Neighborly Relations Pt. 17


Author’s Note: Please excuse the delay in getting this installment online. I had to take time out to write a few paid pieces before continuing to write for pleasure.


PART SEVENTEEN: Change Partners!

At three p.m. on Sunday afternoon, Emily Porter kissed her husband at the front door, handed him his suitcase and suit bag, and said, “Now you play nice with Tania. Okay? Have fun.”

“This is very weird,” Robert said. “But, I sure will have fun.”

Emily kissed her husband and sent him on his way.

When she closed the door, she stood looking at the living room a moment wondering if she was really ready for company. Yes, there were small bottles of lubricant available in the living room, kitchen, her office on the first floor, and all the bedrooms upstairs because it paid to be ready. A large bottle downstairs, of course. She’d put one of her smaller dildos in her office and another in the basement where they’d be handy, too. Plug in the camera! She hadn’t done that.

Emily walked to the kitchen and got the camera, which she carried out to the living room and connected to the computer to charge it up. They’d already put a new memory card in, so it had room to spare. Robert had specifically asked that they take plenty of pictures.

Except for making supper, was about it.

She had drawn Jason O’Neil while Elaine got Paul Burton. Emily wasn’t acquainted with either of the men personally, though she’d had a taste of Jason’s cock at the party, so she was looking forward to having two strange men in the house and no idea of what would happen between them.

Nobody had specified who would be in charge of these swaps. It was implied that the women had final say in their activities, since they were the ones drawing names, but it was never spelled out. They would have to play that by ear.

The couches! She hadn’t covered them.

“Elaine! Bring down some towels,” she called up the stairs. She didn’t have old comforters, so she would only protect the cushions with bath towels. It would probably be enough. “About five!”

Elaine came bouncing down the stairs a moment later with several large towels. “This’ll be cool,” she said, as they put the towels down on the couches. “You’ll like Paul. His dick is a little shorter than Carter’s, but not much.”

“Elaine, don’t tell me you’re one of those bigger is better girls,” Emily said. “Don’t be so fast to judge.”

“Oh, it’s just three quarter inch or so. We measured all the guys at one of the parties. But I read that a woman will always judge a man’s cock against the size of the first one that fucked her. Danny’s cock isn’t small.”

“No, it certainly isn’t,” Emily agreed, envisioning her son’s hard cock right then.

She wondered if he was already putting it in Betty Burton, or if they were baking some cookies first. He had seemed happy enough to be going across the street to the Burton house, and she hoped he was having fun.

That was when the doorbell rang, and her thoughts returned to her own activities.


Danny had been interested in watching the Burton videos. He wasn’t sure why, since he’d seen all the Burtons fuck at the party, but the illicit, private nature of their home videos made them special. He’d already asked about them, so Betty knew right off that he’d be wanting a private showing.

“It’s just the two of us now, young man,” she said, adjusting her glasses on her prim nose. “Just you and Grandma.”

“Yes, I guess so.”

“I’ll get us some cookies and we can settle down in the TV room. Home movies are such a treat,” she said. Then she turned and walked to the kitchen, her skirt swishing back and forth on her shapely legs. Danny was impressed at her figure. Fifty-eight didn’t seem like so bad an age after all.


Robert was met with kisses at the Mosswell door. Tania held him close and kissed him passionately, and then led him in saying, “We’re going to have fun, dear.”

“Where’s the family?”

“Tillman and Robert are already at gone, and the other children are driving back home. They’ve all got work in the morning.”

“So it’s just the three of us, then?” Robert asked.

“Oh, yes. You, me, and that cute little blond boy,” she said, referring to Carter Burton.

Tania had the supreme luck of getting a two for one deal in the drawing. Sherona had drawn Carter Burton, but she had gone home and left him for her mother. That meant that both Tania and Emily would have men at home to play with for at least part of the day while their own pick from the drawing was at work. Carter and Paul both worked for Burton Construction, and, as family members, they made arrangements to work half days on Monday and Tuesday. Emily had to promise her daughter not to use Paul Burton up before she got home, but Tania had no such restrictions. She could wear the poor boy down to a raw bone during the day and have fresh meat to play with at night.

Tonight, however, Tania was mostly tired. Judging by Carter’s yawns as he sat on the couch watching the istanbul rus escort ball game and waiting for Robert to arrive, he was tired, too. What Tania really wanted right now was a little nap.


