Naughty Hot Nurse (AB 5313)


Naughty Hot Nurse (AB 5313)AB 5313Naughty Hot NurseBy David IngramCHAPTER ONESarah Bennet pushed the door closed, opened the closet and removed atowel, a washcloth, soap and a large stainless steel basin. She slowlyfilled the basin with hot water.It was a two bed room, but one bed was vacant. She went to the bed bythe window where a big man lay. Both of his legs were encased from toe tohip in plaster.”Hi,” Sarah said. “How are you this morning?””A hell of a lot better since you got here,” he said raising onto hiselbows.Sarah grinned, wrinkled her nose at him. “I get to give you your baththis morning. Jane’s husband is sick and she had to stay home and takecare of him.” Jane was the nurse’s aid who gave most of the baths.”That skinny little broad had a husband? Jesus, it sure don’t take muchto satisfy some guys.””Mr. Garfunkel, that wasn’t nice,” Sarah said.”Call me Big Ed, everybody does.””Okay. And I’m Sarah””You’re new, aintcha? You’re a real dolly, Sarah.””New to this ward. It’s my second day in orthopedics. I like it. Canyou lift up?”He lifted up and she slid a rubber sheet under him to keep the bed fromgetting wet. She wrung out the washcloth and washed his face. He wasn’tgood looking, but he had a strong, male face.”Not too hot?””Naw, feels great.”She cleaned his neck and ears, dropped the cloth into the pan, anduntied his gown. Sarah felt a tiny thrill as she whipped the gown off anddropped it to the floor.”Hey!” Big Ed cried. He’d gotten used to skinny little Jane seeing himnaked-and even a couple of other aids and a nurse or two. But it was alittle different with Sarah, she was too young and too pretty.”Don’t be shy, Ed, I’m a nurse. You haven’t got anything I haven’t seenbefore.” But a quick glance at his cock told her she might be lying. Hisprick was completely flaccid, but huge, bigger than Barry’s when he washard!”I ain’t shy, Sarah. Ya just took me by surprise,” he said.Sarah soaped the cloth and started washing his chest. He had abeautiful chest, heavily muscled and completely hairless. The breathseemed to clog in her throat and she hoped her hand didn’t tremble. It wasagony not to look down at his hairy crotch, at his monstrous cock, thelikes of which she had never seen before.Big Ed was a construction worker, about forty, and hard as nails. He’dfallen from a scaffold three stories up, landed on his feet, and brokenboth ankles. The doctors had said it was a miracle that he hadn’t jammedeither his knees or his hips.She washed his dark nipples and watched them harden. She lifted his armand washed it and a sharp tingle went through her cunt.”Does that feel good?” she said.”Yeah. You do it better than them. other broads.”She finished his chest and arms. “Lean forward,” she said. She washedhis back and pushed him hack against the pillows. She washed his sides andbelly and then looked at his huge cock again. A thrill raced up her spine.His casted legs were spread apart in a vee and his big prick hung loose,one nut showing.She wrung out the cloth, soaked it, filled it with soap and dartedbetween his legs, gently washing his cock and balls.Big Ed sucked in and stiffened. None of the aids, or even a nurse, haddone it that way. The hot soapy water felt so good1 her hand so. . . God,so erotic!”Just relax, Ed. We have to get you nice and clean,” she said as shecontinued to wash the length of his cock. “Does that feel nice?””Oh, Jesus, lady! That feels heavenly,” he gasped.She felt his cock respond, thickening inside the cloth. Sarah droppedthe cloth back in the pan and quickly grasped his erect cock. She held itfirmly for several moments, then started to slowly stroke her hand up anddown its length.”My goodness, Big Ed, you’re getting bigger,” she said.”Oh, goddamn, nurse Sarah! That feels so good. Don’t stop, pleasedon’t stop.””I won’t, Ed. I’m going to do it for a long time,” Sarah panted, hercunt tingling wildly. “You’re so big!” She was amazed, his prickcompletely filled her hand!He reached his big hand out and cupped her ass.”Don’t,” she cried and brushed his hand away.He drew it back quickly.With the fingers of both hands, Sarah slowly peeled his thick foreskindown until his cockhead stood bare. She rolled the skin back up and thendown again. “Does that feel good?” she asked. He grunted. “How long hasit been, Ed?””I fucked Mabel before I went to work the morning I fell. I ain’t somuch as had it up since,” he gasped.Sarah gave a little cry. Ed was so crude, so vulgar, so unlike Barry.Barry had never said that word to her. Her heart was pounding withexcitement. She had done this before-jerked off the male patients whenevershe thought she could get away with it. In fact, it was by far the mostexciting part of her job.”Is Mabel your wife?” she said, steadily pumping his cock.”Yeah.. She ain’t purty like you and she’s gettin’ kind of fat, butshe’s a lot of woman and likes her cock.””I like cock, too, “Sarah whispered. “How long have you been here?””Four weeks yesterday.””Doesn’t she come and visit you?””Yeah, every night. We talk for a while, then she reads a book and Istare at the ceiling until visiting hours are over. I tried to get her tocrawl up on the bed with me a couple of times, but she wouldn’t.”He moved his hips along with her hand as he spoke, enjoying the talkbecause it prolonged his coming.”I can see why she wouldn’t want to get in bed with you. She’s probablyafraid of hurting. you. But she could at least pull the curtain andmasturbate you.””Hell, Mabel never would jack me off! Nobody else ever did, either,besides myself, until now.””Really? She won’t do this?” Sarah said, sliding her hand up and downhis cock. She squeezed the naked cock knob, then cupped his nuts in herother hand, thrilled by the way the. bag had drawn up tight, pulling hisballs snug.”Really, Sarah,” he gasped. “Aw shit, that feels good!””Well, I will, I’ll jack you off. After four weeks you need it. I’mgonna make you come good.” She felt the warm goo from his cock making herhand slippery. He was leaking a lot. “Your cock is so big. I wish I. . .”She didn’t finish.”Aw, fuck, that is great! Ain’t gonna last too much longer,” Big Edgasped.Sarah stopped. “Let it cool off for a minute. I don’t want you to comequite yet.” Sarah felt like she might come, too, if she could prolong hishard-on. Sometimes she could come by just imagining a man’s cock insideher.She looked into his eyes and saw they were glazed with lust. He smiledweakly. “Goddamn, Sarah, bring me off! Gotta come,” he sighed. She heldhis cock in a vise-like grip, squeezing off any chance he had of comingbefore she wanted him to.She saw his tits, two dark spots on his flat chest with nipples likeB-Bs and dropped her lips to the nearest one. Sarah had never sucked aman’s tit before and the thrill was instant. She sucked hard and thelittle nipple pressed against her lips as she started pumping his prickagain. Her cunt was throbbing excitedly and she was sure she would come.Big Ed was groaning loudly, lifting with his hips, his own come drawingnear.”Pull on it, you little bitch,” he snorted. “Pull on it and make itspout!”She felt his hand on the back of her head softly caressing her hair. She didn’t want him to touch her, that would be unfaithful to Barry, butshe couldn’t stop him, either. His hand felt good, exciting, reassuring.She moved quickly to his other nipple and felt the sweet, sharp pain of anintense orgasm grab at her pussy. She knew she was moaning, but shecouldn’t help herself. And then she knew Big Ed was coming, too. Sheturned her head and lay her cheek on his broad chest to watch. It wasalways an extra thrill to see a man’s cock jerk and spit its nasty stuff.Ed’s cock was rigid in her hand as a four week’s supply of jizz squirtedhigh in the air. His come went straight up and came straight down,spreading slickly over her churning hand. She kept pumping and anothersquirt of jizz went into the air. After that, the stuff just bubbled outin wads.Her own orgasm was slowly subsiding, filling her legs and belly with awonderful warmth. She felt his stiff nipple against her cheek and realizedfor the first time that her own nipples were pressing hard against her bra.It was a good feeling, almost like coming all over again.They stayed like that for several minutes, Sarah with her face on hischest, his messy cock gripped in her hand, and Big Ed stretched out, hisarms loose, breathing hard.”That was the nicest thing a nurse ever done for me,” he finally said.Sarah straightened up. “Did you really like it?” she asked.”I loved it. I don’t think I ever came so hard.””Then I’m glad I did it. I shouldn’t, you know. I’d get fired if I gotcaught.”Sarah washed him off again and gave him a clean gown. She let him slipit on and then tied the strings behind his neck. She felt wet between herlegs, but it didn’t matter because she felt so good everywhere else.”Will you come and do that again?” he asked.”If I can,” she whispered and kissed him on the lips, softly at first,and then with hard urgency. It was the first time she had kissed a patientafter beating him off. “You had me turned on, Big Ed.” After she hademptied and washed the basin and disposed of the dirty linen, she steppedinto the hall.Starting down the hall, she saw several white-clad women congregated atthe nurses’ station. The excitement of what she had done was still warm inher belly and she wondered if any of the other nurses ever did it. She wassure they didn’t. She was a wicked girl, but she loved it so.Ruth Van Arsdale, the hospital sexpot, was leaning over the counter, thecheeks of her scantily clad ass plainly in view. Her uniforms were all toosmall and much too short. Ruth was giggling.”That dirty old man in 200 put his hand under my skirt,” she was saying.”It’s so short he probably couldn’t help it,” Elaine Emerson said.Ruth giggled and glanced at Sarah… “Hi, Sarah,” she said. “I let himget a good feel of my ass before I jumped back and slapped his hand. Whyhe must be sixty!””I wish that big construction worker in 216 would put his hand under myskirt,” Mimi Hopgood said. She glanced at Sarah. “Look at Sarah blush!””She’s young yet, she’ll learn,” Ruth said knowingly.”Cool it, girls, here comes Old Iron Pants,’ Elaine said.”Okay, girls, it’s not class reunion week. You can’t take care ofpatients standing here,” Marsha Vickers, the head nurse said.Marsha Vickers was thirty-seven, stern as hell but not unattractive ifone took the time to notice. She was a little stout, but still fairlywell-built.The girls s**ttered. Ruth and Sarah headed toward the orthopedic ward,Elaine and Mimi went in the opposite direction.The second floor was noted for being the wildest floor, thanks mainly toRuth Van Arsdale. Ruth was a yummy, super-voluptuous blonde. She had ababy face with huge, blue eyes. Only her lush body denied her the look ofcomplete innocence. Her body was round in every spot that a girl’s bodywas supposed to be round – especially her big, soft tits. Her nipplesseemed to always be erect against her skin tight uniform. Marsha Vickersoften told her husband that Ruth was too sexy for her own good, especiallythe way she consistently tried to put too much of herself into too littleuniform. Marsha did not approve, but the hospital didn’t bother with adress code where Ruth was concerned.Ruth’s family was well off. Her mother had never understood why Ruthhad gone into nurse’s training, let alone why she had finished. Ruth hadrun off when she was young and gotten married, but her mother had quicklygot it annulled. Ruth had just celebrated her twenty-fifth birthday.”You’re gonna love the orthopedic ward, Sarah,” Ruth giggled, rollingher hips as she walked. “It’s not like the others, the guys aren’t sick.Once they get over the worst of the pain and get used to their casts andstuff, they act like men again. You know: leering, suggesting, grabbing.””That old fart in 200 got a couple of fingers inside my pants before Icould stop him. I think I’ll stop by and see how he’s feeling.” She nudgedSarah in the ribs. “Get it? How he’s feeling!” She chuckled as she turnedinto room 200.At the other end of the hall, Elaine Emerson brushed a tiny wrinkle fromher otherwise perfect uniform. She was twenty-seven, pushing twenty-eightand as near perfection as one could get. She carried the nickname ofElaine the Elegant. She too was a blonde, and she added silver frosting tothe tips of her long hair. She was tall, beautifully built with high,pointed tits and gorgeous deep green eyes. Her husband was a prominent CPAand she was a bit haughty, if not downright conceited.Her companion, Mimi Hopgood, was thirtyish, short, and fat. Her hairwas a mousy brown, but she was kind of pretty and had a deep dimple in eachcheek. Her legs were fat and she had big, fat tits that bounced when shewalked. She enjoyed a little horseplay where her tits were concerned andlet a patient have a feel every now and then.Sarah was really prettier than any of them. But she was so young andinnocent.CHAPTER TWOBarry was waiting for her. Sarah got into the car, rolled the windowall the way down and slumped in the seat. It would feel good to have thewind blow her hair. She lit a cigarette and inhaled deeply.”I sure wish you would give those damn things up, honey,” Barry said ashe started the engine.”Mr. Wallace, please, no sermons today,” Sarah groaned.”Well, pardon me, I-“Sarah reached out arid touched his hand. “I’m sorry, Barry. It’s beena rough day. Just let me lean back and relax for a few minutes.””Okay, hon, forgiven. But I still don’t see how you can keep fromsmoking at home, when you smoke as much as you do.”Sarah took a deep drag, held it, then let it out slowly. Jesus Christ,will you shut up? she thought, and closed her eyes.Sarah still lived at home with her parents and it wasn’t easy. Theynagged her about this and they nagged about that. And where smoking anddrinking and sex were concerned-it was Sodom and Gomorrah revisited. Theyconstantly bitched about the smell of smoke on her clothing, blaming it onthe horrible sinners she had to mingle with. It always made her laughsilently a little and want a cigarette so bad she could fart!Sarah knew she wasn’t the kind of girl they thought she was. Itbothered her conscience, but she was slowly getting over it. She had to beher own kind of person, not theirs. Life was to be lived and enjoyed. Itwasn’t meant to be a period of time in which you could see how much youcould deny yourself. Of course, it couldn’t be all self gratification,either. There had to be self restraint and Sarah practiced that, too.She was an only c***d and hadn’t been around other k**s too much whenshe was little, especially boys. She had matured early, being aroundgrown-ups most of the time. Her spiritual needs had been well-filled, buther human needs had been left sadly lacking.Sarah’s first knowledge of boys came long after she should have knownthat boys and girls are different. She and several other girls were hikingwhen they came upon a group of boys swimming nude in a pond. The girls hidand watched the boys frolic in the water. When the boys got out of thewater, Sarah’s eyes had been riveted to the funny way their cocks hung downtheir legs. She didn’t know boys had anything like that-she had alwaysthought they were like girls, except bigger and stronger and meaner. Thegirls had a close vantage point and watched as the boys settled down in thegrass to dry off. Then the boys had started playing with themselves.Sarah’s whole being went through a terrible upheaval as she watched theboys’ pricks growing in their hands. She watched the boys masturbate withabandon and saw their cocks grow rigid and squirt milky stuff all over theplace. Then the boys got up and held their pricks. Some of them pissed,other just milked out that other funny goo.The girls had started giggling and the boys heard them. Sarah and herfriends jumped up and ran with the boys in hot pursuit. They shouted whatthey were going to do to the girls when they caught them, but they didn’ttry very hard and nobody got caught. But Sarah’s body burned. She wantedthem to catch her and do to her whatever it was they wanted to do. She wassorry that they didn’t.Sarah’s sexual education began there. She had yearned for something-sheknew not what-and became something of an oddity. She was by far thebest4ooking and best-built girl in school but also the most untouchable. Don’t take her out, the boys all said. She’s some kind of religious nutand won’t hardly even kiss.She had gotten through high school pure and ignorant and then gone intonurses’ training at her mother’s instigation. “Your duty to repay God isto be a nurse, an angel of mercy,?’ her mother said. Little did her motherknow what an angel of mercy or how much pleasure and relief little Sarahwould bring to certain ailing male patients.Sarah’s training included emptying bed pans, bathing patients, changinggowns and bedding and, for the second time in her life, she was seeing malecocks. The memory of the nude boys by the pond burned in her mind. Herbody tingled and itched and ached and it was just a matter of time beforeit happened.The first time she had been alone in a room with a young boy giving hima bath when he got a hard-on. When he boyishly asked her to play with himshe impulsively grabbed his cock and jerked him off until his come spilleddown over her hand;. It was the most thrilling experience of her life.She swore it would never happen again, but it did again and again. Iteven got to the point where she would rush to the toilet afterward and playwith herself. She had her first orgasm sitting on a cold toilet seatthinking about the man she had just jerked off.But her guilt had flourished and made her a prime target when she metBarry Wallace. He was a pre-law student, steady, reliable, and her parentsliked him. He was just the kind of dedicated young man that Sarah neededand he was religious, too.They fell in love and as their necking grew heavier, so did their needfor each other. They never really petted, even though Sarah really wantedto play with his cock. She knew a shrink would have said she was obsessedwith penis envy or had a deep seated penis fixation or some such bullshit.But hell, Sarah just liked the feel of a cock in her hand-the way it was sosoft and pulpy at first with the bag hanging loose. And then the way theprick grew and the bag tightened, the man’s groans, his squirting cock,and, best of all, the exquisite feeling it gave her. She got so she couldcome herself, sometimes, while she brought a guy off. Those were the besttimes. She liked the idea of making a man feel so good.It was only natural that it would finally happen. One afternoon theywent to Barry’s apartment, stripped, and fucked. There was practically noforeplay, they just lay down, he forced his cock in, and moved in and out.Sarah closed her eyes and imagined he was one of the boys at the pond yearsago and had a violent orgasm. It frightened Barry so much that he didn’teven come.Sarah had wanted to get married, but Barry had a lot of school stillahead of him and pointed out the wisdom of waiting. Sarah’s parents, ofcourse, concurred. With his heavy study load he didn’t have enough timefor Sarah and she often felt neglected. Their sex life fell into aschedule-Barry was a nut for schedules-and they fucked once a week, alwayson Wednesdays. Today was Wednesday.Sarah let the smoke slide easily from her lips and watched Barry throughsquinted eyes. She was burning up inside, her belly churned, her thighstingled and her cunt throbbed with excitement. She wanted to fuck so badshe could all but taste it.Barry parked the car and Sarah looked at her watch. It was almost fouro’clock.”I can’t stay late. Gotta be home by five thirty. Mom gets mad as hellwhen I’m late,” she said.Barry frowned and she knew it was because she used the word hell. Shethrew her cigarette butt out the window. It was her third since leavingthe hospital.”Come on, let’s go in,” she said.”What’s the rush? We have lots of time,” Barry said.They had an hour. It took thirty minutes to drive her home, and Sarahdidn’t think an hour was lots of time She wanted to spend an hour lovingand kissing and feeling before they fucked. They never had, but she wantedto.In the apartment, Barry proceeded to pull all the d****s and turn outall the lights. Sarah wondered why he always got the room as dark as hecould. Didn’t he want to look at her body? She certainly wanted to lookat his.They undressed in the near darkness and got on the bed. She reached forhim the minute his weight settled beside her. Their lips went together andclung tight. He was such a good kisser, so eager to sit and neck, but shewanted more, she wanted the hot erotic things she had always heard about.Ruth had told her about a guy who went down on her and the thought was aninstant turn-on for Sarah.She wanted to kiss and suck his nipples and wanted him to return thefavor. He had never done more than feel her tits lightly. She wanted himto kiss her tits and nip them and suck at the nipples. Her tits felt hotand hard against his chest now.And she had even imagined’ kissing him 1ower, yes, even kissing hiscock.She felt his cock hard against her leg. His prick was hot and itthrobbed gently. “Oh, Barry; Barry darling . . . yes, yes . . . ” shewhispered.She felt his smooth body come up over her, his weight pressing down. Itwas an exquisite feeling and she was breathing hard. Her legs came openand allowed his hips to slip down between them. She slid her hand downtheir bodies and found his cock.”No, I’ll do it,” he said, pushing her hand away. “Oh, Barry, get itin, do it, do it!” she moaned. It puzzled Barry that she was so eager andseemed to get more so all the time. It didn’t make sense. Afterall, sexwas mostly for his gratification anyway, wasn’t it? It was just an urgethat crept up on him occasionally and needed to be filled. It was easilychanneled into a time and a place, and that time and place were here, hisapartment, and now, Wednesday afternoon. Sex once a week was ample, oftenmore than ample. He didn’t understand why Sarah sometimes hinted at doingit at other times. Sometimes after just one good kiss she seemed to wantto have sex. It worried Barry a little, but not right then-he was in need,too.He pressed the tip of his cock against her ruby cunt lips and it wentin. Sarah moaned and lifted with her hips. See. . . see how she is, hethought, and pushed his prick on in.Sarah could feel the spit almost gurgling in her mouth. The feel of hiscock sliding into her pussy was so good she wanted to scream, to cry out.She wanted to urge him to-yes, to fuck her, fuck her hard! But she didn’tdare.”Barry, all of it, get it all in,” she moaned.She rocked under him gently, her starving cunt feasting on his prick. He felt so good on top of her with his cock buried so snug in her pussy. Then she thought of the size of the prick she had held in her hand thatvery morning. Barry’s was quite puny by comparison. In fact, it wasn’tvery large compared to most of the cocks she had seen. Then she was gladit was dark because her face reddened with shame.She tried to hold him close and caress him while they fucked, but heseemed to hold her off. He lifted up and then plunged his cock in and out.Fortunately, his low sex drive kept him from releasing quickly and he couldfuck her for quite a while. But she knew he would jerk his cock out at thevery best moment and grab the wad of tissue he kept on the bed beside them.He didn’t want her on the pill and he certainly didn’t want her pregnant,so he always came in a bunch of tissues.She had her eyes closed and the feeling was really getting good. Shewiggled as much as she dared and suppressed her squealing, but still feltthe blessed orgasm take over her senses. God, how she wanted to go wildand scream and jerk and clamp her legs around him so