New Life, Here We Come Ch. 02


[This story involves adults of age 18 years or more]

Following a hot evening with our friend couple Sandy and Mark previous evening, I was having weird wet dreams that night. Great thing about these wet dreams is getting to fuck any random female. So I was doing the Chinese receptionist from work, a familiar voice interrupted the proceeding. Next thing I knew that it was my wife handing me off the cordless phone to me. I hated the timing, but it was 9:00 AM already, so I didn’t have much to crib about.


“Hey John! This is Dad. How have you been son?”

“Fine… What’s up with you folks?”

“Oh, we are wonderful. We are visiting your side of town later today and were wondering if you guys are available tonight for dinner. We have another meeting tomorrow. We are put up in a hotel.. Extended Stay or something …”

“Dad! You don’t have to stay in the hotel when you visit here… you know that… where is Mom?”

“Oh.. She will be travelling with me as well… this is great … family dinner tonight… mom will get your favorite…”

“Sounds good…see ya”.

I turned the phone off.

“It is my dad visiting us in the evening. He had some business near my area. “, I announced to my wife.

Cathy said, “That means we need to get the weekly groceries done right away so we have some time for cooking Bob’s favorite food.”

I nodded my head in agreement as I dressed up.

Soon, we left for the grocery. Cathy looked so cheerful in many years. I guess the new lifestyle was bringing some goodness in our lives. She talked to me about how much she liked Marked fucking her and seeing me with Sandy. Her pick of the evening was when she and Sandy sixty-nine-ed and Mark and I alternated pussies. In the store, she poked her ass out as she drove the shopping cart in the store. This gave good show to coupe of young men around and made my cock hard inside my pant.

After we are done, we decided on getting some lunch at the Sandwich shop. It was just 2 blocks away, so we started walking. For the first time, we noticed there was a swingers club there. The board read that it was definitely open for couples. Both of us really wanted to check it out so much that we prioritized the visit to the club over our lunch. While walking past the parking of the club I ran across the familiar car. It looked like my dad’s car. Hmm…. I told it to Cathy and she only grinned in disbelief. Something inside me told that I needed to be careful. So both Cathy and I sneaked into the club. There was some quarterly gold member meet on that meeting and it looked like some members were meeting there to plan the event for them next day. I quickly spotted both my parents there. “Oh my gosh …Bob and Brenda!!! I can’t believe it”, my wife exclaimed in shock. We turned around and left the club in no time.

We came back home after getting out lunch. We didn’t talk much to each other about what we saw. Cathy went to kitchen to cook my dad’s favorite recipe of vegetable stew. I did regular house chores so that house is in great condition when my parents arrived.

At about 5:00 PM, the same very familiar car stopped in our driveway followed by door-bell ring. Cathy greeted them at the door şirinevler escort without giving them any hint for knowing what she knew.

Both my parents were so happy to see me and Cathy. Soon dinner was set. Mom declared that she got my favorite pasta cooked by her. At the same time, Cathy declared she had cooked dad’s favorite stew. Dad had got fine red wine for us. All of us had a toast on the dinner table. The wine was great and suddenly we were having moments very similar to previous evening. I asked dad about the “business” cause that brought both of them in the town. He kept going on and on about how much his business was keeping him occupied. He also told us that he had another business meeting next day. It looked like that both of them would be gone from the afternoon of the Sunday.

That’s when I saw Cathy showing them the flyer they by mistake dropped from their car. It was about the swingers meet that they were part of.

I enquired, “How long have you guys have been in this lifestyle”?

Dad said, “Your mom and I met in a club like this. We have always been having fun like this”.

Cathy said, “There is nothing to be embarrassed about folks. There are all consenting adults in here. Why don’t we have some wine and celebrate this new found family secret. If you know what I mean”.

Mom looking little upset clarified, “What do you mean Cathy?”

Cathy handed her another glass of wine and demanded, “I mean you should sip some of this.”

There were some long moments of silence in the room. And then Mom broke the ice, “So what were you two doing at club? Have you guys also ….”

Cathy replied, “We are very new to this world. I mean last night was our first night. But since you and Bob have been around for a while Brenda, like responsible elders you guys should train us. No?”

My dad got the idea and chimed in, “Cathy, any one would love to help a cute little daughter-in-law like you. I have been fond of you ever since you married my son”

Cathy beaming with delight, “Is that right you old pervert?” moved over and landed on dads lap. The sight of my dad and wife looking at each other with lusty looks made both me and Mom hot. Cathy was playing the naughty daughter-in-law and was having the time of her life.

She surprised all of us by asking dad, “Dad I am feeling some think getting hard over here, did I cause it? I am soo sorry about it. But it’s my responsibility to relieve it, please allow me …”

As Dad readily agreed with her new to be sex partner, only objection Mom registered to me was, “If your wife can check my husband’s privates, I better check her husband’s privates as well.” I obliged by quickly freeing my tool closer to Mom’s sexy lips and like an expert she grabbed it and started sucking. On the other side of the table, Cathy was fondly sucking dad. Dad and Mom wouldn’t have thought to land into swinging situation with their own family right before their quarterly swinger event.

Next I saw was dad bending Cathy over and sticking his cock into her from behind. I had Mom lying and entered her in missionary position. It was a huge moment in my life to enter the hole I arrived from into this world. şişli escort The whole was wet, warm and welcoming. All thanks to the inhibited pleasure, my dick got so hard inside her, that it ached little bit. I picked the rhythm. Mom enjoyed the youthful offering inside her experienced pussy as she bucked back and forth.

