Nicole’s New Life

Nicole’s New LifeYou, Nicole, stifle another yawn and look at the clock again…12:15am. You had hoped you could make it until your new boss arrived. You’re used to getting up early and jogging as the sun comes up so this late of an hour is hard. It probably wouldn’t look too good to your new boss to be sleeping when he arrives.You can’t believe your luck on finding this job. Just fresh out of college, you sent out applications to all the companies listed in the phone book that did interior decorating, but hadn’t even gotten one reply. It seems everyone is laying off instead of hiring. You don’t believe the phone call from out of the blue, from a fine artist of all people, about a possible job. You and your friend, James will have free use of the guest house, the pool and a small paycheck every week. A place for you and him to live and to still be getting a paycheck is worth way more than you could have hoped for. All you had to do is oversee refurnishing the main house and help with getting it back in shape.You love the the small guest house you are now living in; the three bedrooms and two baths aren’t what you consider small. With several acres of wooded property surrounding the guest and main houses, it almost seems like you are in the country. You have been working hard for weeks to fix up the main house before Khambrel Green gets here tonight. But it does keep your mind off missing your friend, or at least helps.You have been friends for four years now, but had only spent about two weeks alone with him recently. You miss him badly, but you know this is my only chance to follow his dream of being a professional dj. He is in California trying out with the San Jose, hoping to become a dj in a christian club. You both know the odds are stacked against him, but he has to give it a try.They met in church in their teens and had hit it off immediately. He had been a regular member of the church and studying in high school. You had been a choir singer from your first year all the way through. They had remained friends after graduation.At 5’3″, you wander me around at 164 pounds with short black hair with a blue streak. Keeping your hair short, you find it stays out of your face. Your legs are still muscular as you stay moving on your feet several days a week. Occasionally others had told you you are beautiful, but you always thought these were horny boys wanting to get into your pants. Your eyes are a boldly beautiful brown. You almost always had a smile on your face. Having inherited your mother’s high cheek bones, pert nose and flawless skin, you really are a beauty to behold. Striving not to get too much sun, you never needed to use sunscreen. Of course your ample breasts are the thing that lots of people notice first. You are a large DD cup. You have very pale nipples that are easy to erect. They cause you much embarrassment over the years, especially when you are wearing a bathing suit. You really prefer to go bra-less when alone. You’re able to at your new job, as so far the only one you have met at the house is Manuela, the grounds keeper.Manuela had been hired a few weeks before you. You both had become friends. They usually had lunch together at the big house. She would throw together some sandwiches or a simple salad and you two would sit outside on the back porch, talking about things they were doing to get the house ready after being empty for so long. You had found out that no one had lived in the house for almost 100 years. It is amazing how well kept it was after that long a time. Manuela was to meet Khambrel Green tonight, but had called to say one of her k**s was throwing up and had a high fever. She and her husband had three k**s, all under seven years of age. Manuela worked the evening shift at a local motel so one of them would always be there with the k**s.You look at the clock again and thought it would be hard for you to learn to work in the evenings. The lawyer had told you about Khambrel Green’s allergy to the sun. He had also requested that special black-out curtains be used over the whole house. You have done as requested, but it is disheartening to see such a beautiful room blocked off from sunlight during the day. The room is large. It has a glass ceiling and two walls composed entirely of windows.The one thing that is truly special about this room is the electric curtains. At the touch of a button you are able open the curtains on both sides and retract the opaque covering for the roof. On a clear night like this one could look up and see the stars and the moon. There had been problems with the retracting top cover when you had arrived there so you that had electricians there just yesterday. They ran new wires and put in a new switch by the curtains.You sit there and allowed your mind drift back to the last night you spent with James. They had gone to bed early after massaging each other until late that night. Then he had slid down under the covers…Awaking with a start, you wondered, had that been the front door closing? Jumping to your feet, you look at the clock…3:35 in