he would have to comeinside her. She wanted to feel his come in her and on her. Maybe he wouldmiss the tissue and come on her legs!She relaxed, her eyes closed, and felt like she was floating in a poolof warm water with the tiny waves lapping between her legs. It was likebathing in a pool of orgasm with the soft excitement washing fresh eachtime he pushed his cock in and brought it back out. She hoped he wouldlast a l6ng, long time this afternoon. She needed it. Fuck the time, fuckher mother, she thought.Barry was pumping hard and he was sweating. She liked the smell of hissweat. He gave a sharp grunt and she knew the fuck was over. “No!” shewhispered, as she felt his wonderful prick jerk free. She felt deserted,empty, forlorn, forsaken. A couple of jerks into the tissue and Barry wasfinished. He fell back on his haunches, panting, a clump of tissuespressed against the head of his cock.”We better hurry, Sarah, we took quite a while,” he said and got off thebed.Sarah got up slowly and reached for her panties. She felt good allover, warm, exhilarated, but not satisfied. She felt like she could havegone on for another hour.She dressed slowly, deliberately dawdling in the bathroom.”Come on, Sarah, or you’ll be late,” he said.”I don’t care,” she said.”Well, I do!” Barry snapped.”I can’t find my shoe.””Oh, Christ!””What did you say, Barry? Shame on you!” she mocked.Barry shrugged, let the air out of his lungs, but didn’t answer. Sarahhad a hard time suppressing a giggle. He got on his knees and looked underthe bed.”Hell, we need some light,” he snorted.”Barry, for shame!” Sarah cried.Barry pulled the d****s open, turned and glared at her. “Now stop that.You’re mocking me!” His face was red. It surprised Sarah because he didn’tusually get that angry.Her shoe sat beside the chair, less than a foot from where she stood. “Oh, there it is,” she cried with mock surprise, biting her lip to keepfrom laughing aloud.They drove home in complete silence. Barry never seemed to want to talkmuch after they fucked. When they pulled up in front of the house helooked at her and smiled.”I’ll see you Friday,” he said.”Okay,” she answered and bent over and kissed his cheek.. Before sheclosed the door, she leaned back in. “Oh, next week I’m on nights-we canhave all Wednesday afternoon.””Don’t you remember, Sarah? Next week is finals week-we can’t see eachother at all. I’m going to hole up and study the whole week.”Sarah felt like a balloon that had just taken a pin in the side.”Oh,” she said softly. “I’ll see you Friday.” She felt like she wasgoing to prison as she walked toward the house. It would be another dullevening of reading, or such, and early to bed.”Shit!” she said. “I’d rather fuck!”CHAPTER THREESarah and Ruth became friends quickly. Sarah always enjoyed her shiftwhen it was with Ruth. Ruth was so honest, so openly sexy. She was justthe way Sarah wanted to be. She liked Elaine, too, but Elaine was a littleharder to get to know, a little stuck-up. And Elaine was married.Ruth told Sarah she should move away from home and get away from the oldfolks. “God-damn, honey, how can you stand it?” she asked.Ruth came up with the idea of them sharing an apartment. Ruth was fiveyears older than Sarah but felt she needed her expert guidance when it cameto men. Ruth had met Barry and rolled her eyes skyward at the thought ofhim. Besides, she was tired of living alone. Two sexy, swinging chickscould really make out, and together they could afford a nice place.Sarah was thrilled with the idea, but she knew she would have a realfight with her parents, especially if they saw Ruth. She mentioned it toBarry and he was appalled. He didn’t like Ruth, he thought she was toofast. And why pay for an apartment when she could live at home fornothing? Sarah didn’t mention it to him again, but she knew she was goingto do it somehow-and in the near future. Then she could do whatever shewanted every night-smoke at home, even drink, if she wanted to.Sarah was thinking of all the joys of having her own place when thelittle light blinked on. She pressed the button. “Yes?” she said.”Will someone come down and empty this damn pee bottle? It’s runningover.””I’ll get it,” she said and released the button. “It’s Wilkins in 214.He needs help, as usual.”She left the station and went briskly down the hall. Wilkins was in badshape, both legs and both arms in casts. He was a middle-aged man and hewas always cranky. He’d been in the hospital long enough so that the worstpain was over. But he still always found something to bitch about: thefood stinks; the service stinks, bring me this, bring me that, help me pee,scratch my back. It was always something. Sarah simply managed to avoidhim most of the time.”About time you got here,” he snorted when she entered his room.Sarah smiled and took the bottle into the toilet, emptied it, and rinsedit out.”Do you need to go?” she asked.”Hell yes, I need to go! Why do you think I was shoutin’ for you?””Do you need any help?”Wilkins flushed. He could manage alone if he had to, but it was a hellof a chore. “Well, it’s easier with help,” he said. “You nurses run inand run right back out, leaving a man helpless. What do ya do all day,loaf around the halls? Probably got a card game going or play footsie withthe interns.””No, I was eating chocolates and reading a magazine,” she snorted andflipped up his gown. “It was a sex magazine and I was playing with myself.I was about to come and it sure made me mad when you buzzed.”Wilkins flushed. “I . . . I . . . “he stammered. Sarah suppressed agrin. She had heard Ruth use that exact line the other day. She wouldnever have had the nerve to say it herself except Wilkins made her so madwith his shitty attitude. She was glad now that she had. It sure hadcooled him off in a hurry.She took his shriveled prick in her hand and guided it to the mouth ofthe bottle.”Haven’t seen much of you around here,” he said, his tone of voicecompletely changed.”Of course not,” she snapped. “You’re so goddamned cranky I avoid you.Now pee.” She shook his cock in the bottle.Wilkins started to say something, stopped, and started peeing. Helooked beat.She let him finish, then wiped him with a tissue and took the bottleinto the toilet and emptied it again. She returned, but instead ofcovering him, took hold of his cock again.”You’re kind of cute when you’re not mad she said. She felt prettyfrisky.”So are you, even when you’re mad,” Wilkins said weakly. A nurse hadnever touched him like that before.Sarah went to the door and pushed it shut. She returned to the bed andput her hand on his cock again. “You won’t be able to do this for awhile,” she said, and started to stroke his cock.Wilkins sputtered and stared at her in disbelief. “Just relax, Mr. Wilkins. I’ll make you feel good.”She held his balls in one hand and stroked his cock with the other. Ittook a few moments for him to get over his shock and respond, but at lasthis prick started swelling fat and hard. Sarah felt her excitement growalong with the prick in her hand. Yes, she had a penis fixation, allright. And she had no intention of losing it. She stared at the cock-headbulging from her fist as it swelled like a fat, ripe, little plum.”Oh, God,” Wilkins moaned, “this is the best thing that ever happened tome.””It’ll get better, too. Just lay there and enjoy it,” Sarah said.Sarah’s pussy tingled, the nerves dancing with excitement. She washoping it would be good enough to make her come-she really needed to come.The last time she had jerked off a patient was with the big constructionworker. And her last come had been with Barry two days earlier.She felt the heat growing in her loins and impulsively reached up andstarted to unbutton her uniform. She got it open to her waist and, lettinggo of his cock, pulled down her bra until she had one fat, luscious titfree. The nipple stood out dark and firm. She stepped closer to his head,bent at the waist, and, cupping the tit in her hand, pressed it to hismouth.”Suck me,” she hissed, her hand reaching back down to grasp his prick.Wilkins sucked hard. Sarah moaned softly, her hand moving steadily upand down on his prick. She would come, yeah, she would come, probablyharder than old Wilkins who was all but biting her nipple. She wished hertit was full of milk so she could nurse him like a little baby.Wilkins wasn’t going to have any trouble coming, either. He could feelhis nuts tightening and it was a marvelous feeling, and one long overdue.Wilkins was a bachelor and for many years had only gotten off by his ownhand or with a prostitute. But this was better than both put together! Hegave a sharp groan and his come poured out like warm syrup. It shot out ofthe hole, down over his cockhead and over Sarah’s hand.Sarah felt the warm come wetting her hand as Wilkins tugged hard on hernipple with his lips and teeth. Then she started coming. It wasn’t thefloating come like she had with Barry, but rather a sharp, hurting comethat made her clit throb like a prick. She closed her eyes and gritted herteeth. Goddamn, it was so good! Her legs felt weak, almost numb, asanother sharp burst echoed into the canyon of her cunt. Shit fire! If sheonly had a stiff cock in her! Once a week was just not enough.She stood squeezing his cock while she regained her composure andfinally looked down and saw the mess on her hand. It was in his hair, too,and had soaked the tail of his gown.”It looks like you need a fresh gown,” she said. “Right now, I don’tneed anything,” Wilkins sighed. “God, lady, I wish I could fuck you.””I wish you could, too… fuck me,” she said. Sarah found she enjoyedsaying it, especially since she was in no danger of his actually fuckingher. She realized, though, that a couple of minutes earlier she would havelet him, had he been able. She felt terribly wicked and found that sheliked that, too.She cleaned him up and instructed him to act as if it never happened. If she was found out she would be fired and could never jerk him off again.Later, everyone on the ward commented on how human old Wilkins hadbecome. He was almost pleasant, almost.The following week, Sarah started working nights. It was different andseemed much longer. Unlike days, there was little activity. It wassemi-dark, quiet, and almost everyone was asleep, including some of thenurses. Ruth hadn’t drawn the same shift and that made it more boring. She was with an old gal who ate candy all the time and was incredibly lazy.What work there was, she gladly let Sarah do.All. day on Wednesday, Sarah fussed about; nervous and tense. She wasmissing her weekly fuck and felt sorely deprived. She went to workirritable and cranky and by midnight was totally bored. Lazy Edna wassound asleep at the nurse’s station, all the aids had disappeared, and thequiet was deafening.Sarah walked down the dim hall and peeked into the rooms to make sureall was well. Then she heard Mr. Olsen in 220 groaning. She went intothe dark room and saw him twisting and turning on the bed, moans and groanspouring from his lips. She went up to the bed and saw he was sound asleep.He had broken his arm, a clean break, no problem, but it was his firstnight with the cast and he was probably in pain.Sarah put her hand on his forehead. His eyes popped open.”Oh, God!” he gasped and stared at her for a moment. Then, realizingwhere he was, he calmed. “God, nurse, I was having the most horriblenight-mare. I’m so glad you came in.””That’s why I’m here,” Sarah said. “Do you hurt?””No. I’m fine now. The arm even feels fine. I’ll go home in themorning.””You were lucky. It was a clean break and you’ll be back to normal in afew weeks.” She continued to stroke his forehead. He was wet with sweat.”You’re soaking wet. I’ll get you a fresh gown.””Stay here for a minute; first. Your hand feel so reassuring. Jesus,it’s amazing how realistic and frightening a dream can be.”She smoothed back his hair and caressed his cheeks. “Were you dreamingabout your fall?””No, it was just one of those scary, disjointed things. Probably fromall the stuff they gave me. He put his good hand over hers and ran hisfinger tips up her arm.”Don’t, Mr. Olsen,” she said’You’re so beautiful. I noticed you even when I was hurting so muchearlier this evening. I don’t hurt now. You made the pain go away.”Sarah’s whole body tingled. Chris Olsen was a good looking young man,about twenty-six, robust and muscular. And he was intact, except for thecast on his left arm. He continued to smooth his fingers up and down herarm and her mouth was dry, her heart pounded.”I’d better get you a fresh gown,” she said a little too loudly andpulled away.She got the gown and laid it on the foot of the bed.”Here, let’s get this wet thing off,” she said. She had him raise upand undid the ties, then stripped the gown off. She looked at his smooth,hard body as it glistened in the dim glow from the night light. Sheglanced downward and saw his thick clump of pubic hair and his thick cockpoking out, limp across one thigh.She had brought a small towel, too, and to wipe his broad chest. “Better dry you off a little first,” she said. She dried his chest andstomach and then left the towel half covering his groin while she moved herhands sensuously back up his stomach and over his chest.”You’re so strong,” she said softly.”I keep in shape,” he replied, his hand on her arm again.She continued to massage his chest, not really realizing when he startedfeeling her tits. She knew she should stop him, but it felt too good. Itwas just exactly what she always wanted Barry to do, to squeeze her titsand bunch them through her dress. It made her nipples rub against her braand start to tingle.”Oh, Mr. Olsen,” she sighed softly and bent forward until their lipsmet.They kissed several times, each time with more intensity. “Oh, Mr. Olsen,” she sighed again.”Get on the bed with me,” he said.”Oh, dear, I can’t . . . I really shouldn’t,” she protested, yet foundherself moving up beside him.She stretched herself out on the bed, her arm around his neck, her otherhand on his belly. They kissed again and then she felt his hand inside heruniform. His fingers felt so cool and nice on her skin. She brought herhand up from his belly and opened her uniform all the way down the front.She felt his hand at her side and then on her back. She hunched alittle. “Can you reach the clasp?” she whispered.He reached the clasp and her bra came loose. His hand came back to herfree tits and felt and squeezed them.”Squeeze my nipples,” she said, her hand back on his belly, her fingersnuzzling at the top of his pubic hair.They lay like this for a long time, her hand inches from his cock, hishand at her tits, their mouths searching, kissing, nibbling. His tongueslipped into her mouth and she tensed, it was her first French kiss but shequickly relaxed and drew his tongue in.Sarah felt an intense thrill when his hand left her tits and moved downher belly. His fingers played at her belly button for a moment, then slidinside her panties. Her own hand slid down and gripped his prick.”Oh. . . you’re so hard!” she cried.”Hell yes, I’m hard! Didn’t you expect it?””Yes, I expected it,” she said and started to stroke his cock.His fingers were now at her pussy, sliding the length of her cunt cleft,pressing her clit and probing at her cunt hole. She was wet and growingwetter. She had never done anything like this before not even with Barry.But it was the way she had always wanted to make love with Barry and letherself go, feeling the excitement grow and tingle.His cock was completely hard and she wanted it, wanted it more than shehad ever wanted anything. The thought of being completely unfaithful toBarry, of going all the way with this man, flashed through her mind. Sheknew it was now or never.She sat up quickly. “Here, let me get my pants off,” she said.She awkwardly slid her slacks over her hips and pushed them on downuntil she could get one foot out. One foot free was enough. She was ableto open her legs to this man.She didn’t spread her legs, though. Instead, she rolled over on top ofhim and straddled his hips with her open cunt.”Just lie still, Olsen. I’ll fuck you,” she said, surprising evenherself.”Yeah, yeah, fuck me,” Olsen gasped. “Oh, Jesus, you hot-assed nurses!”Sarah found his rigid cock with her hand and squatted over his stiffprick. She played with her cunt with his wet cocktip for a few secondsbefore nuzzling her tingling pussy. His cock was larger than Barry’s, yetslid into her incredibly easy. She gave a little gasp when the fat cockknob spread her cunt lips and pushed inside.”Oh, goddamn it, Olsen, that feels so good”‘ she cried and let her hipsdown, slowly pushing the wonderful prick into her cunt. “I want to feel itall inside me for a bit. Then I’ll lay on you and we can fuck and fuck andfuck,” she moaned.”Aw, Christ yes . . .” was all he could say.She felt his whole prick inside her and grunted with pleasure. It waslots bigger than Barry’s and felt much better, too. Of course, she hadnever had Barry’s cock in this position or so deep inside her pussy. Itwas a new, thrilling, excruciatingly good experience.She rode on his cock for almost a minute before she fell forward,pressing her tits hard against his firm chest. Their mouths met again asshe started moving, lifting with her thighs.His cock went into her cunt, almost slid out, then eased back in again,the thick shaft sliding hard against her clit. She found a rhythm sheparticularly liked and lay on him, fucking steadily, the good feelinggrowing stronger and stronger.”Don’t come too quick,” she gasped.”I can hold out a long time in this position if you want.””I want,” she said.She went into an intense orgasm, but controlled herself and kept aneven, steady pace. It made her come last for a long, long time, and itstill felt good, even as it subsided. She continued fucking him and soonrealized she could come again if he held out a little longer. She hadnever thought it possible.”I can come again if you can last just a little longer,” she gasped. She was breathing hard, increasing her speed in her urgency to come again.”Not too much longer,” Olsen said.”Oh, goddamn, it feels so good!” she cried and sat up, thrusting hiscock all the way in.She bounced wildly, the sweetness of her orgasm encouraging her. Sheheard him growl as he lunged up with his hips and she knew he was there,too. The sensation of his wet come squirting in her cunt was enough tobring her a third time. It was almost too much and she fell forward again,riding weakly on what was left of his hard-on. She finally stopped movingand lay gasping for air.”You really come, don’t you, lady?” he said, his own breath short andrasping.”Yes, yes! I love it,” she cried.His prick finally slipped out of her cunt and she could feel his comeleaking out. She liked that feeling, too. Barry had been cheating her.She lay on top of him for a long time, kissing and caressing him. Shemoved her hand between their sweating bodies and held his shriveled, gooeycock. She was sure now that she could never get too much fucking. Sheseemed to want his cock just as much as she had when she was in full heat,riding hard for a come.”My arm hurts a little,” Olsen said.She realized then where she was and what she had done. She had taken noprecautions. The door stood wide open, there was a patient in the next bedand the curtain not drawn and she was practically naked on top of apatient.She quickly moved from the bed. “Oh, dear,” she said and rushed intothe bathroom. It took several minutes for her to get herself straightenedout. At least her uniform had been open and had not gotten too badlywrinkled.She came back with a pan of warm water and quickly cleaned and gownedMr. Olsen.”My arm hurts,” he said.”I’ll get you a pain pill,” she said.The hall was still semi-dark and there was no one in sight. Lazy Ednawas still asleep, snoring. Sarah sighed with relief and called thepharmacy for a pain pill.CHAPTER FOURWhen Sarah arrived at work the next evening she was a wiser young woman.She now knew that her Wednesdays with Barry had been k** stuff, almost likec***dren playing house with no idea of what they were really doing. Shefelt a certain amount of guilt for having cheated on Barry. She still feltsome shame for fucking a man she didn’t know, but the feelings were lessthan they had been the night before. She felt a perverse thrill at havingbeen such a wicked girl and it certainly had been enjoyableShe checked on Olsen as soon a she arrived, knowing she would let himfuck her again, but he had already been dismissed. A gnawingdisappointment grabbed her stomach, but she knew it was for the best. Shehad to be more careful in the future and learn to control her new lust. She could have been caught, caught and fired and disgraced. Her motherwould have been horrified.She went to the nurse’s station, where Edna was slouched in a chairsmoking and reading a magazine, the everpresent box of chocolates at herelbow. Sarah’s thoughts turned to men, a subject she really hadn’t thoughtmuch about before-except when she was jacking one off. A whole new worldhad seemed to have opened up, a world filled with men, men who wanted tofuck her. She tingled at the thought, a warm, moist feeling spreadingbetween her legs. Sarah realized it was a feeling she enjoyed very much,maybe too much.The evening went unbearably slowly and it was almost midnight when ayoung intern named Cliff came up to the nurse’s station. Sarah was staringat the ceiling smoking a cigarette and Edna was asleep in her chair.”Hi, Sarah! Want to go and get a cup of coffee?” Cliff asked.”We have coffee here,” Sarah said.Cliff looked at the voluptuous young lady. The top two buttons of heruniform were unbuttoned and he could see the swell of her fine tits. Shehad such a sensuous mouth, her lips almost always seemingly puckered for akiss. It was such a shame she was a cold ass. Cliff was French and notthat good looking, but he was attractive to women and knew it. He’d nevermade any moves on Sarah and the g****vine had it that she was a prude. Butshe didn’t look like a prude. She was smiling at him in a come and eat me”way and he could see the frilly lace on the top of her bra. He liked sexyunderwear on a woman.”You look bored, Sarah, like maybe you need to go for a walk,” hepersisted. Something told him that little Sarah was available in spite ofadvice to the contrary.”I’m on duty, Cliff,” Sarah said;”Aw, let the fat, old bag handle it. I’ve noticed she doesn’t mindletting you do all the work.”Sarah took a deep drag on her cigarette and snuffed it out in the ashtray. Through the haze of smoke curling from her lips, she gazed at thein-tern. She’d never paid much attention to him, but there was somethingabout him.”You’re right,” she said. “I do need to stretch my legs.”She pulled her skirt up to mid-thigh and stuck both legs straight outbefore getting up. When she got up, she kept her skirt high and stampedher feet. She didn’t know why she did it, she never had before, but itmade her tingle.It made Cliff tingle, too. She had gorgeous legs, even in her whitenurse’s hose.Sarah went over to Edna and jostled her shoulder. The fat woman’s eyespopped open. “Not asleep, just resting my eyes,” she cried, then saw itwas only Sarah. “Shit, I was having a good dream, Sarah!” she said.”I’m going down the hail with Cliff for a cup of coffee,” Sarah said.”We got coffee right here,” Edna said.”I need to stretch my legs. I’ve been sitting too long.”Edna stared at her dumbly, her mouth hanging open like the weight of theworld had just been deposited on her fragile shoulders. “Oh, okay,” shesaid sullenly. “But don’t stay long.””Not too long,” Sarah said, stepped out of the station and taking Cliffby the hand. “Let’s get the hell gone before the fat pig changes hermind.”They walked down the hall, their hips just touching. Sarah felt anelectricity that she had never felt before. bahis