I took my cock from her sweet mouth and slapped her across the face with it! My wife leaned 4ward and whispered in her ear.She looked at me with a slight grin on her face as she said Oh yes Master! Thats better, from here on in u will call me Master and my wife Mistress. U will do EVERYTHING we tell u 2 do without question, is that understood?Yes I understand…………Master, the word rolled off her tongue. This girl halkalı escort had just realised that she actually wanted 2 b controlled and she was getting hotter and hotter at the thought of being a slave!Lets go upstairs I said 2 my 2 slaves (My wife had control of our slut, but I had control of them both)My wife stood up as we headed for the door while I grabbed a handful of blonde hair belonging 2 our slut and told her 2 stay on her hands and knees and 2 crawl beside her Master. She was so happy being controlled, at the tender age of 18 she had found her calling and smiled all the way up the stairs as her 1st (and probably last) Master took control of her and guided her.My wife was already on the bed when we walked in, her long legs spread wide as she played with her wet cunt. Come over and lick my pussy, my wife said! I was curious 2 see how nişantaşı escort my wife would react 2 this little bit of power that I’d given her! She was only 31, 2 yrs younger than me, but she had been my slave all her life and although we’d shared a few sluts in our time, this was the 1st time I’d let her b in control of her own slave. I wasn’t disappointed as I watched my wife grab our sluts hair and pull her face 2 her cunt.I walked over and kissed her hard, I reached down and pulled our slut up from the waist and told her 2 straighten her legs while she eats pussy. Oh it was such a wonderful sight, this sexy little slut, legs straight as she bent 4ward and ate pussy. I stood behind her and started rubbing my hard cock between her pussy lips, my God she was so fucking wet.She stopped licking pussy for a second and begged me 2 fuck her, I just laughed, şişli escort all in good time my little slut!I was really enjoying teasing this slut, but it was getting harder and harder not 2 just fuck her so I stopped teasing and started 2 fuck her wet cunt.I grabbed a hold of her hips and started pounding her as hard as I could. The sound of her muffled moans as she kept eating pussy where amazing, it wasn’t long b4 she started 2 come hard all over my cock, her moans sent my wife over the edge and had her screaming with pleasure. That was it for me and I began 2 shoot load after hot sticky load in 2 our little cock hungry slut. I kept fucking her for another few mins as I felt all my come start 2 run down her legs.Hey slut I said, b a good slave and ask ur new Mistress 2 lick the come from ur legs. She didn’t get a chance 2 ask b4 my wife was under us both licking every drop of my come off her legs, working her way up 2 my balls and our sluts cleanly shaven pussy.I sat back now and watched as my wife pushed our young whore on her back and dutifully sucked all my come from her sweet cunt.Our slave moved in with us the next day and there are more adventures, if u’d like 2 hear them then just leave a comment and I’ll post 1 or 2 of them.

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