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Authors note: I hope I’m doing this right is this how an author’s note goes? This is my very first ever story I wrote of free will. I’ve been on this site for about 3 years I think and just decided to write my first ever story were motivation came out of the blue and made me wrote this. I hope you like this story be critical in your comments if you need to be so I can understand what I can do to make you guys happy. It might take a while for these story parts to be uploaded because I don’t have an editor. (sorry)

I’ve seen this on other stories so I’m going to put it cuz I think I have to: Every person engaging in any sexual activity is at least the age of 18 or over.

Every one please. Have a smooth, life.


December 25, 2002 Christmas morning I rushed to the stairs jumping down two steps at a time and ran towards the Christmas tree that filled the living room with the smell of fresh pine. I was ready to shout and scream “Merry Christmas” but paused my Christmas spirit at the bundle on my mother’s lap. Sitting on the couch was my mom and my step-dad with his arm wrapped around her shoulder with a red mug with gold writing written across it.

Sitting on moms lap was a girl no older than me, she had long black hair the probably reached the back of her knees and large bold emerald green eyes with long lashes and thick eyebrows all on a pale face.

“Mason, sweetie come and meet your new little sister.” my mother whispered with a smile on her face.

I walked over and did an awkward little wave and whispered “Hi.”

Her eyes just flickered over my face and she just stared at me not saying a word. I was entranced with how vivid her eyes were, maybe it was her pale face that made it them eye-catching.

My mom shifted deeper into the couch “Meet Avery, she’s going to be living with us from now on.” The love and care was evident in my mom’s eyes, my father also had a look of adoration on his face at my new little sister.

“Well kiddo it’s Christmas go see what Santa brought you.” he said with a wink and chuckle.

I felt my face stretch with the a large smile and rushed quickly to the tree and resting on my knees reaching forward grabbing a large box with red wrapping paper that had my name written on it, I rip the paper apart and the package reveals a new RC Plane.

I swish my head around to show off my new gift only to be met with startling green eyes that were unwavering and focused on me watching my every move.

“Didn’t she get presents from Santa Claus dad?” I asked him, even if she was new to the family it was pretty unfair for not to get anything on Christmas day.

“Matter of fact she did get something.” My mother grin stretches into a smile and she reaches behind the pillow she was resting on and removes three gifts all wrapped in the same deep blue paper with reindeers flying into the moon on it. Avery’s eyes widen at the presents my mom showed her.

“These are for you Avery,” mom said wrapping her arm around her waist bringing Avery Closer against her chest resting her chin atop of Avery’s head.

Avery Slowly unwrapped the one of the gifts and held up a pink box displaying a bracelet maker, she carefully set to the side on the couch and reached for her second gift. This one immediately bent in half and the paper crinkled letting me know it was clothes. She gently tore the paper off and three shirts fell into her lap, one was light green with a white cats face on the front, another was baby blue and the last one was pink with “Barbie” in cursive scrawled across it. She gently laid them across the bracelet maker and proceeded to open up her last gift. This one was also box shape and she carefully tore wrapping paper off and showed a white box, she lifted the lid and a stuffed purple giraffe with green spots popped out of the small confines of the box, she held it up and stared at the giraffe that was two feet in length she turned her stare at me and caught me staring at her face waiting for a reaction. She then hugged the giraffe to her chest and whispered.

“Thank you.” she sniffed and rubbed her tears away with her sleeve but they kept falling.

“Oh, baby girl.” my dad said and picked her up from my mom’s lap and hugged her to his chest while she tucked her face away from view and cried silently with my mom rubbing her back soothingly.

A random sense of protectiveness settled within me as I realized how delicate and sweet my little sister was. That Christmas day I vowed to love and protect her. I looked up to see one emerald tear filled eye gazing back at me as if sensing my new found commitment.


13 years later-

“Hello Passengers this is your pilot speaking we are preparing for landing here shortly, and welcome to Minot, North Dakota.”

Minot, it’s good to be back I thought almost been a 4 years. College was kicking my ass and I needed this break to see my family. Mom has been doing badly since she had the divorce with Samson I really wanted to be there for her second divorce but couldn’t with college going on. The guilt mecidiyeköy escort was like boiling acid eating away at me from the inside.