the morning. You had been sleeping for over two hours! You walk toward the front of the house and almost ran into a young woman. Startled, you let out a gasp. The young lady enters the house with a few clothes on hangers thrown over her back. She turns and give you a big smile.”I’m sorry, you startled me,” you say.”I’m very sorry about that,” replies the woman as she holds out her hand for you to shake. “My name is Autumn,” she adds.Reaching out to take Autumn’s hand, you look into her eyes. What beautiful blue eyes this woman has. Her overall beauty is simply breathtaking. Finally finding your voice again, you notice a gentleman walking in the the room. “Hello,” you croak out, staring from the woman to the man who seems to fill up the room. I had to be at least 6″ taller than you with a shaved head. You feel an instant attraction to both people, then finally realize you are still holding Autumn’s hand.”My name is Nicole,” you offer to both as you hold out your hand to the gentleman. I grasp your hand, bringing it to my lips. The coldness of my lips and hand is shocking.”My name is Khambrel Green and this is my companion, Autumn,” I state with a deep voice. You notice my lack of an accent is a little stranger.As you step back to allow them both access on into the house you note a wetness between your legs. I guess it must be caused by my dreaming about my husband, you think. “Let me give you the tour of the house and the changes I’ve made so far,” you proffer.”So far I really like it. You know, I haven’t ever been here,” I inform. I believe you would run out screaming if I revealed the truth; I hadn’t been here for almost one-hundred years.You start out by showing them the room you had been in while waiting for the home owners. Both employers seem thrilled with the view when the d****s and top covering retract. I immediately ask if the special fabrics had been used in the d****s.”Yes,” you reply, “Its completely dark in here, even in daylight.””Good, good,” I respond. “Lets see the rest of the house, shall we?”You guide your employers both around the entire house, pointing out things you have done and things you plan to do. No matter how much you try to keep your mind on showing them around, lewd thoughts continue jumping into your head. Things like how you would love to have time alone on the new couch with your cuddly stuffed a****ls. Then your mind flashes an image of what I would look like naked sitting on the couch with you.What is wrong with you? Dreaming about masturbating is one thing, but I am way out of bounds. The wetness between your legs spreads. You are hoping you don’t have a wet spot on your jeans. You have trouble taking your eyes off either; I am very handsome and Autumn is beyond beautiful. Every time you look at her you feel light headed. Also when you look into my rich brown eyes you are unable to look away until I break eye contact.”Please help Autumn carry in her things from the car,” I suggest, “and I will bring in the heavy luggage. Then I would like to have a drink and talk to you about your continued employment.””Of course,” you obey. You then spend the next twenty minutes helping carry in various suitcases and boxes. You are aware of the two very heavy boxes that I carry in. Earlier you had tried to move them to get some other items out of the trunk and couldn’t even budge them. I was bringing them both as if they weigh nothing. Standing there, you stare at my back as I port them in. Again you have flashes or images of me naked carrying you in my arms. A shiver ebbs through you as Autumn puts a hand on your elbow and smiles.”He almost takes your breath away, doesn’t he?”Blushing deeply, you start to apologize. “I’m sorry, I don’t—””Don’t worry about it,” Autumn interrupts, “I still get excited just looking at him, too.”Oh God, she spotted the wet spot on your jeans, you thought. I will have to quit as she’ll never trust me.”Relax,” says Autumn, “I’m just giving you a hard time. Besides, we are not married or anything. We’re just enjoying each other’s company for now.”Following her into the house, you try to calm down and think about anything else but the images that kept flashing through your mind. You remove the last of the things from the car into the bedroom and return to the large sun room where you had waited on them earlier. You sit across from me as I sit there with a glass of red wine. Politely you wait for me to start the conversation. There is a small knot in the pit of your stomach. You thought you had done a good job for as little time as you had had to get the house into shape.”I am very pleased,” I begin. “The house looks better than it has in many, many years. I would like you to stay and continue the improvements as you see fit. I am fully willing to increase your pay as I would like you to stay in my employ for many years to come.”You quit hearing me soon after looking into my eyes. My lips move, but you hear nothing. Startled, you hear a voice in your head say “Stand up.” The next thing you know, you are standing and I am in front of you. Continuing to illegal bahis