Emily was of the same opinion. It was probably foolish for them to think they could extend the party like this when they’d exerted themselves so completely the night before. Even as she invited Jason and Paul into the house, she was going though an inventory of low energy sexual positions in her mind.

Elaine was feeling quite spirited, however, and she bounded into the room to greet the men with an apparently endless supply of energy.

“Hey, let’s have naked day,” Elaine proclaimed. “First guy to loose his boner has to do dishes.”

Jason laughed. “That’ll be me,” he said. “It’ll be ready when I need it, but there won’t be any showing off till then.”

“Yeah,” Paul agreed. “My dick’s kinda roughed up. Still looking red, though it’s not so sore any more.”

“Sore dick?” Emily said. “Oh, my, we’d better look into that. Nurse Elaine, could you get the patient ready for his exam?”

“What? Oh, sure, Mom.” Right then, playing doctor with her mom was an intriguing idea. She wondered what examination techniques Mom used, and how they differed from those of her children. “Come on, Paul. I’ll get you ready.”

Paul and Jason fell into the game right away, and the younger man followed Nurse Elaine dutifully off to the half bath on the main floor where he allowed her to strip him and give his penis a careful sponge bath with a washcloth.

“You are red down here, aren’t you?” she said, trying her best to sound like a nurse as she knelt before him and examined his half erect cock and balls. She lifted his cock and took one testicle into her mouth carefully, juggling it with her tongue. His cock immediately stiffened to full power. “I think you’ll be all right,” she said, standing. “Come on, let’s get the doctor’s opinion.”


Tania and her men spent a few minutes watching the baseball game, but their team pulled ahead by five runs and the game became less interesting, so they went to the kitchen and had a cup of coffee and planned their evening. There wasn’t much to plan.

“Are you guys as tired as I am?” Tania asked as they sat. Both Robert and Carter admitted as much. “Okay, then I think we should take it easy today. Lay back, chill, and don’t stress the situation. Sound good?”

“Sure, but I hope that doesn’t mean we don’t get anything today,” Carter said. “I’ve never been with you, and I hear that you’re worth spending some time with.”

Tania smiled. “That’s so sweet of you to say, Carter. Don’t worry about getting something today. I’ll take care of my boys,” she promised.

Meanwhile, they had coffee and a slice of pie and let their minds wander.


Danny had sampled Betty Burton’s coffee cake, apple pie, and pussy by the time he’d been there an hour and a half. He hadn’t cum, but he was glad to see that she did, loudly and athletically, as he slammed his cock inside her cunt.

He had also watched several Burton family movies, and he was coming to the point where David and Amy Burton joined the mix, but before Paul and Ginny were old enough to play. He wasn’t very interested in the new stuff, but the old stuff was cool.

Unlike Danny, Betty was very interested in “new stuff” and she knelt before the naked boy as he watched her family fuck on screen to pay close attention to his nice, young cock. It was so smooth and straight, with a pattern of veins decorating the surface. His cock head was hard and almost purple in color, and his balls were covered by downy hairs so fine that that went unnoticed when she took his scrotum into her mouth. Such sweet young balls, and such a succulent young cock.

Danny had given her a wonderful orgasm earlier, and she could credit him with knowing how to get a woman off. He had the right stuff, all right. But she knew that her pussy didn’t have the grip it once had and he had probably cum his limit at the party, so it would take special attention to release his spurting cream. That was something she knew a lot about, and she set about proving it then.

Danny watched the Burton family fuck each other in a circle on the play room floor and stroked the gray hair of the woman between his knees as she brought her mouth down onto him. Oh, yes. Once she had the head into her mouth, she moved down slowly, lapping at his cock with her eager tongue and descending until her nose was pressed against his pubic bone and her chin nestled into his ball sack. He was so far in that he could feel his cock within the ridged surface of her throat. Oh, God, yes.

The 58 year old woman held the 19 year old boy’s rigid cock in her throat, breathing slowly through her nose, as she fondled his balls in her right hand. She swallowed once, and then twice in succession, causing her throat to move against the sensitive head of his cock. She was rewarded with a twitching along the kadıköy escort shaft, a short gasp, and tighter, pulling grip on her hair. More swallows, more short excited breaths, and now he had both hands holding her head, pulling at her hair.