Avery. Observer, gazer, looker, I don’t know what else I could say. I terribly missed my sister the guilt of leaving her all alone was also wreaking havoc of my insides. I felt as if I was betraying our trust for being gone for such an absurd amount of time. I remember the first day she came home it was a memorable experience suddenly having a little sister. After that I tried my hardest to befriend her and she immediately warmed up to me even though she didn’t talk much but her eyes were the only thing I needed to look at because the big green orbs were very expressive, when she wanted them to be. I grew up to her with her about sixty percent staring at me even when I was talking to her, I knew making eye contact was respectful but with her it was different, like she was intently listening on every word I said. When puberty hit it was kind of hard to look directly into her eyes and be around her.

We both changed a lot during the age of change my once lanky and awkward body filled out and molded to into that of a football player, I followed in my real old man’s steps and played football all throughout high school and started it in college. I think I’m a pretty humble guy but I did not have a problem with getting sex especially being QB of the football team of the Texas Longhorns, people in Texas were crazy about football.

Avery changed a lot too, she came out of shell you could say and was more interactive, but just a bit. When you talked to her now she gave more than just one or two word answers or just the shake of the head. You could actually get a sentence out of her maybe even two if you were lucky. I was the one she really talked to I even thought she might actually like it, but she was more of a listener and observed what was going on around her. She was filling out her body quite nicely last time I saw her she even tried to date with the persistent pressure of my mother but that ended quickly when she came home in tears one night because her boyfriend of to one month wanted to take things to the “next level.” So I visited Tom Harvey’s house for a quick lesson of ass whoopin’, and was rewarded with a death squeeze hug from her and a kiss on the cheek from mom.

I felt the plane jerk downward as we made our decent into Minton, I grabbed my luggage and bought a rental from Enterprise. I didn’t tell anybody I was coming home in hope of a surprise to them both.

As I reached my neighborhood a sense of nostalgia of the quiet suburb of Minton the frigid air and tale-tale signs of snow fall was clear in the gray sky. I reached my old house and couldn’t help the grin that spread over my face and stepped out of the Chevy Malibu. A grabbed my suitcase and from the trunk and walked up the drive to the porch. A little pumpkin was hanging from the door as the last Halloween decoration. I couldn’t help the beating of my heart and nervousness swishing in my stomach, I rang the doorbell and waited.

The door opened up and my mom stood their eyes bulging out and mouth agape a she gasped and let out scream.

“Mason!” she screamed and sobbed, she wrapped in a bear hug with her small frame she was short at 5’3 compared to my 6’5 frame almost 300 pounds. A

She rocked me from side to side or at least tried and wept into my chest. “My baby boy, it’s been so long since I’ve seen you,” she stepped back with tears in her blue eyes, she had dark red plaid pajama pants and a blue house robe on her blonde hair looked messy like she just woke up.

“Look at you,” she sniffed, “all big and muscle-y, you look like a grown man I can’t believe how big you’ve gotten.” she hugged me tightly again and sobbed. I wrapped by arms around her feeling guilty because not only was I not there for her I didn’t take the time to visit her.

I rested my chin her head, “I’m so sorry.” I whispered feeling a slight stinging sensation behind my eyes as I was going to apologize profusely.

“Hush up, there’s no reason for you to be sorry even if it’s been almost four years since I’ve seen my baby.” she said laughed as she backed away from me to wipe her eyes. “Oh, what am I thinking get your big butt out from the cold.” she ushers me inside and the familiar smell of home washes over me. The living room has really changed a lot since I’ve been here which makes since. Instead of the black leather L shaped couch we had we had a normal tan fabric couch with a love seat and matching recliner chair in the room. They also go a new coffee table with reddish brown wood.

“Where’s Avery?” I asked hoping to see my little sister.

“She went out with a few friends earlier, she should be back later on though.” Mom replied, “You should get some sleep, I’m a pretty sure my baby’s tired from his trip.” she said

“Mo-o-om,” I dragged out at her use of the term baby.

“Oh, be quiet I’m your mother and you’ll always be my baby.” She bent me forward to give me a kiss on the forehead “Now shoo and get some nişantaşı escort rest I’ll make dinner when wake up.”