stare into my eyes, you observe all your tensions fade away. Placing my dark hands on both sides of your face, I slowly bend your head toward your right side. You think you must be dreaming when you see fangs appear from between my plump lips. I then dip my mouth to your neck, quickly sinking my fangs deep into your warm flesh. I wrap my right arm around you to support and steady you. You feel pain for a second, but that is soon replaced with a feeling of euphoria. That quickly changes into something sexual. Soon you are moaning and quickly approaching orgasm.I am jolted when I note you shivering and obviously climaxing. I had never had a woman respond with such passion before. Reaching down with my hand, I quickly find your nipple through your blouse and enjoy rolling the hard nub between my thumb and forefinger. I cease drinking from your neck, not because I am afraid of taking to much blood—It takes a long time to drain a human body of blood from two small puncture wounds. But I want your complete devotion to me which I would have. I lick the two holes and the wounds instantly heal.Drawing my head back, I gaze into your eyes again. Raising my other hand to find your other erect nipple, I reach over and unfasten one of your buttons on your shirt so I could massage one of your ample breasts. I am amazed at the size of your nipples and at how little you obviously like them played with. They are the size of the last joint on my little finger.”Playing with your food again?” Autumn quips, laughing.”Shut up, succubus,” I retort. But I remove my hand from your breast. “You will not remember any of this in the morning,” I command while looking into your eyes. I quickly take a few steps away from you.Slowly you regain full awareness. Instantly you notice that you are now really soaked between your legs. You also had the serenity that comes after good sex.Next I instruct, “Now its time for retiring to your house, do not bother me before tomorrow night.”Moving toward your place on rubber legs, yet can’t remember what they have just been talking about. You do remember that I said I really like your work so far. I open the door to your house and walk in a daze into your bedroom. Taking off your clothes, you lay on the bed naked, letting the cool sheets quickly relax you into a deep sleep. sleep is disturbing that night. You had repeated dreams about me, always involving you with no or very little clothes in various sexual situations.***After you leave the main house, I turn to Autumn. “You will get your chance to feed soon. After I have drank from her just a few times, she will be forever in my service. She will gladly give up her friend and pay only attention to my needs.”With a smile on her face she says, “You could give me a little to tide me over.””Two or three feedings are all that are normally required,” I explain. “In the meantime, please take her somewhere tomorrow and help get her relaxed, as I want her devotion before I leave next week for Boston. Also call the attorney tomorrow and have him come to the house at 10:00 pm. I have some changes I need to make with my holdings. Now I feel tired and will retire to my room. Remember that you are not to feed on Nicole, but the sooner I feed on her, the sooner your can have her friend.”Autumn knew better than to cross me. But a good succubus has ways to help the attraction, or feeding, as I call it. She would have Nicole so worked up that by tomorrow night she may just jump me.I stroll down into the basement, thinking of how perfect Nicole is. And with blood that tasted better than the best champagne, I have an erection that is so hard it is almost painful. As I lay in bed in complete darkness, unexpectedly I begin to remember the first time I had met Autumn.It was over seventy-five years ago, in a tavern in New Orleans. I don’t know if I had chosen her or she had chosen me. We had gone to a local Inn and started stripping off clothes as soon as the door closed. She had immediately dropped to her knees in front of me, letting out a small gasp as she saw my dick up close.Before I was bitten and turned in 1803, I had an average-sized black dick. After I was turned, I grew two inches in height and in length. It also doubled in girth. Now I barely could reach around my dick with my thumb and forefinger, touching them together. My dark testicles doubled in size and my semen output became more than copious. I now had ten to twelve full squirts each time I cum; more if it has been a few days.Autumn licked and kissed my length, trying to fit it in her mouth, but there was no way to even fit it in. So she pulled down the foreskin and licked it under the head. The feeling of her wet tongue swirling around my dick quickly had me moaning and breathing hard. I pulled her to her feet and kissed her. However, Autumn would have none of that; she turned and pushed me onto the bed. She jumped onto my hips and positioned herself over my black dick. I thrust up at the same time she dropped onto me. I couldn’t believe how easy she took me into her body. Autumn soon started a steady rhythm that