She slowly moved up again, lapping her tongue on him more rapidly as she did, and grasping his hard rod in her hand as soon as she’d released enough of him from her mouth to get a grip on. She pumped him in earnest, licking and sucking his cock, and then dropped and tilted her head to take both balls into his mouth, washing his scrotum with her tongue.

“Oh, God, Mrs. Burton,” Danny said. “I’m going to, to cum real soon.”

“Are you going to give Granny some cream, boy?” Betty asked as she looked up at him through the fogged glasses that sat cockeyed on her face. “Do you like Granny’s mouth enough to give her a shot? Granny’s pussy sure liked your cock, you know.”

She put her mouth back on him, pumping, sucking, and stroking his balls. She knew he’d be blasting off soon, and her pussy was twitching in sympathy with the coming release. They might even cum together.

Betty Burton’s favorite position for receiving a hot blast of semen was on her knees with the man slamming into her from behind. The depth of her partner’s thrusts, and the angle of the cock in the dog style was great as his movement mashed her face into her pillow, and that hot cum spurting inside her was a bonus to her orgasm. If he might give her a swat or two along the way, that was good too.

Her second favorite position was also was on her knees but with a hard cock in her mouth. She loved it when the man held her head on both sides as Danny was doing now and pumped himself into her mouth, but she also enjoyed it when he lay still and gave her full control. When he released into her mouth, hot and musky, her pussy always twinged. While she would rather feel his jism inside her cunt, she loved the taste of cum, too.

Facials were in another category. They were what she allowed a man to do because he clearly wanted to do it, not because she had any particular preference. As long as he didn’t shoot her in her eye, she was fine with it. But they were a man’s dirty fun, not really hers. She did enjoy a spurt on her belly or tits, because she liked seeing the semen emerge from the head of an excited dick. And they could sure cum on her ass, because she usually didn’t want sperm running from her butt after anal sex.

Today, as Danny gripped her head and she pumped her head and hand in unison on his quivering rod, she was planning on taking his release on her face. She expected him to like it, of course, but it was mostly for the camera her husband had placed to the side when he left and that she had activated when she initiated their sexual contact. A good porno needs a money shot, and she was going to finish with a grand money shot right on her glasses.

“Oh, oh, yes, Granny!” Danny cried out. “I’m going to fill your mouth. I’m going to give you my cream!” Yes, yes, it was rising, rushing to spurt into her hot mouth.

When she could tell his release was beginning in earnest, she pulled her head back and pumped him hard with his cock poised about three inches in front of her glasses. “Paint me,” she said.

His penis spat a blast of thick white semen onto her glasses, obscuring the vision of her right eye. Another blast hit her forehead, hot and urgent, and ran down to the bridge of her nose and then down beside her eye. She took one squirt on her tongue, savoring the slick texture of his young load, and pumped the remainder onto her glasses so that she couldn’t see through them at all.

“Oh, wow,” Danny said, slumping back on the couch.

Betty turned her face to the hidden camera, smiling as she moved a sample of cum from her forehead to her mouth. “Oh, yes,” she said. “Now that’s what I call creaming.”


Tania led her men to the living room and stood them side by side in front of the couch. “Strip,” she said, pulling her own top up over her head and tossing it aside. Neither man needed a second command, and they removed their clothing quickly to stand before her with their penises standing out proudly. “Sit,” she said then. They obeyed like trained dogs and sat looking expectantly at her for their reward.

Tania picked up a remote and started the DVD player. A porn movie came up on the screen. Two pregnant women were undressing each other.

“That’s one of my son’s collection,” Tania said. “He sure likes those pregnant white women. I know from watching you guys that you like them, too. Enjoy.”

“But what are we supposed to do?” Robert asked.

“Just sit there and enjoy yourselves,” Tania said as she brought a bottle of oil from the table and poured some into her right hand. “Relax,” she said, applying oil liberally to Robert’s cock. “Take it easy,” she said to Carter when she greased his flag pole, too. “Let me do the work.”

“Would you really rather give a hand job than get fucked?” Carter kartal escort asked as he lay back against the couch and got comfortable.

“No. But this is a contest,” Tania said. “The guy who comes first will be my sex slave. The guy who holds back gets to be my partner.”

“Wait,” Carter said. “What does that mean?”

“My partner can take me and ravage me when he wants too. But a slave can’t. He’s got to follow orders.”

