My work friend makes me his sissy

My work friend makes me his sissyI’d always been a little insecure about my sexuality but was embarrassed by my fantasies and had never tried to explore much.I had recently moved to a new town and didn’t have too many friends but wished I could meet some more. I had a coworker that I was kinda friendly with so invited him over to puff a blunt and watch some TV one day. I wasn’t intending on anything sexual and still kinda thought i was straight but he was pretty attractive. He was tall, black and muscular, about 2 years older than me.He said he was down but didn’t have any trees. “That’s cool, I have a bit we could smoke,” I said.Later that evening he met me at my place and i rolled up a fatty while we watched some random tv shows. As i was rolling it he was giving me certain looks that seemed to say more than words. When I licked it closed he said, “Yeah, that looks good, I like the way you do that!” I blushed a little, “thanks, I try to take a little pride in it.” Not sure if we were only talking about the blunt.When I sparked it up he shifted closer to me on the couch. We puffed and watched TV but he seemed to be more focused on me. Then he put his arm around my waist! “What are you gay or something?” I laughed nervously and tryed to shift away a little.”No,” he said but left his arm around me and blew some smoke towards me. “Are you?””Um no,” I answered but wasn’t so sure.His hand lowered and began to caress my thigh. I began to get hard. I tried to shift away but he pulled me back towards him with his first hand grabbing hold of my crotch and the other taking hold of my wrist.His hands felt so good on my body, I kind of half samsun escort struggled but he was strong and got ahold of both my wrists with one hand With his free hand he began pulling open my zipper. Now i was rock hard and only watched as his fingers reached in and freed my boner. His fingers wrapped around it and I stopped struggling, he let go of my wrists. My own hand began to feel for the bulge in his pants. It wasn’t hard to find, I opened his zipper and reached inside, it was giant!I began pumping it.He stopped me for a moment and took off his shirt, then I felt him liftng off my shirt, I raised my arms to help him. “Take off your pants,” he said. I stood up, awkwardly pulling them down. “Your underwear too,” he ordered. I obeyed and looked back, he stared into my eyes as he removed his own pants and underwear. I was embarrassed but couldn’t help but stare at his huge black cock, it made my little boner look even smaller. As i sat back down he guided me so that i sat in his lap. His warm bare body felt so good against my own, his chest hairs tickling my back, his warm cock growing even harder under me. I rested my head back onto his shoulder as he resumed his petting and his fingers wrapped back around my shaft. I reached under me and took hold of his cock again. It was dripping in my hand as i began to caress it.”Do you like playing with my cock?” He asked”Yes!” I moaned”Have you ever sucked a cock?” He askedI shook my head no.”You look like you want to” he said, “you oughtta try it, little sissies love sucking a real mans cock!”He was right, I wanted it so bad! I’d been licking my lips and salivating since escort samsun I saw it. I nervously stood up, turned around and got on my knees. Face to face with it it looked even bigger.I paused for a moment. I wasn’t sure what I was doing but I began pumping it again, it felt so good in my hands! A little bit of precum was glistening on the tip, I gave it a little lick.”Mmmm, good girl” he said. Being called a girl kinda caught me off guard but strangely made me excited and made me want to please him more. I gave it another lick, this time starting way down at the bottom and licking all the up to the dripping tip, it tasted salty and sweet and I wanted more! It was so big! At least 8 or 9 inches, mine was barely 5 and a half.”Mmm, yea, i knew you were a little sissy since the moment I saw you!” “You love that cock!”I nodded and licked up another little bead of precum.I felt his hands caressing the back of my head and neck, running his fingers through my hair, it felt so good. I ran my tounge around the tip savoring the taste, cupping his balls and massaging his shaft with my hands. I wrapped my lips around the head and eagerly sucked it like a lollipop.He moaned in pleasure and his strong hands pulled my hear down lower forcing his cock deeper into my mouth. He began to fuck my mouth, slow at first, forcing his cock even deeper with each thrust. His rhythem grew faster and he continued to push my head down further, forcing his manhood deep into the back of my throat forcing it open. I began gagging but he held tight to the back of my head and fucking my throat even harder. I thought I would choke on it but he just kept samsun escort bayan on going! “Yes, suck it good baby!” He whispered, “I’m gonna make you my little sissy cum slut!” His words made me so hot! I wanted nothing more than to be his little bitch and swallow his huge cock every day! I was jerking my own cock too now. I could feel one of his hands caressing the small of my back, finding its way towards my ass. I leaned in further taking him deeper in my throat, hoping his fingers would find my asshole, they did! I heard him spit a little on his fingers and felt one of them sink deep into my tight hole and shivers ran through my spine.”Mmm” I moaned with his cock in my throat. He fingered me harder and deeper and faster!!! “Uhhhhh!!!” I couldn’t control myself anymore and began cumming all over the carpet! This must’ve really turned him on cuz he began thrusting even deeper and harder! I could feel him beginning to get tense and knew he was about to cum too! I didn’t know if I wanted to swallow but it was apparent I didn’t have much of a choice as he held even tighter to the back of my head. “Yea bitch!” He groaned and then exploded like a fire hose deep inside my throat! I tried to swallow what as much as I could but he kept going, shooting more and more with each thrust until it was overflowing from my mouth, dripping from my lips. He let me go and pulled away but still shot 2 more spurts all over my face, his finger still in my asshole fucking it a little more before letting go.I was panting, trying to catch my breath, his thick hot cum in my belly, my throat, dripping down all over my face, my own puddle under me. It felt so dirty but so good! He caught his breath for a bit then put his clothes back on and stood over me, “I’ll be back for your little sissy ass tomorrow!, I expect you to be shaved smooth and find yourself some panties.”To be Continued…

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