firmaları When they turned the firstcorner and the light was dim, she didn’t resist when he turned to her andtilted her face up to his. She let him kiss her for a moment, then pulledaway.”You’re kind of fast,” she said.”I couldn’t resist. You really turn me on, Sarah,” he said.”Then do it again,” Sarah said.It surprised her to feel such a thrill from his kiss. Could any manturn her on so quickly just because he was a man? It appeared that way. She closed her eyes and brought her lips to his again.He kissed her harder this time, and pulled her tightly against his body.She snuggled up to him and let one of her knees slip between his legs. Hegasped, his legs clamping against her soft thigh. She felt his prickagainst her thigh and returned the gasp.Oh, my God, Sarah thought, his prick, I can feel his prick! She raisedher leg a little and felt his cock press against her. His prick wasgrowing, stretching out hard and long against her soft thigh. She wantedto reach down and feel his cock with her hand, but slipped both her handsaround his neck instead.She felt his hands slide down over her back and cup the cheeks of herass. Then slowly, ever so slowly, felt her skirt rising up.”Yes, yes,” she whispered, her excitement mounting, “Lift my skirt upand feel me.””Jesus, and I thought . . . I mean I heard . . . he stammered.”You shouldn’t believe everything you hear, Cliff,” Sarah said and slidher tongue wetly back and forth on his lips, then pushed it into his mouth.He lifted her skirt above her ass and slid one hand and then the otherover her bare ass cheeks. “Jesus!” he gasped. “No panties! You’re nakedunder your dress.””Yessssss,” Sarah hissed. “There’s nothing to stop you from feelingeverything.”He let his fingers glide lightly over her ass, his finger tips playinglightly in the crevice.Sarah moaned and straddled his leg, pressing her cunt down against hisfirm thigh. She could feel the head of his cock pressing into her.Cliff moved his hands down her ass and let his long fingers dip betweenher legs. The touch at the back of her cunt was electric and she raised upto let him probe. He moved onto her thick, hairy cunt lips and she triedto spread her legs wider.”Oh, God, goddamn, goddamn, Cliff,” she moaned and pushed a hand downbetween their bodies.She enjoyed the feel of his cock against her leg, but she had to touchit, to feel it with her hand, feel it inside his pants. She pulled awayfrom him a little to get at his fly. When she found the zipper she tuggedat it and got it down. Then she let her hand slide inside.Sarah wrapped her fingers around his hard, throbbing cock. The feel ofit naked in her hand, so silky smooth, so hot and alive, made her twitchwith anticipation. Her mouth watered and she wondered why, then decided itwas probably the excitement.Cliff had ceased his activity and allowed her to move a bit farther awaywhile she got his cock free of his pants.Then his prick was out and in her hand. She looked down and stared withlust. His cock was beautiful, even in the dim light. She stroked it,letting her fist bunch tightly just under the fat cock knob. She wasdelighted with the way he squirmed and moaned under her stroking fingers.Her nipples started to tingle and then to throb, pressing hard against heruniform. Suddenly she felt hot between her thighs, hot and wet, almostsquishy. She knew her extreme excitement wasn’t just from holding Cliff’scock. No, she was anticipating the fuck, imagining the instant that hissweet, wonderful cock pushed into her cunt. It was terribly exciting towant to fuck so badly.”Oooooh, God, baby, play with my cock,” Cliff moaned, his hands comingup to her breasts. He rolled her marble-hard nipples in his fingers andstarted to open her uniform.Sarah cupped his balls inside his pants with one hand while the othermoved slowly back and forth on his cock. She let him unbutton her uniformand then pushed her tits out to meet his eager hands. She moved close tohim, guiding his prick between her legs, and slid his cock knob between thelips of her pussy.”God, Cliff, God, I need it!” Sarah gasped, forcing the tip of his rigidprick into her cunt.”We can’t do it here, Sarah,” Cliff said, but let her push his cock in alittle deeper.Sarah pushed down to meet his prick and got most of the head inside. “Why not, honey! Need it, want it now,” she moaned.”Oh, God, that feels good, baby, but we gotta stop,” he moaned. “Gottastop. Someone will come along, we’ll get caught, fired. Gotta stop,honey, gotta stop.” He lifted his hips and pushed in deeper.He was almost half way in and Sarah was panting, bobbing on his prick.”Where can we go? Gotta fuck, gotta fuck,” she grunted.”There’s an empty bed one floor up. It’s at the end of the hall aroundthe corner from the nurse’s station,” he said as he stepped back and pulledhis cock from her cunt.”Clif. . . NO!” Sarah gasped. “I want it now; put it back.””Too dangerous, baby. Let’s go,” he said and grabbed her hand. Heraced for the stairwell, pulling Sarah along, his cock flopped freely whileher tits bounced.They were both gasping for breath when they entered the room. Sarahgave a little squeal and whispered, “Cliff, there’s a woman in the bed.””The other one’s empty,” Cliff said. “She’s all doped up and won’t everknow we’re here.” He led her through the darkened room to the other bed. “Get undressed.””Should we?” Sarah asked, her good sense slowly catching up with herpassion.”Hell yes! I want you naked. All the way, baby, even your shoes andsocks,” Cliff snorted.Sarah’s fears subsided when she lay naked on the bed and Cliff lethimself down on top of her. She felt his hard cock against her leg andcried, “Yes, honey, yes! Fuck me!”The thick cock knob went into her cunt without her help. She lifted tomeet his first thrust.”Give it to me, fella, all of it,” she gasped. “Unngh, good! Yeah,yeah, fuck me, Cliff, fuck me hard, make me come!”She had thought it would have been better in the hall. But when hisprick was stuffed all the way up in her cunt and fucking hard and fast shechanged her mind. It was much better on a bed, lying down and taking allhe had to give.”Goddamn,” she mumbled, “so good, so very fucking good. So much betterthan Barry. God, it’s a waste to fuck with Barry when other men are somuch better.”He drew his cock almost all the way out and she could feel his fat cockknob between her cunt lips and how it spread her open when he pushed backin. She lifted her knees a little and moved with him, pushing when hemoved toward her, pulling away when he pulled out. It felt so good to fuckwith him, to move with complete abandon without fear of recrimination. Shehunched urgently, the good feeling growing better by the second.”Jesus, what a lay,” Cliff gasped. Never thought for one minute… damn, you can really fuck, Sarah! Really know how to make a guy feel good.Oh, shit, too good, getting close, honey!” up over his back to lock him in.”Don’t move, honey. Cool down a little.” She lay perfectly still, holdinghim rigid with her strong legs.They lay like that for several minutes, both breathing hard. She couldfeel the sweat on his chest against her tits and she could feel his cockinside of her, still hard and still throbbing.”Are you in control again?” she asked.”Yeah, I think so,” he answered.”Okay, fuck me some more. But stop if you feel like you’re going tocome,” she said.She relaxed her legs and he started pumping slowly, her fire coming upfast. She pressed his hips with her thighs and his cock with her cunt. She knew she was giving his cock too good a time for him to last, but shecouldn’t help herself. It felt so good and she was so close to popping.”God, Sarah, I’m not Superman, I can’t hold out much longer,” Cliffcried.”Stop! Just once more, honey, and I’ll make you come so good you’llnever forget it,” Sarah grunted, on the verge of coming. She wanted tocool off and then climb back to ecstasy once more. The real fun wasgetting there, climbing to that tiny instant and then tumbling over. Shehad almost tumbled over twice, once more would make it perfect. “Just oncemore,” she said, clamping her legs tight around him.Cliff felt her pussy tighten around his prick and tried to relax. Hewas so close that he knew he was leaking into her already. There was nopoint in pulling out, if she was going to get knocked up well, it was toolate now. He felt her soft tits against his chest, her arms around hisneck and her legs locked over his back. He found her mouth and kissed herhard. She kissed back, her tongue gliding in and out of his mouth wetly.”Oh, Cliff, I can’t wait, I want to come. Fuck some more, make mecome,” Sarah whispered.Cliff started moving. Sarah felt the glow in her belly almostimmediately. It felt so good! There was nothing like it, nothing, nothinganywhere in the world.”Qh, goddamn! Oh, piss, Cliff, I’m going to come, honey, I’m coming!”she cried.Her legs went weak and fell away from his back when the exquisitefeeling started. It filled her belly and she felt out of breath, weak,helpless, and in heaven.”Me too, Sarah, goddamn, I’m coming!” Cliff yelled and squirted into herbelly.She felt his wet come go into her cunt and she either came again or justcontinued the one she was paralyzed with, she didn’t now exactly which. She tightened her cunt muscles, increasing her own sensation, and milkedhis spewing prick.Cliff drained himself and fell limp on top of her. “God, God, what afuck,” he whined.Sarah held him tight with her legs, still moving, still in the throes oforgasm. She knew he would grow soft and shrivel all too soon, yetcontinued to let her cunt suck hungrily on his wonderful prick filling herpassionate cunt hole. She finally sighed with contentment, and let herlegs fall from his back.”Jesus, Sarah, that was the best fuck I ever had,” Cliff said.”Me too,” Sarah said.Cliff raised up, pulling his shrinking cock from her cunt. “You’re notk**ding?” he said.”No way,” Sarah said. “I never came so good before in all my life.”Cliff got two cigarettes from his clothing and lit them. He handed oneto Sarah and lay down beside her. “No k**ding, honey, you’re the best fuckI’ve ever had.”Sarah closed her eyes and took a deep drag. She let the smoke ooze fromher lips, feeling completely fucked for the first time in her life. Shefelt so good, so completely at ease. She’d had three men now, if you couldcall Barry a man, and it just seemed to get better and better. And shedidn’t feel guilty. Fucking was too good to feel guilty about. Her motherwas full of shit and her poor daddy had probably never had a good piece ofass in his life. He was a good daddy and deserved a good piece of ass atleast once. She wondered if he would ever get it.Tonight had been an experiment, a completely successful experiment, tosee if she could fuck with the first man who came along and enjoy it. Shesure could, she knew that, fucking with the patients should have told herthat. She was amazed at how loose she had become and how easy it was torationalize a quick fuck with a man she hardly knew. She took another deepdrag on her cigarette and sat up.”We’d better be getting back to our duties,” she said.When she got back to her station, fat Edna was sound asleep. Sarahsnuffed out her cigarette and went to check on the patients.CHAPTER FIVESarah spent the weekend listening to her mother drone on about one dullthing after another. Half-listening, actually, since her thoughts were onher exciting fuck with the young intern, Cliff.You’re nothing but a pious pile of shit, Mother, she thought, after aparticularly drawn out tirade against the morals of the younger generation.She smiled broadly.”What so funny?” her mother asked sharply.”Oh, nothing. I just felt like smiling,” Sarah said.”You young people’s heads are in the clouds. No concern for anything ofvalue,” her mother snapped.She went through the weekend and the first two days of work feeling likeshe was in a prison. She felt restless, in the need for excitement, sowhen Elaine Emerson asked her to go to a party, she quickly agreed.”Oh wait,” she said, remembering her standing date with Barry forWednesday nights. “I don’t know if I can. I think I have a date.””Don’t worry about it, dear,” Elaine said.”But I want to go with you, Elaine. Can I let you know a little later?””If you like,” Elaine said. She lit a cigarette, let the blue smokeslide from her nose, and walked away.Sarah had mixed emotions. She resented the way Elaine had acted, butshe wanted to go to the party, anyway. Elaine was the ward snob and it wasa compliment for her to ask you anything. She deeply admired Elaine forher perfection, even though she envied the woman’s classic beauty andperfect figure and hated her haughty manner. She hated herself, too, forwanting to go. As always, when she had a problem, she went to her friendRuth.”Sarah, I really don’t think you should go anywhere with Elaine,” Ruthsaid.”Why not?” Sarah said, suddenly determined to go.”Well, I just don’t think you should.””That’s no reason. You’re probably jealous.””Come off it, sweetie, I don’t have to be jealous of anybody,” Ruthsnapped. “If you’ve already made up your mind, why did you ask me?””I’m sorry, Ruth, I didn’t mean it. I just want to go, that’s all. Ican’t go, anyway. It’s Wednesday and I always go out with Barry onWednesday, not that we go anywhere.” Somehow going to his apartment fortheir quick fuck didn’t seem as exciting as it used to.”Honey, if you want to go so damn bad, break the goddamn date with Barryand go,” Ruth said, completely reversing herself. “You need the experienceand besides, he’s just a fucking wimp, anyway.””Oh, Ruth, I can’t. And don’t talk about Barry that way. After all, weare almost engaged.””Sure you can break it, honey. That little prick doesn’t deserve youand besides, he’s not man enough to satisfy you, or won’t be once you learnthe score.””I know the score,” Sarah said.”Sure you do, honey. Wear your uniform to the party. Men dig auniform, it makes them horny.””Oh, Ruth,” Sarah said, blushing.”See how naive you are, baby girl? You’ve got to get away from yourmommy and daddy. I have a gorgeous apartment with an extra bedroom allready for you to move into.”Sarah called Barry and told him she had to work an extra shift. It madeher angry when he didn’t sound as disappointed as she thought he should. She slammed down the phone, determined to have a ball at Elaine’s party. It irked her, too, that Ruth was so possessive.The party turned out to be a dull, socialite affair where the women werehaughty bitches and the men stuffed shirts. Everyone was older than Sarah.They paid a lot of attention to Elaine, but completely ignored Sarah.They didn’t wear their uniforms, but Sarah wished they had. Her clothesappeared shabby and out of place. Compared to the exquisite Elaine, shefelt like an ugly duckling, at least at first.Sarah spent much of the evening sitting alone, feeling miserable, whileElaine flitted from group to group, talking, laughing and drinking. It wasafter ten o’clock when Sarah noticed how drunk Elaine was getting.Elaine staggered over to Sarah, leaned heavily on Sarah’s chair forsupport, and said, “Mmmmm gettin’ drunk, honey?”Sarah almost laughed out loud. “You sure are, you haughty bitch,” shesaid, then quickly added, “I m sorry, I didn’t mean that.””No, you’re right. I am a haughty bitch and you had a terrible timetonight. And I did’, too. I’m too drunk to drive and I want to go home.Will you drive me?””How will I get home?””You can stay with me.”I can’t do that. My mom would flip if I don’t get home.””Call her, tell her you’re stayin’ with me.””Goddamn, I said I have to go home,” Sarah said and got to her feet.”Awwwwww, honey, don’t get mad. You can take my car. My husband canbring me to work tomorrow.”Sarah agreed and they left the party, Elaine leaning heavily on hercompanion, more so than Sarah thought was necessary. In the car, Elainesat close to Sarah.”It’s a big seat, Elaine, slide over and give me some room,” Sarah said.She looked at Elaine. “Your silver frosted hair is a mess, Elaine. You’rea mess. You aren’t so elegant now, you’re drunk, you’re a sloppy drunk.”Elaine slid over and started blubbering. “Don’t be mean, Sarah. You’retoo beautiful to be mean.””I feel mean, not beautiful,” Sarah snapped. “Now stay on your side andtell me how to get to your damn house.”Elaine gave her the directions and then sniffled all the way.Geez, Sarah thought, what a phony cunt. Maybe this is why Ruth didn’twant me to go with her. Oh well, live and learn.Elaine’s home was big with a huge, beautifully landscaped yard. Sarahpulled to a stop in the wide driveway and left the motor running.”Come in and have a drink with me,” Elaine said.”No, you’ve had too much already and I have to get home,” Sarah answeredcurtly.”I’m better now and it isn’t late.” She held her watch to the dash. “Not even eleven o’clock. My husband isn’t home and I hate to go into adark, empty house alone. Please, Sarah, just one for the road.”Once again, Sarah agreed. The house was magnificent and luxuriouslyfurnished. It all but took Sarah’s breath away. They went into the denand Sarah sat on the couch while Elaine made drinks. She was beside Sarahon the couch quickly and held up her glass for a toast.”To our friendship,” Elaine said.She had run her hand through her blond hair and every strand was inplace. Her emerald green eyes flashed and Sarah had the distinct feelingthat she had been conned. Still, she held up her own glass for the toast.They had several drinks and talked of many things, but Elaine keptsteering the conversation to sex. Sarah had never really discussed sexwith another person and it made her uneasy.”You’re such a beautiful girl, Sarah,” Elaine said with no trace of herearlier drunkenness. “I hope you never have any trouble at the hospital.””What on earth do you mean?” Sarah gasped. “Well, I know how attractiveyou are to the men and you have to be very careful. Men can be so damnpersistent! They’ll wear you down if you aren’t careful.””A girl wants to be worn down . . . sometimes,” Sarah said, almostdefiantly.”Don’t misunderstand, Sarah, because I don’t want to sound like yourmother, but I do have one bit of advice to give you. Mess around with thedocs, the interns, even the janitors if that turns you on. But don’t fuckwith patients because it’ll get your ass fired.”Sarah’s face reddened and her mouth dropped open. My God, she thought,does she know?”I didn’t mean to shock you, honey, and I shouldn’t have used that awfulword, but, well, I wanted to get my point across because I know what I’mtalking about.”Elaine got up quickly and went to the bar. She mixed two more drinksand returned to the couch beside Sarah. “You may not need this, darling,”she said, “but I do. I’m going to tell you something I’ve never toldanyone else.” Her voice lowered as if she was afraid someone else mighthear. “I had an affair with a patient.””No,” Sarah gasped, “not you!””Yes, me. And we were almost caught. And when I tried to end it thepatient threatened to expose me. I was never so frightened in my life. Nothing came of it, but it certainly taught me a lesson.”Elaine drained her glass and put it on the coffee table. She movedcloser to Sarah and her hand closed over Sarah’s knee.”It was with a woman, Sarah,” she said in almost a whisper.Sarah felt the flush in her cheeks and Elaine’s hand softly kneading herthigh just above her knee. My God, she thought, Elaine is a lesbian, andthat’s why Ruth didn’t want me to go! She suspected . . . or knew fromexperience. Ruth’s remark, “You need the experience,” made sense to hernow.Elaine was sitting very close and her hand had moved under Sarah’sskirt. “Do you want me to tell you about it?””I, I . . . ” Sarah stammered.”She had a broken wrist and she was very beautiful. She was young,about your age, and had a perfect body. I must have telegraphed my desirefor her somehow because she knew, she knew. She was so lovely and I was sovulnerable. One night I went into her room after she had bathed and thelight was subdued. It was perfect for a seduction, actually and she justraised her gown and spread her fabulous legs apart and whispered, ‘Kiss me,Elaine, kiss me down there.’ Oh God, Sarah, she was so beautiful! Icouldn’t resist, I couldn’t control myself. I buried my face between herthighs and kissed her and laved her with my tongue and then pushed it upinside her cunt as far as it would go.”Elaine’s hand was now within inches of Sarah’s crotch. Sarah knew herface must be beet red, the heat was intense, and she felt an excitement inher belly that she knew she shouldn’t.”I made her come, Sarah. I made her come hard,” Elaine said. “And Iwent back late that night and undressed and we made love for two hours. Ilay on top of her, my cunt against her mouth, and my own face buriedbetween her lovely legs.”Elaine’s face was only inches from Sarah’s, and her fingers were tracingalong the edge of her panties. “Oh God, Sarah, darling, you’re sobeautiful I want you so much. May I kiss you?”Sarah knew she should resist, Ruth had, she was sure. But her heart waspounding so hard she couldn’t think. She didn’t answer and she didn’t moveaway.Elaine kissed her, lightly at first, and then with more urgency and hertongue. Her fingers were inside Sarah’s panties and access to her cunt waseasy since Sarah had u*********sly opened her legs. The kiss lasted a longtime and the fingers found her lubricated pussy and moved inside, slidingslowly in and out in a fucking motion.”Oh, Sarah, my little darling, let’s make girl love,” Elaine whispered.”Does your husband know?” was all that Sarah could say.”No, of course not, and he’ll never know. I let him fuck me whenever hewants it, and I make it good for him. I’ve even let other men fuck mewhile he watched. It turns him on, makes me all the more a woman in hiseyes. He’s strange, but he’s a good provider and he has a large cock. Ienjoy fucking with him sometimes. Let’s go into the bedroom, Sarah. Iwant you.””I’ve never made love with a woman before. I don’t know if I want to,”Sarah said, trying vainly to resist the pounding desire. She knew shewould lose her battle, but still she tried.She let Elaine lift her to her feet and guide her to the bedroom. Oncethere, she stood helplessly while Elaine undressed her. Elaine’sexclamations of approval pleased her, the gentle caresses as each garmentwas removed thrilled her. When she was at last completely nude, she wasready, turned on and ready.”My God,” Elaine exclaimed, “you’re exquisite, more perfect than I couldever have imagined.” Elaine went to the bed and threw back the covers,Revealing satin sheets and lace covered pillow slips. “Get on the bed,”she ordered, pushing Sarah gently backwards. Sarah tumbled onto the bed.”Yes, yes, lie on your back. Open your legs wide. Ahhh yes, and raiseyour knees just ever so slightly so I can see all of you. Yesss, honey,like that. Now I’ll get ready.”Elaine quickly stripped, showing little indications of being very drunk.Her figure was perfect, her legs long and smooth, her belly flat, and herbreasts, not large, but high and firm and nippled with light pink. She wasa true blond, too, her mound a fluffy mass of golden fleece.Sarah lay breathless and still, unable to take her eyes from thegorgeous creature stripping in front of her. She was drunk and feltdetached from what was happening, but it wasn’t the only reason she wasallowing it. No, her curiosity had turned to lust. She wanted it tohappen, she wanted Elaine to make girl love to her. She wasn’t sure whatto expect, but she was sure it would be good.Then Elaine was on the bed beside her, her mouth hot and wet and open,covering Sarah’s. Sarah moaned when Elaine moved on top her and ground titagainst tit and pussy against pussy.”You beautiful little doll,” Elaine moaned. “I love you, darling. I’vewanted you from the moment you first came to work at the hospital. God, Iwish