“Oh,” Carter said, smiling. “Sounds all right either way. But you’re right handed and you’re using your right hand on me. Your right hand is bound to be stronger than the left, so you’ll pump it out of me faster.”

“Don’t worry.” Tania brought both hands to bear on his cock a moment, and then turned her attention to Robert again. “I’ll mix up the hands I use. This contest isn’t rigged.”

“Except that the older guy isn’t going to cum as fast no matter what hand you use,” Robert said. “There is a bit of bias at play here.”

“You guys are too picky,” she said. “Do want me to stop? We can find something good on cable and pop some corn. Should we do that?”

“No!” Carter and Robert replied in unison. There was no way that they’d let her stop doing what she was doing with her hands. No way.


Emily and Jason had a brief conversation while Elaine was getting Paul ready for his exam. “You’ll be the medical photographer,” Emily said as she handed him the camera. “Just pictures, I think. No movies just yet.”

Jason accepted the camera with a grin. “Do we all get copies?”

“Sure. I think Ralph Burton got pictures of everybody already, so a few more won’t matter.”

A sudden thought came to mind, and Emily hurried off to the kitchen. She returned a moment later with a clear juice glass. “Medical equipment,” she said, grinning.

“Here’s the patient,” Elaine said, leading Paul back by the hand. “Ready for his exam.”

“Good. You’d better disrobe, nurse. I’ll be needing your expertise for this exam.”

Jason took photographs as Elaine undressed and then lined up with the reclining chair where Emily had placed Paul to be ready for the exam.

Emily stood fully clothed to one side while her naked daughter was on the other and Paul sat between them with a blissful smile on his face. Then Emily bent at the waist, emphasizing her butt and her shapely legs emerging from her short skirt for the sake of the camera. She grasped Paul’s penis and pressed it up against his stomach to examine his balls.

“There are no problems here,” she said, fondling him gently. “Both testicles are round and of equal volume, and the skin of your scrotum seems nice and soft. Hot, too. Do you agree, Nurse?” she asked her daughter.

Elaine reached down to join her mother in fondling Paul’s balls, her breasts swaying as she leaned to the task. “They feel great,” she said.

“Your poor cock is another matter,” Emily told him. “It has definitely been over used recently. And,” she added with a sly smile, “This exam isn’t going to be very easy on it, either.”

Leaning further, she took his cock into her mouth. Jason got a great picture of Emily standing straight legged and leaning down past her waist to suck the boy’s cock. “Hot and tasty,” she proclaimed as she stood again. Nurse, you may prepare the patient for the next phase.”

When Elaine looked at her curiously, Emily tossed her the bottle of lubricant. Then her eighteen year-old daughter snapped to her task with enthusiasm while her mother removed her clothing beside the chair.

Paul moaned in appreciation as Elaine slicked his dick with the slippery oil. He would be happy to cum at any time, but was eager to see what was next.

“You may prepare me now,” Emily said as soon as she was nude. She stood with her hands out and her legs spread slightly, as her daughter ran to her side with the bottle of oil.

Elaine instinctively stood to one side so that Jason was able to get clear shots as she took the slick substance down her mother’s pussy and began rubbing it onto her labia. Emily sighed, spreading her legs a bit further and resting one arm on Emily’s back. “Oh, yes,” she said. “And make sure you get it inside my cunt, too.”

Elaine did as instructed, slipping two fingers as far inside her mother’s body as she could while Emily smiled and sighed.

“Now, my ass,” Emily said, turning. She bent over and reached both hands back to spread her buttocks open to reveal her puckered hole. “Grease it real good.’

Elaine oiled all around her mother’s asshole, and then she slipped one greasy finger inside of her. One finger, moving in and out, and then two, three, while Emily’s breath came in faster and faster gasps. “Okay,” she said at last. “I’m ready.”

Emily fully reclined Paul’s chair, and then climbed up onto it with her feet planted on either side of his hips. “We’re going to check out your tensile strength now,” she said. “Relax. This won’t hurt a bit.” Then, to her waiting daughter, she said, “Nurse, please hold his cock upright and prepare to help him enter the test chamber.”

Elaine held Paul’s cock, and her mother lowered herself onto it slowly, her pussy swallowing it an inch at a time. Once she was fully down, she began fucking him very rapidly, as though trying to release all of his load as fast as possible. Paul reacted by moaning in with high pitched whistle.

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