New Job

New JobI recently started a new job and with it came a warehouse of young men and a few areas to hideaway for some masturbation if it was needed. As I got my tour on the first day I noticed not only the guys, but areas that I could possibly hide away for a few private moments but like most places of work there was always the chance of being seen. After the first week I noticed a few of the guys were being just a little more friendly than the others. One in particular would wink at me every morning when we greeted. Everyone in the office was like one big family and greeted with a Hi, good morning or at least ask how you were doing. This one morning I was in the kitchen, the coffee pot was empty, so I started to make another pot when I noticed the coffee container was almost empty. I made up the pot of coffee I was working on and then bent over to get a new container out from under the counter when I felt a nudge and a pair of hands grab my hips. I was slightly surprised and let out a small gasp. I felt a hard bulge pressing against my ass. “Excuse me”, I heard from behind me, “But güvenilir bahis şirketleri the view was just too nice and tempting.” I stood and turned around to find, Lance, the guy who had been winking at me. “You know I might being forward but I am attracted to you and wouldn’t mind having some fun sometime.” Lance told me. I was somewhat speechless as he was so forward, as he looked at me questioningly. After a few minutes I had regained my composure. “Sorry, I was just taken by surprise by not only what you said but your grabbing me ass; I am used to my husband doing something like that but not usually a co-worker. Don’t get me wrong I am OK with it just surprised.” I said. “Oh your married, I didn’t realize, I am sorry” Lance said. “Hey, no problem, my husband and I have a somewhat open relationship and as long as I am honest with him I can have fun outside of the marriage.” I explained. Lance looked a little surprised but happy at this news and leaned in to kiss me. His beard and mustache tickled. I normally am not attracted to men with beards just clean bets10 shaven or at the most a moustache. But Lance was such a nice guy and he was cute. “We better be careful and not get caught fooling around.” I pointed out. Lance smiled slyly, “There are a few places we could disappear for a quickie once in awhile, and if you have a few minutes I can give you a little morning pick me up.” He said as he pulled me gently towards of the doors leading towards the warehouse. My whole body was tingling I had slept with guys I had met at past jobs and even dated some of them but this was a first to even consider having sex at work where we might be caught. It added a whole new excitement to it. I let him lead me to a back room that I found out was, were the warehouse guys had their lockers. He pushed the door closed as he pulled me into his arms. He lifted my skirt, normally I don’t wear underwear and today was no exception, and there was nothing else to do except to undo his pants which he did in short time. My pussy had already started getting wet right from the start bets10 giriş when he came up behind me in the kitchen so his cock slid in very easily only took 2 pushes to fill me up. He pushed me up against the wall and grabbed my ass as I wrapped my legs around his waist. The whole idea of having sex at work where we could get caught any moment had us both very turned on and excited. I leaned over towards his neck and nibbled lightly on his ears and got a moan for a response. This sent a thrill through me, I like nibbling necks and ears so I gently nibbled his neck and in a response he grabbed my ass harder and pushed me hard against the wall so he could get every inch of penetration. This sent off a chain reaction the more he thrust his cock in me the more I nibbled and bit, which in turn excited him more and he would thrust harder. It sure didn’t take us long once we got going to both come and he surprised me that when he was about to cum he clamped his mouth on my neck and bit me gently, or so I thought in our aroused state I found later a bigger bruise than expected, but it put me over the top and I had to keep my mouth on his neck to stop from screaming. He set me down and we straightened out our cloths and just in time one of the warehouse workers pushed open the kitchen door just as we walked into the hall way beside the kitchen.

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