had me gasping and trying to hold off my orgasm.She looked down at me, smiled and said, “Give me your cum. I want to taste your cum.”I thought, How can you taste my cum when you are riding me? Looking up at her swaying breasts, I found I couldn’t hold off any longer. I started spurting my thick load into her. She groaned all the while, still riding me hard. After coming more than a minute, I came down from my orgasm. I had never come that much or that hard in my long life.Autumn, still riding me, looked me in the eyes and screamed, “I want more. Give me more of your cum.”i couldn’t believe I had just finished coming and yet I felt like he was about to come again. It felt like there was a suction in her pussy, like a tongue was licking the head of my shaft. With a shout I started coming again. This time my orgasm lasted much longer. As jet after jet shot into her pussy, she smiled and groaned.”Give me all your cum, give me your soul.”I thought I was going to black out. The semen just flowed form my length into Autumn in a steady flow now. Then I realized I was in trouble. This was no normal woman! She was going to kill me by fucking me to death. I could feel my muscles weakening and thought I only had one chance of making it through this. I quickly reached out and brought her neck down. I instantly drove my fangs into her neck and began quickly sucking her blood out as she continued taking my cum into her body.Autumn didn’t know what was happening. Most men were simply lying there by this time, quivering and shooting their sperm and souls into her pussy. After a few short moments we both stopped; she quickly rolled off and jumped to the side of the bed. I saw she was breathing as hard as I was.”What are you?” we both asked at once. After a little talk we both understood what we had gotten into. We quickly called a truce and had begun to work together from that point on. We helped each other with the hunt and disposing of the bodies. Over the years we had killed thousands, mostly runaways or people with out families. We could feed without killing and we did sometimes, but killing was in our blood. We moved from one town to another if too many bodies came up missing. Moving back to my long dead family’s house was just the latest move to keep suspicions down. This was close enough to large several large city’s that there would be easy hunting for us both.***The next day, you awoke with a start. Someone is banging on the front door. You quickly put on a robe and answer it. Opening the door a crack, you peer out and see Autumn standing there.”Good morning, is something wrong?” you inquire.”Are you going to sleep all day?” she says accusingly.”What time is it?” you shrink with dread at the thought of already screwing up with your employers.”Almost 2 o’clock,” she replies. “Do you know how to drive a car?””Well, yes, but I don’t have a car here, James has it out in California.””Great! You can drive ours.”You are taken aback by how forward she is, but in trying to clear the sleep-induced fog from your brain, you thought to just roll with it.”I was hoping you and I could go shopping today,” she purposes.”Well, I would, but I have so much to do over at the house.””Don’t worry about that,” Autumn responses. “Khambrel wants you to take off a couple of days so as to not disturb his sleep.”You couldn’t help but like your enthusiasm. But you don’t have any money just to spend shopping, especially if you weren’t getting a paycheck for the next few days. “I really don’t have anything I’m looking for,” you state.”Please?” pleads Autumn. “I’m looking forward to getting to know you. I really need a friend here and I just know we can be great friends.””It will take me awhile to get ready.” you grin. How could you turn down a request like that?”Great,” chirps Autumn, “Can I come in and wait?””Sure,” you agree, “but I haven’t even had breakfast yet.””You go get dressed and we can stop for coffee.”You roam toward your bedroom and declare over your shoulder, “I think I’ll just have some orange juice before we leave.” Entering into your bedroom, you quickly dropped your robe on the bed. Then you head for the shower.Autumn goes to the refrigerator and pulls out the orange juice. Looking around for a glass, it is not long before she finds one, pouring a glassful of juice. “She’s going to need all the energy she can get soon,” she says to herself.Autumn puts the orange juice container back in the fridge and sets the glass on the counter. She quickly unbuttons her blouse, unsnapping the center clasp on her bra. With her fingers she begins slowly squeezing her breast; soon a single drop of clear liquid appeared on the tip of her nipple. She picked up the glass, bringing it to her nipple, rubbing the clear drop into the glass of orange juice. Walking toward your bedroom, she stirs the orange juice with her finger. Sitting on the bed, Autumn heard the shower turn off. Within a minute you come into the bedroom naked. You’re hurrying, so at first youwin you don’t notice her sitting on the bed. As you turn you release out a little yelp when you spot