Naughty Mummy Ch. 03


“Bloody weather, it’s raining hard now.” Anna moaned as her and Carla contemplated on what to do with the rest of their day. “Well I know mum won’t be back ’til the rain has gone, she hates getting wet!”

“Does she now…” Carla commented sarcastically. “Look, as your mums not here why don’t you get one of those girly films from your room. It would pass the time after all, and we’re not venturing out in that are we?”

Anna ran up the stairs and Carla made her way to the lens licking her succulent lips. “Mmm, you ready for more kinky slut… You want to see how naughty I can really be?” Carla sat back on the sofa hearing Anna jog down the stairs.

“Right babe, which one do you want to watch, just lesbians, or dirty talking lesbians, or lesbians in chains… either way it’s all girly!”

“Ooo, the one in chains sounds good, but let’s have the dirty talking one… I love dirty talking, don’t you Anna?”

“Mmm I don’t know if I like it or not you know, I suppose you have to be so far gone to realise what you are saying. There you go, put it in,” handing the tape to Carla.

They both sat themselves down on the soft leather sofa. The dodgy music on the opening credits made the girls giggle at how fake this film was going to be. After three minutes of ‘still’ lesbian pictures and that god awful music the film began. As usual you get the dumb blonde lesbian who’s too innocent for her own good, then you get the brunette who’s loud, proud and rough.

“That could be me and you,” Carla joked, “I mean, look at you all timid and shy all of a sudden. Your face is flushed already and it’s only just begun.” She raised an eyebrow at Anna and smiled. “Have you actually done anything sexual, with anyone?”

“What is this, interrogation time again.”

“It’s ok baby, I was only asking. You got all those toys upstairs you told me about but you’ve never used them.” Carla backtracked a little noticing Anna’s discomfort.

“Let’s just watch the film right?” snapped Anna.

They sat and watched the film in silence. Every now and then Carla eyed up Anna. She watched her gorgeous face flush even more when the crude words started to ooze from the brunettes mouth on the film. Anna bought her thighs together. Her body began to tingle with arousal. Carla fidgeted too, but only to get closer to Anna. Carla looked down to see Anna rubbing her thumb over her palms.

“Getting a little heated are we?” grinned Carla.

Anna smiled and looked at her friend with lustful eyes, “maybe…” Anna paused for a few seconds, just staring into Carla’s eyes. “Can I… kiss…”Anna couldn’t finish her sentence, instead she leant into Carla and out of the blue planted a kiss on Carla’s lips. Carla moaned as Anna’s tongue slipped into her mouth and started to wind itself round her moist tongue. Anna slowly pulled away. “God I’ve wanted to kiss you for weeks babe.” Anna swept her fingers through Carla’s dark hair and curling her waves around her fingers.

Carla forcefully pushed Anna back and her tongue began delving into Anna’s mouth. Moans and groans escaped from both of them as they started to fumble with each other’s clothing. As they shuffled and fidgeted on the sofa Carla caught her knee on the remote and the film stopped playing. Now all that filled the living room and the tiny box room upstairs was the sound of female topkapı escort sexual urgency.

Carla tugged at Anna’s shirt and peeled it off her roughly. She pulled the cup down from her bra to set one of her tits free and lowered her succulent mouth to the fleshy mound. She bit down on her nipple causing Anna to cry in pain. “You like that you little bitch?” Before she could answer, her tongue licked around the hardening nipple, her saliva soaking Anna’s tit. Anna moaned loudly at Carla’s actions. “Don’t you prefer this than playing with yourself in front of the television you sexy bitch?”

“Ohh god, Carla… you sound so sexy when you talk like that!”

“You like it now eh? I don’t think your mum would like it though do you?” Carla tugged at the waist of Anna’s skirt. “Answer me you little slut… what would your mum do if she heard her beloved innocent baby getting treated like this?” As she said this she turned her head to the side and looked straight into the lens at Elsa. “Her little baby isn’t so innocent now is she Anna?” Anna groaned as Carla nibbled on her shoulder. Anna’s gasps and moans were becoming more frequent. “What do you want Anna? I want you to tell me exactly what you want!”

“Mmm, touch me Carla, please… please, my pussy is aching already.”