I were a man so I could fuck you, put my self inside you and fuckyou.””Awwww yes, Elaine, fuck me, fuck me!” Sarah moaned loudly.Elaine lay on top of her, humping hard, pressing down onto her clittywith her bulging pussy mound. She kissed her on the mouth, the nose, theears, the eyes, her whole face, her tongue active. It went onto Sarah’smouth and her ears, licking the places she couldn’t enter.Sarah pushed up to meet Elaine’s pussy mound, but it wasn’t enough. Shewanted more, much more. “Elaine, Elaine!” she grunted. “Go down on me! It’s what you do, isn’t it? Oh, oh, go down on me, please, please!””Patience, my darling, you must have patience,” Elaine said, kissing herthroat and then moving down to her shoulders.Sarah writhed as Elaine moved slowly down her body, moaning withsurprised pleasure when she felt wet lips in her arm pit. It sent shiversracing down her spine, shivers that increased as the woman’s lips movedacross and under her tits to her other armpit. She gasped with delightwhen Elaine at last enveloped a nipple, drawing it in and sucking on ituntil it was hard and almost painful.Elaine worked up one nipple and then the other. She spent a long timeon Sarah’s tits since there was a lot to work on. Sarah’s tits were largeand soft and round and her nipples were very dark and grew very hard. Hernipples were big, too, the size of sour cherries and every bit as red.With both nipples filled with pain/pleasure, she felt the woman movingdown again over her flat belly, and nuzzling wetly with her tongue, movingit in a big circle around her navel, closing slowly until the tip wasburied in the puckered indentation. Then the tongue moved down again,lightly skirting the hairline at the bottom of Sarah’s belly.Sarah lifted her hips, moaning ever so softly, “Oh my God, oh my God,lower, Elaine, lower!”It was. Sarah’s first experience with oral sex and was exciting beyondanything she had ever imagined. Her whole body tingled, waiting for themoment when Elaine’s mouth would reach its destination. “Lower, lower . .. Oh, Goddamn, Elaine, kiss it, suck me . . . Awwwww, honey, suck me!” shescreamed.Elaine kissed lightly into the hair, then skipped past her cunt to themiddle of her thighs and started all over again, kissing, licking andsucking up little buds of her soft thigh flesh. When Elaine’s mouth was aninch from Sarah’s pussy, the poor girl was sobbing loudly, wild for theculmination of Elaine’s journey.Elaine raised her face from between Sarah’s legs. “My God, Sarah, somuch hair,” she’ said, her fingers diving into the thick mass. “And it’sso soft, honey, and so black that it’s nasty. I love a cunt with lots ofhair.”She bent back to her work, blew hot air across the puffy lips, anddropped her open mouth onto Sarah’s cunt. She spread the lips with hertongue and glided them deep in to her pussy.”Oh God, God, goddamn,” Sarah grunted’. With Elaine’s lips and tonguein her cunt she was glad she hadn’t heeded Ruth’s advice. “Ooooooh,Elaine, darling, don’t stop, not ever, ever. Feels so nice, so wonderful.”Elaine pushed her tongue deep into Sarah’s cunt, worked it rapidly inand out, then pulled out and drew it back and forth. She massaged theclitty with her lips, tongue, and teeth until Sarah was screaming on theedge of a violent orgasm. Sarah’s legs wrapped around Elaine’s head tohold her in tight and Elaine reached under her rump and lifted her up,spreading her ass cheeks open.Elaine felt the first violent shiver in Sarah’s legs and knew the younggirl was coming. She slowed down then, not wanting Sarah’s orgasm to betoo violent. She had more in mind for the girl and didn’t want it to endtoo soon. She held Sarah, close, gently sucking and kissing her whileSarah’s ecstatic screams subsided and turned into soft, pleasure-filledmoans. When Sarah finally went limp, Elaine released her and moved back upher body.She kissed Sarah on the mouth with her pungent lips and said, “Did youlike that, darling?””Yes, yes,” Sarah moaned, the taste of her own pussy exciting.”Was it better than a man?””Mmmmmm . . . yeah,” she said, knowing what Elaine wanted to hear. “Hold me tight, Elaine, and kiss me.”Elaine held her close and kissed her on the eyes and nose and lips. When she felt the girl was back to normal; she got up. “I’ll go and get usa drink,” she said, returning quickly with two drinks and two cigarettes.Sarah sat up and moved into Elaine’s arms and they smoked and sipped theirdrinks.They sat and kissed, Elaine playing over Sarah’s body with one hand. Soon Sarah felt mellow and in the mood again. She pushed Elaine away andstared at her.”It’s my turn now, isn’t it?” she said.”If you want to,” Elaine answered.”I think I want to,” Sarah said. “Yes, I know I want to. Lay flat onyour back. I read something in a fuck book about a week ago and it reallyexcited me. I’m sure you know what it is, it’s called Around the World andI want to do it to you.”Elaine shivered. Yes, she knew what it was.Sarah started on Elaine’s forehead, kissing along her hairline. Shemoved all around her face, her kisses wet, her tongue going deep intoElaine’s ears and then her mouth. She spent a long time on Elaine’s facebefore moving on.Each armpit was properly and wetly loved before Sarah got to Elaine’stits and spent a full 15 minutes on each. She sucked and she kissed andlicked until Elaine was writhing. She even used her teeth, and none toogently. Elaine almost came each time Sarah nipped at her rock-hardnipples.”Oh darling, darling, wonderful,” Elaine moaned. “Where did you learnto do it?””Instinct,” Sarah said. “Roll over on your belly.”Elaine rolled over and buried her face in her arms. Yes, it had to beinstinct. She was too good to have learned it. She noticed the first timeshe saw Sarah how her lips seemed to be puckered for a kiss and now sheknew why. They were puckered for a kiss, for a sex kiss-she was a naturaloral lover.This time Sarah started at Elaine’s feet, kissing and licking, kissingand nipping, always kissing. She moved up the calves and then spent anendless time on her thighs, the backs, but most of all between them wherethe flesh was soft and sensitive.She pushed Elaine’s legs wide apart and moved up, almost to her cunt, soclose that the soft blonde hair tickled her nose.”Oh, baby, kiss it, kiss it,” Elaine moaned, reaching back with herhands to catch Sarah’s head.Sarah brushed the annoying hands away and skipped all the way up toElaine’s shoulders. She started down, again, paying homage to herarm-pits, which were quite damp with sweat. Then she moved rapidly down toher smooth, round asscheeks, raining them with wet kisses and suckinglightly on the lengths of the deep crack. Sarah took her fingers andopened up Elaine’s ass cleft and began kissing deep in the groove, startingat the top and moving down.”Yes, oh yes, my darling!” Elaine gasped in anticipation.Sarah was d**gged with sex. When she reached Elaine’s puckered asshole,she closed over it with her lips, kissing it at first, and then pushing hertongue inside. Elaine lay panting, near an intense orgasm.Sarah sensed the woman’s need and stopped. She raised up and said,”Turn over, bitch!””No, no, not yet,” Elaine groaned, but obeyed Sarah’s command.When Elaine was on her back again, Sarah dropped to her pussy hair,kissing the strands on the insides of her thighs and along her cunt. Shewas as anxious as Elaine and she couldn’t wait, her mouth finally closingover Elaine’s cunt. The hair was soggy-wet and her pussy was slippery withdew.Sarah was surprised at how wet she was, but more so at how strong shesmelled-she reeked. Sarah took a deep breath, drawing the rank odor intoher nostrils, and started sucking the copious juices from Elaine’s cunt.”God, God, I feel like I’m going to explode!” Elaine screamed. “Make mecome, Sarah, make me come!”She finally succeeded in catching Sarah’s head and pulled her face tightagainst her nasty cunt.Sarah pushed her tongue deep into Elaine’s pussy and the woman shrieked.She pulled it out and pushed it in again and again Elaine cried out. Sheseemed to know when Elaine was about to come, stopped and did somethingelse. Sarah continued like that until Elaine was quivering with the needto come. When it was obvious that the woman couldn’t help but come, Sarahclamped first her lips around Elaine’s clit and then touched it with herteeth. Elaine came with a scream, jerking as if she was convulsing. Shechewed at Elaine’s clit until the woman could stand no more and pushed heraway.”Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God,” Elaine babbled, rolling and twistingon the bed.When at last she regained her composure, Elaine sat up and said, “Areyou sure you’ve never been with a woman before?””Never,” Sarah said.”My God, darling, you’re a natural! I’ve never been brought off likethat before, never. It was heavenly, out of this world!””I’m hot again, Elaine. Do it to me again.”Darling, ‘darling, let me rest a moment. Be an angel and get us eachanother drink.”Sarah went and got the drinks.”How do you feel?” Elaine asked her when she had half-drained the glass.”I feel wonderful.””Me, too. I went right up tonight.””God, I feel so good, so turned on. Oh, shit, I want it so bad. I wanta fuck, Elaine. You can’t fuck me, but you can suck me. Suck me, Elaine,suck me off.”Elaine giggled. “God what a horny girl. I’m beginning to feel hornyagain, too. Let’s lay down and neck. You’re a very beautiful young woman,Sarah.”They stretched out on the bed and started kissing and rubbing theircunts together.”This is nice, Elaine, but I want you to eat me. I want to come againwith your mouth on my cunt,” Sarah said.”You’re a naughty girl, Sarah. I didn’t think you’d be this easy toseduce, or this aggressive. You’re a highly sexed woman and you need a lotof fucking.”I know it. I haven’t known for long, but I know now.””You discovered that tonight?””No, I knew before tonight. Tonight just confirmed it. I love sex andcan’t seem to get enough. I never thought another woman would turn me on,but I’m so turned on now that I’m about to explode.”Elaine kissed her hard on the mouth. “Roll onto your back. I don’twant you to explode.”Sarah was surprised when she crawled on top of her head to toe. She hadexpected it like before.”We can eat each other this way. I’m sure you’ve heard of sixty-nine.””Yes,” Sarah said. She’d heard of it, but hadn’t thought of two womendoing it. But it made sense.She felt Elaine’s wet lips on her thighs and quivered. Looking up, shestared into Elaine’s gaping cunt. Elaine was on her knees, a thigh on eachside of Sarah’s head. She waited until she felt Elaine’ lips compressagainst her burning pussy and then raised onto her elbows and pressed hermouth to Elaine.Sarah came first and fell back to the bed. She lay writhing in sexualpleasure. “Oh, my God, that’s good, Elaine. Shit, shit, shit, I’m coming!Oh, goddamn, fuck, I’m coming, I’m coming!” Elaine kept sucking and Sarahkept coming. It was the strongest orgasm Sarah had ever experienced.She wasn’t positive, but she thought she had come twice, maybe threetimes. “God, God, I came three times, actually came three times!” Sarahmoaned.Elaine turned back around and cuddled the shivering girl. “My littledarling,” she hummed, “so alive, so responsive.” They kissed long and hard.”You didn’t come again,” Sarah said.”It’s all right, I don’t need to. It was pleasure enough to make you sohappy. I came very, very hard the first time, anyway.”Sarah lay in Elaine’s arms for a long time and dozed off when sheawakened with a start. “Elaine, what time is it? I’ve got to get home.””It’s late, darling, almost two. You’d better stay the night.””Oh God, I can’t, I can’t. My mother will kill me.””We’ll call her and tell her you’re staying here.””No, no. You don’t understand. I just can’t.” Sarah was up, waving herarms. “God, Elaine, how’ll I get home? No buses are running this late.”Elaine looked disappointed. “If you must go, you may take my car andbring it to work in the morning. Myron can drive when he gets home in themorning.””Why don’t you drive me? You can stay at my house.””No, darling, I’m much too tired.”It was settled. Sarah got dressed, splashed cold water in her face, andleft. She gunned the Mercedes out of the driveway and drove home quickly.”Jeez, what a nifty car,” she said when she pulled into her parents’driveway. Her enthusiasm oozed away when she saw there were lights on inthe house.Her worst fears were realized the instant she saw her mother’s gloweringface. Her father was sitting in a chair smoking his pipe.”Where have you been?” her mother screamed. “I went to a party with afriend from the hospital. I’m sorry I’m so late, I lost track of the time.I guess I should have called.” She tried to keep her voice calm.”It wouldn’t have mattered because Barry called. He said you wereworking. You stood him up to go to a party.””No, I worked first,” she lied. “We went to the party after.””Don’t lie to me, young lady. And you’re drunk!””I had a drink, but I’m not drunk.””You are drunk!””All right, I’m drunk,” Sarah said defiantly. She felt guilty, evenashamed of what she had done with Elaine, but this made it all the morenecessary to defend herself. “I had a few drinks and I’m drunk!”Her mother put her hands to her face in mock despair. “Heaven help us,our daughter is a drunk.” She looked back up quickly, venom in her stare.”And who’s fancy car is that You brought home?””It belongs to a friend at the hospital. Another nurse.””And what does she do to earn a fancy car like that? Other thannursing, I mean. You’ve got to get away from that hospital. I’ve heardabout those nurses and what they do.””God! And what do they do, Mother?””You know what they do and don’t swear at me. I insist that you quitthat job and take something decent.”Sarah looked weakly at her father for help.”Now Clara,” he said, standing up. “I think Clara shot him an icyglance. He sat back down.She turned back to her daughter. “Slut,” she screamed. “Poor Barry,sitting at home waiting for you and you’re out whoring around!”Sarah’s face turned red with anger. “I don’t have to stand here andtake any more of your shit!” she yelled and slammed to her room.She stripped off her clothing and got into bed naked. She lay in thedarkness listening to her parents, her father’s soft voice, her mother’sranting and raving. She finally got up, took a cigarette from her purse,and settled back for a smoke. It was the first time she had ever smoked athome. Her mother had sobered her up and she wished she had a drink.She mulled over the events of the evening, deciding she had learnedseveral things. She had learned how highly sexed she was, that she likedto get drunk, it felt good. But most of all, she had learned that herinstincts were for men, not women.It had been good with Elaine and she was sure that those last orgasmshad been the most intense she had ever had. But it still wasn’t the same.It hadn’t left her feeling good like a thick, hard cock did. It left herfeeling incomplete, less a woman somehow. What she wanted was somethingvery hard and very big, much bigger than a tongue but every bit as alive.And she wanted it in her pussy. She wanted it pushed slowly in until itfilled her, and then she wanted it moving, slow at first, and then faster.And she wanted a man’s hard hands on her body and his hard lips on herlips, and…”Oh, goddamn,” she moaned, her hand already between her legs.She realized the house was now quiet and continued to masturbate, onefinger in her pussy, the others rubbing at her clit. She felt drowsy, herbody warming to the motion of her fingers, and almost didn’t hear the softrap on her door.”Go away,’ she said.”It’s me, kitten,” her father said softly.”Go away, coward,” she said and felt a delicious feeling filling herbody.Her ass came off the bed and pushed hard against her hand. “Oh God,that feels good,” she moaned softly. “Coming, coming . . . goddamn, feelsso good to come!”CHAPTER SIXSarah moved out the next morning. She packed two bags and, withoutspeaking to her mother, took them out to Elaine’s car and drove away. Sheavoided Elaine as much as possible and after work she moved into Ruth VanArsdale’s apartment.”My God, Ruth, I can’t afford a place like this,” Sarah said, the momentshe walked into the luxurious apartment.”Don’t worry about it. We’ll figure out how much you can afford andthat’s what you’ll pay. My daddy pays for most of it, anyway,” Ruth said.Sarah discovered a whole new lifestyle with Ruth Van Arsdale, one thatshe adapted to very quickly. Ruth was a very voluptuous young woman andran around the apartment in her panties and bra much of the time or pantiesand no bra, or bra and no panties, or even wearing nothing. Sarah wasshocked at first, but soon was copying her. Ruth drank a lot and Sarahcopied that, too.Several days later, when Sarah was sure no one would be home, she andRuth went and got the rest of Sarah’s belongings.She met Ruth’s parents a week after she moved in. They were quite richand her mother was a real snob, openly indicating that Sarah was inferiorand not a suitable roommate for her daughter. Her father was terriblyattractive, his hair graying at the temples like a movie star, and he wasstill quite trim. He was obviously a dirty old man, too, a dedicatedlecher that both leered at and approved of Sarah.Several nights later, after working an evening shift, Sarah returned tothe apartment. It had been a long and tedious day and since Ruth was nowhere about she decided to turn in early. She went to the small bar in thecorner, poured a couple of shots of bourbon over some ice, and went to herbedroom.After stripping, she sat on the edge of the bed sipping the bourbon andsmoking, wondering where Ruth had gone. When the bourbon and cigarettewere gone, she decided she was too tired to do anything but roll into bedin the nude. She had just begun to doze when she heard the front door openand decided to say good night to Ruth. She was up and almost in the frontroom when she heard a man’s voice. She peeked into the room and saw Ruthand her father.”Where is your attractive roommate tonight?” Drew Van Arsdale asked,seating himself on the couch.”I told you she’s working,” Ruth answered. Sarah wanted to tell themwhere she was, but couldn’t since she was nude.”So you did,” Van Arsdale said. “I think I’ll have a toddy before Igo.””But mother’s waiting in the car,” Ruth said. “Let her wait. A littleScotch over ice, please.” Ruth went to the bar. “I think I’ll have abeer.” She giggled. “God, I’m a little tight already. Mother doesn’tapprove when I drink so much.””Your mother doesn’t approve of anything,” Drew said. He then did anastounding thing: he dropped off the couch onto all fours, made his way towhere Ruth was standing, and brought his face up under her dress.Ruth looked back over her shoulder at her father. “Drew, you shouldn’tdo that, it’s naughty,” she squealed, but moved her feet apart so he couldget up between her legs.Drew made a muffled reply that neither Ruth or Sarah, still peeking fromthe hallway, could hear. Sarah blushed crimson.Drew Van Arsdale continued to nuzzle his daughter from behind. His headtented her skirt out, revealing most of the backs of her thighs, He grippedboth of her legs now, his mouth up against her crotch, kissing and wetlysucking at her panties.Ruth reached back to press against his head . . . “Drew . . . Daddy, Ilike that, but mother is waiting in the car.” She pressed his head harderwith her hands and hunched down against his sucking mouth. “Oh hell,mother can wait. Yeah, fuck mother.” Ruth giggled, tossing her head back.”Of course you don’t fuck mother, not anymore, anyway. You’d rather fuckme, wouldn’t you, Drew”In the hall, Sarah’s cheeks burned. In her wildest fantasies she hadnever imagined anything like that! She felt like she was an intruder, likeshe was betraying her friend, like . . . But she couldn’t resist andcontinued to watch.Drew had pushed Ruth’s tiny crotchband to the side and was avidlysucking at her cunt, his tongue alternately riding hard over her clit andgoing up inside her pussy.”Oh Drew, Drew, my darling Daddy. Let me get my pants off,” Ruth cried.Drew pulled his head out. from under her skirt and sat back on hishaunches while his daughter removed her skirt and panties. Ruth plantedher feet far apart and bent over and grasped her ankles.”I’m ready now, Drew. Eat me!” she saidDrew started on his task, licking the insides of her legs from herankles up to her crotch. Ruth let go of her ankles and reached up andspread her ass cheeks wide and Drew clamped his mouth to her asshole. Heheld onto her thighs and moved back and forth from her cunt to her ass.”Oh God, I’ve created a monster,” Ruth cried. “You can’t keep your faceout of my pussy. Eat me, Drew, eat me. Eat my pussy and ass.” Ruth lookeddown at her father through her legs. “Oh goddamn, I like a leg and ass manthe best, lover. I’m soft all over, but the insides of my thighs are thesoftest part of me. Sit down between my legs, Daddy. Stretch your legsout and take out your cock. I want to see it stick out of your pants allhard. I want to see you pull on it while you suck my cunt.”Drew sat on the floor between her legs and opened his pants. His cockcame out into his hand. It was long and fat and hard. His face went backup to her cunt.Sarah stood in the hall, flushed and hot: Her hand went between her legsand she started masturbating. She knew she should be shocked anddisgusted, but she was turned on. It was the most thrilling sight she hadever seen. She stared at the huge cock in Drew’s hand. It was easily thelargest she had ever seen. It looked wonderful and she wanted it, too,wanted it up inside her. Oh God, she wanted to be fucked so badly!”God, God, hold me up, Drew. It feels so good!” Ruth cried. “Cover mewith your mouth, Daddy, I need to pee. I want to piss in your mouth!” Shehunched down hard against her father’s mouth. “Oooooohhh, goddamn, I loveto do that to you I couldn’t have held it, anyway. Oh, wow, take it, takeit all you sonofabitch, you daughterfucker, you dirty old daughterfucker!”Sarah was appalled at what she was witnessing. Ruth was peeing rightinto his mouth and not a drop was spilling! It was disgusting, but notenough to turn her off. No, it was making her hotter and she let a secondfinger slide into her cunt. She stood grunting and masturbating, her wholebody vibrating from the thrill of her own hands.”Aw shit, I enjoyed that,” Ruth cried, loosening her grip on Drew’shead. “You’re so sweet to let me do that. I love it so and it makes me sohot, so ready. I’m ready, Daddy, ready for your cock. Fuck me now. Fuckme and fuck me and fuck me!”Ruth stepped away from her father and stripped all the way. She walkedover to the couch and stretched out on her back. “Come over here, lover,and take me. Fuck me good.”Drew Van Arsdale got to his feet and glanced around the room. “Wouldn’tit be better in the bedroom?” he said.”No, I want it on the couch.””What if Sarah comes home?””She won’t,” Ruth said.”The hell!” Sarah said under her breath. ”I’m already here.” She hadalready come and leaned heavily against the wall where she could continueto watch. She wanted to see if he would really fuck his daughter.”Take your clothes off, too, Drew. I want to feel you naked againstme,” Ruth said.He shrugged and started to unbutton his shirt. He preferred to be nude,too, and if Ruth wasn’t worried about her roommate popping in he wasn’teither.From the hall, Sarah watched eagerly. She wanted to see this man nude,wanted a good long look at his big cock. She gave a little gasp when hefinally stood in the buff. He was still lean with practically no paunchand his cock was immense and stood straight out from the thick clump ofhair below his belly. She felt her juices start all over again.Drew kaçak iddaa walked over to his daughter, his thick cock wagging from side toside. “You