My Working Family Pt. 02


As I waited to fuck my sisters, I thought back as how we got to this point. Mom & dad needed money coming in for us to survive. They kept it from me to keep me safe, I guess. But I understand why they did it. I convinced myself that things will get better once things got back to normal.

“Ok dad, I’ll be there in a second.”

I joined my family and dad went over everything with us. And we were all set. My naked sisters were on the bed and I moved over to them and got between them. As soon as I got in the middle, our hands were all over each other. I went from one sister to the other, kissing them, playing with their tits, sucking their nipples. Eventually my hands found their pussies.

They played with my cock and balls and then my young sister started sucking my cock as I was feeling up my older sister.

After a few minutes I told them I was going to cum…dad yelled out for my younger sister to stop sucking my cock and for me to fuck her. My sister got on her back and I mounted her and my cock easily slipped in her wet cunt. I started fucking her harder and faster and when I was going to cum dad told me to cum on her face. I pulled my cock out and shot ropes of cum all over my sister’s face.

Dad said we could rest for awhile.

It was funny as my sister had to stay with my cum on her face until we pendik escort bayan started again.

About 20 minutes later, we started filming. This time dad had my older sister on all fours with mom underneath, sucking her nipples as I fucked her doggie style. My younger sister was on her back underneath me sucking my balls as I fucked her sister.

It wasn’t long before I was ready to cun. Dad told the girls & my mom to lay side by side and for me to spray my cum on all three. I stood over them, have my cock a few jerks and sprayed my cum all over them.

Dad told us we could call it a day.

We all cleaned up, got showered, dressed and went home. When we got home mom took in the mail. There was an envelope addressed to my dad from the government. He opened it up and read the letter. He looked up at us and said, They approved my request for funding. We’re going to be ok.

I smiled and said, “Then we’re through making porno then. We can go back to our new normall life now.”

Dad & mom looked at me…Mom said “Why would we do that? We are making a lot of money.”

“But I thought the movies were just for us to survive.”

“Yes, but with the extra money, life would be easier for all of us.”

“It wouldn’t be because you all like what you’re doing, would it?”

“So what if we like maltepe escort it son? Nobody is getting hurt. We all enjoy it and we make a lot of money. So, what’s the downside?”

“How about it isn’t right… it’s called incest and is illegal.”

“Son, you’re getting all worked up over nothing.”

“Tell me, how did we go from a normal family to making porno and degrading ourselves for money?”

“And what about you Richey? You said you would help out if you fucked me… remember that? You said you had one requirement…fuck me & your sisters until we stopped filming… remember that?”

“It was ok for you then. So stop it already. You don’t want to participate, then don’t. But don’t be so high and mighty with me. You like fucking your mother, then continue with us and you can fuck me 24 hours a day. You decide.”

I went to my room without saying another word. My mom was right. I sold my soul so I could fuck my mother & sisters. I was no better than they were. I stayed in my room until mom called me down for dinner.

At dinner I said, “Mom, you were right. I am sorry. Of course I will do whatever you want for however long you need me.”

“That’s my good son. Now eat your dinner.”

“Dad said, “Son, tomorrow I want to film you fucking your mother in the ass. I need one sister to kartal escort join us…ladies?”

My younger sister volunteered and we were set for tomorrow’s shoot.

The next morning, the four of us headed to dad’s studio. When we got there dad told us to get naked which we did. Dad then said, “Honey, get on all fours.” Then he told my sister to get on her back and get under my mother. Then he told me to get behind my mother with my cock lined up to her asshole. He handed me some lube and then went behind the camera.

“Ok son, lube your cock and get it in your mother’s ass. Daughter, try eating your mother as your brother is fucking your mom’s ass. You can also suck on her nipples if you can…ok start.”

I lubed my cock and slowly pushed my cock into my mom’s ass. This was a first for me. I pushed in gently as my mom pushed her ass back to me and with her help, my cock was fully seated in her ass. I could hear my sister licking bmy mother’s pussy.

I started fucking her ass harder and faster and after a short time I was ready to cum.

Dad told me to slip my cock out so my cock head was right at her asshole opening and to shoot my cum do that it would flow down onto my sister underneath. Just then I came and sure enough my cum oozed down and onto my sister’s face.

“That’s it. We are done.”

As I got up, mom moved her face down to my sister and licked my cum off of her face.

They got up and mom came over to me, “When we get home, I want you to fuck my ass again but cum in it.”

“Whatever you want mom.” I said smiling.

Look for Part 3

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