Again Carla looked over at the lens, “mummy’s innocent baby is begging to be touched isn’t she?” Her child-like tone making Anna more submissive, “God you turn me on Anna!”


Elsa lifted her legs up and rested them on the desk in front of her. Her arousal reaching its peak by this slut in her house who was now seducing and dominating her beautiful Anna in front of her very eyes. The filthy glances from Carla made her temperature soar. She had slutty dirty eyes, the kind that undressed and fucked you within a minute or two.

Moans escaped from Elsa as she heard her daughter begging to be touched. She turned the volume up more, wanting to hear her daughter beg and plead to have her virgin pussy fucked. Carla continued to devour Anna’s tits with her mouth and at the same time she reached beneath her skirt and with a hefty tug she ripped Anna’s knickers from her trembling body.

Anna jolted as the material squeezed into her arse and she let out a squeal, unsure if it was pain or pleasure. “That’s better isn’t it, I can touch you properly now!”

“Please Carla, touch me…”

Elsa sensing déjà vu as Carla held Anna’s legs up high, then with a cheeky grin she dived into Anna’s pussy. “Ohh fuck… yeah… lick me Carla… fuck me… fuck me!”

“Mmm, my baby’s got a dirty mouth all of a sudden,” Elsa traced her finger down the outline of her blouse near her cleavage.

“God Anna, I’m gonna fuck you so hard. If your mum could see you now I think she’d be creaming her knickers…” Carla’s eyes bore into the screen, right into Elsa’s eyes.

“Ohhh you little bitch, you get me so hot talking like that!” Elsa slowly unbuttoned her blouse, not wanting to take her eyes from the slutty behaviour of her daughter and her sexy friend.

Carla intensified her assault on Anna’s pussy. She spread her legs high and wide making sure no crease or fold on that virgin pussy was left untouched. “Ohh god… I’m cumming… oh yeah… yeah…agghhhhhhh godd!” Anna screamed the last of tuzla escort her orgasm out. Elsa could see her legs, buttocks, stomach and breasts shaking with the eruption that her daughter was encountering.

Elsa’s blouse was now fully open and she managed to undo the front clip on her bra, pinching and twisting her nipples as Anna’s delightful moans took hold in the tiny room. Carla again smiled at Elsa, but speaking to Anna. “You are such a good little bitch. Your mum would be saying good girl to you if she was here!” **********

Carla moved to the chair, and was facing the lens. She again spread her legs over the sides. “Come here you little slut…on your knees… between my legs!” Anna peeled off the rest of her clothes as she made her way over to Carla and then dropped to her knees. “Eat my cunt!” Anna lowered her head at Carla’s order and swiftly flicked her tongue up Carla’s slit. She circled her clit then moved lower to her prominent lips. Carla looked up at the shelf, licking her lips, “suck my lips, lick my cunt you dirty bitch!”

Anna licked and sucked Carla’s pinky-coloured swollen lips then made her way to her clit. She sucked on the engorged spot forcing Carla to squirm and scream. “Ohh shit, you’re good at that… suck it baby!” Anna felt Carla’s clit pulse in her mouth, “I’m gonna cum baby, suck it, suck it harder… ohhh yessssss… yesss… yeahh… ohhh fuck you bitchhh!” Anna continued sucking as Carla was swept away on the euphoric waves.

“Kiss me Carla, taste yourself on me…”

Carla sat up and pulled Anna towards her. She licked her whole face clean then kissed her passionately. “I think mummy would be very proud of you baby!” Anna giggled at her childish voice. Anna went to stand, “umm what are you doing bitch? Stay on your knees and crawl… follow me.” Anna dropped her head, then her arms and followed Carla to the back of the sofa. “Stand!”

Anna complied. “Lean over, legs spread. I haven’t finished with you yet!” Carla ran a finger on the inside of Anna’s thigh. “Still juicy I see… You’re such a horny slut aren’t you? I wonder if your mum is just as horny!”

“I don’t want to know if my mum is a horny bitch… all I know is I’m horny as hell right now!” she giggled.

Carla looked over at the lens, “Oh I bet your mum is one hell of a horny slut…” Carla grinned and took a handful of Anna’s hair and directed her head towards the shelving unit. “Right, as you’ve turned into a needy, dirty whore I want you to say and do what I tell you to do, is that clear?” Anna nodded. “Good, now while I sort myself out, I want you to look directly at the second shelf over there and I want you to pretend that vase is your mum…ok?”

