Naughty Stepdaughter p2


Naughty Stepdaughter p2I sat wondering what to do? my little secret fuck session with my hot blonde stepdaughter had actually been shown live on the internet, and now one of the loud mouths of the area pervert Barry had seen it, and was bound to start telling anyone who would listen.’So when’s the next performance?’ he asked in his next text, with a winking emoji.Then Stacey came down the stairs dressed in a long t-shirt and shorts, and looking like a normal teenager again, not a hot naughty sex pot.”I think we have a problem” I said looking over at her.”What is it?” she asked moving to the sofa and sitting beside me.”Do you know pervert Barry, that fat hairy creep down the Red Lion?” I asked”Yeah, kind of” she replied”He saw us on the internet” I said.”Well, yeah” replied Stacey “That’s what the cameras for””You did it deliberately?” I asked in disbelief.”Well, yeah, cam shows make good money if you do right!” replied Stacey “And you coming in like that and fucking me, really worked!” she said grinning, before showing me her phone that had over 4 hundred quid transferred to her account in the last hour.”Holy fuck!” I exclaimed in disbelief, my hot sexy stepdaughter wasn’t just a slut, but a clever one too.”Well, what about Barry?” I then asked “He’s going to talk down the pub, you know what he’s like after a few beers, and then your mother might find out!”Stacey sat quiet for a moment, and then said “Fine! i’ll fuck him!””What?” I asked again disbelief”I’ll fuck him!” said Stacey again “Ask him to come over, and in exchange for his silence, i’ll fuck him, but only on camera!”I sat in silent disbelief, this little petite blonde was like some crazy hot hustler and clearly had already worked out how to control the average man.So, I sent a text back to Barry offering the deal and in seconds he agreed, and two days later when the next game of football was on my wife Stacey’s mother went off to see her friend again, and ten minutes later the doorbell chimed and Barry stood outside grinning like a mad man.”Evening, you dirty bastard!” he said stepping into the house.”Yeah, yeah” I replied quickly closing the door.”So where is the little tart?” he then asked looking round the living room.”if you mean Stacey, she’s upstairs just setting things up” I replied “Now listen” I then said staring him firmly in the face “Stacey is a lovely young woman and very dear to me, so if you hurt her, or try anything she doesn’t like, I will make you regret it” I said trying to sound all macho and fatherly.”Alright, daughter fucker!” replied Barry with a wink.Then Stacey appeared at the top of the stairs in a white bikini that barely covered her little tanned boobs and pussy, and looking down at us said “Alright i’m ready, come on!”Eagerly Barry stomped up the stairs fairly quickly, despite being a fat bastard, and very quickly followed Stacey into her room.I followed them in, and inside Stacey had put a white sheet over her bed, positioned the computer and camera at the bed, and then gestured to Barry.”Alright take all your clothes off, and lie here!” she said pointing to the middle of the bed.”Fuck yeah!” grinned Barry, and quickly he began pulling off his old sweaty clothes, revealing a big hairy belly and hanging man boobs, and then his trousers and pants came off to reveal a fairly small cock standing half erect out of a bush of black hair.I did not envy my poor stepdaughter at all, and wished I could stop this from happening, but then my stepdaughter looked over at me and said “You two” and I quickly replied “What?” and she quickly said back “Well, you help create this situation, so you can help fix it!” and so suddenly I was now going to double team my own stepdaughter with the local dirty pervert, and reluctantly I pulled my clothes off and joined Barry on the bed.”Nice balls maltepe escort old man” grinned Barry taking a good look at my crotch.Then Stacey stood in front of the camera, clicked a button on the computer, and seconds later we were live on the internet again.”Hey folks!” grinned Stacey into the camera “I have two dirty old men with me today, I hope you enjoy!” Then she turned climbed onto the bed between us and immediately grabbed hold of our dicks and began stroking them into full life.Barry immediately groaned on feeling Stacey’s little warm hand wrap around his little dick, and I let out a small groan too as she squeezed my balls and then slid her hand up and down my shaft.After a few seconds she leant over into my lap, and began sucking on my cock, her little wet mouth sucked on my cockhead expertly just like she had done the first time, and after a few seconds I was nearly fully firm, and then she switched and began sucking on Barry’s cock.He groaned again, and to be honest I thought he was going to shoot his load right then in my stepdaughters mouth, but he then relaxed and lay back enjoying Stacey’s brilliant blowjob skills.”Oh fuck yeah baby!” he groaned as Stacey sucked on his six inches hard and fast taking him fully into her mouth with ease.As she sucked on his cock, Barry’s hands began to wander and quickly he was squeezing and groping