bitch,’ he said. “You beautiful, adorable wanton bitch. You’re a slut, Ruth, a cock hungry slut and I love you. I’m going to fuckyou now, you lovely creature.”He lowered himself on top of her and she grabbed his face and pulled itdown for a long, deep kiss. “Yes, fuck me,” she hissed, then whispered,”Sarah is already home and she’s watching us from the hall. Don’t look, Iwant her to watch.”Drew groaned, hotter than ever, and pressed his cock to her pussy. Ruthreached down and guided it in. His cock head spread her wet lips andpushed inside. She groaned and spread her legs wider while he slowlypushed his big prick deep inside”Oh, God, that feels good! You’re so big and so hard. Keep going, getit all in. Hit bottom, Daddy, hit bottom, I want every inch you’ve got.”He rammed his cock in to the hilt, then drew it out a little and startedfucking. Ruth’s arms went around his neck and her hips came up to meeteach thrust. They fucked for several minutes before Ruth’s legs finallycame up and over his back and they began to move as one in a steady,pounding rhythm.”Aw shit, that feels so good! I love to fuck, just love it,” Ruthgasped.Sarah watched avidly, her eyes wide with another. It was a sight eroticbeyond imagination to watch a father fuck his own daughter. She stoodrubbing her hands up and down her thighs, wanting to masturbate again, butthinking she shouldn’t. She wondered how Ruth could take such a hugeprick, yet she took it all the way and gurgled for more. It was obvioushow much the girl enjoyed his cock because she was literally bucking now,bucking under him like a wild mare. Was she coming? God, it must feelgood! God, she wished she were getting that big prick! Her hand wasbetween her legs again and she started masturbating, slower this time,wanting it to last.”She’s still there, still watching,” Ruth whispered. “I’m going tocome, honey, I’m going to come!” she screamed loud and clear. “Oh,god-damn, I’m coming . . . Fuck, fuck, fuck . . . give it to me, Daddy,fuck me, make me come more!”Drew shoved his cock into his daughter, fucking with long, deliberatestrokes. She jerked and twisted and he fucked faster, his own releasenearing.”Jesus, baby, what a fuck! You are the best. You were made to fuck. I’m close, baby, I’m close. I’m gonna come, honey, I’m gonna come insideyour cunt. Are you ready?” he cried, his cock drawn out until just thehead remained in her pussy.”Yes, yes!” Ruth gasped.”Okay, here I come, baby. Awwwww, fuck, that feels good!” he yelled.He nuzzled the head of his cock in the mouth of her cunt for a fewfleeting seconds and then pushed in slowly, the thick goo squirting. Hewent all the way in, pulled back, and repeated, pushing his prick in alittle faster than the first time. He kept this up, grunting loudly eachtime, until he had emptied his nuts in his daughter’s pussy.Her legs slid down off his back and he fell heavily against her. Bothwere breathing hard. Sarah was breathing hard, too, her hand busy betweenher legs. And then her orgasm blossomed gloriously, starting in her cuntand flowering out through her whole body. It was a hard come, an exquisitecome. A smile spread over her face, her knees buckled, and she slumpedslowly to the floor, exhausted, the good feeling consuming her.”God, that was good,” Ruth said.”It was better than good,” her father said.”It sure was,” Sarah moaned softly, her fingers still toying in the wet,tangled hair between her legs.Drew raised up and sat on the edge of the couch, his cock wet andsticky, a limp and pittance of what it had been. Ruth rolled off the couchand sat on the floor in front of him.”It looks so little and weak, so completely pitiful,” she said, lookingup at him. “I love it like this, too. I love to suck it when I can getthe whole thing in my mouth.” She lifted his prick up in her fingers andheld it in front of her half open mouth. “It’s messy, Drew, all sticky andmessy, but I’m going to make love to it with my mouth, anyway. I love yourcock, Drew.”She took it into her mouth, all of it, all the way to his prickly hair,and sucked, hungrily nursing as if his cock were a big nipple on a bottle.”Yes, baby, suck your Daddy’s cock. It won’t get hard, not after thefucking you gave it, but get it nice and clean and maybe I’ll take yourmother home and stick it into her. I haven’t fucked your mother in a longtime, but I think I will tonight. She won’t like it and she’ll fight, butI’m going to fuck her even if I have to **** her. Actually, it’s the onlyway I’ll be able to get another hard-on. I know I’ll get hard if I slapher around a little and then force myself on her. I had to **** her thelast time I fucked her, too. She threatened to divorce me, but she neverwill. She likes the money and position she has as my wife. It’s the onlyway she can come, anyway. She always comes when I **** her.”She’s frigid, Ruth, your mother is frigid unless she is ****d, and thenshe becomes a tiger, an insatiable tiger wanting far more than I or any mangive. Her own father ****d her when she was ten years old. She didn’tsubmit like you do, didn’t want it, like you do. She was forced againsther will. He was a judge and a deacon in the church and he was a low-downsonofabitch. I would never **** you, my darling. I fuck you because youwant it as much as I.”He stopped talking and pulled back, freeing his cock from her suckingmouth. “Stop! I’m getting hard. I don’t want to spill in your mouth. Not tonight, any other night, but not tonight. I could never get it up athird time, not even for ****.”He stood up, his cock hard again and jutting proudly from his crotch. He walked to his clothing and started dressing.Sarah sat in the hall watching, still d**gged by her powerful orgasm andfascinated by the debauchery of i****t. She watched Drew’s prick wave fromthe thick mat of dark hair, wanting it even now. It was a huge cock,longer and thicker than any she had ever seen. She wanted it and knew thateventually she would get it. Yes, she knew that she would let Ruth’sfather fuck her, even instigate it if necessary. She would suck that pricktoo, something she had never done, something she had never had any urge todo. But now she wanted his cock in her mouth, as well as in her hands andcunt.Drew finished dressing and prepared to leave. Ruth sat on the couch,still nude, a fresh drink in one hand, a cigarette in the other.”Good night, Father. Give my love to mother,” she said.”Good night, my darling, and I’ll do just that. I’ll give her somethingelse, too.””Give it to her good. **** her and make her come hard. God, I wish Icould watch.””I wish you could, too. And now it’s good night, my lamb, and give mylove to your darling roommate.”‘I’ll let you give her that yourself.””With your permission, I’m looking forward to it.””Oh my God, yes,” Sarah moaned and crept silently to her bedroom.Sarah got into bed and lay staring into the darkness. She suddenly feltvery guilty, guilty for having watched Ruth and her father, guilty formasturbating, guilty for letting Elaine Emerson make love to her and guiltyfor returning the favor, guilty for jacking-off patients, guilty forfucking with a patient and an intern, guilty even for fucking with Barry.She felt the heat rise in her cheeks and the tears well in her eyes. Shewas about to cry when there was a soft rap on her door.”Go away,” she said.The door opened. “Can I come in, Sarah?” Ruth said.”I said go away,” Sarah said.The door closed. “I want to talk to you,” Ruth said, already in theroom. She crossed the room and sat on the bed beside Sarah.”I saw what you did with your father, I saw the whole thing,” Sarahblurted and moved away.”Yes, I know.””What do you mean, you know?””I saw you peeking around the corner. I knew you were there from thevery start.””And you went right ahead?””Of course. When I get the hots for my daddy an earthquake wouldn’tstop me. Besides, you’d have been disappointed if we had stopped.””No! I, I . . . ” Sarah stammered.”Don’t lie to me, Sarah. But worse than that, don’t lie to yourself. You enjoyed watching us fuck. It turned you on and you masturbated whileyou watched. Don’t be ashamed of your feelings, honey.” Ruth reached outin the darkness and touched Sarah.”Don’t touch me,” Sarah cried, recoiling.Ruth shrugged and withdrew her hand. “Do you have any cigarettes inhere?””On the table.” Sarah heard her fumbling with the pack. “Light me one,too,” she said.The lighter clicked, illuminating the room. Sarah saw that Ruth wasstill nude. The quick, bright light accented Ruth’s fabulous body. Herlarge tits looked very white and the nipples very dark even though theywere a pale pink like most blonde’s nipples. And then the light was goneand Sarah felt suddenly excited at the sight of Ruth’s fabulous torso, butshe resisted the feeling, gritting her teeth. The two cigarettes glowed inthe dark. Ruth handed her one and she sat up and drew the smoke in deep.”My father has been fucking me for a long time, Sarah.” She heard Sarahswallow and imagined the girl licking at dry lips. She took a puff fromher cigarette and continued softly. “I was well developed when I was veryyoung and we had been playing feel games for a long time before that. Ithink it started one time when he paddled me for being bad. He pulled myunderpants down and my dress up and turned me over his knee and paddled me.I felt his cock through his pants pressing against my belly and it turnedme on, even way back then. He had a hard-on! It was the first of manytimes.”Did he really paddle you?””Only that first time. After than, it was a game. He would turn meover his knee and pretend to paddle me and I would tell him it didn’t hurtthrough my clothes. He would lift up my dress and pull down-my pants and Iwould squirm against his hard-on. Then one day he started kissing mylittle ass to make it feel better. It really wasn’t long before his kissesstrayed to my legs and then up between my legs. At first he only kissed mylittle pussy, but the kisses soon turned to sucks and the use of histongue.””My God,” Sarah gasped. Ruth’s tale was beginning to turn her on andshe stopped fighting.”The next step, of course, was to have me hold his cock in my hands andthen kiss it. I didn’t need to be told to suck it, I just did. I’ll neverforget the first time he came in my mouth.””Really?” Sarah cried. “Aw fuck, I need another smoke.” She leanedacross the bed and snapped on the little lamp. She looked at Ruth’s nudebody, felt a tightening in her throat, and quickly shook two morecigarettes from the dwindling pack, lit them, and put one between Ruth’slips. Her hand lingered against Ruth’s cheek for an instant, then dartedaway. “He really came in your mouth? What did you do, spit it out?””No, honey, I swallowed it. I was too young to know any better, thankgoodness. I think I liked it even then. I’ve been swallowing it eversince and I know I like it now.””Tell me . . . you know, about the first time.””There’s really not too much to tell. I was already pretty welldeveloped and we were playing our spanking game. We were both completelynaked – we always stripped all the way by then. He just put me on the bedand fucked me. He was very gentle and patient, but it still hurt more thanit felt good.””The first time didn’t hurt for me,” Sarah said.”Were you still a little girl?””Heavens no, it was less than a year ago.””Okay.””Don’t get mad, Ruth. I didn’t mean…””I’m not mad, honey.” Ruth reached out and squeezed Sarah’s hand. Sarahdidn’t pull back. “Light a couple more smokes.”Ruth crossed her legs Indian fashion, opening her cunt. Sarah stared atthe wet slit. The lips were fat and pouty, much fuller than Elaine’s. Shetore her eyes away and lit the cigarettes, her hand trembling a little whenshe handed Ruth hers.”Daddy fucked me regularly after that and it got better and better. Itstill seems to get better every time.”Sarah felt let down. She had expected a better story-more graphic, moreerotic. “Weren’t you afraid your mother would come up when you and yourfather were, uh . . .””Fucking,” Ruth said.”Yes, fucking. Weren’t you worried that she would catch you?””No way. She knows we fuck. She knew we were up here fucking tonightwhile she waited in the car, but she won’t admit it. To catch us in theact would force her to admit it. She couldn’t take that. Sometimes Ithink she gets her jollies knowing we are doing it. My mother is strange,lots of hangups.”Sarah wasn’t interested in Ruth’s mother’s hangups. She was interestedin her own hangups, her own desires. “How could your father make you suckhim? Didn’t you hate it, the first time at least?””No. It was a game the first time and I loved it.””What do you get out of it?””Oh, I get plenty. He enjoys it and I enjoy making him happy. It turnsme on, too, makes me ready to fuck.””I don’t see how you can do it.””You’ve got a lot to learn, honey. It’s good, real good, a treat everygirl should give her man, and herself. You should try it, Sarah, if youhaven’t already.”I haven’t and I don’t think I could do it.””Well, that’s your loss, honey,” Ruth said.”What does it taste like, Ruth?””Not much taste, really. Hot, though. Not heat hot, but spice hot. Itleaves a burning sensation in your throat.””Won’t it make you sick?””For a girl who says she couldn’t do it, you sure are interested incocksucking. I can tell you it’s better than eating pussy.””Why did you say that?””No special reason. But it is.'”Have you tried it? Eating cunt, I mean.””Once,” Ruth said.”With Elaine?””Yes, with Elaine. She got to you, too, didn’t she?”Sarah hesitated, then said, “Like you-once.””Sarah, you’ve been staring at my cunt for a long time. Do you want tokiss it?””I’m not queer, if that’s what you mean.””I didn’t mean anything and I don’t think you’re queer.” Ruth spread herlegs wide, reached down with both hands, and opened her pussy lips. “Takea good look, Sarah, and if you want to kiss it. I don’t mind. Do you?”She was pretty drunk and she knew it. “Yes,” she said, “I want to kissyour pussy.”Ruth leaned back, her legs wide open. “Be my guest.”Sarah stretched out on her belly between Ruth’s legs and brought herface close. The heady aroma of ripe cunt assailed her nostrils and sheliked it, and knew that she was going to do more than kiss it. She reachedout with her hands and felt the softness of Ruth’s body. Then she slidthem up her thighs, across her belly, and up to cup her tits. Her titswere big and soft and the nipples were already standing hard. Ruth wantedit, too, and Sarah knew it. She dropped her lips to the inside of one ofRuth’s thighs and started kissing, her fingers pinching Ruth’s nipples.”Oh my God, you’re a hot bitch, Sarah! And I called you naive,” Ruthmoaned and lifted her ass to get her cunt closer to Sarah’s lips. “Yes,eat me! For Christ’s sake, eat me!”Sarah kissed lightly at both her thighs and up and around the soft bushof blonde hair. She made the same journey twice before she let her lipsslide slowly down into the hair. Her tongue glided the length of her cunt,lightly at first, and then with more pressure. The pussy opened to theeager tongue. It was wet and slippery and Sarah pushed in, her tonguegoing into Ruth’s cunt as far as she could get it.”Oh, oh, that’s good! Goddamn you, Sarah! Good! Good!” Ruth cried. Ruth’s hands went down to grab for Sarah’s head. Her fingers twined inSarah’s thick, dark hair, pulling them even closer together. “Oh my God, I. . . feels so good . . . had no idea. Honey, honey, I like this!”The amount of slippery goo in Ruth’s cunt was unbelievable. It wasn’tall from Ruth, it couldn’t be. It was come, man come, Ruth’s daddy’s come.Sarah sucked the stuff into her mouth, gobs of it, and rolled it in hermouth and then swallowed. She was swallowing the stuff from a man’s prick,swallowing it and sucking for more. Ruth’s clit protruded hard from thewarm folds and Sarah bit it, not hard, but enough to make Ruth jerk.”Oh fuck, Sarah! Do that some more,” Ruth cried.Sarah took her clit between her teeth and slowly dragged its length. Itwas unusually large and seemed to quiver and vibrate all by itself. Sarahcontinued to manipulate it with her teeth.”I’m coming! Awwww shit, I’m coming!” Ruth screamed. She held Sarahfast by the hair, writhing in the throes of orgasm. “Goddamn, goddamn,goddamn, I like that feeling. Good! Oh fuck, that feels good!”Ruth jerked stiffly for almost a minute and then went limp. She let goof Sarah’s hair and pushed her away. “That’s enough, baby. Can’t take anymore,” she said.Sarah pulled back and sat up. She swayed drunkenly, her eyes glazed,her lips and chin wet from Ruth’s pussy.”You know you sucked my daddy’s come out of my cunt?” Ruth said.Sarah smiled dumbly and nodded.”You liked it, didn’t you?”Again Sarah nodded.”You’d let him fuck you if he tried, wouldn’t you?”For the third time, Sarah nodded in the affirmative.”You poor baby,” Ruth soothed. “You’re so fucking drunk you don’t knowwhat you’re doing.” Ruth sat up and pushed Sarah over, who fell in a heap.She was all but passed out. “I think it was what you wanted to do, though.The booze just let you do it.” She got out of bed and tucked Sarah in,patting her cheek lovingly. “We won’t make a practice of this, honey, butit sure was good, much better than with Elaine.”Sarah was out cold. She snored softly, a big smile on her lips.CHAPTER SEVENThe next day Sarah decided that girl love certainly had its moments, butit was still better with a man. She was a man’s woman and intended to haveone every chance she got, starting with Ruth’s father. Yes, she had tohave Ruth’s father. Her opportunity came even sooner than she hadexpected.Three days after witnessing Ruth and her father fucking, she came hometo find him sitting on their couch reading a magazine. “Oh! Mr. VanArsdale,” she said when he turned and looked at her. “I was startled. Ididn’t expect anyone here.””I’m sorry. Ruth gave me a key in case of emergency. I shouldn’t havecome in when no one was here, but I expect Ruth to be home soon.””Don’t be silly. It’s perfectly all right. But Ruth won’t be homeuntil midnight. She has the late shift the rest of the week.””Perhaps I’d better trot along then. I can catch her another time.””Must you?” Sarah said quickly. “I, I was hoping you’d stay and have adrink with me.””An excellent idea,” said Drew Van Arsdale, getting to his feet. “I’lldo the honors. What will you have?””Whiskey, just a little water, and ice, Mr. Van Arsdale.””Call me Drew.””I’d rather call you daddy,” Sarah said.”Fine. Excellent,” Drew said. “I like that, Sarah.””I’ll change out of this uniform while you fix the drinks.”She went into the bedroom and kicked off her shoes, the excitementalready stirring in her belly. She removed her stockings, unzipped herdress, and called, “Bring it in here, Daddy. I need it.” When she heardhis footsteps in the hall, she started pulling her dress over her head.Drew stopped in the doorway, a drink in each hand, and watched the youngwoman’s body come into view. God she was even better than he had hoped! Not quite as voluptuous as his blonde, blue-eyed daughter, but Ruth wasmaybe a little too full bodied, at least for some tastes.Sarah pulled the dress off. Holding it in her hands, her hair tousled,she looked at the man in the doorway and grinned. “Hi, Daddy,” she said,her eyes sparkling.Drew smiled back, knowing that something else sparkled, something thatwas tightly snuggled inside her panties. She was seducing him and he hadno intention of stopping her. He walked over to where she stood and heldout her glass.”You have lovely dark eyes, Sarah,” he said.Sarah took the glass, lifted it to her lips, and half emptied it withoutstopping. He had followed her instructions and used very little water. Italmost took her breath away and burned all the way down, but it was good.”Sit on the bed while I slip something on,” she said, when she hadregained her breath. “It’s too warm for a bra, don’t you think?””Definitely,” Drew said and sat on the bed.She drained her glass and put it on the bedside table. The liquorbuzzed in her head, her excitement pounding between her legs. “Unhook it,”she said, turning her back to him.When the clasp came free, she turned to face him and let the bra fallslowly off her tits, down her arms, and to the floor. She had full,conical tits, and dark nipples. The nipples were large and alreadystanding firm from her excitement.”Ahhh, that feels good,” she said.”Looks good, too,” Drew said.”Really? Do you like them?” she said, arching her back to make her titslook even larger.”They are gorgeous.”Sarah flushed. “Light me a cigarette,” she said. Drew took a cigarettefrom his pack and lit it. He was thoroughly enjoying himself. She was afantastic young woman, built far better than he had ever imagined. And shewas on the make. He reached up and placed the smoke between her lips, hiscock hard and bulging in his trousers.She took a deep drag. “I’ll slip something on and we can go and getanother drink. I really do want another drink.” The smoke came from hermouth in little wisps as she spoke.She went to the closet and selected a filmy robe. It was a smokeyblack, terribly sheer, and came almost to the floor. She pulled it tightlyacross her stomach and cinched the belt. Her tits strained at the garment,her nipples stiff.”Let’s go get that drink,” she said and reached out for his hand.She pulled and he came onto his feet. “Are you going to kiss me?” shesaid. He didn’t answer, but kissed her, kissed her long and hard. Sarahhad never been kissed like that by an older man, certainly not one as oldas her father, but she liked it and found it more stimulating than any kissshe had ever had. “Ooooh, God, Drew, do it again.” He kissed her again,his hands sliding down her back to grip both her ass cheeks.She held her mouth against his for almost a minute, then put her handsagainst his chest and pushed away. “Take off my panties,” she said.Drew unknotted her belt, spread her robe open, and put his fingers inthe waist of her panties. He pushed down slowly, watching the dark, curlyhair come into view. Sarah stood watching his face and let him push themon down her thighs. He went to his knees to push them to the floor. Shestepped free and stood with her legs apart, her hands on her hips.”Kiss me,” she said.”Where? Here?” he asked and pressed his lips to her fuzzy crotch.”Yesss, there,” Sarah hissed, arching her back to press herself to hisface. “Kiss it, kiss it! I’m so hot.”Drew was soon sitting between her legs, his face straight up, his tongueinside her cunt.Sarah panted for breath and hunched down against his face. It was somuch more exciting to have a man’s face between her legs, a man’s tongueinside her pussy. She was about to come, but she didn’t want to come yet.Or did she? God, yes! Yes, yes, yes, she was coming. She grabbed hishead and pulled him against her tighter.”Oh, honey, don’t stop!” she cried, “I’m going to come. Awww, fuck it,I’m coming. Daddy, I’m coming!”Drew kept sucking, his tongue riding hard against her clit, until shewent limp and slumped to the floor. She sat in front of him, smilinghappily. He took her face in his hands and kissed her. She could tasteher pussy on his lips and drew in his tongue to taste more.”I liked that,” she said after several deep kisses. “Unzip your pantsand let me see your cock.”Drew grinned. He unbuckled his belt, undid the button, and unzipped. His cock was good and stiff and with some difficulty he got it out of hisfly. Sarah gave a delighted little gasp and reached out to encircle hisprick with her hand. Drew smiled again. He had expected at least tokenresistance from the young lady. But not only had gotten none, but he wasthe seducee, not the seducer. He leaned back on his hands and let hermasturbate him.”I like that,” he said. “I’ve always liked it when a girl plays with myprick.”Sarah’s eyes sparkled, her lust growing. “I saw Ruth suck your cockafter you fucked her,” she