Neighbor Pete, cont.


Neighbor Pete, cont.My ass quivered several mins. after Pete pulled out.Finally steady enough,I stepped out of my shorts and made my way inside.Squatting in my tub, I gingerly washed my abused little opening.That man must shot a quart of cum up me as I was coated in it.Needing some down time,I slipped into a G-string,got some jack and went out to sun.Face down on my lounge,a hot sun beating down,I thought of the hot sex.Previously I’de caught Pete leering at me sunning.Wanting more I glanced over to see nothing,so I drifted off.I woke when my gate opened then closed.MMMMM, I thought seeing bahis siteleri Pete amble over.Before he said a word,I asked him to apply baby oil to my back.Squirting a generous amount on me,he straddled my chair and worked it in.From my shoulders to my toes, he coated me,a naughty idea hit me.I wanted him just like this.Face down,feet together,I wanted his hairy chest on my back.I wanted that thick slab of meat to part my ass and bury itself deep.I wanted his full weight on me,his hands on my hips to lift up then drive down forcefully.I wanted this mature stud to take me,to plant canlı bahis his seed deep inside my ass.As if to offer,I reached back,pulled the tiny strap aside and showing him my opening.”I need oil everywhere”I said innocently as he chuckled.Rimming my hole, I moaned.”This hot little ass is what I need to talk about”he said.”Why don’t you mount me,slide your big cock back in and we’ll talk” I offered.He went on to explain his guilty feelings.Me sucking his cock was one thing but his fucking my asshole,no matter how hot,tight and satisfying it was,made him feel like he was cheating on güvenilir bahis his wife.A little disappointed,I rolled over,legs apart.I took hold of my full erection as he looked down.”Lets say you came home to find your wife sucking my cock, would you be mad?”.He opened his pants withdrawing his growing erection.”I’de be shocked as she hates sucking dick” he grinned.Resting back on my elbows,smiling.”it’s cool, I’ll still suck that big dick” I said brushing it with my toes.An amazing thing happened then.Except for the first time, he had always had lasting power.Tilting his head back,his grip increasing he climaxed.A thick rope of cum erupted,landing on my belly,cock and upper thigh.It was just fucking hot.”I washed it” he groaned.”Come here and suck it”.Leaning forward I took him balls deep to clean it for him.

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