her little round tits through her bikini top while mine were gently stroking her ass cheeks.Then Stacey stopped sucking his cock, stood up, and we watched excitedly as she whipped her bikini top off before turning to the camera and smiling, and then turning around again she bent over and slowly lowered her bottoms revealing her beautiful little round ass and bald little pussy..Barry stared in stunned amazement as my hot little blonde stepdaughter stood completely naked right over him, and to be honest again, I was really hoping he might have a heart attack right then, and at least my stepdaughter wouldn’t have to fuck him.But no, he was fine, and so my step daughter straddled his waist, and then slowly lowered herself towards his hard little cock, and then her little bald pussy touched down.Barry groaned loudly as his cockhead brushed between her little wet lips pushing them apart as he slid into her warm wet tight hole.”Oh fuck! oh fuck!” Barry groaned loudly as my hot stepdaughter’s little naked body sat on top his his hairy fat body.And then when he was clearly almost balls deep inside of her, she began grinding against him.Barry let out another loud groan and began mumbling “Oh fuck this really happening! oh fuck this is really happening!”Then as the fat land mammal lay there having the best day of his life, my stepdaughter began moving her hips up and down, and very quickly they were fucking.”Oh god yeah! oh god yeah! oh god yeah!” Barry groaned over and over in disbelief this was really happening.Then as my hot blond tanned stepdaughter was bouncing on Barry’s cock she gestured to me to get closer, so I stood up, and quickly she grabbed my hard cock, pulled me closer and began sucking me.I groaned happily as Stacey sucked and gobbled my cock like it was candy cane, Stacey groaned a bit clearly a little turned on having a threesome with her stepdad and a fat old man, and Barry was groaning the loudest just happy to have a girl of his dreams riding his little cock.After a few more minutes, Stacey lifted up off Barry, pushed me down onto the bed, and quickly mounted me.Her little wet pussy slid onto my larger eight inch cock with a little force, but soon I was deep inside my own stepdaughter again, and as her warm wet pussy rode my hard stiff cock, Barry got up to his feet and quickly Stacey began sucking his cock.For several more minutes we fucked just like that, and if Barry and his big hairy belly hadn’t escort maltepe been there, it might even been the best fuck I had ever had.My stepdaughters little wet pussy slipped up and down my shaft eagerly taking me deep inside of her and I loved how her little pink lips dragged up my pole and back down again.Then after a bit more, Stacey got Barry to lay back down, and then switching onto her side, I continued to fuck my stepdaughters pussy, as she sucked and tugged on Barry’s cock.We were all groaning happily for a few more minutes as we fucked in that position, then Stacey pulled off me, rolled over, and offered herself to Barry again.Barry quickly slid his little hard cock back into her wet open pussy, and gripping her hips began ramming his cock into her pussy, while she leant over and sucked on my cock again.For a good few minutes Barry was grunting and groaning as his cock pumped in and out of Stacey’s little wet pussy, and I was groaning happily as she sucked on my balls and then cock again.After a few more minutes Barry was clearly getting to excited, and Stacey clearly wanted to put on a show for her viewers, so she quickly pulled off Barry’s cock, and then got him to lay on his back again.Then she straddled him again, only this time facing the camera, before she began lowering herself back on him, but to my surprise and Barry’s, she placed his cockhead up against her puckered pink ring, and we both watched in stunned silence as she forced Barry’s little cockhead to open up her little ass, and with a groan she slipped down onto his cock.”Oh fuck! oh fuck!” cried Barry in disbelief “I’m in her ass! i’m in her ass!”Stacey then gently began riding his cock, moving her little tanned ass up and down, and both me and Barry watched in excitement as his cock appeared and then disappeared into her back hole.”Oh fuck it’s so tight! her asshole is so tight!” Barry groaned as he lay there, definitely having the best night of his life.Then Stacey gestured me over again, and I stood next to her thinking she wanted to suck my cock again, before she smiled at me and said “No, put in my pussy!”Wow! I thought, I had never had a threesome before, and certainly never had fucked a girl while she was getting fucked in the ass, my stepdaughter really was super hot and super sexy, so I crawled between Barry’s and Stacey’s legs, placed my hard cock up against her wet little pussy, and slipped into my stepdaughters wet warm hole.Stacey groaned loudly and excitedly, both of her holes were now full of cock, and eagerly both me and Barry then began thrusting into her, as she sat between us.For a few minutes I pumped my cock into Stacey’s pussy, Barry filled her ass with his, and Stacey groaned and grunted as she got fucked by two older