I traveled up the stairs and looked around at the upstairs living room that had another TV, couch and family desktop computer. I turned left down the hall to room I passed by my sisters room and thought about entering but though better of it intruding on privacy and entered by room. It was the same as I remembered maybe a little cleaner, royal blue walls a queen sized bed for my large frame I had various poster of football teams hanging up and my dresser held some awards and a football signed by Ray Lewis linebacker for the Ravens. The sense of being back home in this sleepy little town brought upon weariness and I was suddenly very tired and I was a little jet lagged so I removed my shoes and pants and through on some basketball shorts and laid down on my stomach and fell asleep instantly the moment my head hit the pillow.


When I woke up a saw the little light that shined through my blinds bathing my room in grey light. A tingling sensation roamed over my neck and back and I felt if I was being watched.

There’s a murderer in my room I half joked in my mind. I turned my head and squinted against the light from my window and looked behind me. There was a strange girl behind me and a hot one too. Wait. Avery?!

I couldn’t even recognize her, she really grew up. She was wearing a tight black tank that gripped and hugged her tits like a second skin and showed an amount of cleavage that made my blood hot. She wore short jeans that hugged her creamy pale thighs and probably her butt her black hair cascaded down her back and long legs really woke me up. I took my time reaching her face we’re I met soft looking pouty lips a cute nose and startling vivid green eyes long eyelashes and thick eyebrows that were raised as she stared at me with a what I swore was a slight curl to the edges of her lips. I think I needed a magnifying glass or binoculars to make sure.

I felt heat burn in my cheeks at being caught taking my sweet ass time looking over my sister. I sat up hoping she didn’t notice the chubby I was sporting’ in my shorts and made eye contact with emerald orbs.

“Hey, Avery-,” she shot off the spinny chair to my desk and tackled me back against my bed and hugged me and nuzzled against my neck and let out a whimper. I wrapped my arms around her waist and breathed her in. She smelled like apples and a rainy day, I was very aware of her breasts pressed against me. I tried to peel from her vice grip but she just tightened her hold, that’s when I noticed her quietly sniffling and whimpering. I wrapped arms tighter around her waist and sat up with her in my lap.

I put my mouth against her head and whispered, “I’m sorry for leaving you.” she pushed back and stared at me, her eyes were filled with tears and had that angry sparkle in it.

Her cheeks were flushed, “You made a promise.” She grinded out. If looks could kill, hers would be a war battalion centered only on me.

Before I left for college Avery all of a sudden ignored me for a month before my flight to Texas. Mom told me she was very upset that I was leaving them one, because things between mom and dad were getting worse, and two she was going to miss me which tugged at my heart strings. On the final day when I was walking out the house with my suitcase she rushed out tears streaming and hugged me.

“Skype me. Everyday. -After you wake up and before you go to sleep.” she said staring me dead in the eye not even blinking. She intertwined her fingers with my and whispered, “Promise me this. Please.” she laid her head against my chest.

“Of course I will,” I choked out and then cleared my throat. “I’m gonna miss you Ave.”

She continued to stare at me and seem to make a decision she leaned up on her tip toes and kissed me on the lips quickly, but held it a little longer than brother and sister should. She turned away and walked back into the house but turned around to give me one more pointed stare then entered the house, my lips were sizzling with the kiss she gave me a certain organ of mine was starting to seek attention.

“What’s wrong with you, that’s your sister?” I silently scolded myself.

Samson my step-father walked out the house with bags under his eyes and hair matted on his head with sweat, he was probably sweating out last night drunk fest. I know because I had to haul him out his truck and up the stairs. He shook my hand and said, “Good luck son,” and walked back into the house. My buddy Tommy drove me to the airport and on the way I thought about the kiss she gave me.

For the first six months of college I kept my promise to Avery, every morning I got on and skyped her and immediately she was on after the first ring. We talked a little bit but it was mostly me while she just stared at me. At night after practice a called, I’m not sure if I was noticing odd things but the more we skyped one another the more revealing clothes became. It started out with a simple tank top and pajama pants to tanks otele gelen escort that hugged her body more showed her midriff and hot pants all the way to wearing nothing but a towel with her skin glistening and hair wet. She never batted and eyelash.

