My Wonderful Grandson Ch. 05


As I knelt there on my knee’s, with my hot ass poking up in the air, I had my arms wrapped around Ling’s slim waist as he held my head and pumped his fat 7 inch cock in and out of my hungry mouth like it was a hot pussy! With every thrust he shoved all 7 inches of his wonderful cock deep down my pussy throat! His big, smooth, firm balls were pressed against my chin as he used my mouth as a pleasure hole for his big cock. He moaned with pleasure as he used me for his sexual release. Having Ling fucking my throat was wonderful, but as Ling was using my hot faggot mouth like a wet pussy, Rick was sliding his massive queer pleasing man meat deep up in my hot cock loving pussy ass! He had me spread wide with his massive cock, I hadn’t saw his cock but I could tell he had a long fat cock, because he had me spread wide and he was going deep up in my hot man vagina! He was holding my waist and pulling me back onto his huge fat cock every time he shoved it forward into me! I could hear him moan with pleasure with every thrust he made into my hot pussy! It was wonderful, I moaned as they shoved their big cocks deep into me, I wiggled, and humped, and bucked with complete ecstasy as these two young studs used me as their hot queer slut! And knowing there were 16 more big dick young men watching me get fucked and fed big cock while they waited for their turn with the queer slut made it even hotter! I looked up and saw my grandson, he was smiling and stroking his huge, beautiful cock as he watched his grandfather taking cock in both ends like a cock crazed whore!

Ling moaned loud and screamed:

AHHHHHHHH, Take it deep bitch I’m Cumming! Swallow me bitch, swallow me! Suck it you fucking queer boy, swallow my hot cum like the cum pig you are! AHHHHHH!

I felt his cock start to pulse as it swelled in my mouth and throat! I pulled him into me just as he forced my head down onto his Cumming cock, his balls were smashed against my chin, my nose was buried in his stomach just above his wonderful cock. I used my throat muscles to swallow his cock over and over, milking it like an experienced whore can milk a cock with her pussy! I didn’t have to swallow his big hot load because he pumped it straight down my hot throat into my stomach! I love cum! Hearing Ling getting off, and watching as I took all of Ling’s cock into my hungry throat like a professional cock sucker brought Rick over the edge! He screamed:

OHHH Yeah!! I’m Cumming in your hot pussy boy, I’m painting the inside of your hot pussy white bitch! Hump my cock boy, hump my cock! You’re getting loaded in both ends you fucking queer slut! AHHHHHHH!

I humped my ass harder as I felt Rick’s cock swell and start to pulse deep up in me! He pulled me hard onto his big cock slamming it as far up in me as it would go! I felt his big squirts deep up in my man pussy as he was unloading his sweet, fatih escort big full balls into me! Ling was still pumping his hot load down my throat as Rick started filling my pussy with his hot man juice! I was in queer paradise that was going to last all weekend!

Ling emptied his big balls down my throat and pulled his satisfied cock out of my pussy mouth. I licked all the cum from his big dick, and licked his hot balls clean as Rick finished fucking my pussy and allowed his yummy cock to slide from my wet, slick man pussy! I turned around on my knees and saw cum dripping from Rick’s still semi-hard cock, and I gasped:

Fuck, fuck, fuck! Put that wonderful cock in my mouth Rick and let me clean it up for you, I’m a great cock cleaner! I want to taste your sweet cum, and I want to kiss that wonderful cock that satisfied this queer’s fucking pussy!

He grabbed his cock, raised it up pointing at me and said:

Come and get it bitch! My next time with you I’m going to shove this 9 inch cock down your fucking throat and fuck it like a pussy! I’m going to cum in you in both ends boy! I moaned and said: Fuck me yes! As I wrapped my lips around Rick’s wet, cum covered cock. I had his cock in my mouth licking it clean, loving the taste, and getting even more turned on knowing all the other guys were watching me suck on the big cock that had just slid out of my hot man pussy!

As I was licking Rick’s yummy fuck juice from his balls I felt someone grab my hips from behind, and then another cock was being pressed against my hot pussy lips! I pushed my hungry man pussy back onto the head of the cock starting to enter me, letting who ever it was know I wanted their hard cock in me, this pussy was ready for more action! He took the hint and shoved it all into my hot, wet, cum filled hole! This cock wasn’t as big as Rick, but it was big and it felt wonderful! As this guy was using my cock pleasing man pussy for his pleasure I let Rick’s big firm ball slide from my mouth! Rick rolled out of the way and my grandson lay down in front of me with his gorgeous 9 inch cock just inches from my hungry mouth! He grabbed his cock, raised his hips up, rubbed his pre-cum covered cock head against my lips and said:

These guys want to watch as you go down on me and service your own grandson’s cock! They want to watch as a grandfather sucks off his own grandson! You love sucking your grandson’s cock don’t you Pops, and swallowing my big, hot load?