“Why Carla…” questioning her friend.

“Just do it, we’re playing a game, and it will get us all hot!”

Anna didn’t pick up on the ‘all’ part. She was too horny to do anything and enjoying being Carla’s little fuck toy. Carla reached down and picked up the harness. “Now look over there and tell mummy how naughty you have been!”


Elsa muttered quietly, “mmm, come on baby, tell mummy how naughty you’ve been!” Her eyes fixated on her daughter, anxiously waiting for an answer.

Anna’s face flushed once more, “Mummy I been so bad and naughty.” Anna’s big innocent eyes stared hard at pendik escort Elsa’s.

“Mmm how bad baby?” Elsa moaned at her daughter as she began to rub her pussy through her knickers.

Carla encouraged Anna to speak more. “Tell mummy what you did that was so naughty.”

Elsa fidgeted in her chair, “ohh you little bitch, degrading my baby like that,” a broad smile appearing at her daughter’s obvious embarrassment.

Anna took a deep breath. “Mummy I been really bad! I sucked Carla’s cunt and I let Carla eat me out. Ohh mummy, it felt so good, and I came so hard.”

“Mmm you horny bitch.” Elsa took her eyes off Anna for a second to see what Carla was doing. Carla had now attached the dildo to the leather studded harness.

Carla pulled Anna’s hair up and jerked her head back. Anna screamed at the sudden jolt. “Tell mummy what you are gonna let me do!”

Elsa stroked her pussy harder as Anna said the dirty words. “Carla is going to fuck my juicy, virgin cunt mummy. No one has fucked it before!” Anna’s voice now child-like, bringing her more into a vulnerable state.

Elsa saw Carla spread Anna’s legs wider then lift her right leg to rest over the back of the sofa. She nudged the dildo in a little, much to the dismay of Anna. “Ohhh god that hurts…”

Elsa gave her encouragement. “You can take that baby… relax…”

With a buck of Carla’s hips Anna’s screams reverberated around Elsa as Carla impaled Anna onto the dildo. Elsa moaned at Carla’s words, “Ohh yeah… you can take it for me you little bitch, be a good girl… take it for me, take it all.”

Elsa was beginning to rock back and forth in her chair, matching Carla hump for hump. “Mmm, god you bitches are gonna make me cum soon…” she moaned loud as she stared at her daughter’s beautiful face contorting in erotic pleasure. “Fuck her hard Carla, make her scream…fuck my daughter… make mummy cum Anna!”

Anna’s arms were now thrashing on the back of the sofa. Her tits were squashed on the top, the coolness of the leather catching the tips and crumpling her hard nipples. Her screams rang out as Carla fucked her like a rag-doll. Carla moved her hand to the front and now danced her fingers on Anna’s clit.

“Ohh god Carla… I’ll cum, I’ll cum….” Anna stifled the words out.

Elsa rubbed furiously on her throbbing clit, her heels digging in to the large desk. She bucked her arse off the chair and pulled her nipples so hard with her free hand. “Cum for mummy…” she moaned… “Cum for mummy…” Saying it over and over again.

Carla struggled to get the words out as sweat dripped from her clammy body. “Cum for me baby, cum for me…” She strummed Anna’s clit hard and she screamed and squealed as her body shook. Her legs went weak and she fell to the floor.

Elsa’s moaning reached fever pitch as her arse left the chair and her heels embedded themselves on the top of the desk, mother and daughter cumming in unison. Elsa sank back in her chair, her arms and legs limply hung over the sides, her breathing ragged and uneven.

She looked up at the screen to see her daughter, but noticed her gone. She could see movement from behind the sofa as Anna’s soft recovering moans filled the small room.


Carla had fallen to the floor too, trying to cushion the blow for when Anna came down from her heavenly high. They now cuddled behind the sofa exactly where they fell. Carla pressed her lips to Anna’s sweaty forehead and lovingly licked the salty taste from her skin. Anna looked up at her dominant lover, and attempted to speak. Carla put her finger onto Anna’s lips “Ssshh… time to rest!”

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