But soon football started to really kick in and alarms rang in the morning so I could rush to practice and I went to bed tired of exhaustion and sleep was the only thing on mind. So for 3 and a half years I broke the one thing she’s ever asked of me and I felt like the world’s biggest asshole at the moment.

I came back to the present and the guilt and shame I felt was clearly shown across my face the tears in her eyes were starting to dry and the glare she had toned down a bit and the sparkle in her eyes told me she got the reaction she was hoping for.

“I’m sorry can you possibly forgi-,” she interrupted my apology as she jerked her head forward and pressed her lips to mine, I didn’t even have time to get a reaction in as she broke this kiss and jumped off my lap saying, “I’ll tell mom you’re awake.” and I watched her walk down the hall and turn right down the stairs. I was too stunned at to make a coherent thought and the Zeus bolt she sent through my lips wasn’t helping my case as they kept tingling. I got up and stood there thinking of what just happened.

“Maybe it was just a sisterly kiss welcome back.” I tried to rationalize, but it sure didn’t feel like it, I walked forward a bit and almost stumbled. “Left foot, right foot,” I repeated in my head. I made my way downstairs passed the living room and under an archway that led to the kitchen. My mom was at the stove stirring something in a pot, wearing a red apron with white puppy paws all over that I got her for Christmas one year. She turned around and smiled brightly at me, Avery was to the left cutting celery on a cutting board. She turned staring at me with the neutral expression that fits her face so right.

“Well look who’s up,” mom smiled and stuck her arm out for half a hug while still stirring whatever was in the pot. I walked over and put my arm over her shoulder and hugged her small frame, Avery was taller than my mom by an inch or two. I looked into the pot and saw manicotti shaped noodles inside.

“What are you making?” I asked.

She turned back to the pot and said “Chicken Fettuccine,” she smiled then raised a hand gripped my shoulder and brought me down to her level as she plastered smooches over my cheeks.

“Mo-o-om,” I complained.

“I can’t believe your home without even telling us too,” she said between kisses and then she released me from her barrage of affection.

I felt the sense of being watched tingling on my right side and looked towards Avery who was staring at me with those green eyes of hers. The stove beeped and mom pulled a baked chicken and handed them to Avery on a plate that was orange-ish red with brown rings around the edges. We even got new dishes. Avery scooped the chicken on the board and started cutting right through the chicken breast, cutting them in small chunks.

“Mason can you please get the fettuccini sauce out of the fridge?” she asked, “Should be on the side somewhere.”

I stepped towards the stainless steel double doors and opened both at the same time and snapped but eyes quickly from door till I saw a glass bottle with a brown and green labeled “Fettuccini Sauce.” I closed the doors and back over to the counter to set the bottle between them so whichever one needed it they could use when all of a sudden Avery backed up grinding her voluptuous rear against my crotch pouring life into it, then turned and walked around me with a simple stare as she opened up the kitchen closet to retrieve something. I took a shaky breath and coughed in my throat setting the bottle down and quickly turned around to exit the room.

“I’m going to go wash up upstairs.” I said.

“Alright dinner will be ready in a few.” My mother replied.

I quickly bounded up the stairs and turned towards my room but first looked over the indoor balcony to that allowed you to peer into the living room and some of the kitchen, and all I saw was Avery’s wonderful thighs and calves with pretty feet and toes standing at the island counter. I rushed towards my room, closed the door and pulled my shorts down along with my boxers and my massive erection sprang free bobbing side to side, up and down. I leaned back against the door and grabbed my thick meat and began to stroke it all the way to the base all the way up to the head. Images of my sister swirled inside my head providing me with masturbation material, my balls hung low and swung around as I furiously jerked myself off into oblivion. I imagined my sister was on her knees naked, her eyes dark with lust breathing heavily on the helmet of my cock was enough to send me over the edge.

“AVERY!” I shouted my balls tightened and my hand was a blur as I slid by and up and down my dick. The first rope of cum landed on my comforter, then rope after, after rope, after rope of cum splattered onto the floor, it felt light lightning was coursing through my veins my knuckles were drenched in the cum the dribbled out and the cum on the floor was already leaving wet spots, darkening the carpet. The bliss dizziness I felt was amazing, never in my life have ever came so hard while jackin’ it, even some girls I had in the past dulled to comparison to the euphoric experience I just had.

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