new best mate

Aika Saya

new best mateit all started out as another friday night out on the drink with my best mate shane.both 20 years old and constantly horny we did the usual drink ,chat to girls , get rejected , drink some more and try again til closing time then stagger back to shanes place. we always went back to shanes dads place cause his parents were divorced and his dad was hardly ever there. he was usually out doin the same as us just at different places…lol. anyway saturday morning arrives and im drifting in and out of sleep on the downstairs couch when shane wakes me and tells me hes off to work and to go up and sleep in his room so his dad doesnt wake me when he comes home. so i stagger upstairs and decide to take a shower before crashing again. feeling a little hungover and horny i decided since im home alone just to have a little play as i was already at half mast. so i lathered up my ccok and balls and chest and was soon hard as a rock and ready to cum when the door flys open and shanes dad steve walks in and says “your late for work shane get a move on!” before realising it wasnt his son but his sons best mate in his shower furiously jerking his hard cock. whoa?! he yells and makes a quick exit after having a long hard look. embarresed im quickly soft again and decide to wash off and get out. not sure what not to do next i go and lay down in shanes bed and try to go to sleep and hopefully steve forgets he saw anything and doesnt tell shane . i wasnt quite asleep when there was a knock at the door followed by steves voice. “why dont you get dressed and come down sarıyer escort for breakfast, im doin bacon and eggs”. still unsure of what was going to happen i decided to face the music and headed down. when i walked into the kitchen steve just gave me a big smile a bit of laugh walked over and gave me a pat on the back.”its alright we will keep this between me and you, no dramas everyone does it”. and with those words i felt totally relaxed and comfortable with steve as i always did. i had known them both for so long and loved hangin out there and didnt want anything to change. steve was one of the cool dads . he was 46 y/o fit funny and generous with his house and money. he made me feel better over breakfast and by the end we were having a laugh about it and were openly chatting about masturbation and sex and our night out. “obviously no luck with the ladies if your showers anything to go by” he joked. “did you get to cum by the way?” totally not expecting that question i stuttered some response about no but its ok i’ll be right. and with that he says “go and get out of your gear( was still in last nights clothes) put on some of shanes shorts and we will go for a beer and a swim sure that will make you feel better” so i head up stairs and put on some of shanes boardshorts and then out to the pool. i jump right in to freshen up and boy does it feel good the cold water on my hungover body and head. i do a couple of quick laps then hop in the spa and wait for steve . about 5 minutes pass esenyurt escort and im totally relaxed in the spa when steve walks out of the house holdind a little ice bucket with about 6 beers in it. then i look down and he is wearing a tight pair of speedos that hardly contain what looks like a huge cock. he notices me staring at his bulge and tells me he had to wear shanes speedos as he couldnt find his. i couldnt help but stare at his huge bulge as he made his way to the spa and hopped in and cracked 2 beers for us. i now had a hard on after watching his little show for me and i think he knew it as he was soon back on the sex talk and what he had seen in the shower as one hand kept disappearing under the water. after 2 beers he must have decided i was hooked and asked me if i had ever played with another guys cock, to which i nervously answered no. “would you like to?” but before i could even answer he stood up and peeled off those tight red speedos and revealed his big fat cock. it was a thing of beauty to look at, about 8 inches long and very thick. i just stared at it as he slowly started to stroke it to full size. without any words spoken he took a step forward and i reached out and replaced his hand with mine and continued his slow rythmn. he let out a low long moan as i increased the pace. i was really enjoying have such a big cock in my hand and he seemed in complete ectasy. he said he was close to cumming and sat up on the edge of the spa so i could get in front and jerk him to climax. after about 3 mins of avrupa yakası escort me stroking him he let out a series of loud grunts and exploded a massive load of cum all over my hand and his own chest neck and shoulder. he begged me to keep pumping and i did til his orgasm had subsided and his cock started to soften. not knowing what to do next i washed my hand in the spa and grabbed my 3rd beer as he recovered and joined me. he told me he hadnt cum for a week and that was one of the best orgasms he had ever had. he then took a large gulp of beer and says “your turn now”…”gonna return the favour and make it up to you for the shower incident” …”stand up” . i stood up and he grabbed for my rock hard cock through my shorts and started to stroke me then pulled my shorts down and played with my balls. i was so ready to cum for him and he seemed to be hornier than before.then he lead me out of the spa and into the lounge room where he layed me down and knelt beside me and started to jerk me again. ‘lay back close your eyes and enjoy” . so i did. he was doing a wonderful job working on my cock til i was close to cumming then he stopped spread my legs and got between them. only this time his hands were followed by his mouth. he took all of me in his mouth and started to give me the best bj i had ever had. slurping and suking and deepthroating me as i could feel him jerking his big cock against my lower leg.i couldnt last much longer and he knew it increasing his pace with his mouth and with his hand on his own cock. then i felt his cum hit my leg and it sent a surge through me and i erupted in his mouth as he kept pumping his cock and pulled his mouth of mine and pumped it too. we were both spent and layed there for a few minutes stroking our cocks til we gathered ourselves . “dont worry i wont tell shane about this one either”he joked. my new best mate was so funny ….and he cured my hangover.

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