Autumn.”I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you.” she laughs. You just stand there for a second with your mouth open, then you blush when you realize you have no clothes on. “Don’t worry, you don’t have anything I haven’t seen before,” she says giggling. “You’re completely safe with me.”Nicole, not wanting to show how uncomfortable you are, you reach out and take your orange juice, drinking it down in several big gulps. Instantly a warmth begins spreading throughout your body. As the rest of your body warms, your pubic area is on fire. Your nipples grow taut as your breathing became deeper. You could even smell your arousal. Turning away from Autumn, you reach for your panties.”You have a beautiful body, Nicole!” Autumn whispers. She is awestruck at how perfect your body is.”Thanks,” you reply. You no longer feel self conscious about your nudity with the heat flowing through your body.Autumn can tell the aphrodisiac is having a real effect on you. “Don’t you have any thongs? They would look great on you, since you have such a small, plump butt.””I’ve never had any to try.””Well, we will have to take care of that today also,” she informs. “You have the most perfect breasts I have ever seen. I bet your have always been very popular with the boys.You thinks she could detect a trace of envy in Autumn’s voice. But with Autumn being so beautiful herself, she had nothing to be jealous of.”I never dated much and got very lucky finding James. He’s the only man I’ve been with and I hope the only one I will ever be with.”Autumn is stunned. Why would a woman choose to be with only one man her whole life? After putting on your pants, you reach for a bra.”With a bust like that you should never bind your breast with a bra,” Autumn says. “Let ’em breath!””My nipples stick out and I get embarrassed”, you embarrassingly confess.”Try it for me today and you will see you don’t have anything to be embarrassed about,” Autumn dares while smiling at you. You guess you would try it and quickly pull a t-shirt over your head.”OK, guess I’m ready.”The rest of the day passes in a hurry. They have a late dinner then go to the mall boutiques. They browse all the high end shops where Autumn insists on buying you thong underwear. You notice the few men that were in the mall that day staring, but instead of feeling embarrassed you feel proud.The next shop she d**g you into is full of swimwear. Autumn tries on several and you find yourself looking at another woman with a interest you had never had before. Autumn even had you come into the dressing room with her to give an honest appraisal. After seeing her with her top off you note she has to be the most beautiful woman to ever walk the earth. During one of her suit changes you catch sight of her nether regions. She is completely bald down there! She sees you looking and asks, “You’re shaved down there, aren’t you?” already knowing you aren’t after seeing you dress earlier.”No,” you reply.”Great! We can take care of that today also.” Autumn giggles.”No way!” you exclaim quickly. But you wonder what it would be like having no hair there. Would James like it? You would have to think about that. Soon Autumn returns with a suit for you to try on. “I don’t have the money for this.”With a small push in your back Autumn squeals, “Forget that, get in there and try this on!”You are really beginning to like her. Entering into the room, you begin stripping. You have just taken off the last of your clothes when Autumn charges in.”OK, lets see it!” There isn’t much room in the dressing room. You both bump body parts a few times. After getting the suit on you know you are too shy to ever wear this around strangers or maybe even James. Taking off the top, you start to say so when Autumn reaches up and wraps her hand around your right breast. The heat in your loins that had calmed down flames up again. “I just had to do this,” she claims. “You have very firm boobs.” And then she drops her hand to her side. She looks into your eyes, tilting your head up and kisses you on the lips. It’s just a little kiss, but the effect is electric. You, without thinking, kiss her with passion, even letting Autumn thrust her tongue into your mouth. The aphrodisiac in her saliva isn’t as strong as from her nipples, but the two in conjunction have you nearly panting. She pulls away and slips out the door. In a daze, you finish getting back into your clothes and open the door. She is waiting for you with a sheepish smile.”I’m sorry, I don’t know what came over me. I guess maybe you may not be safe around me.”You are too worked up to be embarrassed now. “I guess I have to buy the suit now. I think I got it wet.Autumn laughs loudly and grabs you by the elbow. “Lets get our items and get out of here.”Out in the mall again you all go into a TGI Fridays to get a drink. You aren’t used to drinking alcohol and the drinks Autumn ordered seem to cool you down and burn all the way down at the same time. You all don’t say anything but smile at each other over your drinks. You have to try to broach the subject.”We don’t have to tell