New Years Eve


New Years EveNew Year’s EveAfter Natalie’s operation she has been feeling sorry for me as she is feeling guilty that I am not getting any sexual activity while she is still recovering from her op. So on New Year’s eve she had gone to spend the night with family and had given me the go ahead to invite some people around or go out and find something to do. My initial idea was to find someone to have some fun with at home and found a girl and a bi guy. We had arranged for them to get to my house for around 8:30pm and to bring in the New year fucking. But 9 o’clock come and there was no show and I got the contact numbers out and got in touch with them and unfortunately the plan had fallen through for them. (Chickened out???)So I decided to go to plan B, I went to a local dogging site which me and Natalie had only visited twice before (would rather be doing it in a nice warm house) on the off chance that there were some people wanting to bring the New Year in with a bang. I sat in the car waiting for a flash of another car but there was nothing. I sat for another ten minutes when another car pulled up. From what I could see it was a couple and I waited for a flash, and surely enough it came I flashed back and got out the car. The scary but exhilarating moment when you walk over and see who wants fucking. They rolled down there window and introduced themselves as Sarah and Luke. Sarah and Luke were around the same age as me maybe a bit older. Sarah was blonde with a tint of brown running through it she was stunning to be fair. Luke wasn’t bad looking either although he was ginger by the time I had introduced myself another two cars had pulled up and had started flashing. I asked what they wanted and Luke replied “fucking” with a little giggle. The guys from the two cars had walked over and started talking as Sarah stepped out. She took her top of and had nice tits, not huge but not small just enough really. I started sucking on her nipple which was erect form a mixture of the cold canlı bahis air whisking around us and her being horny. She moaned a little and pushed my head deeper into her boob as the other men tweaked the other nipple and started to wonder down to her well-trimmed pussy. They started to rub her clit and finger her fanny as her moans got deeper. Luke had now got out the car and had his cock out wanking. While three men were having their way with his partner while having my head pushed further into her boob I hadn’t realised another three cars had pulled up and had started watching the events. Within another ten minutes of sucking and fumbling Sarah asked “is that all im getting a fumble and a poke” she pulled me towards her “get in me” I obliged and started fucking her pussy while the other two moved towards her boobs and another had started playing with her ass as I bent her over pushing against her hips to get deeper inside of her. I was on the brink so I pulled out and stood and watched as the bloke playing with her ass had started to finger it spitting on it so it didn’t hurt too much. Another man took my place in fucking her pussy as she moaned and groaned. I was standing next to Luke who was still jerking his cock. I asked if he needed a hand he smiled, so I got down on my knees and started sucking his cock for him, he was a bit reluctant at first but who doesn’t like getting head from anyone. As I swirled my tongue around his cock I could feel him twitching and holding back his cum from his erect 7’ cock so I grabbed him and pushed his cock to the back of my throat as he squirted his load and I felt it hit the back of my throat that slimy warm salty taste hit my tongue and swirled around in my mouth. I savoured the taste and swallowed it as Luke slumped into his car. As I turned around I saw that around another 6-7 men had joined us and another woman had joined. One of the other men asked “did you just take his load” I smiled and winked he asked “take mine I would love bahis siteleri head of a bloke” so once again I was on my knees sucking cock. Once again I was swirling my tongue around an erect penis and within seconds of tickling his balls and deep throating his cock he was squirting in my mouth. Once again that unique taste hit my mouth as I swirled it around and this time was marshalled over to Sarah to swap it with her I swirled my tongue and cum in her mouth and letting it string out of my mouth as I moved away from her. She was moaning hard from being fucked in both holes while the other girl who had joined was being fucked. The other girl was a big girl and was riding a cock while tit wanking another guy while a number of other guys circled around the two waiting their turn. The guy who I had just sucked seemed to have vanished. I joined the cue in watching and wanking now. Sarah was being fucked hard by a black cock and a white cock the white cock was around 6’ big and the black cock was 7’ big and was fucking her hard and dumping their loads inside of Sarah. And another two men moved into position. I sat next to Luke in the car who was watching and wanking again. I asked him if he had ever done cleaning up he answered no. I asked him if he wanted to try it with me after his misses was finished with the other guys, he struggled to answer and then said “yeah why not its New year” there were around four guys left but there was another girl there now so they were dropping sperm everywhere now. Sarah finished up by giving someone head and swallowing the load. She moved uneasily trying to hold everything in as we had relayed the message in which me and Luke were going to slurp up the 12 loads she had taken. She lay down in the back of the car with a blanket covering her I left to get in my car as Luke got in the driving seat of his. I followed to his house and after around ten minutes we arrived at their house and entered the driveway and followed them in. It looked like güvenilir bahis a private house and was quite secluded so Sarah was happy walking up the driveway naked. We entered the house and Sarah lay on the sofa I dropped to my knees and started munching on her gaping ass which was full off cum. Luke dropped down too and I started swapping cum with him at first he spat the cum out into a bowl which he had collected after coming in the door. I slurped up some more cum from her ass as she pushed it into my mouth and swapped it with Luke this made Sarah smirk as Luke swallowed this load and she started rubbing her swollen pussy to get the cum ready to flow into Luke’s mouth as I told him to lie down. Sarah squatted over Luke’s face a pushed the cum into his mouth a thick stringy piece of cum dripped from her pussy into Luke’s mouth and he slurped on her pussy. Sarah started playing with her ass and pussy to get all the cum out of it for him. Sarah then aske Luke if he loved her Luke’s reply was of course I do but why???Sarah then said “well you know the purple toy I have upstairs well I want you to have the real thing” Luke smiled and said “fuck me Anthony” I but all continued while Sarah disappeared upstairs. I spat on my cock and started to slide it into his ass. Sarah reappeared with a strap on in her hands. I asked Luke to sit on my cock while I tasted Sarah’s pussy before she fucked my ass. She sat on my face as we readjusted positions. Luke eased himself on my cock as I drained Sarah’s pussy of any left over cum. Luke started picking up pace on my cock and was so tight as I had a mouthful of cum drip into my mouth I shot my load into Luke’s ass. Sarah lifted of my face and started licking up the cum of Luke’s ass and sucking my cock clean of cum. Not realising the time we had brought the New year in with a spectacular bang with it being 3am. I left the house after having a chat with the couple and arrived home and headed for bed waiting for Natalie to arrive home. I told her about my adventures the following day when she returned and showed her pictures of what happened in the house. But Luke and Sarah have asked me not to show or publish them. Sorry. I love my fiancée so much!!!

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