Night Hike Part 1

Asian Shemale

Night Hike Part 1We agree to meet each other at the bottom of the trail late in the evening, it’s already dark out I’m sitting in my car waiting for you to get here. I see some head lights pull up, you drive up next to me. We both get out of our cars, I grab my backpack with the needed supplies, as I’m reaching down you come up behind me and run your hands down my chest.”I can’t wait, I want your throbbing cock in me right now” Your hands pull down my shorts, exposing my cock to the air, I spin around, you drop down to your knees and suck my cock into your luscious lips, slowly I feel it getting harder and harder in your mouth, soon your unable to swallow it all.You continue to work it nice and get me so hard and horny I pull you up.Pull down your leggings I see you shiver as a cool breeze runs between your thighs. I spin you around, and push avcilar escort you forward making you bend over at the waist, giving me full access to your pleasure holes.I slide my thick cock up and down your pussy lips, letting it smack your clit a little before I push myself in.Oh how my dick has been waiting for this again, your pussy feels sooooo good wrapped around me. I take a finger and start toying with your ass hole as I start making nice slow, thrusts. In and out. The stars in the sky will be our witness to this naughty fucking we are doing.I finally push my finger deep in your ass. With my free hand I give your sexy ass a nice slap, I’m sure it can be heard across the desert and up the mountain. I become a little more forceful as I keep fucking your pussy. My cock feels like it’s stretching you out, coming from şirinevler escort all the way out to all the way in, in one hard push, letting it sit there briefly before pulling it back out slowly. *smack* across your ass.My finger keeps pace as it to pulls and loosens your ass hole, making it easier for my cock later to get squeezed in.I can feel you’re ready to cum, as I begin to thrust you harder and faster. I push finger deep in your ass and pull down so I can feel my dick filling your pussy, as you cum I can feel it dripping down my balls I don’t stop I want you cumming again. I pull out completely, pull your ass cheeks and shove my meaty cock deep down your ass. I feel you clench hard around my cock as I enter. Your hand moves up and you begin to play with your pussy as I pound your assYour other hand reaches taksim escort back and you play with my balls as my cock is filling your ass up. It’s so tight, I can’t go full force just yet but with each push I feel it getting looser, I hear you moan out again as you cum one more time. I can feel your juices splashing on my legs and your asshole gets so tight I can barely hold back from cumming, and I release my seed deep in your ass. Mhmm god, why do you feel so good. I begin to pull out and some cum trails back from my cock to your ass.”Ahhh I needed that””Mhmm hmm me to”you sayWe both pull up our clothes and gather our packs. Your hand reaches into my pants and you grip my stiff cock. I want more of this at the top.We start walking along our trail using the lights to help us find the way, flirting and groping each other as we walk up. I’ll grab your ass, you’ll slap mine. I pull you in for a kiss and you’ll reach down and stroke my cock.We finally get to the summit, I set my bag down and pull out a blanket and lay it down on some a smooth spot. I quickly pull off my shirt and shorts and lay down on the blanket….

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