my friend, do we? We really didn’t do anything.””Of course not! It will just be our little secret. So long as we don’t have to tell Khambrel,” she says with a giggle. “I have to say, I haven’t laughed and giggled so much in one day since I was a little girl. On with the shopping!”The next stop is a place that does nails and depilatory. You both get your fingernails and toenails done, with Autumn once again insists on paying for everything. Next she has you both get your legs waxed. You are fine with that, but when the technician recommends a bikini wax, you explain you are uncomfortable with that. Autumn leans over, whispering into your ear: “I guarantee your husband will worship the ground you walk on if you do this.””But he already does,” you whisper back.”Then do It for me.” And then Autumn licks your ear lobe. That is all it takes to get you anxious to have the waxing.You both go into separate rooms where the technician first waxes your legs then asks you to remove your underpants. The woman doing the waxing is so used to doing this that you hardly looks at you other than to place hot wax on your pubic area.Ouch! You look down and see a patch of hair now gone and think it is too late to change your mind now. As the waxing continues, you begin to wonder why you are doing things that Autumn wants. From going bra-less to waxing, you feel like you had lost your free will.After the front is done the woman has you get up on your hands and knees in order to place the hot wax between the cheeks of your ass. You don’t have any hair back there, do you? This time you can’t hold back a little yelp as the hair is ripped from around your asshole. A few tears run down your cheeks as you go to put your clothes back on. You promise yourself you would never do this again.You feel like you are walking funny when you both start back down the mall toward the car. Autumn puts her arm around you, pleading, “Forgive me?”Smiling in spite of the pain, you reply, “Of course, just don’t make fun of me for walking funny.””Trust me, you will thank me later.”Later that night, you both sit out by the pool in your new bikinis. The pain is mostly gone from your waxing and what isn’t is dulled with the drinks that Autumn keeps in front of you. It is getting dark, so you mention heading home to bed.”No, you cant leave so soon! just one more drink.””OK, but then it’s off to bed,” you admit. Not only are you tired, but you do not want Khambrel to see you in the new bikini. Your nipples stick out all the time and the bottom hardly covered anything. I guess its a good thing I got that bikini wax today, you think. Autumn brings out one more drink and sits in front of you. Unknown to you, she has coaxed two drops from her nipples and put them into your drink. As soon as you drink most of your drink, you aren’t going anywhere. The excitement sings through your entire body, making you almost shake with need.Whats happening? you note, then your thoughts turn to sex. You are more excited than at any time in your young life. But your friend, James, is gone, now what is you to do?”Did you really mean it earlier when you said that you have only ever been with James? A woman with your looks could have anyone she wanted.””Only my James,” you reply. “I never dated much in high school and didn’t have any steady boyfriends.””Who said it had to be a boyfriend?”You, turning serious asks, “So did you…you know, get around?””Gosh yes, You could call me a slut and I couldn’t say it wasn’t the truth. I’ve probably been with more guys than you’ve met. OK, I guess I really am a slut.””How did Khambrel handle that or have you not told him?””Believe me, he’s been with more women than I have men. He and I have an unusual relationship. We both see other people sometimes. It’s not like he owns me or I him. Besides, it’s boring with the same old dick all the time,” she proclaims, laughing.”I could never do that and I think I would kill James if he cheated on me.””Look at it this way, Nicole, he gets what he needs and still comes home to me at the end of the day.” Then holding your hands about a foot apart,” she adds, “Besides, Khambrel’s dick is so big it hurts if we do it a lot.””Come on, no one is that big,” you chide.”OK, he may not be quite that big, but he is over eight inches and has balls almost the size of walnuts. I can’t come close to getting my fingers to reach around his shaft. His fingers don’t even reach around and touch.””You can not be serious.””That’s the absolute gospel truth,” Autumn murmurs. “I have never seen a man come as much as he does, too. It seems like a quart. How about your hunk of a man?””James’ almost eight inches and that’s all I can handle.””If you get the chance, you should fuck Khambrel,” she states with a serious face.”No, I couldn’t do that to you.” Then after a pause, “Or James.””Just trust me girl, If you get the chance take it, you won’t be sorry and youwin giriş you would be doing me a favor by keeping him off of me. He has the most astonishing dick you will ever have the chance to see or fuck.””What do you use for birth control?””We