said. “I’m going to suck it before you fuck me.And I’m going to make you come.” She bent down and took his naked cock headinto her mouth.”Gently, my dear, gently,” Drew said, putting his hand against the backof her head. He wanted her to suck him off, even if he couldn’t get it upagain. And he wanted to be sure she didn’t pull away. There would beother times to fuck her, anytime he wanted, most likely.Sarah knew instantly that she liked sucking a man’s cock. The taste wassalty at first, but that soon went away. She bathed the fat, crimson cockknob with her saliva, letting her tongue slide up and down the backside. He moaned with pleasure, exciting her all the more.”Yes, my dear, suck it, suck it good,” he sighed, pressing lightly atthe back of her head. “I may not get it back up if you go all the way. I’m not quite the man I used to be and you’re so luscious, young. Ahhhh,that’s so good, Sarah. You must have done this many times, you’re soexpert.”Sarah shook her head.”No, not many times?” he said.She lifted up, but held his prick firmly in her hand. “It’s my firsttime,” she said. Looking back down she saw his cock was drooling a clearliquid Her lips puckered to suck the stuff up. It was salty.”Unbelievable! Your first time? Yes, Sarah, yes, like that. Suck atthe end. Ahhh, wonderful. Masturbate the cock shaft when you want me tocome, but keep sucking, don’t stop, draw me out.”Sarah went down on his prick, almost gagging. She let her fingers slideinto the opening in his pants to tickle lightly at his fat balls. Hermouth began to tire, so she concentrated on the cock knob with her lips andtongue while she slowly stroked up and down the long shaft. After a minuteor so of this, Drew was squirming.”I’m close, honey,” he said, holding her head with both hands. “I’mready to come and I want you to take it all. Suck me dry! Oh, Oh, my God,yes, yes! I’m coming!” He hunched into her and his cock started spurting.A big gob came out first, followed by several smaller spurts.Sarah felt his come in her mouth more than she tasted it, and swallowed.It hadn’t felt hot in her mouth, yet it burned going down her throat,burned all the way to her stomach. She pulled on his cock furiously,sucking to get all he had, continuing well after he was empty. When shefinally raised her head, his eyes were closed, he was breathing hard.”Did you like it?” she asked.”I loved it,” she said.”Take your clothes off and get on the bed.”Quickly he was lying nude on his back. His cock lay limply across oneleg, leaking a thin, watery liquid. Sarah bent over him and sucked thecome from his leg and cock.”You’re marvelous, absolutely marvelous,” he sighed.She sat on the bed beside him. “Did you think I was this easy when Ifirst moved in with Ruth?””I didn’t know, but I hoped you were. I knew the moment I saw you thatI had to have you. I’d have ****d you if you didn’t consent.””I consented, though, didn’t I?””God, you almost ****d me!”Sarah laughed aloud. “I would have if you hadn’t consented.””But I consented,’ he said, laughing, too.”Yes, but you still have to fuck me.” She held his cock in her hand.”You’ll have to stimulate me,” he said.”I will,” she said. “Tell me how you started with Ruth.””God, that seems so long ago. She was such an adorable little girl, butsexy even then. I wanted her long before I first m*****ed her. Goddamn,it was so stimulating to hold my little girl on my lap with my hand underher dress and rub the tips of my fingers up and down her tiny, hairlessslit. She would squirm and moan and open her legs and tell me how good itfelt. And when she started getting hair, it was so soft and fine and grewso quickly. She’s very hairy around her cunt-unusual for a true blonde.”His eyes were wide, alive, almost wild as he spoke. They were dancing likethey must have years before when he had fondled his young daughter.”And then she would reach into my pants and grasp my prick with hersmooth little fingers and peel the skin back slow and easy.” He looked downand saw he was hard. Sarah looked too and took his cock in her smoothlittle hand and peeled him back slow and easy. “Ooooh, Jesus, that feelsgood,” she sighed.Sarah masturbated him slowly, the need for his cock inside her growing.”Was she tight the first time you fucked her?””Yes, tight, but not as tight as you might imagine. She was hot andready, even then, and I went in surprisingly easily. She took my wholeprick the very first time.””I’ll take your whole cock the first time, too” she rolled onto her backbeside him. “Get on me and fuck me.”Drew moved on top of Sarah and, holding himself up at arms length,looked down at the luscious girl beneath him. She was so young, her skinso smooth, her flesh so vibrant. She lay with her legs open. The blackhair was thick on her pussy mound and bristled when she reached down andspread her cunt lips open with her fingers, revealing the glistening, rubypussy waiting for his cock.”Fuck me,” she whispered.”God, you adorable little whore! You’re exquisite, absolutelyexquisite,” he said, holding his cock in his fingers. He slid the hardcock knob back and forth in her open cunt and they both moaned.”Oh goddamn, put it in, honey,” she cried, squirming. “I’m really gonnalike this.””Me, too” Drew said and pushed against her wet cunt.Her cunt opened to the pressure and his fat cockhead slid insideimmediately. She was tighter than he had expected, though, and the rest ofhis cock went in slowly. He grunted.Sarah opened herself more and lifted her ass from the bed, pushingagainst him until his entire prick was buried inside her cunt. She hunchedhard against him, mashing their hair against hair, and let her pussy closetight around his cock.”Ooooooh, shit, but you’re tight. Goddamn, not like this since mylittle Ruth so many years ago,” he exclaimed.Sarah smiled and let her fingernails sc**** softly down his back untilthey reached the cleft of his ass. Then she ran them the length of thefurrow and across his asshole.”Your cock is so big, Drew, it feels so good, so fucking good in there,”she sighed, gripping his ass cheeks to pull him even deeper. “Now move it,if you can, you old fucker. Fuck my ass off! Make me scream for mercy.”She knew he couldn’t do that, no man could fuck her that hard. She knewshe could take all he had to give and still want more.”Mmmmmm, good,” she murmured, as his long, hard prick moved inside her,her hips undulating in rhythm with his thrusts, all the while squeezing hiscock tighter and tighter with her contracting cunt.”God, lady, you’re killing me!” Drew cried. “You’re so tight, like alittle girl, a virgin. So muchtighter than Ruth.”He felt the first tickle in his nuts and gasped, “Oh God, honey, I’llnever satisfy you, never. I’m there already. Don’t want to stop, can’tstop, feels too good, gotta come, gotta come. Aw shit, baby; you’re toomuch woman . . . I’m, I’m coming!”A shuddering thrill raced up his spine and his come thundered throughhis prick and spilled into her cunt. He continued thrusting, milking gobafter gob of goo from the end of his prick. When at last he went dry, helay on top of her heavily, his breath coming in short, urgent gasps.”Don’t pull out yet. I was so close, so damn close,” Sarah cried.”I’m sorry, honey, just couldn’t stop,” Drew gasped, trying vainly tocontinue thrusting. His prick softened rapidly, although it remainedinside her cunt.Sarah tried to tighten around him, hold him in place, but his cock wastoo wet and slippery and she could feel it sliding out. “Oh shit, yourprick’s slipping out!” she cried.”Sorry,” he said again when his cock came free and hung limply betweenher legs.Sarah squeezed her legs together, pressing his cock between her softthighs. “Ooooh, it’s so wet and sticky,” she cried, “but I like it,anyway. Even wet and sticky, even soft. It feels nice between my legs.””You are the hottest young cunt I’ve ever seen,” he said.”Hotter than Ruth?””Yes, hotter than Ruth, and that’s saying something!””I like your cock,” Sarah said, rolling his soft prick with her thighs.”I wish it would get hard again. I really think I could fuck all night.””Unfortunately, I can’t,” he said and rolled off of her and onto hisback.Sarah sat up and quickly bent over his crotch. Lifting his cock in herfingers she drew it into her mouth and sucked hungrily.”Even that won’t work now I’m afraid I’m finished for the night,” Drewsaid.She continued sucking until she was convinced that he was completelywiped out. “I could be angry with you, you know,” she said and proceededto straddle his face, a knee on either side of his head. “I think you’dbetter kiss it and make up.”Drew lay motionless for several minutes, his eyes fixed on the messycunt above him.”Just a little kiss. Please kiss it, honey, in spite of what’s inthere. Please, honey, I want you to. Please.”Drew gripped her rigid thighs and raised his face to her crotch andkissed her pussy lightly. It was only a peck, yet Sarah moaned loudly. Hemarveled at the girl’s sensuality and kissed her again, this time a littleharder.”Oh fuck, honeeeeeeeel” she gasped and grabbed his head in both handsand pulled his face tight against her mushy cunt. “Aw, darling, baby, mycunt is full of your come, kiss it, kiss it. Oh, God, suck it!”Drew opened his lips and let his tongue slide up into her pussy. Hetongue fucked for a momentand then he pressed his lips tightly against her, sucking, sucking,sucking.”Qooooh shit! Suck it, baby, yessssss . . . suck it all out!” Sarahcried.She hunched against his face while he sucked and. licked at her slimycunt. He sucked on her distended clit and nibbled at the pea like knob,sending Sarah into ecstasy. Her much-needed orgasm loomed close, closer,and then exploded inside her pussy.”Awwww, fuck, Drew, I’m coming!” she screamed. “Coming, coming, sogood, so fucking good.” She swayed above him, on the verge of blacking out.”Don’t stop, don’t stop. Keep me coming. So good it hurts.” She jerkedand gave a little moan, mumbling for him to stop and toppled over, almostfalling off the bed.Drew grabbed her and pulled her close. “Are you okay?” he said.”Yes . . . okay,” she mumbled.”You scared me,” he said. “You really came hard, didn’t you?””Never harder, never. God, I wanta sleep now, gotta sleep, jus’ gotta,”she whispered and passed out.Drew put her to bed and snapped out the light. He took a quick showerbefore he left, glad that Ruth hadn’t come home while he was with Sarah. It had been a splendid evening, one that he would long remember. Sarah hadto be the hottest young girl he had ever encountered, and there had beenquite a few over the years after his daughter had stimulated his appetitefor young cunt. He’d had a few more-mature women who were as hot, butnever anyone under thirty.He left the apartment a satiated and satisfied man.CHAPTER EIGHTSarah slid onto the bar stool and ordered a Scotch and water. Lightinga cigarette, she glanced around the bar, but her eyes weren’t yetaccustomed to the subdued light and she gave up. When her drink arrived,she drank it quickly and ordered another. She was sure she was drinkingtoo much, but it tasted so good and she enjoyed the feeling it gave her. It lowered any inhibitions she had left and made her feel sexy. She likedfeeling sexy, but that cast serious doubts upon her moral character. Shewas certain that she was oversexed, the other night had proven it.Sarah tingled when she thought of Ruth’s father. She wasn’tparticularly wild about the old gent, but he sure knew how to service agirl. If she hadn’t passed out she was sure she could have gotten him upenough to fuck her again. One thing was certain: she would let him fuckher again, anytime he wanted.Her mother had lied to her and she resented it. Mamma had drummed intoher that sex was evil, ugly, something that a woman submitted to with herhusband only when she couldn’t weasel out of it. She felt very sorry forher poor daddy. He probably hadn’t had a good fuck in his whole life, atleast not as good as she could give him. She reddened at her last thought.Mama said that sex was for men and that only a man enjoyed such a nastyact. Sarah giggled aloud at such an absurd statement.A man had taken the stool beside her and he leaned against her. “Apenny for your thoughts,” he said.Sarah looked at him quickly, embarrassed that she had laughed aloud. “What . . . what did you say?””Oh, isn’t a penny enough?” he said.”I don’t know what you’re talking about,” she said.He grinned knowingly. “Can I buy you a drink?””I don’t even know you,” she said curtly.”Do you always know a man before you. . . Hey, I’m not a cop, you’resafe.” He was dressed expensively, was thirty, maybe thirty-five. “Howmuch?” he said.”How much?” she repeated dumbly, not understanding what he meant.She saw that he was brazenly looking down the front of her blouse, theblouse that she has purposely worn without a bra because it revealed somuch of her sweet titties. Then it suddenly dawned on her, struck like abolt of lightning, actually, that the man thought she was a whore and wasasking how much she would charge for a fuck! She looked away and staredstraight ahead in an effort to regain her composure. She was tremblingwildly inside.”Playing hard to get, huh, trying to drive the price up. You gals areall alike. I knew you wouldn’t be cheap, honey, not a looker like you,” hesaid, letting his hand rest on her thigh.As suddenly as she had become excited, Sarah cooled down and realizedshe was in command. “I’m not playing anything,” she said, “I’m waiting forfriends.” She lifted his hands from her leg and dropped it in his lap.”Oh, I’m sorry,” he said, turning to the bar. “My mistake.”The blood was pounding in her temples again. “But they’re late, so Imight let you buy me one drink,” she said quickly. He thinks I’m a whore,she thought, God, how exciting!He looked at her cautiously. “You’re sure?” he asked.”I’m sure,” she said.Actually, she was waiting for Ruth, who wanted to show off her newboyfriend. “The guy I’m going to marry,” she had told Sarah. Sarahwouldn’t understand how Ruth could be so sure so quickly, but then Ruth wasa girl of snap decisions.The drinks came and Sarah put hers down quickly. The man ordered heranother and suggested they sit in a booth.He slid into the booth beside her and said, “Am I out of line to ask howmuch?””No,” she said, taking his hand in hers and placing it on her thigh. “But I’m here to meet friends today and I don’t want to talk business. I’ll only say that I’m expensive.””Honey, with your looks I knew you’d be expensive,” he said, his handfinding its way under her skirt. His finger tips dropped between herthighs and started slowly upward.Sarah moved her legs apart to give him access. She wouldn’t havebelieved that such a situation could excite her so. She wondered how muchhe would be willing to pay and if it was always this easy. Why in the hellwas she working her ass off at the hospital? She could quit her job, getmarried to Barry, and. . . Jesus, it would be such fun-doubly so if shewere married – to come in here, or a place like it, and pick up a guy formoney. God, she could put Barry through law school and he’d be none thewiser if she was careful.The man’s hand was at the fringe of her panties now. It tickled andthrilled her and she knew her excitement showed. Her legs were wide openfor him, but it didn’t matter anymore. She knew she would let him fuck herif Ruth didn’t show up. Goddamn, why did fucking Ruth have to be coming?Sarah turned her head and let him kiss her, her hand on his fly. She gotthe zipper down and her hand inside.”God, let’s go get a room,” he said.”I told you I can’t, not this afternoon.” She had his cock out. It wasbig and hard. It still thrilled her just to have a guy’s cock in her handand feel the hardness, the throbbing, the heat pressing against her palm.”Oooooh, yes,” she cried softly; lifting her ass a little, “push yourfinger in my pussy. Yes, yes, I like that. God, you’re making me so hot.””Come on, let’s go. I’ve got to fuck you,” he said.”I want you to fuck me, but . . . shit, I can’t, I shouldn’t. I’mexpecting friends.””To hell with your friends. Let’s get the hell out of here. Name yourprice, baby.””Uh, a hundred,” she blurted. “Jesus!” the man gasped. “For how long?””As long as you like.””All night?””Yes,” Sarah said, just as she saw Ruth come in the door. “Oh, shit,there’s my friends.””Let’s get out of here,” he said, stuffing his cock into his pants.”I can’t, she’s seen me.””For Christ’s sake, make an excuse. Tell her I’m an old friend, tellher anything, but let’s go fuck. I’m wild for you.””I can’t, I really can’t,” Sarah said, getting a sudden, perverse thrillout of putting him off.”I’ll make it a hundred and a half,” he said. “No, I can’t, not today,”she said, “but I’ll meet you here tomorrow . . . no, I’m busy tomorrow. Make it the day after about four o’clock. I’ll spend the whole night withyou.””Goddammit!” he swore. “I don’t know if I can make it then.”Sarah slid out of the booth, letting her skirt ride up to her crotch. She sat for an instant and let him ogle her marvelous legs, then stood upand smoothed down her skirt. “Well, I guess that’s your loss,” she said.”Day after tomorrow, then. I’ll be here,” he said angrily.She blew him a kiss. “I’ll see You then – all of you,” she said andwalked away.She walked across the bar and slid into the booth with Ruth and her man.”Well, who’s the man?” Ruth said. “Just a friend, uh, of my father’s.We were talking until you arrived. You’re late.””Sorry dear. Your friend is leaving and he looks mad.””1 didn’t notice,” Sarah said. “Well, are you going to introduce me?””This is David,” Ruth said with adoration. “My David. Right?””You couldn’t be righter,” David said and slipped his arm around her andkissed her. They held it for a long time.”Boy, what a couple of lovebirds,” Sarah said. “David popped thequestion tonight and I accepted. Just look,” Ruth said, and held out herhand.Sarah surveyed the generous hunk of ice on Ruth’s finger. “Wow, is allI can say to that”. Sarah said.”I think we should have a toast to it,” David said. He signaled thewaitress and ordered a round of doubles.They held up their glasses. “A toast to Ruth and men,” David said. Ruth drained hers, David drank sparingly, and Sarah drank even less. Sarahalready felt fine and didn’t want to spoil it. David ordered anotherround. Ruth drank too fast again, and again David reordered.”Slow down, honey,” Sarah said, laying her hand on Ruth’s. “You don’twant to get sloshed.””This is a big night for me. I’m gonna get drunk,” Ruth said, tippingup her glass again.Ruth got drunk quickly, gushing and fawning over David. David returnedher affection at first, but gradually turned his attention more and more toSarah. Sarah was feeling no pain, yet noticed David’s performance. It wasa performance, she decided, and it convinced her that her thought that heseemed shifty was justified.”Let’s go where we can dance,” Ruth said, “I feel like dancing.” Shelooked at Sarah. “Are you sober enough to drive? She’s got my Caddy. It’s a little present from my daddy.”Sarah smiled inwardly, knowing how Ruth had gotten it, even if it wasfrom her own daddy.”Let’s have another round first,” David said.”Okay, but I gotta pee,” Ruth said.When Ruth and Sarah returned from the ladies room, David maneuvered Ruthin first and then himself, putting a girl on each side. He slid his handinside Ruth’s blouse and cupped one of her gorgeous tits.”How do you feel, honey?” he asked.”I feel great,” Ruth said. “Love you so much, David.””I love you, too,” David said and kissed her. Sarah sat and watchedthem neck, David feeling her tits all the while. A tacky thing to do, shethought, brazenly feeling her in public while he tells her how much heloves her.They finished the fresh round and David ordered another. “Drink up,baby,” David said to Ruth.”Are you trying to get her drunk?” Sarah said.”She wants to get drunk,” David said.”She’s already drunk.””Yeah, I guess she is.”Ruth was leaning heavily against David, her eyes glassy and almost shut.Her blouse was half open and one nipple was completely exposed.Sarah lifted her glass and then felt David’s hand on her thigh. Shetook a long drink before pushing his hand off. It made her tingle.”Ruth has told me a great deal about you, Sarah,” David said, puttinghis hand back on her knee.”Exactly what has she told you about me?””Oh, many things.” His hand slid higher, under her skirt.”I think Ruth’s best friend should give me a little kiss. Afterall,we’re celebrating.”Sarah looked at Ruth, saw that she no longer could see what was goingon, and let him kiss her. She knew she shouldn’t, but the situation wasexciting. His hand was half way up her thigh.The kiss was long and wet, his tongue going deep into her mouth. In theheat of the kiss, she let her legs open and his hand quickly cupped herpussy.”God, what did she tell you?” Sarah said.”She said you liked men.””I do, but I’m not sure you’re a man,” Sarah said, laying her hand onDavid’s crotch.”Put your hand inside and find out.”Sarah knew it was madness. It was terrible and disloyal to her bestfriend, yet she got his zipper down and slid her hand inside his pants. His cock war hard, not too big, but hot and throbbing and hard. She pulledit out and let the rubbery thing slide inside her hand. It still thrilledher to jack a guy off, but she knew it wasn’t enough anymore.”You’re a dirty, rotten, sonofabitch, David,” she said.”I know it. But so are you,” he said and pushed a finger all the wayinto her cunt.”Oh, God,” Sarah moaned, “this is madness.” She hunched against hisintruding finger.David let his finger slide slowly inside Sarah’s wet cunt while shestroked on his prick. “Let’s go somewhere, Sarah. I want to fuck you,” hesaid.”Shit, David, what about . . .”Ruth suddenly sat bolt upright, her eyes wide open. “Oh God, honey, Ithink I’m going to be sick!” she cried.”We’d better get her outside,” Sarah said. “Shit! Fucking goddamnshit!” David said. David tucked his cock back in his pants and they tookRuth out to the parking lot. She was so drunk she couldn’t walk a step. The evening air was cool and her sickness passed quickly-instead, shepassed-out cold. They got her into David’s car and stretched her out onthe back seat. Her blouse was completely open now and both her gorgeoustits to be seen.”She is really built,” David said. “And she’s not wearing anyunderwear.” He lifted her skirt, revealing her fluffy, blonde cunt.”David, you’re a real asshole,” Sarah said. David slammed the car doorshit and turned to Sarah. He pulled her close and said, “Now where werewe, baby?””I think I’d better be going home,” Sarah said. “Aw, baby, theevening’s young. Let’s go and have another drink.””I’ve had enough. I don’t want to end up dumped in the back seat of acar like Ruth.””Okay, but let’s go somewhere and dance. I’m a terrific dancer.”Modest, too,” Sarah said. “No, I don’t want you to leave Ruth out herein the car alone. You’d better take her home and put her to bed.””Okay. You follow us and we can use your bedroom.””No. I’m, uh, going to stay at my parents home tonight. They’reexpecting me,” Sarah lied.”Playjng hard to get, now, huh?” he said, holding her tight.Sarah pushed against his chest. He was stronger than he looked. “I’vehad second thoughts. Just let me go.””Let’s get in the car and discuss it.””It isn’t fair to Ruth. I’m not interested anymore.””We’ll just talk. I need to talk.”It was against her better judgement, but Sarah got into the front seatwith him. They talked for a while but David kept moving closer until hisarm was around her and they were kissing. Sarah gave in for a moment, someof her excitement returning, but finally pulled away and looked quicklyinto the back seat. kaçak bahis Ruth was sleeping soundly.”God, David, no,” she said, but let him kiss her again. It was a long,wet kiss and they exchanged tongues, Sarah’s jerking in and out