I said: FUCK YES! Then wrapped my lips around his big cock! I looked at the guys watching as I enjoyed his cock. I could tell they were all getting even more turned on just watching me suck my grandson’s cock! I slid my tongue down to my grandson’s big balls and started licking them. Just then the cock in my hot man pussy started pulsing and swelling deep up in me, I fındıkzade escort started humping my ass harder, and using my ass muscles to milk the wonderful cock buried deep up in me! I heard who ever was fucking me moan, then he grabbed my hips hard and slammed his cock into me and started unloading his throbbing cock way up inside of me! I was doing what I was meant to do, and I loved it! I was born so be fucked by other guys! My mouth was made to take cocks in it like a hot pussy! I was born a queer, I’ve serviced other guys cocks all of my life, I’ve had gallons of cum pumped into me out of other guys hard cocks, I love being a queer slut. Being a queer slut for my grandson and his friends is going to top every other experience I’ve had in my many years of being a queer cock lover!

The guy fucking me slid his sweet cock out of me. When he did my grandson said:

Roll over on your back bitch, and hang your head over the edge of the mattress. I’m going to turn around and straddle you so you can smell my big balls while I throat fuck the hell out of your hot, queer pussy mouth! Then when I get ready to cum I’m going to pull my cock out of your pussy, and I want you to open your mouth and stick your tongue out so everyone can watch while I cum in your pussy mouth, on your fucking tongue, and in your face!

I wasted no time rolling over and doing what I was told, I wanted these guys to watch as my grandson used me like a fucking queer slave! I wanted them to know I worshipped cock, and I would do anything they wanted me to do, suck, or fuck anyone they wanted me to! This old queer can never get enough cock!

Just before my grandson slid his massive cock down my throat I looked down between my legs and saw Leo, the big black stud! He was holding a big, beautiful black cock in his hand that had to be 12 inches long, and looked as big around as a frigging ball bat! I was so hot, and horny, and turned on for more cock, I moan and said:

Oh Leo, Oh, Fuck me with that, Oh Please fuck me with that! Make me moan like a fucking whore man! Fuck my fucking pussy with your beautiful cock, oh fuck me, fuck me, fuck me! Leo smiled and said: You got it bitch! My grandson said: Fuck yeah you do queer boy, and slid his hard cock into my mouth, just as Leo spread my hot man pussy wide with his unbelievable huge queer pleaser! I don’t know how long the two of them fucked my hot cock craving pussies, but it seemed like hours, I cum twice while they fucked me, but they didn’t even slow down as I was squirting cum all over the place! They fucked me in unison, they had rhythm fucking and I loved it! They both slid their big cocks into me at the same time, and then slid them almost out of me at the same time! When they shoved them into me I was taking 21 inches of hard throbbing cock all at the same time, you have halkalı escort no idea how much I loved it!

The cock-a-thon went on all night, and into Saturday! I finally got a couple of hours sleep about 2 o’clock Saturday evening. I satisfied all 18 of those young guys all night long! I sucked cock, and got fucked almost 20 hours non stop. Some of them said I serviced their cocks three times, and some said four times during that 20 hour period. I don’t know, I lost track after the 24th cock was shoved up in my pussy ass, and somewhere around the 21’st cock that I was allowed to suck off! I know I wasn’t hungry, I hadn’t ate anything, and hadn’t even drank a complete can of beer since the sex started, but I was full! I don’t know how much cum I swallowed but I was loving it.

When I woke up from my 2 hour nap, I was stiff, and sore, my mouth was tired but not sore, my man pussy had never felt so good, it was dripping hot cum, I was laying in a puddle of cum under my ass where it had dripped out of me while I slept. There was still cum on my lips, on my face, in my hair, all over my chest. Some of it was still wet, and slick! I started licking my lips, and running my hands all over my face and body spreading the sticky man juice all over me.

I looked over to my right and my grandson was laying beside of me. He was facing me. He was sound asleep, and there was cum on his lips, and face! I moved over and started licking it off of him. When I ran my tongue across his lips his tongue came out to meet mine. His eye’s opened and he smiled as he pulled me to him and slid his tongue into my mouth! We kissed for a long time, exploring each others hot, cum tasting mouths. As we broke the kiss James said:

Well, The cock suckers are awake! Sucking cock must run in your family, that was my cum you licked off your grandson’s lips. He loves cock as much as you do old man! Do all the guys in your family love sucking cock, and do all the girls lick pussy?

I smiled and said:

A lot of the guys in my family love cock, there has to be guys that suck cock so guys like you can get sucked off when ever you want, right? I guess we come from a cock sucking family! My dad caught me sucking my friends cock once, while my friend was fucking me with a dildo! I thought he was going to kill me, but he said:

Damn boy, pull that dildo out of your ass and let me show you how a real man fucks a hot little pussy like you! Then after I satisfy your little queer ass I’ll show you how a real cock lover sucks a cock!

James smiled and said: Fuck Yeah, I’ll be feeding you and your grandson’s cock for a long time bitch! I’m going to fuck all your grandsons’ as soon as they get old enough1 I smiled back and said: And, I’m going to teach them how to service another mans cock, I want them all to be cock suckers like their grandfather!!

James said: Well fuck yeah! Why don’t you two cock loving sluts get over here and show me how a grandfather, and grandson French kiss each other with the head of a big black cock between your lips!

Sid said:

Fuck Yeah, Lets go gobble up that big, black, beautiful cock Pops!

To be continued..

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