don’t need any because Khambrel’s been fixed.” Autumn turns her head as she claim this so you couldn’t see her face and tell that she is lying. If you got pregnant it is your problem. Khambrel would never allow a demon c***d to be born anyway. “What about you and James?””We don’t plan on having k**s for a least a few years, so we use condoms.”At that moment, the door to the the main house opens. I walk toward the two womyn. One look at you and I know Autumn had done her work well. I reach down and finish your drink, then stand in front of you. The small amount of aphrodisiac that is left in the drink soars through my veins. Looking into your eyes, I will you to look at me.The moment your eyes lock on mine you lose free will. A voice in your head tells you to stand. You rise in front of me and without even being asked to, you bend your head to the left and offers your neck.I place one arm behind you to steady you as I drive my fangs deep into your neck. Once again I marvel at the delicious taste of your blood. It will be good to have you as my slave for life to drink from as I pleased. The blood ebbs into my mouth and is quickly swallowed. This time there is no mistaking how it makes you feel. The moans and the shuddering leaves little doubt that you are having an orgasm. Without my support you would have fallen to the ground as your legs turn to rubber. I continue feeding for several minutes and gauge I have taken about one pint or so. I lick the small wounds in your neck with my tongue and they instantly heal. I then peer into your brown eyes again and direct you that you would not remember this in the morning.Suddenly you became aware that you are standing in front of me in your skimpy new suit, blushing, you start to turn away. “Where did Autumn go?” Surely that nonsense she was saying earlier wasn’t true. She couldn’t really want you to be with Khambrel.Again I will you to look into my dark brown eyes. This time the voice in your head commands, “Take off your top!”Resisting the voice, you attempt to look away. No matter how hard you try you couldn’t turn your head. Again the voice commands. “Take off your top!” This time you reach up behind yourself and quickly untie the knot holding your top on. The top slides down to the tips of your nipples, which seem to catch and hang on, keeping the top from falling to the ground. Reaching up, I whip the top off and throw it to the ground. I growl deep in my throat when I gaze at your large breasts. She has to be the most appealing woman I have ever seen, I consider. I have seen and fucked thousands of women, but none brought me to the fever pitch as this woman has.I bring my firm hands to your breast, tweaking your nipples. I notice you has aureoles bigger than a half dollar with the most magnificent nipples ever. You thrust out your chest to amplify the contact with my hands. Looking into my eyes again, you observe the voice in your head directing you to, “Drop to your knees, take out my black dick and worship your master!”You follow the voice, dropping to your knees in front of me. Now that you have broken eye contact, your free will slowly return. You look at my crotch and wonder, why would you take out his dick? You couldn’t make yourself say the word dick, even in your thoughts. But an urge that you can’t understand is ruling your mind, The thought that only a man’s penis could soothe your sudden lust.Looking up at my face, you see me grinning. Then looking back at my groin, you reach up hesitantly to rub my package through my pants.Yanking your dainty hand back, you just gaze at the bulge in my pants. You had caused this swelling, you want to please your new master. No, that’s not right, you reconsider. No one’s my master! I choose what I want or don’t want to do. You bite your lower lip and gaze at me again. Are you seeing me still smiling, or is that a smirk? It doesn’t matter, you merely want to look at the penis that Autumn had described.Once again, you reach out to me, but this time you reach for my zipper. I’ve got to at least look at it, you rationalize. Could Autumn’s description of Khambrel penis be correct? That’s not cheating, it’s not like we are going to have sex right out here in the open.You look over to see if Autumn is in sight. She must really mean it about not caring. You change your mind and decide, if I take his pants down, I won’t have to touch it. You quickly grab my belt, unlatching it, Then unbuttoning my pants, you then before you could lose your nerve you pull it all down.There it is and Autumn isn’t lying. It isn’t hard yet, but hangs down with the head of my dick covered by precum. It is longer than James. The diameter is the most delicious aspect about this magnificent appendage. It has now become a dick, not a cock or penis. How could any woman take this inside her and not enjoy it?As you are gawking at me, your hand seems to have a mind of its own. It has reaches over, grabs the dick and lightly squeeze. You instantly notice how cool to the touch this shaft is, James is almost hot when you touch it. You have no control of yourself