of hismouth rapidly.He opened her blouse and pushed down her skimpy, little uplift bra. “God, your tits are gorgeous, he said and sucked a nipple into his mouth.It hardened quickly.”David, David, we can’t do this” Sarah moaned, her hand on his crotch.She squeezed his hard cock through his pants. “We’ve got to think ofRuth.””I can’t. All I can think of is you. I’ve got to have you, Sarah, I’vegotta. I’ll think about Ruth later.””You prick,” Sarah snorted. “Kiss the other one.”She got his cock out while he sucked on her tits. I’ll jack him off sohe can’t fuck me, she thought, that won’t hurt Ruth. She slowly strokedhis prick, thrusting her tits against his face. Her legs opened to hishand and he was inside her panties again. She moaned softly, her handslowing on his cock, when his finger started its wonderful motion in andout of her cunt.”Oh, God, that feels nice. You’re making me so hot,” Sarah cried.”Let’s fuck, Sarah. I gotta fuck you.””Aw shit, David, I want to fuck, too”‘ Sarah moaned, her eyes darting toRuth in the back seat. Ruth stirred, her eyes opening for an instant. “Fuck me, David, fuck me. Can we do it here in the front seat?””It’s pretty cramped here. Let’s go over to Ruth’s Caddy.””I don’t want to wait, David. I want it here, now!”Actually it was doubly exciting to fuck with Ruth in the back seat. Shetold herself that was the reason she was doing it, for the perversity. Shewouldn’t let him fuck her, otherwise, she told herself.Sarah lifted up and pushed her panties past her knees and let them fallto the floor. Then she lifted her skirt. “Push the seat back and open thedoor. I’ll let my feet stick out. Don’t take off your pants, just getyour cock in me. Oh God, fuck me, David! I need it so.”She was in a frenzy now, wild for a cock, any cock, even her bestfriend’s fiance’s cock. Ruth wouldn’t know, it couldn’t hurt her. Maybeit would make David truer to her if he got it out of his system. “Hurry,David, hurry!” she cried.He got the seat back and the door open. Sarah I was quickly prone, herlegs open. “Goddamn, you’re the hottest cunt I ever saw,” David said,easing himself on top of her. It took a moment to adjust himself to thesteering wheel.”Hurry, honey,” Sarah gasped, her hand grasping for his cock. She foundit, and in spite of their awkward position guided his prick quickly andsmoothly into her pussy. She felt his cock knob spread her lips and popinto her cunt. She gasped loudly, “Good, good, feels good!”She felt him push his prick in slowly; the feeling was so good it wasalmost monstrous. She hadn’t realized how much she had wanted to fuckuntil his prick opened her pussy up. It had been four days since Ruth’sfather fucked her and all she could think of was that that had been fourdays too many. She needed to fuck every single day”I love this, I love fucking!” she cried. “Fuck me, David, make mecome, make me come so hard that I cry. Fuck me, lover, fuck me. Faster,harder!”He had his cock all the way in her pussy and was pumping rapidly. Hercunt closed bard on his prick and sucked furiously at him. He gave a sharpcry, a quick jerk, and started squirting his juice into her pussy.”I’m coming, Sarah, I can’t stop!” he cried.”Oh no! Not yet, darling. . . please, more more! Fuck me some more,honey, I’m so close!”David tried, but his prick went limp rapidly and started slipping out.”No, David, goddamn no! I didn’t come yet,” Sarah wailed.”You’re too damn hot for me and too tight. I couldn’t help it, you mademe come.” His cock was all the way out and he raised up as much as hecould. His cock leaked come onto Sarah’s legs.”Oh, David, how could you? I wanted to come so bad,” she cried, realtears rolling down her cheeks. “For God’s sake, you can get off me now. You can’t do me any good in that condition.” Her hurt had turned to anger.David worked his way out from under the wheel and stood beside the car.Sarah scooped up her panties and got out the other side.”I’m sorry, Sarah, I couldn’t help it,” David whined.”Oh, shut up. Take Ruth home and put her to bed. You should havefucked her, she wouldn’t have known the difference in her condition.”David was angry now, too, and got in the car and slammed his door. “Shut the fucking door, you ball-busting bitch,” he snapped.Sarah started to reply but stopped herself and shoved the door closed.David roared the engine and took off, his tires squealing loudly.Sarah realized that much of her anger was aimed at herself. She wasashamed that she had betrayed her best friend for a fast fuck that shecould have gotten anywhere. And she was angry with David because he was adisloyal, cheating, sonofabitch, as well as a lousy fuck. Adding to herfrustration was at not getting her rocks off. She was a miserable younglady and started to cry and ran blindly to Ruth’s new Caddy.She stood by the car until she regained her self control, dried hereyes, climbed in, and started the car. It purred like a kitten. She lovedthe magnificent car and, recalling the incident earlier that evening in thebar, realized that she could have one of her own without marrying that jerkBarry to get it. She lifted her skirt and looked at her naked cunt. Yes,the answer was right there between her legs. She wiped the wet spot whereDavid had leaked on her leg with her panties and threw them on the floor.She put the car in gear and then remembered she couldn’t go to theapartment. David would probably still be there and she never wanted to seethe worthless bastard again. She’d told him she was going to her parents’house, so she guessed she would. She’d been wanting to tell her mother offfor a long time only she hadn’t had the nerve. Well, now she had thenerve. She was just drunk enough to do it. The old bitch had been barelycivil to her ever since she had moved out.”I’ll just go home and tell the old bitch off,” she said aloud andshoved the Caddy into gear.CHAPTER NINESarah pulled into the driveway and went into the house quickly. She wassteaming mad and wanted to get on with it before she lost her nerve. Herfather was sitting on the couch reading and was already in his pajamas. She gave a quick glance at her watch. God, it was after eleven o’clock!”Hi, darlin’! What brings you home at this hour?” Herb Bennett said.”Where’s the old . . . where’s mom?” Sarah snorted.”Honey, you know she isn’t home.””I didn’t know.””She’s gone to her sister’s for a few days. I told you that on thephone day before yesterday.””Oh, I forgot,” Sarah said, the steam suddenly gone.”Well, gosh, come on in, anyway, I’m glad to see you. What did you wantto see her about?””Nothing important, Dad,” Sarah said meekly. She really loved her dadand suddenly realized how she must look. “I . . . I really can’t stay.””Oh, come on in. You can stay for a few minutes.” Then he noticed thather hair was mussed, her skirt too short, her heels too high, her blousetoo tight and unbuttoned more than half way. Her luscious tits wereplainly in view. He swallowed hard. She wasn’t the same daughter who hadleft home only a short time ago. This girl looked too. . . uh, too sexy.Sarah had moved away shy and innocent and was now she was a woman of theworld.”You’ve been drinking,” he said.”How could you tell?” Sarah said, giggling.”The way you look, your eyes, and the slur in your speech.”Sarah saw the bottle of bourbon and half filled glass on the end tablebeside her daddy and pointed an accusing finger. “Daddy, you’ve beendrinking, too. You know mamma doesn’t allow liquor in the house.”Mamma isn’t here now, goddammit,” he snapped in a rare display oftemper. “I’m sorry, Sarah.””That’s okay, Daddy. You know, that’s the first time I ever heard youswear. I kind of like it. You’re attractive when you’re angry.””Don’t put me on, honey. Come over here and tell me what you’ve beendoing.”She went to the couch and sat beside him. “I really shouldn’t-you’d beshocked.””Have you been doing things you shouldn’t? Naughty things?””I don’t think they’re naughty but you and mamma would.””I’m sure mamma would. Your blouse is unbuttoned.””It’s okay, I’m wearing a bra,” she said and opened her blouse wide. The sheer net bra barely covered her nipples and was so close totransparent that it didn’t need to.He knew he should scold her and tell her to button up and act like alady, but he didn’t. He just stared.”Can I have a drink of your whiskey? I’m almost sober.””Do you drink a lot?” he asked and handed her the half-filled glass.”Yes,” she answered. “Do you?””Not usually, but sometimes.”Herb Bennett was seeing his daughter as he had never imagined-and moreof her, too! He couldn’t keep his eyes off her tits. He was glad Clarawas gone. She would have been in hysterics.Sarah tipped up the glass, thrusting out her tits more than necessary.She took one good swallow and handed it back to Herb.”Have one with me,” she said.He drained the glass. “I needed that, Sarah. I’ve never seen you likethis before!””Or as much of me,” she said and pulled off her blouse. It fluttered tothe floor, followed quickly by her bra.”Sarah, my God!” he croaked.”It’s okay, you’re my Daddy. I’m sure you’ve seen me completely nakedbefore.””Yes, but you were just a little girl.””I’m a big girl now. Do you like my tits, Dad?””I . . . I . . . yes, they’re,” he stammered, but didn’t finish.He knew he should chastise her and make her stop, but he didn’t want herto stop. He was afraid that if he said anything, anything at all, shewould quit acting the way she was acting. He felt his cock hardening inhis pajamas.”I need another drink,” he said.”Me, too,” Sarah said. “I like being drunk, not too drunk, but a littledrunk.””It’s a good feeling,” he said and filled the tumbler.He quickly drank half, feeling feelings he knew he shouldn’t be feeling.He should have been disgusted, should have demanded that Sarah get herclothing back on and leave immediately and never come back! Instead, hehanded her the half glass of whiskey.Sarah took another swig and decided she’d had enough. She didn’t wantto get too drunk. Her glow was perfect-she felt free and happy, completelyuninhibited, and gloriously horny. And her daddy was interested, she couldtell.”Finish it, Dad, and catch up with me. I feel marvelously drunk. Doyou really like my tits, I mean really?” She lifted them with her palms androlled the hard nipples between thumbs and fore-fingers, her confidence inhis male weakness growing.”Yes,” he said and drained the glass.He could really feel the liquor now and it helped. His inhibitions wereslipping away, increasing his desire for the forbidden. He watched herroll her hard nipples, wanting to do it himself.Sarah looked into his eyes, saw the lust, and realized what had been onher mind ever since Ruth first told her about her i****t with Drew. Shehad already jacked-off more than one man, why not her daddy? Or why notgive him even more? He must need it being married to mom.”Would you like to feel my tits, Daddy?” she said, cautioning herself togo slowly. His reaction so far was the exact opposite of what she hadexpected, but it could change if she rushed things.She didn’t realize that the outcome had already been determined. Shecould go as fast or slow as she wanted, it would make no difference to herfather. He would go along.Herb Bennet hesitated, tried to reason with himself and regain hissanity, but he couldn’t. All he could think of was sex and this lusciousyoung woman, this cunt who was exposing herself to him So it was his owndaughter, so what? At that moment, he wasn’t positive that he hadn’twanted her sexually for a long, long time.He remembered walking by her half open door and stopping to watch herundress. It had given him a hard-on and he had carefully watched for arepeat performance but it had never happened again. He remembered how,when she was almost a mature woman, he had actually gone outside and lookedin the window when he knew she was bathing. He got a hard then, too, andhad felt terribly ashamed.But he didn’t feel ashamed now, and the word i****t was rollingenticingly through his mind. His cock grew harder. He reached out, hishands trembling, and laid them softly on her tits.She took her hand away and let him feel. “Do my tits feel good, Daddy?Are they nice and soft? Rub the nipples, make them harder.””Oh, God, Sarah, baby, they feel wonderful,” he said, his fingerspinching the nipples, timidly at first, then with more pressure.”Oooooh, I like that, do it more!” Sarah cried. She was glad theevening had worked out the way it had because she was really ready now. She wanted a fuck as badly as she ever had and her own daddy would takegood care of her. He would play with her, excite her, and then fuck her.”Do you have a hard-on, Daddy?” she asked. She didn’t wait for him toanswer before she put her hand on the front of his pajamas. He was hard,God, he was hard, and much bigger than she had expected, bigger than Drew!It seemed funny that a girl rarely even thought of her daddy as having acock, let alone a big, hard one. She could wait no longer, with mountingexcitement, she reached inside and clutched his pulsing prick.Her father sat transfixed, unable to move, to speak, unable to stop her.”Baby, baby, my little Sarah baby,” he finally moaned.She held his cock tightly and drew it from the front of his pajamas andstared at the big, gorgeous prick protruding from her fist. It wasuncircimcised, the head almost completely covered with the thick foreskin.”I want to see it naked,” Sarah cried and rolled the skin down slowlyuntil it was stretched tight, then brought it all the way up, then down,then up, then down…”Oh God, baby, that feels so good,” he moaned. “Are you . . . are yougoing to make me come?””Not yet, Daddy, not this way. I have much more in mind for you… andme. Lean down and kiss my tits, honey. I’ll keep pulling on your cock. I’ll masturbate you more, but I’m not going to let you come yet.”Herb leaned down and looked closely at one ripe, red nipple. It was sohard, stood out so much, and was so red-he’d never seen Clara’s look likethat, never! He wet his lips with his tongue, kissed the nipple lightly,then kissed it again, and finally pursed his lip and drew it in.”Oh, Daddy, I like that!” Sarah said, pushing against his mouth. “Kissthem, suck them! Yes, yes, it excites me so. Do the other one now. Lovethem both, make them both hard!”She closed her eyes and held his cock hard in her hand while he suckedher nipples. It felt good, but she wanted more and quick-they could dothese things later. She pushed his head away.”I want to kiss you, too, Daddy!” she panted and quickly bent down andplanted her puckered lips over the end of his drooling cock. The drool wasclear and salty, she sucked it into her mouth. Herb Bennet thought he wasin heaven. He had always wanted a girl to suck his cock and now hisbeautiful, young daughter was doing just that. Suck it, honey. Oh God,suck my cock!” he cried.Sarah let her wet lips slide down over his cock knob. She sucked himexpertly, tasting the salty ooze, slowly massaging his prick with herfingers. She continued until she knew he was about to come and thenstopped suddenly. His first come was going to be in her cunt.”I like sucking your prick, Daddy. I’ll suck you all the way later,much later, when you think you can’t possibly get another hard-on,” shesaid. “Would you like to kiss me now?””God, honey, what have I been doing?” he said, leaning forward.”No, I don’t mean on my mouth or titties, I mean somewhere else,somewhere much lower.” She lifted her skirt to reveal her naked cunt. “Imean down here. I want you to kiss my pussy, Daddy.”His eyes widened at the sight of her hairy cunt. He had never kissed acunt before, but he had always wanted to. He had frequently fantasiedabout it as he masturbated to orgasm. And now it was actually going tohappen, and with his beautiful, twenty-year-old daughter! Her fat pussylips were parted, revealing her pink cunt. It was covered with black hair,wet black hair, curling in little ringlets along her pussy.”I . . . I, oh God,” he stammered.”You don’t want to?” Sarah said.”God, yes, Sarah, I’ve never wanted anything more!””Have you ever kissed mother there?””God, no! I’ve never kissed anyone there.””I thought not, Daddy. Well, get on your knees in front of me and kissyour first pussy. It’s waiting for you. It wants you to kiss it so it cankiss you back,” Sarah said, holding her skirt high and letting her legsloll wide apart.Herb Bennett fell to his knees in front of his daughter, looked directlyinto the open cunt, and buried his face in her wet, reeking mass. It wasripe and pungent, leaking copious, slippery juices.”Oh, Daddy, yesssss! Kiss it, suck it, push your tongue inside me,”Sarah cried.He covered her cunt with his mouth, sucking, licking and pushing up intoher. What he lacked in experience, he made up for in fervor. He delightedin the strong smell and the slippery wetness. On the rare occasions whenClara had been hot, he had smelled her just lying beside her, and wanteddesperately to kiss her pussy and taste of her ripe femaleness, but he hadnever dared. His daughter didn’t smell as strong as his wife, but it wasgood enough for now. He ate her ravenously.”Oh, Daddy, that feels so good! I could let you do it all night, but…but I want you to fuck me. Do you want to fuck me, Daddy?”He lifted his face from her open legs. “Yes, Sarah, I want to fuckyou,” he said.”Let’s go in the bedroom. I want you to take me on your bed, on yoursand mamma’s bed. Fuck me where you should be fucking mamma. Fuck me andfuck me and fuck me and…He got to his feet, lifted her to hers, and led her to the bedroom. Thecovers were hurriedly turned down and they were both quickly naked. Sarahfell onto the bed on her back and spread her legs for him. Herb stood andlooked at her, his cock jutting straight out from his belly, the endthrobbing and wet with desire.”Oh, Daddy, honey, your cock is so big! Come here, quickly, put it in.I want it so.”He came down over her, his prick dangling above her belly. It reallywas a big cock, long, and very thick. “Can you take it all, honey?” heasked.”God, yes, Daddy, I’ve been fucked before and by more than one man,” shecried. “Now it’s your turn. Fuck me, Herb, fuck me and make me come.”He brought his cock down between her legs and she grabbed it quickly andpushed the head into her open cunt. Sarah was more than ready, she was inneed, and the big prick moved in effortlessly, an inch, then two, thenthree.”Keep going,” she grunted, “get it all the way in! I want to feel allof it, all of it.”He sighed while his prick pushed into her cunt. It so tight and yet soagreeable to accept him. His daughter was surely a slut. She must havefucked so many men to be able to take his cock so easily.”There, Sarah, you have it all,” he said when he hit bottom. “I’m goingto fuck you now, and fuck you hard! I may come too quickly this time, butI hope you’ve had experience because I’m going to fuck you until I can fuckno more! You’re a little slut, a whore, a disgrace to your God-fearingmother. Oh God, Sarah you feel so good. I love you so much. I’ve wantedto do this to you for so long.””Yes, Daddy, yes, fuck me hard. Come quickly if you need to. Ooooooh,Daddy, darling, it feels good! I’m coming . . . wonderful! Good, good,good…Her daddy was coming, too. He had a lot of come saved up and his thickspunk spurted into her, wad after wad of slippery goo.”Oh shit, baby, I couldn’t stop, I had to come inside you. Feels good,so fucking good,” he moaned, thrusting his prick in and out, draining hisheavy spill completely into his daughter’s hungry pussy. He kept goinguntil he was sure her belly held his every drop and then fell heavilyagainst her.”It was good, Daddy, the best it’s ever been,” Sarah sighed.”Yes, yes, the best ever for me, too.”He let his cock slip free and rolled off onto his back. “I needed that,honey. You have no idea how much.””I can guess, Daddy,” Sarah said. “Tell me, do you and mother everfuck?””Not anymore. She’s just not interested in sex.””God, it must be awful for you! She must be nuts.””No, she has a low sex-drive, always has. It’s not her fault.””You’re too good, too tolerant, Daddy.” She scrambled to her feet. “I’ll get us some cigarettes and we’ll talk some more.” She was gone only amoment before she returned. She lit two and lay down beside him. “Nowtalk! Tell me about your sex life.”He took a deep drag of smoke. “Well, the last time I fucked your motherwas … God, it was over fifteen years ago.””Jesus, Dad! How could you stand it?””It wasn’t always easy, but I still feel guilty doing it with you. It’snot right.””It is right. I wanted you to fuck me.” She put her cigarette in an ashtray and took hold of his cock. “And I want you to fuck me again, not justtonight, but often. I owe it to you to make up for her.””Oh, baby, you’re so sweet and I love you so much.” He kissed her, along lingering kiss. “I wasn’t always faithful. I had to get my nuts offnow and then. Remember Mrs. Nelson across the street?””Yes. She’s a sexy broad. I always thought she was good-looking.””She is a sexy broad and she was hot, too. I fucked her at least once aweek for almost ten years. God, I hated to see her move away. The firsttime I fucked her was on your mother’s birthday. I had a surprise partyfor her. I’d have left your mother and married her, but Janice wouldn’tleave her husband. He’s an invalid, you know. God, we were so in love. Ithink we snuck around and got together for a fuck every day at first. Ihad other women, too. A young gal at the office, and a couple of marriedwomen I met at bars, and at least three whores know me by my first name. So you see, I haven’t been so lily-white myself.””I’m glad, and it thrills me to think of you fucking other women.” Shecontinued to stroke his cock and it was half hard again. “Do you jack-offa lot, I mean now that Mrs. Nelson has moved?””Yes, at least once a day. Unless I visit one of my whores or somethingelse turns up.””You won’t have to jack-off tonight, Daddy. Something else has turnedup.””Oh God, honey, I hate myself, but suck my cock a little, get it goodand hard so I can fuck you again.””I’ll do better than that, Daddy: I’ll suck you off, nurse on yourgorgeous prick until you come. And I’ll take you all the way and let youcome in my mouth. And I’ll swallow it, too!”Sarah turned on the bed and lowered her face to his crotch, her mouthopen. She kissed his cock head wetly and slowly pushed down, his cockgoing into her mouth. She took as much of his prick as she could and thenbacked off until all she held was the head. She pulled on his prick withher fingers while she sucked and continued sucking until he was almostthere, then backed off.”Let’s sixty-nine, Daddy. You suck my pussy while I gobble your cock soI can come, too.”Her father was as eager as she was and they quickly got into position.He felt her mouth close over his prick again and put his face between herlegs. Her pussy was wet and sticky. He knew much of it was his own come,but he didn’t care. He closed his mouth over her cunt and sucked. It wasgood, so good, to eat cunt, especially come-filled cunt.He approached climax quickly and with a grunt felt his come spillinginto his daughter’s mouth. He pushed his prick in and out of her mouth,determined to empty every drop down her throat. God, it was so good to leteverything go! To just fuck his daughter’s mouth and not give a damn!Herb was wiped out now, but decided to bring her off, too. He suckedher with a vengeance. His tongue was buried in her cunt when she startedcoming and he felt her pussy tighten around his tongue. She gasped,pushing hard against his face until her come spent itself and then she wentlimp.”You sure eat cunt good, Daddy,” she said weakly.”You do a pretty mean job on a cock yourself, honey,” he said.They drank some more and talked, and tried to fuck again, but Herbcouldn’t get hard. They snuggled together and both dropped into a