Neighbor part 2


Neighbor part 2I didn’t know if he would hang with me again. I remember the guilt I felt after my first encounter with my buddy in highschool. But an hour later the bell rang. I opened the door and there Carl was with a hardon pointing in his pants. He said “what am I going to do with this now”? I said “I thought we took care of that” and then we both laughed. He came back in and sat down. He kinda wanted to talk about what had happened. I told him about all my desires growing up and he admitted to some of the same. He asked me about my gay porn collection. I told him that when my wife admitted to liking lesbian videos, I shared with her I liked gay ones. So we started ordering it. My favorite was a film called “Light Blue Hankie left”. It was old school and didn’t have actors. In LA and San Fran of the 60s and 70s, gay men used different color hankerchiefs to show what they were into. Light blue was sucking cock. Left pocket meant they wanted to give. Carl asked if we could watch it some more. He said he had four hours until his wife got home. Maybe we could do some more stuff? muğla escort I got the video, stripped down, and put my cock ring back on. I brought one out for Carl. As he pulled his pants off I saw he had shaved his pubes off. Very hot to see that. I knelt, clipped the ring on him and then started sucking his hard cock again. He was dripping already and was clearly into this. I lubed my ass up and rose up in his lap. I held his hard cock to my ass and slowly sat down on it. He gasped as he pushed all the way in. I started riding his cock and we were both loving it. He stood up, holding on to me, and laid me on the carpet on my back. He then held up my legs over his shoulders and started fucking me hard. He had not fucked his wife in years and was making up for lost time. I knew he wouldn’t last long here and he didn’t. He built up very fast breathing hard and was getting close. I started cheering him on saying “Fuck me Carl”! That put him over the edge and he exploaded in my ass heaving back and fourth. He then pulled back and went down eskişehir escort on my cock trying to suck his first. I encouraged him and showed him how to work my with his hand as he sucked. I came very quickly and he wasn’t ready for it. He pulled back with a funny face and spit it out. I told him it would get better. We went back in my bedroom and washed up and then laid back on my bed. I got into a 69 and we nursed each others soft cocks until we fell asleep.An hour or so later I woke to his hardning cock (so was mine). He was going to get the full treatment, I was going to fuck him. I lifted his legs and licked on his ass hole. I worked my fingers in and out for several minutes to streach it out some. When I had three in him, I replace them with the head of my now hard cock. I pushed slowly in a little and back out. It took a few minutes but I got my head in. He said it hurt so we held off a few minutes before working some more. Eventually I got all the way in and started fucking him slowly. All the way in and all the way out. He gaziantep escort said it felt good now so I went to work and fucked him properly. We held each other as I fucked him. He pulled me down and then kissed me. I was caught off guard but went with it. It got me very hard instantly and I fucked him like a mad man. I cried out and came hard (fourth time in a matter of hours). This was a new record for me. We laid there for a few minutes before getting dressed again. He ran home to ready for his wife. No matter than 20 minutes later his wife drove in the garage. I laughed but then my phone rang. My wife was checking in. She joked and told me not to beat off too much…. I said “too late”. We both laughed.Over the next two weeks we got together every day for several hours before his wife got home from work. He found he prefered being a top and letting me suck him off or fucking me. I was fine with that as I prefer being a bottom. I loved taking my time to slowly work his cock, get him close, back off, get him close again, and finally take him over the edge and swallowing his load.Once my wife got home we couldn’t play nearly as ofter. I had to satisfy myself with quick blowjobs in Carl’s lawn shed or in the front seat of his car. Once in a while we would meet in the woods for fun. It was a good time. I moved a few years later. Would love to have my fuck buddy back.

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