anymore. Your hand strokes the black skin back down to the base and the head reveals a clear drop of semen on the head. Your other hand reaches for my heavy balls, lifting them as you take in their size and weight. Then all pretense of restraint disappears. You quickly start stroking this magnificent dick. It quickly grow to its full size.I have not unloaded in several days due to the move and know that your hand job is going to quickly bring me to my peak. This girl with her looks and shyness is very erotic. Especially when she is stroking my length just inches from her mouth.You have never given a real blow-job before, but you’re thinking about it now. Reaching out with your tongue, you lick the underside of my dick.Soon you are tasting the precum that is leaking profusely from the slit. You assume that there is no way you could fit even the head into your mouth.I could hold back no longer. With a loud groan, I throw my head back and let go. The first jet lands in your mouth, startling you. You did not realizing I was this close. Quickly, you aim my manhood away from your face. However this not before another blast hits you on the chin. Steadily you remain stroking this beautiful, black dick, allowing it to spray my cold semen over your chest and nipples. How can anyone come this much, you contemplate. Absentmindedly, you swallow the cum that has blasted into your mouth. Having found the taste not that bad, you raise my length back to your mouth just as I finishing coming. The last few spurts you quickly consume. Slowly stroking my dick, you peer down at your chest. Cum runs down over your tits as long strings of cum drip from your pert nipples; it feels like you are covered in it. This is the sexiest thing you have ever done in your young life. But it wouldn’t be the last time if you can help it. Still slowly stroking my hard, black dick, you look up at me and smile. “Do it to me!” you plead softly.”Take off those bottoms and get on all fours on that lounge chair.”You quickly do just that, throwing your bottoms over with your top before getting on your hands and knees. I reach between your legs, quickly finding your sopping wet pussy. Inserting one finger, I am amazed at how tight you are; I have been with virgins in their early teens who weren’t nearly as tight. Slowly pulling out my finger out, I next slide in two. This is the tightest pussy ever! I know I would hurt you at first but that you will get used to it quickly.Retrieving my fingers, I move up behind you to line up my dick. Slipping my meat between the cheeks of your perfect ass, I move my dick head up and down the soaked slit of your pussy. After rubbing your clitoris a few times with the head of my shaft, I position myself at the entrance of your pussy. Now I start pushing into you as I observe your muscles slowly stretching to fit around me when a voice comes from behind us.”Your attorney is here. Should I tell him you’re deep into something and he will have to come back later?” Autumn says with a chuckle. I moan as my dick head is slowly entering the tightest pussy I had ever had. With a growl, I withdraw my shaft, leaving you panting with need. Turning, I retort, “I don’t want to have to rush this, Nicole. Get your clothes and go to your house. Maybe I will have time to come to you later tonight.””No, I need it now,” you cry.With a hiss I snarl, “Do as I say, woman!” With that I grab my pants, shoving my very wet, hard dick into them. With tears in your eyes, you scoop up the two scraps of clothing and start walking toward your house. You are feeling the semen still dripping from your chest and a hint of a breeze gives you a little chill. Your pink nipples feel like they would explode.Heading straight to your bathroom, you turn on your shower. Awaiting the water to warm, you rub at the semen which covers your heaving chest. Feeling the slimy cum only makes you more horny and out of control. How could Khambrel do this to you? Just a few minutes was all you needed. Shaking your head at the night’s events you step into the shower and let the warm spray soothe your troubled mind.What are you doing lusting after another man beside James? You had definitely gone too far tonight. How could you ever face James? Should you even tell him? Finishing your shower you brush your teeth, quickly slipping into bed naked. Secretly you hope Khambrel would come see you tonight after his meeting. Why the hell did the attorney have to come then? Couldn’t he have been fifteen minutes late?Awaking later that night, you find your hand busy between your thick legs. You try to think of James but your thoughts keep returning to Khambrel’s member. An orgasm sweeps over you, but instead of relaxing you, it only increases your frustration. How could you be thinking like this? You are happy, aren’t you? How could you be fantasizing cheating on your friend? The shame and guilt washes over you as you try to return to sleep, but sleep is fleeting that night. At around 6:00 am you finally calm down enough to fall into a deep sleep.

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