soundsleep.Herb awakened first the next morning. Realizing it was his own daughterwho lay naked beside him, he felt a terrible sense of guilt. His head hurtand the booze had left a horrible taste in his mouth. He got up and wentto the bathroom and brushed his teeth and gargled. He needed to pisssomething fierce and stood in front of the toilet. But before he could letgo, he felt Sarah’s arms slide around his middle. She pressed herselftightly against his backside and took his cock in her hand.”Oh, no baby, we can’t,” he groaned.”Oh, yes, Daddy, we can. We must.” She squeezed his cock and with herfingers and skinned it back. “Go ahead and pee. I want to hold your prickand feel it while you piss. Piss, Daddy, piss.””Oh, God, Sarah, I don’t know,” he said in anguish. But then it startedand he began pissing.Sarah felt the piss fill his prick and gush from the end. It thrilledher, the excitement churning in her belly. Then she slid her hand down andlet the golden liquid flow over her fingers.”Oh, Daddy, I’m really getting turned on!” she cried.He strained hard, forcing out the last drop, fighting another erection,but he couldn’t win. His cock swelled slowly in her hand. She snuggledbehind him, slowly masturbating his cock until he was hard as a rock.”Now it’s my turn, Daddy,” she said and stepped around him and sat onthe pot. “Step over close to me. I want your cock.””Let me wash first,” he said.”No, I want it wet,” she said.He reluctantly stepped close and Sarah bent forward and closed her moutharound his wet prick.”Goddamn, honey, I like that!” he said and pushed his cock into hermouth. He put his hands against the back of her head and slowly fucked herface.Sarah started pissing and felt a new thrill. Sucking a cock whilepeeing was a real turn-on. She shuddered, imaging the thrill of pissingwhile being sucked, and wished that her Daddy could piss again. She knewhe couldn’t with a hard-on.Herb held his daughter’s head and listened to her pee in the bowl. Hehad never imagined that depraved sex could be so thrilling. His balls wereplaying that familiar tune and he knew that he would come if she didn’tstop. She stopped.”I’m through, Daddy,” she said, after freeing her mouth from his cock.”Will you suck me now?””Yes,” he said.Sarah got to her feet and her father sunk to his knees. She spread herfeet apart and pulled his face against her wet cunt. She had saved alittle, and let it go the moment his mouth closed over her pussy. Thegolden liquid spurted directly into his mouth. “Oh, oh, I love that! Don’t pull away, let me do it,” she cried and squeezed out a little morepiss, wishing she had saved it all. She sunk wearily to the floor. “Stretch out beside me so we can do each other.”They started out side by side on the bathroom floor sucking each other.But they slowly changed position until Herb was on his back and Sarah wason top of him. She held the base of his cock tightly while she sucked sohe couldn’t come before she did. She brought him to the edge time aftertime, only to shut off his come with her fist.His tongue tried to go deeper and deeper into her cunt. He was holdingher cunt lips open with his fingers while his tongue darted in and out,when she started to come. She stiffened, the sharp pleasure filling herbelly, and sucked his prick with abandon.It was only a moment before he was gushing into her mouth. He gave hera good load of thick, slippery goo. He moaned into her open cunt while shedrew his come out. She sucked until there was nothing left before sherolled off onto the floor beside him, her pussy still tingling withorgasmic pleasure. It was a feeling that she knew she would never againdeny herself.”Oh my God, but that was good! I’m so drained I’ll probably never needto fuck again,” he gasped.”Don’t bet on it, Daddy,” Sarah said.They went to the kitchen naked and drank cup after cup of coffee with abig breakfast. In less than two hours they were back on the bed fucking.”You’re the best fuck I’ve ever had, Sarah,” he said, pushing his bigcock all the way in. “I never imagined it could be this good.””Not even with the hot lady across the street?””Not with anyone.””You feel so good in my pussy, Daddy, you fill me so completely. Fromnow on, I want you to fuck me whenever you want. Even if I get married youcan fuck me. I want you to fuck me as long as you can get it hard.””That could be for quite a while, baby.””I certainly hope so! And I want us to do anything we want-no matterhow far out.”They had started this session while still at the breakfast table. Sarahcame over and sat on his lap. After a little snuggling and kissing, sheslid to the floor between his legs. She held his soft prick in her handand looked up at him.”I want you to do to me what I did to you in the bathroom. I’m sureyou’ve had enough coffee to make you ready,” she pulled.He knew exactly what she meant. He had wanted to do it to her from themoment she had first leaked into his mouth. He looked down at her andnodded.Sarah skinned back his prick and took it into her mouth. It was softand shriveled and she could get most of it in. Her father leaned back inhis chair and let himself go. His pee came so easily he was afraid therewould be too much, but Sarah took it as fast as it came. A new excitementchurned in his belly and he started hardening, but not enough to stop hispeeing until he was empty.Now you do it to me,” he said.He sat on the floor and she straddled his shoulders, her pussy pressedtight to his mouth. The coffee did its job and she went with a gush. Shefelt his tongue probing at her pussy and started coming immediately. Shewent stiff as a board in the throes of the hardest orgasm she had everexperienced, as she continued pissing into his hungry mouth. She pissedand pissed, bracing herself against him to keep from falling, and keptcoming all the while, orgasm piled on top of orgasm. He held her in place,knowing she was coming, and drank her every drop, his cock harder then heever remembered it being. Sarah finally gasped and fell back into a chair.”You came, didn’t you?” he said.”Oh God, did I ever!” Sarah said.”I want to come, too. Let’s go in the bedroom and fuck.”She followed him to the bedroom where he pushed her back on the bed andquick1y mounted her. She moaned softly, the feeling exquisite, while hiscock pushed up inside her. She was still all warm and quivering and theintroduction of his big, hard prick was a thrilling feeling.”Fuck me, Daddy! Fuck me and fuck me and fuck me. It feels so good. Iknow I’ll come some more.”She lay soft and loose under him, a cunt for his pleasure. She feltlike a cunt at the moment, too, one big cunt for a man, her own father. But she knew he would just be one of many. God, she loved fucking!He felt her cunt squeeze tightly around his prick and knew she wascoming again. Her knees came up and she hunched with her ass to drive hiscock in harder. He worked hard in her, and even though he got close tocoming, he managed to hold off. He didn’t want to come so soon becausethen the fucking would be over, at least for a while, and he didn’t want itto be over yet.Sarah’s nostrils flared when her next orgasm came. She made a whiningnoise and her legs came up over his back. It was more than he could takethis time and his cock started spitting. He pushed in as deep as he couldgo, his cock still emitting juice.”Good, baby, good, I’m coming, too,” he grunted and emptied himself.They drank afterwards, and had a couple of cigarettes before they slept.It was late afternoon before either awakened. Sarah had the night shift atthe hospital, showered quickly, and had a sandwich before dressing toleave.They were both tired and almost fucked out. But they still managed tofuck one more time before she left. She was completely dressed and liftedher skirt at the front door.”See, no panties! They’re in the car,” she said with a giggle.Herb was in his shorts. He took her standing up without even removinghis shorts. She leaned against the door, her legs wrapped around hiswaist. Both of them came again.”I’ll call you, Daddy. I want you to come over to the apartment andfuck me there, too, she said as she went out the door.It had occurred to her that since Ruth’s father had fucked her, it wasonly fair that she let her daddy fuck Ruth. She would arrange it. Ruththought she was in love with that worthless David, but her daddy was goingto fuck her, even if he had to **** her. Maybe she would let worthlessDavid fuck her at the same time.CHAPTER TENSarah looked at the crowded bus, almost didn’t get on, and then decidedher john was probably already at the bar waiting for her. She paid herfare and worked her way slowly through the jammed people to the middle. Then she wished she hadn’t gotten on because it was hot and she didn’t wantto smell sweaty.The bus stopped at every corner. It was the third stop before sherealized the man behind her was unnecessarily pressing against her. Hereyes widened when she felt his cock pressing hard against her ass-he hadquite an erection! Without being obvious, she arched her back so she couldpress back. It felt good, when his prick was snugly pressed into the crackof her ass, especially when she thought about what she was going to do. Itfelt good, too, since her dress was thin and she wore nothing under it.She let him snuggle against her for several blocks before she glancedaround to make sure no one was paying any attention, and then moved herhand behind her back. She held onto the strap tightly with one hand andcircled his cock through his pants with the other. The man moaned audibly.Thus encouraged, she half closed her eyes and deftly opened his pants. Herhand went inside his fly, fumbled to get his tangled shorts out of the way,and wrapped her fingers snugly around his throbbing cock.Sarah smiled inwardly as she slowly masturbated the stranger and almostlaughed aloud when he gave a loud grunt and she felt his wetness in herhand. She continued stroking his prick until he pulled away. She broughther hand back, contemplating putting her sticky fingers in her mouth, butwiped them on the blouse of the woman standing in front of her, instead. It was a rough riding bus and Sarah said excuse me as if it was anaccident, so the woman was none the wiser. The man made a hasty exit atthe next stop.Sarah felt completely depraved and thoroughly turned on. She hadmasturbated a man on a crowded bus without so much as seeing his face. Ifshe met him on the street she wouldn’t know who he was, but he would knowher. She shivered, her belly hot with desire. She was ready for the manwaiting for her at the bar, ready to sell her body for the first time. Shearrived at the bar ready, willing, and eager.The man was already there, sitting in a booth in the back. He waved theinstant she entered the door. She walked slowly through the bar, awarethat several male eyes were on her, and slid into the booth beside him.”Hi!” he said. “Want a drink?””Of course,” Sarah answered.”I was afraid you weren’t going to show up.””I said I’d be here,” she snapped. “Had to take the fucking bus. Itwas hot.”Her drink came and she downed it without stopping. “Another?” she said,holding up the glass.”You shouldn’t drink so fast when you’re overheated,” he said, andturned her face and kissed her. “You smell good.””You must like the smell of sweat,” she said, then smiled, herdisposition suddenly improved by his remark. Her drink arrived and shepicked it up. “I need this one, too. I’ll be nicer now.””Take your time, baby, we got all night,” he said.”Oh. Well, I’d better tell you now, I can’t stay all night. Somethingcame up and I have until ten. No longer.” She had a date with Barry afterhis evening class. He said he had something important to ask her and sheknew he was going to ask her to marry him. She planned to accept.The man’s face darkened as he looked at his watch. “Goddamn, I’dplanned for all night. It’s almost seven now, that’s only three hours.”She put her palm against his face and kissed him. “I’ll be good. Youwon’t be disappointed,” she said, and ran her tongue across his lips.”Okay then, how.”Same price,” she said quickly. She had already decided that a hundredwas too cheap for all night. “I said I’d be good. I’ll get your gun offas many times as you can get it up.””You conned me, you fucking little tramp. I oughta beat the shit out ofyou,” he said, grabbing her wrist.”You’re hurting me,” she said.He let go and grabbed her drink. “No two-bit whore is going to take meto the cleaners,” he snarled.”Fine. Just fine-fucking-dandy, you asshole,” Sarah said, and slid outof the booth. “I wouldn’t fuck you for a thousand bucks.” She went to thebar and sat down.The man watched her slide her luscious ass onto the bar stool andregretted his quick temper. She was worth a C for three hours, maybe evenmore. He was going to go and sit beside her and apologize, but another manbeat him to the stool. The seat on her other side was already occupied. He sat biding his time for another chance, but it never came. She had onedrink with the man beside her and they left together.She slid close to her new man after they got in the car. She held hisface in her hands while they kissed long and hard. It excited her to kissand she was very excited now.”Now remember,” she said, “you have to have me back to the university’sstudent union by nine o’clock.” She had told him she was a student.They kissed again and she felt his hand under her dress. She opened herlegs and reached for his cock. He already had a hard-on and his cock wasbig, nice and big. She put her hand on his to stop him before he reachedher cunt.”Wait until we get to the motel,” she said. “You can leave your hand onmy leg, I like it there, and I’ll play with you, but don’t go anyhigher…yet.” She quickly unzipped him, eager to get her hand on hisprick. She slipped inside his pants, her heart pounding, and circled hiscock God, it felt so good, so big and so hot!It was fortunate that the motel was close by because she stroked himwhile he drove. If it had been farther, she surely would have made himcome. She was so thrilled with his cock she wanted it in her hand and inher mouth and in her cunt. She couldn’t decide which to do first, she justknew she wanted his prick everywhere.Once in the room, they quickly embraced. He lifted her skirt and puthis hand between her warm thighs. “Can I go higher now?” he asked with asmile.She brought her legs together, squeezing his hands with her thighs. “I’ll seriously doubt your good intentions if you don’t.” She relaxed herlegs and felt his hand travel upward. She eased her thighs open until hewas cupping her pussy. “Oh God, you can do anything you want, now, just soyou fuck me. I want to be fucked, fucked, and fucked some more!” shemoaned.”You’re either a hot little whore or a helluvan actress,” he said,pushing his finger up into her wet cunt.”Yes, yes,” Sarah cried, “I’m a hot little whore. I’m not acting. Iwant you to fuck me. I love fucking. Take your finger out and putsomething bigger in my pussy!”He watched her whirl away and strip off what few clothes she wore. Shewas magnificent, her body perfection. He’d had a few play-for-pay girlsbefore, but never one quite like this, never one so eager.Sarah turned down the bed and stretched out on her back. With abeckoning motion of her hand, she raised her knees and spread herself open.”Get your clothes off and come here. I want you inside me.”He disrobed quickly and spread himself on top of her, his big cockgliding effortlessly into her cunt. “Jesus, that feels good,” he moaned,before clamping his mouth to hers.She grasped his ass, lifting with her hips at the same time to let hiscock go in deeper. Her legs lolled over his back for a moment, thendropped to the bed. “Fuck me, fuck me!” she cried, humping her ass eachtime he pushed his prick in.Sarah closed her eyes and went with the moment. It felt so good, likethey had been fucking together for years, like they belonged together. Hisprick was so nice and big. It seemed to fill her, it was so thick, solong. She was quickly on the verge of coming.”Gonna come, honey, fuck …. awww, so fucking good. I’m there, I’mthere!” Sarah jerked under him as if in convulsions. She went deep intothe throes of an orgasm. It consumed her whole body. “Aw shit, I lovethis feeling! Keep fucking, don’t come yet. I love it, I love it . . . Ilove you, love your beautiful cock. Fuck me, fuck me . . . don’t everstop!”He thrust his prick in to his balls, then slowly drew out slowly only tojam back in hard and fast. He knew a few more strokes of the same wouldbring him there, too, but it felt too good not to continue. She wascoming, coming like no other whore he had ever seen, and it was too much.His balls cut loose and sent their load on the journey into her suckingpussy.”I’m coming, you cunt! Oh goddamn am I ever coming!” he howled, feelinghis cock spit its first wad of thick, copious, slick wetness. He pumped inspurt after spurt until she was so gooey and slippery his cock almostslipped out of her cunt. “Jesus, what a fuck! You are one fine fuck,lady, one fine fuck.” He fell exhausted over her body.”I wish you could keep it in me all night,” she said.”No way,” he wheezed. “I’m slipping out now. My cock is out.””Roll off. I want to suck it,” Sarah said.He flopped onto his back. Sarah quickly inverted herself and broughther mouth over his half-erect prick. It was still fairly big, but she gotthe whole thing into her mouth. She tasted her own cunt, sucking himclean, and then drew a few last strings of slimy goo from the head of hisprick. She continued sucking him until he was completely soft beforeletting his cock fall free and sitting up.”God, that was good, uh?” she said.”Yeah, it sure was good. Better than my wife on her best day and she’sno slouch when it comes to fucking.””If you can get it up again, you can fuck me, or I’ll suck you off.””I don’t think my cock will ever rise again, honey, not after what youjust did. Besides, it’s almost nine o’clock.””Let’s not worry about time, not now. Let’s take a shower together.”They stood under the hot water, lathering each other completely. Whilecovered with suds, Sarah dropped slowly to her knees, her mouth open andagainst his skin. She kissed her way down his belly until she was at hiscrotch. His cock erected quickly under her urgent lips. When he was goodand hard, she cupped his balls gently with one hand, spread his ass cheeksand inserted a finger into his ass. She fucked his asshole with her fingerwhile he fucked her mouth. He held her head rigid, pumping in and outsteadily, gaining speed as his come neared.”Aw baby, I’m gonna make it. I’m gonna come again,” he bawled,thrusting rapidly. “Suck it, sweetheart! I’m coming in your mouth. Drinkit, swallow my come, baby! Oh Jesus, here it comes!”He gave her a second good load. His come spurted thickly into hermouth. She held it until he pumped dry and then swallowed, letting theslippery goo slide hotly down her throat. It was a thrill to swallow thepasty stuff. She continued sucking until he almost collapsed on top ofher.Afterwards, when they were dressed, he said, “I never made it twice witha whore before. Rarely made it twice in one night with anyone.””We could do better than that if we had more time,” Sarah said.”I doubt it, but I’d like to try. Do you ever spend the night, thewhole night?””I will with you. Any time you say.””Soon,” he said.She gave him her phone number, and then he drove her to the university.She kissed him long and hard before she got out of the car.Inside the student union, she sat at a table and checked her earnings.It made a thick wad of bills. It made her feel good to see it. It was herfirst paycheck as a whore and there would be more, much more. It was theeasiest money she had ever made and she had enjoyed making it so much. Thefact that she was getting paid to fuck added a new thrill, especially sinceshe didn’t have to do it. She could marry Barry and just sell her ass whenshe felt like it.Barry arrived fifteen minutes later and pulled a chair close to her. Hewas such an insensitive clod that he asked her to marry him right there inthe glaring light with the clinking dishes and people wandering around thestudent union. He wanted to get her pledged because he was badly in needof financial help to stay in school. Without a meal ticket, he would haveto drop out. Even if she wasn’t everything he wanted in a girl, she didhave a good job.Sarah hesitated, pursing her lips as if in thought. What an asshole,she thought, he couldn’t havepicked a less romantic place to pop the question. He was probably thebiggest jerk she knew, or would ever know. He was second rate at fucking,too.Barry started to sweat and pulled out the ring box. He had hoped shewould instantly answer “yes, yes!” and he could stall her on the ring, takethis one back and get his deposit returned. Oh well, he knew she would endup paying for it, anyway. He flipped open the lid. Sarah’s eyes widened,it was a beauty with a large hunk of ice.”Barry, I . . . ” she stammered, “yes, I’ll marry you.” Her eyes werestill on the big diamond. Afterall, Barry would be succesful someday, dullas hell, but a rich lawyer after law school. A girl does need security andSarah had to think of her future. Besides, she would have her diversions.”Here, slip it on.” She held out her hand.He took the ring from its box and slid it onto her finger. She held upher hand and smiled. God, it was beautiful with the light glinting fromits many surfaces.”Well, aren’t you going to kiss me?” Sarah said. She put her hand onhis thigh and let it slowly creep upwards. It had been a while and shewanted to see if she could get him hard under the table.”Not here, Sarah,” he said. “My God, all these people! Get your handoff my leg, someone will see.”Sarah stiffened with anger and pulled her hand away. “Why you little .. . Barry, goddamit, I . . . ” she stammered not sure if she reallywanted to say what she was thinking.”Clean up your language, Sarah, here comes a guy I know. I don’t likehim, either.”A tall, good looking young man came over to the table, helped himself toa chair, and seated himself close to Sarah. “Hi, Barry, boy. Who’s thedoll?” he said.”Hello, Jack,” Barry said crisply. “This is my fiancee, Sarah.””Hi, Jack,” Sarah said, holding up her hand.”Wow, some rock,” Jack said.They sat and talked for almost half an hour in spite of Barry’s obviousdislike of the intruder.”We have to go, Jack. It’s late,” Barry finally said.Jack followed them to the door, talking steadily to Sarah. They had nomore than stepped outside when Barry stopped. “Damn, I have to go to therest room. Won’t be long,” he said and darted back into the building.He was no more than out of sight when Jack took Sarah in his arms andkissed her.”How did you know I wanted you to kiss me?” Sarah said.”It showed,” Jack said.”Do it again,” Sarah said.Sarah’s arms went around Jack’s neck and pulled him tight, her tonguesqueezing into his mouth. She felt his cock against her leg. It washalf-hard and quite large.”I liked that,” Sarah said. She reached down and gripped his cock. “Ilike this, too.”Jack groaned. “It’s yours if you want it,” he said.”Want it,” Sarah said and got his pants open. Her hand slitheredinside. “I’ll have Barry take me right home.” She gave him her address.She slowly stroked his prick inside his pants. She could feel his cockgrow, the thick vein pulsing against her hand. His prick was hot, smoothand big and powerful. God, she loved playing with a guy’s cock! She knewshe would love having this prick shoved into her cunt, too. Maybe shewould let him spend the night with her.Yes, Sarah would marry Barry, put him through school and even pay forher own ring. But there would be plenty of diversions and they would beeven more exciting after she was a married woman.THE END

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