men.Then Stacey lent back a bit onto Barry’s big fat stomach, and I gripped her hips and really began thrusting into her.”Oh yes! oh yes!” Stacey moaned as I sped up the pace.”Oh god, I can feel your cock next to mine!” groaned Barry “It’s like it’s rubbing up against mine, and i’m fucking loving it!” he groaned loudly.After a few more minutes Barry was clearly getting more and more excited, and knowing he was enjoying the feeling of my cock pounding away just inches from his, I sped up the pace again really giving my stepdaughter everything I had, and as she began to get louder and more excited so did Barry.”Oh god this amazing! this so fucking amazing!” Barry cried and then i heard him begin to groan and over Stacey’s shoulder i saw him start to tense up.”OH FUCKING HELL YES!” he then cried through gritted teeth, and i actually felt his cock begin to pump and fill my hot little stepdaughter ass full of his sticky hot cum.Stacey then began crying out too, as Barry unloaded in her little ass and i kept fucking her little pussy, and with maltepe escort bayan a loud enough cry to wake the neighbours Stacey came hard on my cock.”OH FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!” she screamed as she bucked between us.I immediately stopped and held myself deep in my stepdaughters pulsing pussy as she came on my hard cock, while Barry let out another loud groan as her ass milked his cock.Then after a few more seconds Stacey calmed down and relaxed, and i pulled my cock out of her, so she could get off Barry.As she lifted herself off of him, Barry’s little spent cock flopped out of her dripping cummy ass, and he just lay there on the bed with a big happy grin on his face looking completely and utterly fucked, and then Stacey knelt on the bed facing the camera, and asked me to fuck her ass as well.So i got up behind her, placed my hard wet cock against her leaking little pink ring, and then gently forced my way into her back passage.Stacey groaned excitedly feeling her stepdads cock slipping into her used tight little hole, and when i was a good few inches in, i began fucking her ass, as i gripped her slim little tanned hips.”Oh daddy! oh daddy!” she groaned as i plunged my cock in and out of her asshole.Her ass really was tighter than her pussy, just like Barry had said, and wrapped around my cock i began to understand why Barry didn’t last long in there, and after just a few more minutes of eagerly fucking my stepdaughters little ass, i was soon closing in on Cumming myself.”Oh god i’m nearly there!” i groaned as i held onto her hips tight.”Do it daddy, cum in my ass!” she groaned while staring into the camera the whole time.I pounded away at my stepdaughters ass for another minute or more, enjoying the feeling of my hard cock slipping in and out of her little asshole despite it already half full of Barry’s sticky seed.Then as i began to feel my balls tighten, and knew the inevitable was about to happen, i leant over onto my hot blonde Stepdaughter and whispered into her ear “You ready for your stepdaddy’s cum?””Yes daddy yes!” she groaned back while still staring at the camera “Fill my asshole with hot sticky cum!”And then i thrust deep and hard into her, and with a mighty groan i began filling her asshole with my sticky load as well.”OH DADDY YES!” she cried out as my cock exploded deep in her bowels.For several amazing minutes i lay on top of my hunched over stepdaughter, filling her little asshole with my man seed, while god knows how many people watched us on the internet.Then after a few more seconds i was done and i just lay on stepdaughter hugging her and enjoying the feeling of my cock deep in her sticky little ass.”Oh god, that was the best one yet” she whispered to me, before turning her head and kissing me passionately.Then i finally lifted off of her, and as i did my cock slipped out from her asshole, and quickly Stacey crouched up on her bed, letting the cum dribble out of her open ass, for her fans to see.After that, Stacey jumped up off the bed, switched off the camera, and then left the room to go clean up.”That was fucking awesome!” Barry then said to me still looking completely fucked.”Yeah i guess it was” i replied “Now get the fuck out, and remember, you say nothing to no one, right!”Barry quickly agreed, and a few minutes later he had got his clothes back on, and walked his fat ass out of my house, and at last it was over, and i could return to a normal happy life again.Until Stacey a few minutes later came skipping down the stairs all excited “Look at my bank balance!” she cried showing me her phone, and on the screen was nearly 9 hundred quid.”Bloody hell!” i exclaimed in amazement.”They loved seeing me getting fucked by two older guys!” she grinned”Yeah, well, we don’t really want to be making a habit of that” i replied not keen on her going down that road for a few extra quid.”Well, it doesn’t have to be another guy!” she said “Maybe i could get a girl friend to join us, next time!” she then grinned, and quickly scampered back up stairs again.”Oh fuck” i thought, what have i done?

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