I saw Cathy moving her ass on Dad’s cock as she cried, “Oh yeah dad, fuck your daughter-in-law like the whore she is. Do her good …”

Both dad and I raised the pace and came inside our respective pussies that were ramming with a scream.

All of us sat naked on the deck sipping the wine dad had got for us, as if it was a reward for the “hard work” we just concluded. I noticed that my Mom had taken great care of her body. For her age, she was very fit. Her round ass and 44 sized tits were her great assets. She was slightly chubbier than Cathy , but she could still give run to girls younger than her. I found it particularly amusing that I was noticing her body after using it.

Cathy led the talking session here, as she asked, “So, tell me more about the lifestyle, Bob and Benda?”

Mom, “Bob and I have always been open on what we did. Actually, my kiss and tell tales always make him hot.”

I got curious as I rubbed Mom’s boobs, “Mom, tell us some of those tales please.”

Mom, “When your dad left for his year-long overseas trip, I fucked your uncle”

Cathy asked, “You mean Uncle Robbie?”

Mom, “Yes, and he was so much fun. He was always willing to fuck me until he got married”

I said, “Yeah, I can understand what might happen to someone when he marries to a hot lady like aunt Angela.”

Mom, “As a matter of fact, Angela and I were friends from the school. Ever since, I fucked Robbie, I wanted him to marry someone I knew, so that our regular fun sessions continue. So we do it together whenever our schedule allows”

Cathy asked, “Brenda, I didn’t know, you were into girls as well. This is way too cool”.

“There is so much more to tell. But I would not give you guys all the shock at once. ” Mom replied winking at us.

Cathy then presented her tits to Mom and Mom started sucking on them. Dad sat on the couch and demanded mom to join him. After a few moments of warming up, Mom came to dad and impaled herself on him, after all the sucking induced lubrication in her experienced pussy, neither of them had any problems in getting the prick balls deep. I saw Cathy presenting her pussy to Dad. And dad was a fabulous cunt lapper, so immediately got into the business.

Mom winked at me and asked, “I have always fantasized about having you two in me at the same time”, as she pointed me to do her puckered hole.

This was another first I was going to have. Reaching the drawer, I got the K-Y jelly and applied it generously first on my dick and then on mom’s butt-hole. Mom slowed down her “riding” on dad’s cock as she gave a way for me to enter her ass with my cock. With a gentle push, I entered her ass. Couple of pushed took my entire cock in her ass. At this point both I and my dad raised the pace of the fucking. Mom enjoyed sucking on her daughter-in-law’s pussy, at the same time cocks form two generations taksim escort assaulting her two bottom holes. She liked it lie a slut that she was. She got my wife suck at her nipples. Cathy not only sucked on her mother-in-law’s nipples, she went exploring on her “downtown” and played with our balls, smacked our asses. Soon, mom came. Dad and I pulled and sprayed our cum on Cathy’s boobs. Cathy enjoyed these “blessings” from the boys from two generations. Mom helped with cleaning up our “hard-work” off Cathy’s boobs.

After that, all of us headed to the king size bed we had in the bedroom. After the sex-exercised session, we didn’t have any problem getting to sleep. Only change here was I was sleeping next to my naked mom and wife. Next to my wife was my dad who was sleeping with his semi erect cock.

Next morning, I was woken up with my mom sucking my cock. I believe it was my morning hard on that led her do it. When I opened my eyes, I saw a female going up and down on my hard cock via her lips. Looking at the grey hairs, I knew it was mom. I grabbed her with her hair and signaled her that I wanted to go the bathroom.

In the bathroom, urinating was so tough with the hard morning woody. When I returned to the bed room, I found mom on all fours greeting my woody with good morning, so all I have to do was sticking it in the doggy style. In one single stroke, my whole cock inside her and I picked the rhythm. Mom’s ooh and ahs were in abandon as they gave me encouragement to fuck her from behind. After some fucking and mom’s “oh yeah” callings, I could make out she had come. I pulled out and gave my all come to her for sucking. She put my cockhead as I stoked myself. Within seconds my load was in her mouth and she swallowed it like a good girl.

Both of us headed downstairs after concluding our sexual activities. We saw dad coming into Cathy’s mouth. Both Mom and saw at each other and smiled to know that dad and Cathy just had a “good time”. Later dad told us that Cathy was courteous enough to reward him for the help he extended making breakfast.

All of us sipped coffee, had our breakfast and laughed without noticing that no one wore much clothes. We agreed to organize a get-together with Aunt Angela and Uncle Robbie soon. I always wanted to have that poking ass of the aunt’s. Mom and dad also told us about their LA swingers summit last year, where they briefly ran into Cathy’s parents — Russell and Julie. We couldn’t believe it first. But, given what all we saw and did in the last 36 hours, we both settled for Cathy’s parents also being the swingers.

We again went to the bedroom for our afternoon weekend nap. That’s when Cathy started sucking dad and I started sucking mom’s pussy. Once the sucking stage was over, mom and Cathy started with sucking each other. Cathy was at the bottom and my mom was on the top. I spread their legs and fuck the pussy a generation apart. Switching from Cathy’s pussy to my mom’s pussy was fun. And then sharing these two holes with my own dad was priceless.

Next thing we did was fucking our own partners. All of us came in no time.

As a reward of this, my dad and mom invited us to the swinger party they came to town for. All of us enjoyed the afternoon nap in the anticipation of funs that would grip us in the evening.

This new found family love was working great for everyone and there was so much to look forward after opening themselves for the new life style. I went to sleep wondering what the evening at the swingers club would have for all of us.

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